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My Weekend with Debbie

Author: BobCat
Publish Date : Apr 11, 2009
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Debbie was a real looker. 5 foot 3, long brown hair, striking baby blue eyes and figure that would send any man to his knees. She had big tits for her small frame....36 C I am guessing. I had often thought about what it would be like to fuck Debbie. She was soooo hot!

* * * * * * *

I had such a lousy week at work. It seemed like everything went wrong. I was looking forward to taking my wife and kids away for the Easter weekend. I got a call around 5 pm Thursday afternoon that we had major problems at the shop...I just left the shop and now I had to head back there. My wife Pam was disappointed about the call and asked me if we were still going. I told her that I would let her know. I was so stressed out from work that I really needed a weekend to just relax. When I arrived at the shop...the foreman told me that one of the machines had broken down and we had to fill the order before the weekend. I said to myself..."Damn....that's just fucking great!" I called my wife and told her that I wouldn't be able to go this weekend and since the reservations were already made....to just take the boys and go enjoy themselves. If I could get the problem resolved....I would head out meet them. What rotten luck!

It took alot of phone calls to part suppliers and hours and hours of major repairs before we finally got the machine up and running again. I was at the shop for over 24 hrs. straight. We finally got the orders out and I thanked everyone for staying and helping out. I told everyone...."Have a great weekend!". Bob our foreman told me to go home and relax and he would lock up. I said, "Thanks Bob....have a great Easter".

Driving home I thought that it would be too dangerous for me to drive 300 miles to meet Pam and the kids. I was exhausted. I really needed some sleep. As I was turning into my driveway, I noticed our old babysitter Debbie cutting her lawn. Debbie was away at college so we really hadn't seen much of her in almost a year. As I got out of my car I heard Debbie say...."Hi Mr. Morrison". I said, "Well hello Debbie....long time no see!" "How have you been" "Good Mr. Morrison....thanks for asking". I said, "you are 18 yrs old now Debbie....you can call me Mike." She said...."OK Mike" and giggled. We exchanged some more idle chit chat and she said that she really needed to finish the lawn. She came home to surprise her mom and dad for Easter break and she was the one who got the surprise as her parents were out of town. "That's ashame...maybe we can do something together this weekend because Pam and kids are out of town too". I said. "That would be super Mike!" "Ok then...it's a date...I have to get going now" I said. "Ok Mike...see ya later" Debbie smiled.

Debbie was a real looker. 5 foot 3, long brown hair, striking baby blue eyes and figure that would send any man to his knees. She had big tits for her small frame....36 C I am guessing. I had often thought about what it would be like to fuck Debbie. She was soooo hot! I went into the house and kicked off my shoes. I headed to the bedroom to get out of my clothes and put on something more comfortable. I opted for shorts. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see what I could fix fast to eat. Nothing looked good. I popped open a beer and went into the living room and sat down in my easy chair. I looked out the big picture window and watched Debbie as she cut the lawn. She had on a halter top and very short shorts with her hair in a pony tail. I could see part of her ass cheeks as she walked. God she was SEXY! Her tits jiggled from the vibration of the lawn mower and they bounced as she walked. I was mesmerized by her. I found myself rubbing my cock through my shorts as I watched her. I leaned back into my chair and closed my eyes thinking about Debbie. My wife and I were very happily married except we had problems in the bedroom. I loved oral sex and she didn't like to give it or receive it. It always turned me on when I would eat my wife's pussy. She would always tell me to stop and that always put a damper on our lovemaking. She didn't like to experiment either. My wife pleased me in every way...except the bedroom.

I must have fallen asleep as I awoke to someone knocking on the door. It was Debbie. "Hi again Mike" she said. "Hi Debbie, would you like to come in" I asked. She said that she had made a salad and had a couple of steaks on the grill and asked me if I would be interested in having a little dinner with her. I said..."Sure". "Would you be free in about 20 minutes" "I'll be there!" I exclaimed. She said, "See you in 20 and don't forget your bathing suit!" I watched as her ass shifted from side to side as she walked back home. I felt a stir inside my shorts. Debbie's family was very well to do and had a built in swimming pool in their back yard. Our kids were always welcome during the warm weather to take advantage of cooling off as we had an open invitation to use their pool whenever we wanted.

I jumped in the tub to take a quick shower and clean up a bit before heading over to Debbie's. I wore a wife beater tee shirt and light cotton shorts and sandles. It was a very hot day. I grabbed a bottle of red wine from the fridge, my bathing suit and headed over to Debbie's. I walked around to the backyard and I had to stop dead in my tracks. There was Debbie....in a yellow bikini. Got she looked fantastic! She had a golden tan and her skin was like silk. I opened the gate and said to her..."Something smells awfully good!" She quickly responded..."It's ME!" We both started laughing. Debbie already had to table set for 2 and I asked her if she had something to put ice in so I could keep the wine chilled. She said..."You brought wine" I said, "Yes". She asked me if I was going to get her drunk. I responded..."Only if you want to".

We sat and ate our dinner and we drank the wine....glass after glass. The conversation flowed and we were laughing and talking for what seemed like hours. She placed one foot up on her chair and I couldn't help but look at her pussy. I could tell that she was shaved down there. I just wanted to fall to my knees and move her bikini aside and taste her. The night began to quickly fall upon us and she said, "Mike...you ready for a swim Did you bring your suit" I said, "Right here". She said, "Last one in is a rotten egg!" and she ran and dove into the pool. I said.."Hey...no fair...I have to change first". She said..."No you don't....just come in your birthday suit!" I said...."Not" She said..."YES!" I was dumbfounded with what she was saying. I couldn't believe my ears. As much as I have always wanted to fuck Debbie....was I going to get that chance tonight I looked at her with her hair all wet...her skin shining in the moonlight. She reached behind her and loosened her top and took it off and threw it out of the pool. She then bent down and removed her bottoms and then they went flying. She said..."You coming in" I didn't know if I should. She was swimming around totally naked and her sweet ass bobbed up and down in the water. I could feel that sensation building in cock. I slowly removed my tee shirt....then my sandles....and finally my shorts. My cock had already started to become erect and I didn't want her to see that so I quickly dove in the pool. We stayed away from each other for a minute and then she swam under water towards me. Her head popped out of the water and she stood before me. My heart was pounding. She touched my cock with her hand and then leaned over and kissed my chest. I couldn't believe what she was doing to me. She sucked my nipples one at a time into her mouth lightly licking and nibbling them. By then, my cock was fully erect. Although I am 50 years old...I still had a big 8 inch cock and I didn't need any help getting that erection like some men my age. "Oh fuck Debbie...what are you doing to me" She said..."I am going to fuck you Mike". I have known for a long time that your wife doesn't give you what you need in the bedroom...so I am going to give you what you need".

I tried to move away from her.... thinking that this is wrong. But she grabbed my balls and slowly turned me back towards her. I leaned down and kissed her passionately. My tongue sliding in and out of her mouth. I pulled her close and cupped her tits. They felt fantastic. I sucked one into my mouth and I heard Debbie moan. I began to swirl it with my tongue, suck it and then lightly pulled it with my teeth. I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy to meet my cock. She gasped at the size of my very large member. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I started pumping my cock back and forth between her pussy lips. I could feel her hips follow in rhythm. I then walked over to the steps and walked out of the water carrying her. I told her to release her legs from me and I let her step down to the ground. I was kissing her more passionately than before. She was stroking my cock and I was meeting her stroking with my hips. I broke our kiss and was gazing straight into her eyes when I reached down and grabbed her by the waist and turned her upside down. Her thighs were resting ontop of my shoulders. Her face was at my cock. I began to lick her like an ice cream cone. In turn, she grabbed my cock and began licking, sucking and stroking it. Her mouth, ever so sweet moving back and forth on my cock. She was driving me wild! I sucked her clit hard into mouth. My tongue moving between her pussy lips taking my time to taste every last inch of them. My tongue found her hole and I began fluttering my tongue at it's entrance. This caused her to spasm. I then darted my tongue deep inside her. She stopped sucking my cock for a second as she lost concentation as to what she was doing to me. She moaned loudly. I carried her over to the diving board, lifted my leg over to straddle it and then laid down on it so we were in the 69 position. She bobbed her lips up and down my hard shaft. I was sucking and licking her pussy and the more I sucked the more she moved her ass back into my face. "God you are sooooo fucking good Debbie"...I whispered. "Suck my cock baby". I could feel my balls starting to fill and I knew that if she kept it up...I was going to cum. I put my feet up on the diving board and began to fuck Debbie's mouth with my cock. In and out....in and out....faster and faster. She grabbed my balls and slowly began to massage them. "I am so close" I told her. She stopped sucking and moved off me. She said.."Come on...let's go inside".

I followed her to her room. She told me to get on the bed on all fours. I quickly obliged. She positioned herself behind me. My butt pressing against her stomach. She reached up and began to massage my shoulders. It felt amazing. All my stress of the last week was slowly draining out of me. I loved her touch. She made her way down my back, slowly massaging. I was melting...it felt so good. Her hands were now on my ass cheeks. Kneading them. I felt her fingers part them and then her tongue slowly licked up the crack of my ass. "Oh My God" I said. Her tongue flickered at my asshole and this drove me crazy! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would happen to me. She had me so fucking horny! She grabbed my cock between my legs and began stroking it's length all the while licking at my asshole. I felt her tongue press up against it and I didn't know whether to push forward or back as both ends were getting a workout like I have never had before. I kept whispering..."Oh God Debbie...Oh Godddddd". Her hands glided down the back of my thighs and up again. She moved her lips lower and began licking my balls. She sucked one into her mouth and rolled it with her tongue. I loved what she was doing to me. She then slid her small body underneath me so my knees were under her armpits. She licked her middle finger on her right hand and began stroking my cock with her left. She sucked my head into her mouth. I looked down at her with amazement. Watching this young girl give me the best blowjob I have ever had! I spread my legs as wide as I could so I could lean forward and watch myself pump her mouth. I felt her wet finger slide up the crack of my ass....I continued to pump her sweet mouth....my cock was throbbing. I felt her slide her finger into my ass at the same time sucked me all the way into her mouth....'Oh fuck...I'm cumming" I told her. She quickly stopped sucking me and removed her finger from my ass....."Not yet your not" she said. My heart was pounding so damn hard that you could hear it though my chest. What the hell was she doing to me

She let me lay down on my back to catch my breath a little bit. I told her that I didn't know how much more of this I could take. She said..."You want to fuck me don't you Mike I said..."Oh yeah!" She quickly positioned herself over my face...she said "Eat ME!" I began to suck and lick her pussy. Her hips began to move back and forth across my face...she kept saying..."oh yeah.....stick your tongue in there.....that's it!" I could tell that she loved having her pussy eaten and the more she responded to my sucking and licking....the hornier she was making me. There is nothing more exciting to a man than to have a woman respond to his touches. I reached down and began stroking my cock. She looked down and seen how hard it was. She slowly moved off my mouth and slid her pussy down my chest. She moved down my body like a cat on the prowl. She spread my legs apart and grabbed the head of my cock rubbing it back and forth between her pussy lips. I kept trying to push my head inside her...but she was the one in control. I pushed myself up on my elbows and watched her place my head at her pussy hole. She looked back at me and rolled her ass around and around the head....as she went to sit down on it....I pushed it up inside her....she arched her back and gasped! OOOOOOOOOOOOOh Mike....she cried. She began to take my cock deeper and deeper into her warm tight pussy. I let her move up and down on it on her own....to let her get use to it. I have a big cock and I didn't want to hurt her. Her ass was fine. Watching it move up and down on my hard shaft..."Fuck me Debbie" I told her. With that...she bounced her ass up and down on my shaft...I could feel her pussy muscles collapse around my cock. She was milking my cock with her fine young pussy. I grabbed her hips and bounced her ass faster on my shaft. She then sat straight up and began riding my cock. She was FANTASTIC at this! Her hips rocking back and forth...and around and around....and then up and down. When she had me at the point of exploding....she slid off my cock. "Christ Debbie......that's it!" I said. You are driving me nuts!!! She laughed. I grabbed her and put her face down on the bed. "Now you are going to get it!" I said. I quickly moved in behind her and pulled her hips up. I slid my cock into her wet pussy and I began pounding her with my cock. She screamed, "Fuck....Fuck me Mike....Fuck me hard!" I pounded her pussy fast like a speeding freight train. Faster and faster I pumped....this time....I knew I was cumming she wasn't going to stop me! I grabbed her tits and pulled the top half of her body up pinching her nipples and drove my cock deep inside of her spilling all of my juice....spurt after spurt! We both moaned and screamed at the same time and I felt her pussy muscles spasming on my cock! She came too. We were both gasping to catch our breath. I held her so close and laid her back down on the bed and turned her to her side. I kept my cock inside her, lightly pumping her until I went soft. I gently kissed her ear and rolled my tongue around the lobe. I whispered to her..."Honey...that was fantastic". She said..."I know....and you were too!!" We fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Debbie was already up. She stuck her head in the doorway and said..."You getting up sleepy head It's almost noon!" God I couldn't believe I slept that long. I told her that I would get up in a minute. I laid there thinking about what the hell happened the night before. How did I let this happen, why did I let this happen. I love my wife and I didn't want to end my marriage over a stupid mistake. I really needed to talk to Debbie. I got up and took a shower and came out into the kitchen. She had breakfast on the table. We sat down and I took her hand..."Debbie, we need to talk". She said..."I know". I told her that I loved our night that we spent together and I will always cherish it....but I have a wife and kids. I am not going to ruin it over this. She quickly said, "You don't have to Mike". "I loved our night too. It was fantastic! But I am not looking for anything. I am not going to break up your marriage. We are sexually attracted to each other and we are adults. I will be going back to college. You will be going home. And if you ever get the need to want to be with me again....I am here!" I couldn't believe it. I took her into my arms and held her close...."God Debbie...I could fall in love with you soooo fast!" I said. "You sure know how to turn me on". She smiled at me...and said "Mike...you are the best lover that I ever had." We sat back down and ate the wonderful breakfast that Debbie cooked for us. We made love again that night....more intensely than the night before. She IS great in bed.

That was one of the most fantastic weekends I have ever had in my life. Debbie and I continued to see each other whenever we can. Our lovemaking is the best part of our relationship. I am so glad that I found the only sex partner I want.....my wife keeps me happy at home....and Debbie keeps me happy in bed. What more could a man ask for

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