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My Good Friend

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Author: Jean Curtis
Published: 19-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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After five minutes of impaling myself on his cock I felt my pussy tighten and tense and then my frail body gave way to a long and loud orgasm as my cum slid down his shaft to his balls.

* * * * * * *

"Well look who the cat drug in!!" I was barely over the threshold when Mrs. Arins wrapped me in a hug, squeezing me in a motherly embrace.

"Hi Mrs. Arins! Is Kyle here" I managed to gasp out from her crushing arms.

"Well of course honey! KYLE!!!" I was sure that if my arms didn't fall off or my ribs didn't break then this woman's voice would definitely cause some inner ear damage. I cringed as she continued to shout for Kyle. A thump from upstairs and what sounded like things being pushed over made it apparent that Kyle was home, and was probably unsuccessfully trying to clean his room. I smiled at the thought of spending the night with my best friend.

"Hey Jean!!! Come on up! I already have the popcorn and the movie on pause so come on!!" I couldn't see him, but his voice rang out over the stairs from his bedroom.

"You kids have fun, Mr. Arins and I will be home pretty late so if you need us just call one of our phones. See you later!!" With one last bone crushing hug and a nod from Mr. Arin the couple departed, I heard their Chevrolet pull out of the driveway as I headed upstairs.

I peered into Kyle's room, he wasn't there. I should have known better, of course he was going to pull something. I cautiously walked through the hall looking in the open doors to see where he might be hidden. After a few minutes I still hadn't found him. I retreated back downstairs, deciding to let him come to me instead. I walked into the kitchen; the cool air coming in through the opened patio door sent a rush up my legs and down my arms. I got a glass from the cabinet, filled it with water, and right as I was about to take a sip a cold torrent of water poured over my head.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!! What the..." I turned around to see Kyle doubled over laughing.

"Thought you looked thirsty!! You should have seen your face!! PRICELESS!!!"

I glared down at him as he continued to laugh. The water soaked my clothes; my tight tee shirt was now plastered to my skin. I became aware of my nipples hardening from the cold and poking through my shirt through the sheer lace of my bra.

"OH!! Now it just looks like you're cold!!!! Come on, we'll get you something dry to wear."

So I followed my jokester friend back up to his room. He had cleaned...sort of. I could at least see the carpet in some spots now. He threw me a shirt and a pair of boxers.

"Sorry, that's all that's clean. I'll turn around so you can get dressed."

I stared at the back of his head before giggling and began stripping off the wet clothes. Everything was wet so I just took it all off. The boxers threatened to fall off but I managed to keep them on. I picked up my thong and flung it at him as he turned back around. He caught it and brought it to his face, putting on a comical face, as he smelled them.

"Ooooo.... baby you smell SO good!!" He started to laugh again as we sat on his bed, fighting over the blankets and pillows before settling in to watch the movie. The first half of the movie we talked, laughed, and fed each other popcorn but by the second half we were holding on to each other and jumping every time something unexpected happened.

"Damn Jean!! You scream like a girl!!

" "I am a girl idiot!!"

"Yes that much is apparent." He gave my breast a playful squeeze before I slapped his hand away.

We finished the movie and thought we should watch something funny before we went to bed. As we stared at the screen and our conversations were spaced farther and farther apart I felt my eyelids grow heavy and my head slipped from his shoulder to his chest. As I drifted into sleep I felt his fingers run through my hair and down my back. I fell asleep to his soothing touch.

I hadn't been asleep long; the credits were rolling for the last film we had watched. My arm was wrapped around Kyle's torso, his arms wrapped around my shoulders. I lifted my eyes a little and saw that his head was slightly at an angle, he had fallen asleep too. Trying not to wake him, I grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. The slight shift of my weight on his chest woke him up.

"Ummmmmm.... What time is it" He grumbled.

"He looks so cute like that." I thought to myself as I looked at my friend's sweetly tussled hair and half opened eyes.

"WAIT!! Hold on! I just thought he was cute!! What! No! He's my best friend!! I can't think of him like that! I can't...What was that" His smile took me by surprise, it was like no other I had ever seen him use. It was sweet but seductive, inviting.

His hand was on my face, cupping my cheek, running his thumb beneath my eye. I was lost for words, I just stared at him, and my mouth parted in a look of shock...a look of pleasure.

Our faces were so close, almost touching; he filled the gap by pressing his lips to mine. It was a short kiss; he leaned away while my eyes remained shut. Slowly I opened them, looked at that smile I had just fallen in love with, at the lips that I wanted to taste more.

He pressed his lips back onto mine before either one of us could say anything. My lips parted more for his, inviting him in. His tongue brushed against my lips, mine trembled behind my teeth. All inhibitions were gone.

"Kyle..." I sighed into his mouth, held onto the front of his shirt, drawing him closer to me.

His hands were on my hips, holding me in a tight but gentle grip. Slowly they went under the shirt and up my sides, the feel of his hands gliding across my skin sent me into a passionate craze.

I kissed him deep, pushed my tongue into his mouth, which he greedily accepted and started sucking on and twirled his around. His hands found my breasts and squeezed, his hands held more power now than they did earlier during the playful tease. His thumbs and index fingers rolled my nipples, pinched and stretched. I moaned into his hot mouth.

He pulled my shirt off, his mouth laid kisses down my throat to my breasts where he continued his loving kisses. He rubbed my breasts as he began sucking, occasionally pulling on my nipples with his teeth.

I held his head to me as he continued his little love bites down my belly to the top of the boxers. He kissed the outline of my pelvic bone as his hand meandered from my breast to slip into the boxers, I felt myself grow wet from the touch. His fingers found my clit and made small circles on and around it, nearly making me lose control. My hips rose from the bed to meet his hand.

"You like that" He whispered as he continued to kiss my belly. His fingers started to move faster, stated to apply more pressure.

All I could do was sigh.

He slipped the boxers down and kissed my clit before kneeling and taking his shirt and boxers off. His cock was hard, the small veins looked like they would pop. He lay down on top of me, kissing my cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead and finally my lips, allowing his tongue to slip in and once again dance with mine.

His cock was pressed between our stomachs, pushed hard onto mine. He massaged my breast with one hand and slowly moved his cock head to my entrance. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feel of the massive head pressed to my opening, waiting for admittance.

"I promise I won't hurt you..." He whispered in my ear.

It was like his words ran straight down to my pussy for in no time the head was in. He pushed it in, pulled it out, over and over, never fully entering me. His pubic hair brushed against my naked, freshly waxed pussy, sending small signals up to my brain making my breath catch in my throat.

My hips bucked up towards him, with one fast lunge he was in. I felt him fill me, felt my pussy tighten around him. "Oh God Jean.... That's it baby...."

He slowly thruster into me, causing more pleasure than I had ever felt, making me crave more.

"Oooooh Kyle...Oh please more."

Right on cue he went faster, harder, deeper. The sound of his balls slapping my ass, his occasional grunt and my ever growing louder moans resonated throughout his room. The blankets we had fought over earlier were on the floor, the pillows pushed to the head of the bed.

He pumped more and more until he arched his back and shuddered, shooting his hot cum deep into me. He moaned loudly then slumped onto me, still partially hard. I turned him over and straddled him, his weak smile shined up at me. I pushed down on his cock and pulled back up, almost letting it out but not quite.

At the very last possible second I slammed back down onto him; moaning as I pleasured myself with his cock. His hands reached up to cup my breasts as I bounced on top of him, making him hard once again.

After five minutes of impaling myself on his cock I felt my pussy tighten and tense and then my frail body gave way to a long and loud orgasm as my cum slid down his shaft to his balls. I stayed there, breathing in deep, shaking ever so slightly. He started to move his hips up, pushing his cock in and out of me as I held on to the top of his thighs for balance.

All of a sudden his hips stopped rocking and he held me hard onto his cock, my breasts heaving as he moaned and released another load into me. I felt the hot liquid flow out, down my thighs, and onto his legs. He rolled us onto our sides and held me, his cock still deep inside of my worn out pussy. He brushed the hair out of my eyes and wiped a drop of sweat off of my throat. He pressed his lips tight to my closed mouth and hugged me hard. For the second time in one night I fell asleep to his touch.

The sound of a car door closing woke us. We looked at each other, half awake, and smiled. When we heard his parent's laughter we jumped out of bed, put whatever shirt and boxers on that was closest, fixed the bed, and turned the TV on. A couple minutes later his mother walked in.

"It's really late, you should go to bed. I can fix up the couch for you if you'd like Jean."

"Oh no thanks Mrs. Arins, Kyle's bed is perfectly big enough for at least one more person, I think I'll do fine here."

"Well if you're sure...good night."

She lifted an eyebrow as she caught sight of my sweat matted hair and Kyle's mischievous grin. "What have you two been up to"

"Just watching movies mom."

As we lay in his bed, holding onto each other and trading kisses I smiled. We had always been close friends, but I never knew my humorous friend could be such a great lover.

The next morning I left.

"You coming back next weekend, Miss Curtis" Mr. Arins asked as he opened the door for me.

"Can't wait."

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