2 Girls 1 Guy

Author: Ash
Published: Mar 30, 2009
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This is a fantasy of mine I have had for a while of having sex with my girlfriend and her best friend. names have been changed.

Laying Kathryn on the bed Tom began to kiss her neck, gently nipping and running his tongue all over. Gradually Tom moved lower down Kathryn's body running his tongue around her belly button. Tom slid his hand under Kathryn's T-shirt and cupped her firm breasts. Gently he squeezed them, kneading them with his hands, and began to run his tongue back up her body. He then began to such her erect nipples. When he began nibbling her she began to moan softly and her breathing became quick and sharp.

Tom reached between Kathryn's legs which were warm and moist; he began to gently caress her clit. Tom slid down Kathryn's body kissing it all the way and began to slurp up the juices that began to flow. Tom placed his fingers on Kathryn's pussy and gently spread her lips apart. He then gently pressed his fingers and just as he was about to penetrate her she turned away and rolled on top of him.

She grabbed a blindfold from a nearby draw, placed it over his eyes and tied it behind his head. She then grabbed some scarves and tied him to the bed so that his arms were spread apart.

She then began to kiss him and then moved to his ear and began to nibble on his ear lobe, she whispered to him to relax and enjoy.

She gently began to squeeze his balls whilst kissing his upper torso, she moved her lips slowly down his body and began to lick the head of his cock, she licked the entire length of his shaft and then plunged his cock deep into her mouth. She began to suck harder than ever before and the pleasure was immense. Tom's body began to buck as he neared an orgasm.

Then suddenly Kathryn stopped and it sounded like she left the room. A few minutes later and Tom heard Kathryn return. She climbed on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy. She began to raise and lower herself on him keeping a slow steady rhythm, she began to moan.

Tom felt something move over the top of him and before he could work it out it lowered onto his mouth. He could taste pussy. It couldn't have been Kathryn as she was busy riding his cock. The taste was different to what he was used to and tasted good so he began to lick frantically. As he was doing this the pussy got wetter and wetter and he had to taste more so he forced his tongue inside.

Meanwhile Kathryn had quickened her pace and was moaning loudly.

The girl sitting on his face began to moan softly and her juices began to ooze out from between her legs covering his face in a warm sticky substance. She began to rock backwards and forwards forcing his tongue further inside her and Tom could hear both girls moaning loudly.

Tom felt himself building up to orgasm and within a few minutes he exploded inside Kathryn, both of them screamed with pleasure and Kathryn moved as fast as she could up and down filling her pussy with as much cum as she could.

Kathryn lifted herself off of Tom's cock, at the same time the girl on his faced moved to.

Tom was straddled once again and he could feel a warm liquid covering his mouth. He realised that this was Kathryn and began to suck his own cum from her soaking wet pussy. Kathryn began to rock her body each time pouring more juices into his mouth.

The mystery person lowered themselves onto Tom's cock slowly which had become rock hard again. This pussy was much tighter than Kathryn's and he could here the girl gasp as his cock was slowly swallowed up. Tom began to pump his hips and his cock began to slide more freely inside.

Kathryn removed the blindfold and as his eyes adjusted to the light he saw Kathryn smiling at him as Tom looked around Kathryn he couldn't believe his eyes, Sarah was completely naked and was bouncing up and down on his cock. Her dark brown hair was draped all over her face and she looked as though she was enjoying every minute. He could see her tits which were about the same size as Kathryn's bouncing as she moved up and down. Looking further down her body he could see that her pussy was cleanly shaven and he could just see the beginning of her slit between her legs.

Kathryn and Sarah looked at each other and began to passionately kiss each other, and their tongues began to work away rolling together.

Kathryn untied Tom from the bed and as he stood up to stretch Sarah fell on top of Kathryn and she began to move slowly down her body until she reached her pussy. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick Kathryn's crotch.

Seeing Sarah bent over with her bum in the air Tom could see her soaking pussy clearly. He placed his fingers deep inside her and proceeded to finger fuck her as fast as he could. Sarah's breathing quickened and her body began to squirm, he pulled his fingers out just as she orgasmd and her cum squirted out of her pussy and covered Tom's face. He then rammed his cock into her and began to thrust. He licked his fingers clean of Sarah's pussy juice and fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. Sarah began to scream loudly and had a powerful orgasm, her body began to shake and she slammed her body against Tom's as hard as she could so that he was very deep inside her. Tom filled her tight pussy with his cum and it began to pour out of her. Both girls started to moan, Sarah orgasmd first and Kathryn was not far behind.

The girls switched positions and Kathryn began to suck Sarah's pussy and sucked out all the cum that she produced from the orgasm she just had. Tom now saw that Kathryn had her ass in the air and slammed his cock into her bum hole. Kathryn gasped with shock as Tom lent forward and inserted the length of his cock into her.

All three of them were now moaning and just as Tom was about to cum he pulled out from Kathryn's ass and shoved his cock in Sarah's mouth. She took all of his cum and swallowed. Tom and Sarah began to kiss and Tom could taste a mixture of his, Kathryn's and Sarah's cum.

Kathryn began to play with Tom's bum and licked around his ass ring; she gradually pushed her finger and placed it in his bum. Slowly she moved it in and out and Tom began to moan softly. Tom felt his cock become stiffer and rolled onto his back. Both girls began to suck and lick his cock at the same time. He was ready to cum again and shot his load all over both of their faces.

They both looked at each other and began to lick the cum from each other. Once they were both clean all three lay on the bed next to each other on the bed and decided that they all had a great time and they should all meet up again sometime to do it again.

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