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So what should happen next


Published: 18-Apr-09 Revised/Updated 24-Apr-09

When we reach the bed... I reach over to the side table for your favorite body oil. You're on your stomach as I climb on top of you....my full weight on your body. I start to kiss and lick the back of your neck as my hands rub the oil along your shoulders and down your arms.

* * * * * * *

You see rose pedals leading to the bathroom...the music....the scent of lust in our room. On the table are light snacks....nothing heavy for a night of playtime. You remove your clothes except for your black boxers...your manhood at attention...straining the material. You go to our wine rack and select a soft wine and two wine glasses and walk to the bathroom door. You hear me in the tub and let the door slowly open to reveal all of my nakedness, laying their in wait for you. A smile on my face....hunger in my eyes as I look deep into yours.... the lust in your eyes is obvious and I see your nipples hardening under your shirt..

You approach the edge of the tub while pouring the wine...as you stand in front of me, I slowly lower your boxers. As I do, your cock slaps back onto your stomach.. at attention, straining with want. I use your hands to hold it as I slowly lick the back up to the tip. Stopping only to say " I missed you baby" as my tongue does one curl around the tip then licks it back and forth. You release your hands and hold my head as I take all of you in.... using my lips and mouth to massage all of you... as you start to rock back and forth, I release you from my mouth and hand you back your wine as I move forward to allow you to slip behind me in the tub. No words are exchanged.... I lay back on your chest. Feeling your hard poker against my back. We sip at the wine and listen to the music for a while. You move my hair to the side and begin to kiss...lick and tongue my neck, from my shoulders to just behind my ear. Slowly...gently...licking, sucking and tonguing. Your fingers are alternating between caressing my breasts and rubbing my nipples...tugging at them as your mouth continues to relax me. I turn my head slightly to the side giving you the opportunity to kiss the corner of my lips. Too kiss my cheek. You can feel my breath getting heavier....my boobs are rising, you feel my heart beating through my chest.... my heat elevating. You caress my shoulders....down...down....down my stomach to your kitty land. Even through the water you can feel my ultra wetness for you.. you run the tip of your finger along the edge of my bud. Circling...around and around...slowly...gently until you feel the hardness of my clit. You can hear my moan close to your face. But you suspect I wanting more of you tonight, so we switch positions. It feels so wonderful for you to lay back on my tits.... hard and piercing your back as I massage your shoulders. Kissing your neck and face. Caressing your body as I periodically check to see if your cock is HARD. You, in turn caress my legs....strong yet with a little stubble. So..you grab the shaving cream and razor and lift my leg. You see that my toe nails are freshly painted. Yummy! My toes look tasty. Slowly and gently you shave my legs. One strip at a time until both are smooth as a babies butt. I stand up....and face you! Ooh my...you guess you're not through yet. I place my left foot on the edge and spread wide for your view. I usually shave my pussy....but this time I want to give you the honours. You just have to taste your woman before you shave her. So you run the tip of your tongue along my pussy...stopping with a flick on my clit as my head flings back and I moan out load. You lay back in the bathtub.....admiring your work. "Sweet heart you look beautiful", you say. A gleam appears in my eyes...but I say nothing else. You proceed to wash my body with your hands so you can feel every nook and cranny. Pleasuring me with your touch as you go along. Showing me how desirable I am to you... how much you enjoy this.

We step out of the tub and you engulf me in a large towel. Holding me tight against you as you gently massage me dry. Kissing me lightly on my lips...feeling my body close to you again. You let loose of my hold and the towel falls to the floor...with one movement, you have me in your arms and carry me to our bed. As you walk to the edge of the bed you see two items....a pair of my sheer and silky black stockings and my black stiletto high heels. You kiss my cheek....acknowledging your approval. You lay me down as I raise my foot towards you.

Gee...you know how much I love you to caress my feet and toes.. and I am such a tease. You caress my foot and start to suck on just a few of my toes. My nail polish glistening as you withdraw each toe from your mouth. God you know how to excite me! You take each stocking and slowly encase my legs....then take each shoe, slipping them onto my feet. I look so desirable...You want me...NOW! Too devour all of me...but the night is young.

Holding your cock in my hand, you extend your hand and you lift me to my feet. I follow you to the living room ..Our music is playing... We start to kiss as we dance to slow intimate music. I love so much how your body presses against mine....how your chest leans against my breasts....how your lower back feels when I slowly caress it with my hands and nails. We dance...caress...kiss..for hours. I love the smell of you and the scent of my pussy growing more intense as the time goes by. It fills your head and your mind...

My hand disappears from around your neck....then a short time later my finger slides across your upper lips. The scent of my flower as another finger finds it's way into your mouth drives you crazy. You love the taste of my flower .. You can't take anymore of this.....and you see my eyes now red with lust. I take your hard cock back into my hand and lead you back to the bedroom. When we reach the bed... I reach over to the side table for your favorite body oil. You're on your stomach as I climb on top of you....my full weight on your body. I start to kiss and lick the back of your neck as my hands rub the oil along your shoulders and down your arms. I slowly move down your body...kissing, licking, tonguing every inch of your back as my hands follow with the massage oil. Down....down.... Further down I kiss, lick, tongue and massage your back as my pussy rubs and straddles the back of your leg. I love the feel of my silky stockings rubbing against your body. It excites me...but you know that already. I lick around the base of your spine .. you can't take anymore and your roll over.. I turn around so we can taste each other together.. my pussy lips leaning into your face...sucking each lip deep into your mouth. Then thrusting your tongue without warning deep into my pussy. The heat....the wetness....the taste. You thrust and thrust....giving me all of your tongue as I start to scream. "Fuck me with your tongue honey", "Deeper honey", "Faster babe" I say. With each thrust you scoop up my juice to quench your thirst of me. You want more of my juice! You need it! Faster....faster...deeper...deeper you thrust your tongue. With each thrust I offer more juice for your hungry mouth. Faster....faster...deeper...deeper you go while hold on to my thighs. Waiting until I explode and gush all over you. Filling you up with love juice. Satisfying me. My hands move behind me and I grasp your head... You know I am close to cumming. I pull you in closer to my pussy...I want all of your tongue deep inside my pussy. With one final thrust....I explode....spasm after spasm....wave after wave my nectar runs. I lay on my stomach motionless...breathing heavy...recuperating as you run your fingers down my back ...

I raise myself onto my knees! That beautiful ass and pussy exposed to your desire. I look over my shoulder to see you still hard....your tip purple with lust. Ready! In a loud voice I say, "Fuck me now honey....fast.... and deep. I want to feel your volcano explode...do it now!" Should you do I I ask

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