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The Sleep Over

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Author: Jean Curtis
Published: 19-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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He grunted and arched his back, all the muscles in his chest and abdomen tensed up as he came inside of me. His orgasm was long and as he continued to shoot his load inside of me I moaned in approval. "MMMMMM!! YES!!"

* * * * * * *

Our parents had been friends for a very long time, longer than I can remember. They had once been high school sweethearts, come college though they went their separate ways. Five years, one marriage and three kids later they found themselves once again thrown together.

After giving birth to my sister and I my mother decided she wanted a change in scenery, away from the noise and crowds of the city to a quiet suburb. She got a job at a local paper and after we settled into the new house she started working for the editor. Little did she know that her not so long ago lover was also working for the very same paper. After a few days of talking and sharing stories and heartaches they decided to let her two girls and his boy meet. All three of us were the same age, still toddlers but full of attitude.

My sister got along fine with the boy, but he and I quickly became sworn enemies. Throughout the years we were always together. Nothing could separate us, although Rick and I would have much preferred it otherwise. Despite his friendship with my sister only growing, as we got older the two of us could not find it inside ourselves to get along. Our parents were blind to our discontent so every holiday, every birthday and practically every weekend we spent together. It was no surprise when the invitation to go to his 17th birthday came in the mail. My sister couldn't have been more ecstatic, I, on the other hand, tried and failed to come up with reasons not to go. So come June 23rd we got in the car and drove to his party.

Pounding heavy metal music could be heard down the block from his house; balloons, streamers and a line of cars marked where we were headed.

"Lauren! I'm so glad you could come!" Before my sister's foot had even hit the ground Rick had her up in his arms swinging her around in a giant hug.

"Hi Jean." His face grew cold as he noticed me.

"Happy Birthday Rick. Here." I shoved a crudely wrapped present into his hands; a CD of his favorite band. "Thanks. Come on, the parties out back at the pool."

We followed Rick to his backyard, my sister gleefully saying hello to everyone she knew and I looking sullenly at my feet. When we reached the pool Lauren ripped her swimsuit cover off and jumped right in. Rick kicked off his shorts, threw his shirt aside, followed suit, and soon was splashing Lauren in the deep end.

"I have to admit, he is very nice looking." I said angrily to myself. In truth he was. 6'3", dark medium length curly hair, gray-blue eyes and a killer smile. Not to mention he was tan and very muscular...

I disgusted myself thinking of him. I found an empty lounge chair and sat down, intent on staying there alone until the party ended. Alas, it was not to be. One of Rick's friends, whom I disliked almost as much as Rick, came over to me and insisted I get in the pool. I declined, he stayed. After a few minutes of sitting there trying to drown out his friends nonsense I noticed that Rick kept looking at me.

I decided I might as well live up to my reputation of being a bitch and give him something to really look at; he hated it when I showed off. I stood up and stripped my sundress and heels off, revealing a skimpy black bikini showing off my round, firm breasts and a small tattoo of a star on my shoulder blade. Boys were whistling, girls were sneering and Rick...Rick looked dumbfounded, his look of shock slowly turned into a hungry smile. I went to sit back down, perhaps work on my tan, but Rick's friend thought otherwise. Lifting me by my waist he threw me over his shoulder, kicking and screaming. He ran towards the pool and holding on to me tight jumped in. The water sent shivers up and down my spine as it enveloped my body. Even though it was over 90 degrees out I could feel my small nipples become erect in the cold water. When my head finally emerged from above the water, Rick, Lauren and his stupid friend were all laughing at me.

"This means war." I used my usual threat, aiming it directly at Rick even though he had nothing to do with it. "Fine. First I'm going to say bye to some of my friends, I'll be right back."

For the ten minutes he was gone I thought up ways I could make a fool of Rick. Pants him No, not very original. Tell stories from his youth No, the only people left already knew all of them. Then it hit me. A chicken fight! It would be the worst humiliation for him to be beat by a girl, and this girl at that. So when Rick returned I told him my idea, we shook hands, and it was on.

He got up onto his friend's shoulders, and I onto my sister's. We clasped hands above their heads and on the count of three started to push against each other to see who would fall first. I was determined to win. We strained to get the other off balance, staring intently in each other's eyes. Slowly I saw Rick's eyes drift, subtly tracing the slope of my throat down to my chest; with his attention else where I gave one final shove and he toppled backwards off his friend.

Lauren chucked me off her shoulders and we all began wrestling in the shallow end. For twenty minutes we thrashed about, then Rick's father said the pizza has arrived. Lauren and Rick's friend were out in a flash; still laughing I smiled over at Rick. He smiled back. For a few seconds we just stood and smiled, then we both realized what we were doing; I blushed as he looked away. I didn't want to admit it but I had had fun with Rick, perhaps he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

The party had died down dramatically now that only the four of us were left. After changing into dry clothes we sat in the living room eating pizza, watching movies and wishing Rick a happy birthday over and over. Around 10:30 Lauren fell asleep, slumped against Rick's chest.

He tenderly laid her down on a sleeping bag and made sure her sleeping form was comfortable before leaving her to her dreams. Another thing I hated to admit, Rick had become quite the gentleman over the years. Not long after, we heard his friend's deep snoring; now we were the only ones awake.

We sat there in silence, watching a movie but not really. I stole glances at him ever so often and couldn't believe what was happening. In the course of one day I had fallen for the boy I had hated since we met. The movie ended, and we went to sleep.

"Jean. Jean wake up." It was one in the morning when I felt Rick's hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me. "What" I looked up, his bright eyes shone down on me. For a split second I thought I was still dreaming. "Come with me." Rick took my hand and drew me to my feet; curious, I followed him. We walked up the staircase as quietly as possible, up to a door I knew led to his room. As we walked in he squeezed my hand a little tighter, tentatively I shut the door. Suddenly he turned around and kissed me swiftly on the cheek. I said nothing, simply stared at him.

"I wanted to show you something." He walked us towards his dresser and picked up a picture frame. The picture it held was of two small children, a boy and a girl, hugging and smiling brilliantly at the camera. "Dad said we were forced to stand like that, but I don't think anyone can fake happiness like that." As I held the picture I felt Rick behind me. His hands rested on my waist, pressing his pelvis softly into my back. I put the picture back and spun around, wrapping my arms around his neck as I kissed him. He was shocked at first, but soon his mouth was mine for the taking. Our lips parted, allowing each others probing tongues to explore. "I knew you liked me." He managed to say between kisses.

He picked my legs up, wrapped them around his back and carried me to his bed. Laying down beside me his fingers traced my body's outline. Our kissing soon became more passionate, more forceful. He bit my lip as he ran his hand down my belly to my hip. He rubbed my thigh through the thin material of my pajamas and soon his hand began to roam the surrounding area. His hand rested on my mound, he abruptly pressed the bottom of his palm against me causing me to bite down hard on his lip.

This made him lose all control he had left. In one swift movement he pulled my flimsy shorts off, revealing my naked pussy to him for the first time. He ran his thumb along the slit, kissing me deeply as he pushed two fingers into me. His hand went fast, stroking and pumping; quickly I became very wet.

"Is that for me baby" He laughed as he pushed me close to an orgasm but right before I was sure it was going to happen he withdrew his fingers. He stuck the glistening fingers into his mouth and sucked.

"Mmmm...You taste good, I want some more. But first..."

He stripped quickly, his cock already hard and at attention. Pulling my shirt over my head he grabbed at my chest. Sitting on my stomach he slid his cock between my breasts and started thrusting. With every push forward his cock head entered my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum on my lips.

He went faster and I squeezed my breasts together harder. He moaned and grabbing my hair pulled my mouth onto his cock as he shot his load down my throat, closing my eyes I swallowed every last drop. I licked my lips as he got off of me.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue enter my hole. He put one finger in as he lapped at my pussy. He rolled my clit with his thumb, pushing me back towards the orgasm I had felt earlier. Pushing closer to his face I felt the familiar rush of pent up energy leave my body as I came into his mouth. His tongue worked fast to get as much as he could. Sitting up he grabbed my legs and pushed them back towards my chest.

Looking down I saw his cock already hard again enter my dripping pussy as he pushed his pelvis forward. I held onto the back of my thighs as he went in and out.

His toned body glistened with sweat and his eyes glowed with lust. Reaching one hand forward he squeezed my breast, playing with my nipple as he had my clit, occasionally pinching. As my moaning intensified he pulled out and turned me over.

"Get on your hands and knees."

I did as I was told. He pushed my legs apart farther and stood up behind me, his knees bent so his cock could enter me. He positioned his cock at my hole but then changed his mind. I looked over my shoulder to see what he was doing and saw his cock in hand, poised and ready at my ass.

"Rick no!"

Either he didn't hear me or he didn't care; perhaps he knew I truly did want it. He dove two fingers into my pussy and lubricated my asshole with my own juices. HE pushed the head into my ass, kept it there for a second and then with one swift thrust his entire cock was in my ass. I cried out in pain, but as he bent over me and kissed my neck the warmth of his breath soothed me and the pain slowly turned into a feeling of pleasure, something new and exciting.

He started grinding into my ass, humping forcefully. He took one of my legs spreading me open wider and stuck two fingers back into my pussy. I looked back and saw both my holes being stuffed by him, by the boy I had for so long hated.

He was drawing me to another orgasm. I moaned and clutched at the sheets of his bed. "Ooooooh GOD!!! YES! RICK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!"

"Come on baby, push that ass towards me..Yeah babe that's it. Can you feel it baby Tell me you like it!" "YES!! I LIKE IT!! OOOOH GOD! YES!"

"Do you want more baby Tell me! Do you want more of my cock"


With that he pulled out, flung me around and started pounding at my pussy again. He was rough, and I loved it. He held my ankles up and went faster than before. The sound of his heavy balls hitting my ass filled my ears. "Do you want it inside you baby Do you want my cum inside you"

"Rick!!! Oh GOD!! RICK!!"

He grunted and arched his back, all the muscles in his chest and abdomen tensed up as he came inside of me. His orgasm was long and as he continued to shoot his load inside of me I moaned in approval. "MMMMMM!! YES!!"

I felt my thighs grow warmer and the muscles contract as I came on his cock still quivering in my tight pussy. I gripped his back and raised my hips as I climaxed. His mouth landed on mine as I moaned loudly, muffling me so as not to let anyone in on what we were doing. As my body relaxed I kissed him deeply, trailing the tip of my tongue across his lips. He laid on top of me, his soft cock still inside of me and held me close. We laid like that together for what felt like hours, but must have been less than twenty minutes. We heard movement in his father's room so we separated and got dressed.

As I stood up my legs shook and threatened to buckle. Rick picked me up and carried me in his arms back downstairs; he laid me on the couch. Before going to his spot to sleep for the next few hours he leaned down, wrapped his fingers in my hair and kissed my lips. Our mouths parted only slightly, just the tips of our tongues touched, almost innocently. Sore, but very content, I fell asleep.

The next day we acted noticeably different towards one another, Lauren and his friend wanted to know what was going on. We told them we had come to a compromise, one to love and hate, and they bought it. Oh, but they had no idea...

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