Tommy Joe and Aunt Sally

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Apr 10, 2009
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After semester finals, Tommy Joe and friends head to Florida's prairie land of drinking and partying, but Tommy Joe stops and visits his favorite aunt. The others go on to their spring break destiny. But Tommy Joe possibly fulfills his lifelong dream...

It was a go. I was all set. I had everything I needed, plus enough cash from my mama and daddy, and I was on my way. Spring Break, a fond memory in its day my daddy told me, and I was on heading to Florida too. For the first time I was going to be away from home, off the hook, and my parents assumed I was going to be living it up deep in the heart of Party Town, Florida. Were they right Maybe...with babes and beads and bikini tops all over, there'd be some banging going on me and my buddies figured. If there was a party then you'd have to assume the inevitable rest was going to happen. But my religious minded mama was worried about all that. Daddy told her not to worry. I figured what they didn't know wouldn't hurt.

Not until that one day they decided to step out and take a trip themselves.

I was dead tired. Having exams all week long and studying till the early morning hours. I lived on coffee, sugar, and other sugar based shit. I was fried but alert. I was sweeping through my exams. I was in and out and successful at answering or writing down all the right answers. And immediately after the last one I was packing to get the hell out of University Town, USA. I was still on a high. With no nap, no sleep at all, and just good old coffee and sugar based snacks I spoke to my mama and daddy telling them thanks for everything and also telling them I was on my way.

"If you get tired baby" mama said, and I could see my daddy mumbling behind her saying something like leave it alone, "don't you hesitate boy. You get off at Route 13..." and she handed me instructions how to get to Aunt Sally's.

Aunt Sally is my mama's youngest sister. Almost twenty years younger then mama she could be my older sister. She's an enjoyable and exciting woman. One of the best I know. She is wacky and wild and sometimes I wonder if she's even related to me, to us. She don't look it. She don't act it. And she doesn't ever seem to want to either.

Aunt Sally has certain "elements" about her which makes me think she hails from a different family altogether. She looks nothing like my mama or my two uncles. She has naturally red lustrous hair that's long, real long. She's got these tits too and they are real life size tits which she loves parading around in all sorts of skimpy bikinis. And those bikinis end up showing off a long shimmering body including curvy hips as well as a finely shaped ass and smooth silky legs. Yep, she ain't anything like mama or my uncles.

And when she greets loves to give you a hug. Especially her nieces and nephews, but I've noticed something about those hugs. When she hugs me she hugs a good long while more then the rest of my cousins. I don't mind it. I like her tits booming against my body and I've found I kinda have a thing for her body too. She's a friendly gal; always has been. She's warm and she's one fine looking babe. She's vivacious and a "sexually" minded woman in her own way.

My aunt, the babe, is that, and more. She is a woman's woman and in the south we consider that not to be such a bad thing. Family is important. Sticking together is more important.

I was fried nonetheless. My two friends opted not to go with me when I made the sharp turn off to Route 13 and in the end, I was damn glad I they didn't. Because those two days turned into three and a half days and I discovered something special. I discovered myself. I discovered the beauty of being her nephew. I discovered one of the finest women in the county in that short period of time.

My red-headed Aunt Sally taught me exactly how to live, love, and lust all in a few days time. For that, I have always lived to love and lust for good old Aunt Sally and all her intimate, personal attributes.

When I got there nobody was home. Was she working again She didn't need to. She received a heck of an alimony settlement I heard mama say. I pulled up to the curb, looked around, but no sign of life in her house. I was whipped. I needed life breathed back into me. I went to the front door and rang the doorbell, twice. Nothing, so I looked for a spare key somewhere, but there wasn't any in the front. I went around back; good I found one. Unlocking the door, I called out. No, answer so I wrote a note: "It's just me, Tommy Joe," and taped it to the front door. I looked around and wasn't hungry so I stood taking it all in. She had a neat house. Colorful, upbeat, with matching patterns all over and it made me feel at home. I got my stuff and found a bedroom. Cool, a shower of my own. I took a shower; a long, long hot shower. My clothes bundled up on the bathroom floor I felt alive, but really I was not. With a towel wrapped around me and wet hair dripping down my head, I found a magazine, and went into the room. I lay down on the bed almost naked except for the towel around me. Unbeknownst to me what lie underneath would beckon someone to recognize its internal contents.

My eyes grew heavy and before I knew it, I was out. I was slammed into a three hour nap. Angels everywhere were calling out from their wonderful heavenly abyss. Skies and clouds dotted my dreams as music pleasant to my ears sang tunes allowing me to float around the eternal blue skies.

"Tommy Joe... Baby, baby...are you there, Tommy Joe"

The angels' voices were beautiful. Faces arrived after hearing them. They were beautiful too. Girls and more girls parading around, smiling and trying to fondle my body, and they were doing a fine job of awakening crazy sensations within me I wasn't aware I had.

I spoke up in my sleep. I was talking out loud answering the angels in their bikini clad bodies and there were others too in bathing suits and even wearing white lingerie. It was amazing I'd have a dream like that. They felt me. Mmmmm, feel me again like that I said in my dream. Go on, it's okay I don't mind being touched there and there I also said.

"Tommy Joe, Tommy Joe" one of the angels in my dream was saying. In reality, sitting beside me was my smiling angelic sweet aunt. She was tugging and pulling at me, but at my towel too.

I moved or at least I did in the dream. I felt one of them, the one who called out my name in the dream, say something. I thought I heard a compliment. "Mmmmm, nice...nice" she said. Then something disturbed my dream. A hand touched my body. I don't know how, but it felt it in a different manner. Something had disturbed me. It was as if a hand slid up inside the clothes I had on, but I was sleeping so it had to be my towel.

It slithered, cautiously, but I felt something like a hand come close to the insides of my leg. It was...touching me and I thought I felt it touching the tip of my of my... Whoa shit... my body jerked. What the hell Huh... My cock was touched for sure! I know it's a long one, but who the hell was feeling it like that "Huh, what...what huh" I muttered groggily. And then I was fully awake.

Somehow my towel had broken free of itself. I didn't know it at that point, but it had and I was hanging out all over. She could see the inner workings. My dick, all of it, could be seen by her, and probably because she was the one who unlatched it. When I woke up and my eyes adjusted, I noticed two things.

I felt a draft. I saw her wearing a faint smirk. But I also noticed her hair. It was longer, nicer then four years ago. It was thicker and even shinier then I'd last seen it. Plus her eyes beamed brilliantly as did the growing smile on her face. She was prettier then I remember my aunt being.

"Well, well Tommy Joe" she said in that angelic voice of hers. "Come here baby and give me one of those special hugs. What's it been baby Almost 4 years now and look at you! You are one hell of a handsome looking stud these days" she exclaimed. She reached around me to grab hold of me, hug me. I received one of the fabulous hugs I mentioned.

The woman, not much older then me looked incredibly awesome. She looked spectacular. She looked all the woman I imagined her to be. Her hair, her smile, those eyes, and that body with her real life sized tits looked and felt great when we hugged. I sat up not realizing something. My towel had opened up. She could see it, clearly, but not knowing it I immediately hugged her. It's what the two of us do. We hug first thing. It's what she and I do when we see one another. I don't know why; we just do.

"You know something have grown up on me, big guy. I mean you really have, dear" and she looked down. She looked down at my "open" lap. You have uhh matured...that's it" she added "and that seems to be a really good thing. I mean from the looks of it all" and she looked down again "you're a man now Tommy Joe."

I didn't look down. Why should I Everything was intact, right Her eyes looked all over my body. I let her. Why not My chest, my arms, and then again they quickly diverted towards my crotch. That's when mine did too. My crotch I thought The draft I felt. What is she doing that for Then I caught her. Then I knew why. Ohhh shit! My arms and hands moved swiftly, fumbling to close the gap, but I got it done. But the damage was already done. She saw what she came to see. That's the reason for the smile.

She smiled. She winked. She said "It ain't like I'm not gonna see any of those again in my life honey. It ain't like I'm not gonna see...well it ain't like I'm not gonna see yours either...maybe." She smiled and laughed playfully. What was she talking about "Heck honey, I see lots of those for lots of reasons, and it always turns out good."

What was she talking about I didn't know. Why was he telling me that I wasn't sure. But I watched her smile mischievously and again I thought what the hell does she mean by that

"Why don't you put on some..." and she looked down at my crotch "swimming trunks and I'll go get out of this" pointing to what she was wearing "and I'll put on something too. You, me...we can take a dip out back if you're up to it I know you like swimming still, right...right Tommy Joe You always used to." I didn't care. I liked talking with her more then anything, but if it meant good times then heck yes. "We used to have fun swimming until ya went off to college and met all those young pretty girls."

I had to admit there were lots and lots of babes on campus. I nodded and smiled as I imagined her in one of the endless bikinis she had stored in her room. I liked the image forming in my head. Somehow it felt okay, natural to me to see her in that light- Big tits, slender winding body and hips and legs to die for. She stood looking over me one more time before going and changing. She told me when I was ready to just come to her room or I could meet her by the pool. I opted for the pool, but something pulled me. I wondered why and headed for the likes of her room. I walked slowly towards her room and wondered why am I doing this I don't know, but I am.

I looked away, had to, and I said walk away...turn and walk away Tommy Joe, but I couldn't. I couldn't let myself. Her door was a quarter the open and I saw her shoulder, her bare shoulder. Silky, smooth, and graceful it was tan like the rest of her. It was soft looking and smooth all over. I eased myself to the right of the door. I saw more of her upper body. Facing away from me, I saw her tanned flesh. Her body wound downward, curving towards those awesome hips of hers and I knew right then, right there she would look as awesome in a bikini as all the years I've known her to look in one when I was growing up. I couldn't wait to see her in a bikini.

I watched it, her upper body as she tilted to the side. She looked fit, agile, and I noticed how her body could be prepared to do some damage. I don't know why I thought it or how they could, but I knew my aunt. I believed deep inside she was working my psyche somehow.

But then I noticed something else. She had nothing else on; not even underwear. Ohhh shit, I thought. She wasn't wearing any pants or undies and there it was, there they lay- Her bare ass and naked legs as I recalled from fours earlier. God, I remember it. I recall that day in the guest bedroom. I recollected that moment when I saw her by herself.

She was about 26 or 27 and out of school a few years and spent a week with us. It was a long and lonely week from what I recall for her. She was crying. She had broken up with some guy. She adored him, loved him to death, but I didn't know all the details other then that. I didn't know the guy. Why would I All I know was she spent hours talking to mama about him and telling her all about their relationship. Mama had a tough time dealing with it as religious as she was. Daddy blew it off. Daddy told her it would be okay. It was a part of life. Mama told him to scram. I was in high school during that time. I adored my Aunt Sally. She and I got along great. We did lots of stuff together. She paid attention to me, went to movies and carnivals with me, and when I wasn't with friends we hung out together talking about life. She was the coolest and prettiest and once in a while the sexiest woman I knew. But she was my aunt, I thought.

That day for some reason her door was open and all the way open. Why it would be I had no idea. Why would she do that I don't know. Didn't most people keep the door closed if in their rooms alone I had no idea at all. I wasn't thinking and didn't know better.

I saw her. She was completely naked. Her boobs were visible. They hung from her body. I saw her ass doing the spread eagle in the position she was in. She was on all fours, plunging the thing inside her cunt and going at it ferociously, or so I thought. She was moaning under her breath. She was pleading for something, trying to force something from what I could understand. I was dumb. I didn't know better, but maybe I did. She was trying to have one of those things girls have. Cool, gross...I don't know, but she was rocking... rocking back and forth and back and forth and with an arm underneath as she did it along with her hanging tits, she was pumping faster and more vivaciously as she came closer and closer to what she was trying to achieve.

I stood frozen looking at my aunt in her naked composed state and told myself, damn my aunt is freaking hot! She is one sexy looking babe! Only 21 and I gazed enthusiastically as well as ecstatically at the body inside the room. Bare shoulders, back, hips, and a slim pear shaped ass had me throbbing.

And then something out of nowhere dawned on me. Is this considered incest Is it when you look at your aunt the way I had I asked myself the question again as I took stock on her winding, sumptuous figure. I hope it isn't...if it comes to that. I am messed up.

She reached behind her clipping it on. She adjusted it. From what I could tell it was a flowery patterned bikini. take it off, turn around okay Let, no Tommy Joe I said to myself you are a bad, bad boy! Bad boy, Tommy Joe and I turned to walk away. I went to her fridge to get a beer; nothing but wine coolers and food and milk. So I grabbed a wine cooler and headed for the pool.

She walked out. I heard her and I turned around holding the wine cooler and smiling...until I saw her. They were hopping. My jaw dropped. And now she was smiling. She saw me gawking. She noticed my eyes looking at them. She got a kick out of it, out of my bad manners. But hell who could ignore how she looked Aunt Sally was decked out. Yes she was. Her boobs were suspended in mid air. Yes they were. Her tits defied gravity, hanging freely but with the aid the flowery bikini top.

And that cleavage besieged me. In my line of sight it along with her upper body in general supported some form of an open invitation to take part in enjoying them or so my subconscious mind was influencing me to think.

I was thinking as she climbed in and walk towards me. Was she asking me something as in do you like them Do you like my body too Of course you like it. You're gawking at me and gawking at my boobs, right Look at you. Look where your eyes are planted. And she was probably thinking along those lines too. Smiling with eyes glistening she chattered as my eyes rudely stared at those big bouncy floating tits which like a well suited pair of flotation devices but strictly for me to take pleasure in.

"Tommy Joe.... Hey Tommy Joe" I heard her say. I shook my head finally taking my eyes off them and looked up. Still smiling, her eyes remaining brilliant, and she asked a weird question. "You date a lot Tommy you huh So when was the last time you had a steady girlfriend or a date"

I told her not since I went away to college. But maybe Florida would be different I thought after telling her. It was on the assumption I would be leaving the following night. She was blunt, outright blunt asking me an ever stranger question- how I got girls to sleep with me, into bed, or straight out to have sex with me.

"What" I came back and then I blushed; I wouldn't say. I have my style, techniques, but I wasn't going there. Not today I wasn't and she knew it. She started to talk about other stuff and also realizing I had to be hungry.

Inviting me inside to have a snack I said yes and we went in. After drying off, we sat and talked and talked as her boobs hung in limbo tantalizing my dirty little thoughts, feelings swelling deep inside. As I cut in and out and trying to avoid them, which I could not and she knew it too, she carried on our conversation. I love talking with her. She's engaging and funny and easy to talk to. Later we relaxed on the couch. She put on a lightweight robe, a see-through thingy, and we relaxed on the couches. Asking me what I'd love to do, I told her I'd love to hang out and catch up. She was game, I was game, but we both had down time. She was tired and I wanted to catch up on a couple things.

By myself, I assumed she went back to her room to lie down. I didn't know for sure. I went, got my laptop, and sat back down to continue a short story I was writing. I heard noise, strange noise, but I didn't want to go there...or did I

I saw it again. The rocking, on all fours, and an arm reaching down inside her legs as her ass presented me with its version of a spread eagle- Rocking, tits whirling back and forth and sideways too, and that long tan arm plunging that toy up inside a swelling pussy I imagined it like it was yesterday. I grew horny. I wondered if that's what she was doing again. I wanted to be innocent, na´ve, but could not. I knew better. I knew a lot better.

Sally was fucking herself and letting me know for whatever reason. I took off my trunks. They would have made too much noise if I hadn't. I walked, quietly, to my room to put on knit shorts, and nothing underneath and quietly shuffled towards hers. shit, I thought. My metabolism went through the roof. Oh god here we go again. The door was cracked open. Yes, for my benefit it was cracked open, and I was the beneficiary of her desires direct or indirect. Fuck, ohhh wow, I was thinking. I felt flushed. I felt the riveting rushing like an overflowing river in early spring. The banks of the river swelling and my loins screamed to me: Go get it, take it Tommy Joe. It is yours if you want it. Look at it. She is showing it off, throwing it out there, and she wants you. She wants you to dig in, jump in too, and she wants your body. She wants all of you...hear it, hear her, and see what she is doing She is crazed for it. And you get to be the recipient of those deep seated desires.

And my subconscious mind was right. It was screaming out the truth. She was horny, had to be, and I stood outside its doorway peering through the crack while I watched her moan and groan and crane for someone to take care of her needs.

I walked in, cautiously. She was on all fours. She was rocking, slowly. I watched as her arm reached down underneath her and saw beautiful life unfolding before me. I saw her tits. God damn they were sexy. I saw her cunt. Damn was that a stunning mass of erogenous tissue and flesh. It was as if a hand was outstretched, clamoring for me to come and take part in it all. She moaned, quietly just like several years back. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to lick that flesh, those massive swelling layers rocking towards me then rocking away from me. Ohhh I wanted her...I knew I wanted my Aunt Sally's body.

I walked up to the bed. "Sally, may I do that" I asked in the quietest of voices.

She did not stop. "Yes, would you please" she replied.

I hopped up, she continued to sway back and forth, and I nestled in behind her naked body; her swollen parting cheeks before me. Her hips marketed her ass flawlessly presenting to me the lush, pear shaped ornament. I wanted to lean in and kiss it. I didn't. I was on a mission. I took hold of her hand which was on the vibrator. The humming was soothing. Watching her was rather soothing too, but erotic and hence arousing as ever. Together we tease and toyed with it, turning her on, bringing her closer and closer to the climatic stage.

"Tommy Joe, will you put your face in there...lick me" she said.

Wow, licking my aunt's pussy Wow, whoa now this is an experience. I didn't hesitate for an instant. I lay down on my back and she seated herself on my face. Ohhh god her pussy was sweet, fresh, and I wanted nothing more then to swallow it all while savoring the grandiose warm wet flesh inside my mouth. That's what I would have opted for but either way she made it pleasant as hell.

It was like she was sweating, but this was exotic and enjoyable as hell. This was a massive turn on to me. I was harder then ever, my cock was erect and jazzed up. I could feel what she felt. I desired what she desired. I wanted all that she wanted. We found we wanted all the same things.

My hands were planted on her ass while my mouth, lips, and my tongue journeyed inside it searching for final ecstasy. This was breaking new ground as I took a voyage inside Sally's vaginal corals. God her pussy was tasty. And she cried out joyously as my tongue dove deeper inside it and taunted her to take it further and further.

"Fuck me...ohhh Fuck me Tommy Joe" she screamed, her loins pressing firmly against my face. She pressed harder then ever while wailing to me, begging me to fuck her. Yes I wanted that too. "Shit Tommy Joe, let's do it. Let's have sex" she said pleading to me.

She pulled up and planted the loveliest of frames on her bed, smiling at me to do her. God, I hoped I could do her right. She saw my cock and it was good. She touched my cock and said it was good. She then pulled me forward, closer to her so she could taste it first. She tasted my erection, tasted my balls, and she moaned pleasurably. I wanted her to suck it. She did. We had switched positions. She mounted me, leaned in, and took it whole as she sucked hard and long. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum horribly right there in her mouth, but didn't.

"I need you" I said out of the blue. "I need to be in" I screamed.

I thought I was too domineering, but it worked out fine. She collapsed on the mattress and split her legs open. God, it was swelling big time. She was ready, I was ready, and my cock vanished. Thrusting against her as she completed the other end of the transaction, she and I went at each other so that we could come to a very satisfactory, very gratifying end. Humping and pushing, the bed creaked and squeaked as Sally and I fucked hard and passionately. I watched those tits. They were tremendous looking, but she was even more fascinating, more arousing then anything ever.

Doggy style was so much more fun, but in then end, after doing it in various different ways, we found her lying down and legs up on my shoulders was the best formula. I was grunting and calling out her name. She was squealing and cooing and crying out mine.

An then it all happened- she exploded, screamed, and she wailed from on high. I saw a massive load of pure white liquid flowing rapidly from the bellows of her pussy. I was proud, happy, and exhausted as was she. We were impressed and I had cum as well. I blew my load, inside my aunt, which worried me, but she didn't mind. She loved knowing we did it. She loved knowing her nephew was willing and able to accomplish the inevitable with her.

She said so and as we collapsed against each other, we held closely the others body picking it apart in a favorable light, and quietly talking about life. She fell asleep, but I got out of bed later carrying with me certain scents from her I hadn't noticed earlier.

I watched her rest. Her hair flowed across her and the pillow and her breathing was tender like she could be. I wanted to go and disturb her, but didn't. All I did was stare at her, tell myself she is a beautiful and special lady, and I'd be her lover for as long as she wanted me to be.

Shortly after I was in my room wearing nothing and walked out to the main room and sat down. I was typing my short story. A new one it was about a woman, an aunt, and her nephew whose real name like hers remains a secret. My cock was limp. I heard footsteps and turned. She walked out in a long sexy silky robe and smiled. She had put her hair in a pony tail. She looked sexier seeing as I could see her smooth cheek lines.

I could see her nice round tits, barely through that robe and she spoke to me. "I want you to know something." Her voice was gentle. "That was incredible sex" and she sat down next to me. I closed my program and the laptop. I looked down her body, her robe wondering what her body looked like underneath. I already knew. Still I enjoyed wondering, fantasizing even more. She smiled. "It really was Tommy Joe and don't you forget it either. I have had some men in my life and you are as good or better then them."

"Okay...thanks" I said.

I smiled. I reached up and touched her face, her hair, and her lips. She smiled and winked and she leaned in and kissed my lips. The front door was wide open. She had forgotten earlier to close it. No big deal. No one was planning on showing up. We hugged. Then we hugged more firmly, our lips partaking in a joyous celebration of a successful union of two souls, two bodies which have hungered for one another for years.

She began removing it. She was naked, except for a pair of used panties she had on, and her breasts were perfect. Her nipples were flat out hard and swollen. She asked if I liked them. I nodded. I smiled. I touched one of them. I put away my laptop and turned towards her tits and I buried my face in her large tits.

Coddling and licking and sucking them, she sat back while taking pleasure in my little adventure. But something happened. We heard the doorbell. I was in the midst of pulling off my knit shorts too. One hand planted itself against her panties while my mouth was planted against her chest.

"Damn" she said. "Damn, damn, and double damn. We looked across to the front door.

"Fuck ohhhhhhh shit, ohhh fuck" I said, agreeing with my aunt.

At the door watching us was my mama and my daddy. Shit, ohhh fuck...fuck...fuck!

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