My Maple Cookies

Author: Rednjuicy
Published: Apr 17, 2009
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Vanessa has always been an exhibitionist. In high school, she purposely wore short skirts without panties so that she could flash the teachers. Male and female. Not one of them said anything. She was a straight A student without ever passing a test or turning in homework.

He was singing. This was a sure sign that he was anticipating the sexy surprise that I'd promised him. My boyfriend, Amil has been under so much stress at work lately. I wanted to do something extra special to help him relax. He always says that cumming is an instant release.

We have a great sex life. Actually, it's pretty fucking incredible. We know each other's body and all of the special erogenous zones. Toys are a regular part of our play so,I'm sure that Amil thought that I'd made a trip to our favorite toy store. But that wasn't the case. My surprise was something I'm sure he didn't know about. A few days ago, I didn't know about it either.

I was in the steam room with my friend after our yoga class. We were chatting and catching up when I thought that I smelled something sweet. Do you smell thatĚ I asked my friend Vanessa. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

‚ It smells sweet . Do you think someone was eating in here before I asked.

"If they knew what I know, they'd be eating , alright" she said laughing. As she said this there was a wicked look in her eyes and her hand moved to stroke her pussy.I was in shock.

Vanessa has always been an exhibitionist. In high school, she purposely wore short skirts without panties so that she could flash the teachers. Male and female. Not one of them said anything. She was a straight A student without ever passing a test or turning in homework. I looked forward to walking home after school when she would give me blow by blow descriptions. Fridays were the best. Those were test days. The teachers sat at their desk for the entire period supposedly making sure that no one was cheating. They were actually watching Vanessa's show. Instead of taking the test, Vanessa fingered herself .

Like I said, Vanessa has always been an exhibitionist but never in front of me. I'd hear her stories and wonder what it would be like to see her in action. Ten years later I was getting my chance.

Vanessa, ran her hand down her pussy and opened her labia. With her other hand she slid 2 fingers in and out of her hole. Even though we were in the steam room, I could tell that her pussy was wet.

"Smell this." Vanessa said after removing her fingers from her cunt. What I'm not smelling your fingers. I have a pussy. I know what they smell like." I said in disbelief. Trust me. Just smell."

I don't know what made me smell her fingers. It's silly when I think about it but I'm glad that I did. Her fingers smelled sweet,mapley! Not like pussy, like nectar. What is that Are you wearing lotion"

She just smiled and said ,"No that's me. If you don't believe me, sniff me yourself."

Before I knew it, I had my head between her legs sniffing her sweet puss. Go ahead and taste. Trust me I taste as good as I smell." Except for a few times playing doctor with Vanessa as a kid, I'd never tasted another woman's juice. I knew how my own tasted . Curiosity got the best of me and I began licking her right there in the steam room. She was right . She tasted great. I had to know her secret.

I begged her to tell me. After she climaxed, she told me that she and her husband started drinking this herbal tea they found on their favorite porn site that made them both taste this way. I got the name from her and placed an order,having them overnight it to me. I knew that Amil would love it.

Amil came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist. After 5 years I still get butterflies when he walks into the room. I just love looking at him after he showers. He never completely dries off and the drops of water on his chocolate skin catches the light making him glisten.

"Come here, let me help you with that" I said letting my robe casually fall open. Amil walked over and I took his towel off of him revealing his stiff 10 inch cock. It's beautiful. He shaves down there which is one of my favorite things about him. A lot of men want women to do it for them but they never even consider reciprocating.

My intention was to take the towel and finish drying him off. However,he had other things in mind. Just as I leaned in to get a spot near his collar bone, he opened my robe,pushed me against the wall and leaned in to suckle my right breast. He knew exactly what he was doing. My nipples are one my hot spots. Something as simple as an unexpected breeze hitting them can get me going. So this of course sent shivers down my spine. Since I'd just recently began wearing non piercing nipple rings, they were already erect and extra hard.

I wanted to drop to me knees right then suck his rock hard cock. I knew his cum would be extra sweet. Last night at dinner,he and I drank several glasses of that special tea. He loved it and kept asking for more. Little did he know that was exactly what I wanted. Instead, I took my finger and swept it across the head and gathered his pre cum. Looking directly in his eyes,I slowly sucked my finger simulating me deep throating his cock and tasted his pre cum. It was delicious.

"What's my surprise" he whispered in my ear. Did you find something extra naughty at the store or are you finally going to show me how you and Vanessa played doctor when you were kids You know I 'd love to see you eating pussy. I bet you'd be good at it."

I laughed and led him to the bedroom. Let me give you a massage and tell you a story. You have a great imagination so I'm sure the visuals won't be a problem." I grabbed some baby oil and began rubbing his feet. I told him about my sauna incident and licking Vanessa's pussy. I described in minute detail how she lay on her back spread eagle in the steam room. I relayed how the possibility of getting caught added to the excitement. I told him that her shaved pussy turned me own. She's not bald but has an arrow pointing the way to her clit. I told him how I played with her clit with my tongue and how Vanessa fingered her ass as I did .Then I told him how great she tasted.

By this time, I'd reached his upper thigh and continued to massage him. We were drinking the tea last night," I said and right about now your cock is full of that sweet tasting nectar."

"Well what are you waiting for Suck my dick,drink from my well."

I love sucking his dick and I've been told that I'm quite good at it. I like the feeling of having it in my mouth. I enjoy licking, nibbling and sucking on and around his shaft. I like hearing him groan as I bring him to the tipping point. I get off knowing that he is getting off. This time it was a little different. I could not stop. I kept sucking the head of his cock as hard as I could trying to coax out dribbles of pre cum without sending him over the edge.

"What's gotten into you," he asked Did you get turned on again telling me how you ate Vanessa's pussy"

"A little, I said. But you taste so good. I can't stop. It's like it's a drug or something."

"I wanna taste it too," he said and quickly got into the 69 position.

Amil is a master at eating pussy. He knows exactly when to switch up the speed and pressure, when to nibble, when to suck. Normally. Tonite he sucked my clit like his life depended on it. I came instantly. I came hard. Very hard. Amil's face was covered with my juice. It looked like the levees broke between my legs.

When my after shocks subsided he kissed me in the mouth and I could taste how sweet my juices were.

"You were right," he said it's like a drug. Then he slid his cock in me and began a slow and deep stroke. I was so wet ,we could hear the gushing. I could see that this turned him on even more.

"Don't hold back," I whispered. I want you to fuck me,Poppy. Fuck me like you never have before."

The End.

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