Motel Fantasy

Published: Mar 22, 2009
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She starts to rub his cock, it starts to get hard even though he's out. I get her down on her knees, I get behind her and keep running my hand over her arm, making her rub faster.

My wife, a friend and myself were out bar hopping one night. We was around 100 miles from home at the time. We went through several bars, closed the last one. Out in the parking lot there was a group of people hanging out, drinking, smoking. We partied with them for a while, I looked around and my friend was gone, my wife was laying on the seat of my truck, half out. I found my friend sitting on the beach, got him back to my truck, he got in back. So I went looking for a room, Found a motel, was signing in when the lady starts to yell at me, saying she didn't want puke on her floor, I looked outside to see my friend hanging over side of truck getting sick. We got into the room, he layed down and passed out. My wife came out of it a little, said she was going to take a shower. I went into the bathroom after a few minutes, got in the shower with her. I turned her around and started playing with her tits, after a while I slid my hand down to her cunt. I started to finger her , she leaned against me and starts to moan. Even in the shower I can feel how slick her pussy lips are getting, juice all over my fingers. We play for a while longer then get out of shower, she towels off and starts to put her clothes back on, I take her hand a lead her out to the room naked. She quickly gets into bed and covers up. I turn off the T.V. and the lights and get into bed. Even with the blinds closed it is pretty light in the room because of street light. The room has two beds about 4 feet apart, my friend is out in the next one. I slowly work the covers down off my wife's tits and start to suck on her large , hard nipples, she likes to get them sucked. I work the blankets down and off her so I can run my hands all over her, she spreads her legs as I start to rub her clit. I rub her until she starts to move her hips up to meet me, I slide a couple fingers into her juicy cunt. I keep fingering her until she is moaning loudly and fucking my hand. I like to watch her get her self off so I guide her hand down to her pussy, she lays back and starts to finger fuck herself. I lay up on my elbow so I can watch her and slowly run my hand over her body. She is really getting into it, her fingers are flying in and out of her sopping wet cunt. I am saying to her, that's right baby, cum for me. She cums hard, going all stiff and moaning, you can hear her juice slopping out of her. I go down and eat her, licking up all that nice white creamy cum. I make her cum several times, then she goes down on my cock, I fill her mouth with cum in no time. I go back to playing with her cunt again, the room is so light it turns me on to think that my friend might be watching . I guide my wife's hand back to her cunt again, she starts right in fingering her cunt. I get up and go to the end of the bed, just stand there a minute and watch her get off. I go to the bathroom, leave the door open, I can hear her fingering her soaking wet cunt, shes moaning as she gets off again.I don't think she has ever been wetter than she was then. I stand on the side of the bed so she can suck my cock as she sits up, I pull her out of bed and stand there rubbing her pussy, start to walk her over to the other bed. Once over there I take her hand and rub it up and down my friends cock, she pulls away, but I gently do it again. She starts to rub his cock, it starts to get hard even though he's out. I get her down on her knees, I get behind her and keep running my hand over her arm, making her rub faster. I am kissing the back of her neck, it drives her crazy, I take her hand and guide it up to the zipper, she unzips his pants, I take her hand and help her get his cock out. She starts to stroke it up and down, I take my hand off her arm and play with her tits from behind, My friend is moaning lightly in his sleep, my wife goes a little faster, I start to lean on her a little bending her forward, After a few minutes I reach for her hand and guide her head down to his cock. She starts to back away, I start to kiss her neck again, after a couple of tries, she slowly starts to lick the head of his cock, you can see lots of precum on the end, she licks it all up, she starts to go deeper onto his cock as I whisper in her ear how much she is turning me on. She is sucking him off as I finger her pussy, she is moaning and wiggling her hips around. Her head starts to go faster, then my friend goes stiff, she gets her mouth full of cum. She backs off and goes into the bathroom. When she comes out I am waiting in bed for her, I suck her tits and she lays back as I kiss up and down her body, she takes my face and slides her toung into my mouth, I kiss her back. I slide my cock into her and fuck her as hard as I can , she is just about screeming as she cums once again. I go to sleep with my cock still in her pussy.

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