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Author: Carol and Trav
Published: Apr 15, 2009
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I started to bend way down so he could see my titties down to feet under my dress. I was moving the vacuum fast across the carpet. He continued to watch my titties sway from side to side.

One Tuesday morning I was casually cleaning house after getting Travis, my husband off to work when the phone rang. "Hell-O" knowone there I just hung up the phone. A few minutes later it rang again.

"HELL-O" The voice asked if Travis lived here, "Who is this" I asked. He said once again, "Does Travis live here" I said, "Hey look I don't who you are & I don't give that information to just anyone" I hung up the phone. A minute later it rang the third time & I didn't answered it.

I went about my cleaning in a small housedress; there was a knock at the door. I'm cautious these days so I peeked in the peephole. There was this short dumpy wiry man standing there.

"Yes, can I help you" I asked.

"I am looking for Travis, Last Name.

"Did you call earlier Who are you I don't open the door for just anyone Who are you"

He said he was a buddy with Travis was in the Navy. I quietly opened the door. "Jackson is my name, call Trav and ask him who I am. I used my cell phone. "Travis there is a man here & says he was a navy buddy of yours. He said his name is Jackson" "SOB" keep him there Carol I'll be home in a little bit"

"Travis said to keep you here, he's on his way home" I took him in the living room and made some small talk, "Take a seat won't you" I went about my vacuuming. I moved close to him and reached for a doggie toy on the floor. I noticed he was looking down my dress top & staring at my tits. I felt my nipples harden & girlish to know that this ol' man looking at my boobs. I thought if he was going to stair at them I would give him something to stair at.

I started to bend way down so he could see my feet under my dress. I was moving the vacuum fast across the carpet. He continued to watch my titties sway from side to side. I noticed he was sitting kind of uncomfortable, unable to sit still. He leaned his arm on the back of the couch when I seen why he was uncomfortable. He had a huge bulge behind his zipper. I thought to myself, (Damn Girl ! you're still a hottie to cause a hard-on from a 60 year old man)

He said, "Mamm could I use the restroom" "Sure Jackson it' down to the right and pointed to the hallway" I waited and waited. Wondering if he was ok. I walked down the hall and he hadn't closed the door. I peeked thru the doorjamb and caught him beating off. Jackson had a good seven to eight inch dick in his hand. He closed his eyes and leaned back on the toilet tank and shot his load high in the air. Jackson even hit the bottom of the wall mirror with a wad. My pussy like that by the moisture that was building up. I left him to finish doing his thing and went back to working on the house.

Knowing what had just happened in my bathroom, it was hard to keep working on the house with out grinning from time to time. Just then Travis came in. "Well where is he" he asked. "Travis he's in the bathroom" Trav callout to him. "Get your ol navy ass out here" Jackson came out like nothing had been going on in there.

"Attention" he shouted. Travis snapped to attention and a salute. Carol, this is Lieutenant Jackson. He said, "No, no it's just Mark Jackson now. I retired a Lieutenant Commander three years ago" Jackson and Travis hugged each other and started talking about their navy days. I kinda felt left out so I started to get some lunch for the guy's. "Hay Travis, Jackson I'm getting some lunch what do you guys want" I was remembering what happened earlier and got tickled again. The navy men were busy lying to each other. Guy's lunch is ready.

Just for kicks I bend over right in front of the Lieutenant Commander and he got ah close up tit shot. My nipples were still hard. Jackson was fidgeting in his chair & I knew why. I kept showing him little tit shots during lunch. You could tell he was unable to sit still. All of sudden he stopped & I think I knew why. I would bet he shot his load in his pants. I was right and wrong. They got up and went out to the dick. There was no wet spot in Jackson's pants. He did cum, but he shot his wad on my tablecloth. I didn't touch that stuff.

Jackson bent over pulling his shirt open by the collar. He was telling Travis about me showing Jackson my titties. I know Travis very well & he went along with his story and looked like he was pissed, but I knew better. "Carol, get out here" he said. I walked out to the deck. "Lieutenant Commander Jackson is telling me that he liked your little peaky boo game" "what is he talking about, What game" (Looking puzzled) "He got some free mind pictures of your boobs" Travis said. "Is that what he wants Well here!"

I pulled shoulder straps off and let my dress drop to the dick. This navy officer's eyes and jaw opened as far as possible. "Is this what he wants to see" I asked. My nipples were growing again, standing to attention. I didn't have anything on but a vertical smile. I walked over to Jackson and stuck me hairless pussy in his face.

"Is this what he wants to see Travis Go ahead Jackson you wanted to see what she is made of" Travis gave her ah little love pat. My female moisture was evident, as I was getting hot. I felt like a street whore waiting for approval. Lieutenant Commander Jackson slipped his fingers in my wet little snatch. His short fat fingers moving in my cunt was making me moan. Travis said, "We better take is inside" The three of us went back in and they followed me to our bedroom.

I fell back on the bed and spread my legs to an invention for Jackson to take me. Travis winked at me. "Lieutenant Commander Jackson, Here" I reached down spread the hood that hides my clitoris. "suck on this" he was unsure of what to do. Travis stripped down and joined me. His cock was coming to attention. Jackson hesitated a little. I sat up and unbuckled his belt & slid his pants down along with his shorts. His dick sprang out and up, almost reaching his belly button. "There, Jackson isn't that better now"

I lay back down as he knew what to do. He took his position and began licking my clit. Travis was above my head and offered his cock to me. I quickly took him down my throat. Travis was rolling my 1 /2" nipple in his fingers as Jackson had the other and lightly pinching her. This treatment continued for 5, 10 minutes. I was getting close to orgasm.

Travis & I have done this before so he was command with it but Jackson wasn't. Travis managed to get under me to take my booty. He has been there often. He slid his seven incher in my bung real slow. "Take My Pussy Jackson" I yelled. Jackson moved up and aimed his tool to my wet pussy lips and he slid in my moisture covered love connection. Travis is not quit as big around or as long. This was a welcomed piece of cock. I thrust my hips up to meet Jackson's advances. With Travis in my butt and Jackson taking my cunt I was in DP bliss. Jackson was bigger but quicker to get his nuts off. I heard him grunt and his dick became harder. I knew he was about to cream my insides. His length was in places Travis never could reach. I felt satisfied even none of us had gotten off yet.

Just then drew back and with one hard deep thrust Jackson was cumming deep in my love hole. I felt every spurt as he emptied his balls. Travis is still riding my ass hard and deep. "Oh Carol, Fuck My Dick, Fuck Me" he said. I sat up and rode his cock with a vengeance. Jackson was pinching my clit and rubbing her hard. Travis hollered again "Carol, Damn-it! Fuck My Cock, Fuck Me Hard" Jackson pinched my clit very hard and sent me over the edge. "Guy's I Cumming, I'm CUMMING. Oh GAWD!" Just then Travis thrust as deep as he could. He started to full my ass with his seed.

We lie there in a pile of cum and sweat for a few moments. "You guy's were wonderful! Are you guy's up for another round" I asked. I got a "We'll see and a not right now" We continued to play, (Run and around the house and go naked) You catch me and fuck me if you can. Travis, Jackson & I had sex many more that day.

My pussy was well used, but not used up!

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