My Husband Watched Me Get GangBanged

Author: Cindy
Published: Apr 20, 2009
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His friends were smiling watching me moan and sigh as he finger fucked me making me cum with a long muffled groan.

My husband watched me get gang banged by strangers and three were black guys

My name is Cindy. I'm 27, 5'1", 103 lbs., size 34c and I'm a "slut". Married for six years to my husband Bill who's 52, and says I'm his insatiable little slut and I love it. Our sex life is exciting and we've enjoyed it in many unusual places. He always encourages me to enjoy sex while I'm still young and occasionally invites another guy to join us to spice things up for me. As long as we enjoy it together, he's ok with anything I'd like to do and I love that about him. It's never another girl, he just enjoys me having a good time and it always excites him when I'm having an orgasm. With another guy involved, we like talking dirty to each other and I love to tease Bill, it's exciting for both of us. Seeing me totally satisfied, he's always said it'll never happen but it would be his ultimate sexual fantasy. Mine to.

One night as a new experience we went to a swingers bar, unaware my sick husband had something arranged. Bill said it was a classy place so I wore a short, low cut white dress and no bra or panties. I like feeling so venerable and exposed and the way Bill always plays with me. He can make me cum so easily and often.

Walking in the club we sat at the bar enjoying the music and noticed some of the couples dancing, were getting pretty naughty with each other and I said, Bill, I really like this place. With his hand between my legs playing with my clit, I was getting wet and he said, "I can tell and I hope you have a good time tonight". It wasn't long before a nice looking guy named Doug asked me to dance. He saw what we were doing as Bill just smiled and said, "if it turns my wife on, it's fine with me". Walking to the dance floor Doug smiled when we saw a girl stroking a guy's cock. I couldn't help pausing and watching him cum. Doug said, "You like that don't you" I just smiled and thought to myself, what girl wouldn't enjoy seeing a gorgeous cock like that, it had to be at least 8 inches! And it was such a turn-on watching him cum!

As we danced Doug was rubbing against me and I liked the feeling of his hard erection. He started feeling my breast and with my nipples so hard he knew I was excited. I was surprised but even more excited when he reached between my legs and with no panties, just helped himself. I gasped, trying to hold in a loud "UMMM!" as he slid his finger in my wet pussy. Sitting next to the dance floor, his friends were smiling, watching me moan and sigh as he finger fucked me, making me cum with a long muffled groan. He didn't stop until the music did, then he waked me back to the bar. Smiling at Bill he said, "She was defiantly turned-on" and he thanked me for the dance. Sarcastically I said, we both know the pleasure was all mine. I sat down asking my smiling husband, did you enjoy watching him finger fuck your wife and make me cum in front of all his friends "I wasn't the only one" he said and I went to the restroom blushing.

When I returned, Bill was sitting with Doug and his friends and waved for me to join them. Walking over I noticed at the next table a girl was actually sucking a guys cock. I couldn't help staring as Bill interrupted me with a smile and introduced me to Doug's five nice looking friends. He said, "This is Larry, Steve, Bob, (and two black guys) Jack, Tim and of course you already know Doug". Blushing again I said, of course, and sat down next to Bill. We were drinking, flirting, talking a little dirty and under the table Bill was playing with me. He was touching my clit, driving me crazy and I'm sure the guys knew it, as Bob said, "Bill, your not gonna make your wife cum in front of us again are ya" I didn't care, I was dying to get one of them home with us and couldn't wait to get fucked hard and more than once! Then Bob asked me to dance and giving Bill a teasing smile I took his hand from between my legs and reluctantly I accepted.

While we danced Bob was holding me against him with an enormous erection and I was still smiling at Bill. Suddenly my smile turned into that (OH MY GOD!) look, when Bob pulled the top of my dress down and started licking and sucking my breast. Then reaching between my legs, helping himself to my exposed wet pussy and started finger fucking me. I saw Bill just sitting there smiling and that's when I realized he was up to something. So to tease him I started rubbing the huge bulge in Bob's pants and was ready for what ever my nasty husband arranged. My legs began feeling a little weak and I was starting to cum, when Bob pushed me to my knee's. Right there on the dance floor he pulled his throbbing hard cock from his pants and rubbing it over my face, he said, "Show your husband and the guys how much you want to suck my cock!" So I grabbed his stiff cock licking up and down it's entire shaft and running my tongue around it's head as I was looking right at Bill. Then I sucked and gagged the whole thing down my throat like a cock hungry little slut starving for cum.

At that point the guys and Bill had their cocks out, stroking and watching with a look of anticipation, as Bob stood me up and unzipped my dress. He picked my naked body up and laid me on the table in front of the guys and they all started undressing as he said, "I'm hungry for this hot wet little cunt and I'm gonna eat it!". I looked at Bill sitting next to me stroking his cock and he just watched as Bob held my wide spread legs in the air and started eating my pussy. I started yelling, Yes! Yes! Eat that little pussy you bastard! Make me fuckin cum! Bill leaned forward and said to me, "For once we'll see what it take's to satisfy my insatiable little wife".

In the past we've only included another guy and with a look of fear, surprise and desire, I said, Bill, I never dreamed you'd let me do something like this! He just smiled, shoving his cock in my mouth. Bob licked me to an amazing climax and then started fucking me hard, exploding in my cunt while I was still cumin. Bill started cumin down my throat and I was gagging, sucking him hard and swallowed every drop of his cum. Then he sat back saying, "Guys, my little wife likes to get fucked hard and eats cum like a little slut, so help your selves" as they all went crazy and started gang banging his little wife.

They kept taking turns shoving their cocks in my mouth and they fucked me hard in different positions. I was having one orgasm after another and Bill was stroking his cock, urging them on saying, "Fuck her hard! Make her cum! I wanna see her cum damn it!" as they ravaged and used me for their own personal little cum dump. It seemed like there was cum everywhere and I was scared, but outa my head with a frantic desire and wanted all I could get.

In all the excitement I didn't notice there was another black guy named Willie sitting with Jack and Tim. All three black guys just sat there naked, stroking their big black cock's, just watching and waiting to use them on me. It really scared me but seeing Bill jacking off with such excitement and making no attempt to stop it, I sure in the hell wasn't. With cum all over me and dripping from my mouth, Doug and his three white friends were just about spent and I heard a girls voice saying, "Cum in her face again!" Steve was fucking me hard when he pulled out and started cumin in my open mouth and all over my face. I was still quivering in orgasm as the three black guys were approaching me with those big stiff black cocks and I knew I was about to become a little black cock whore. I was scared, never being fucked by a black guy before, but filled with anticipation looking at those big beautiful black cocks and I was never more turned-on.

There were people watching and waiting to see three big black guys fuck this little white slut in all her holes at the same time. Bill stood up jerking his cock and watching intently as Jack slowly crammed his big black cock in my wet little cunt. As it filled my pussy I was crying out, practically bagging, Give it to me! Fuck me! I want that big black cock! Tim shoved his huge black cock in my mouth saying, "I'll shut the little bitch up, suck some of this black meat sweetie". Jack was fucking me hard as I was groaning and gagging with a mouth full of cock, when he said "We've got a treat for ya slut, your husband told us you never got it in that sweet little ass of yours". It really scared me but I was cumin hard and I wanted it.

Tim pulled his cock from my mouth as Jack laid on the floor and I said, I want it, just go easy on me! Jack said I'd love it and cum a lot more than I ever have. Bill was watching in disbelief as I lowered my ass toward that big wet shinny black cock and I was filled with both fear and excitement. With the head of his cock stretching into my little ass I was screaming, crying out in pain and pleasure as I slowly let myself all the way down taking the rest of his huge cock in my ass. Once the pain faded, Jack had his arms around me holding my tit's and pulled me back on his chest. Tim stuffed his cock in my wet little cunt and I was yelling, Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! While I was screaming, Willie put his cock to my mouth saying, "suck this black cock you'll like it sweetheart". It looked to be at least 10 inches and I knew he'd never get it all in but gagging, sucking and swallowing I was going to try.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy watching a little white slut taking three big black cocks at the same time, but not like I enjoyed it. Some girls were urging them on saying "Fuck the little slut with those black cocks! Yea fuck her hard!" Some were sucking or fucking other guys. It was a wild exciting atmosphere and I just kept cumin again and again. Bill was also urging them on and it seemed like every time I looked at him he was cumin again.

Tim pulled out of my pussy to come in my mouth and I was choking and swallowing his cum as it over flowed on my face and in my hair. Willie slide his mammoth black cock in my used wet cunt and Bill said, "Yea Willie fuck her hard! Let's see how many times you can make her cum!" Willie started fucking me really hard as I cried out in orgasm. With every stroke of his cock, he was hitting a spot that I never knew existed, totally blowing my mind and making me cum like crazy. Jack was right, I was loving it and every orgasm was more intense than the last. The rhythm he and Willie had going was unbelievable and I was screaming, Yes! Yes! Ram those fucking black cocks! Fuck me! Fuck me harder I'm cumin! I was in a constant state of orgasm, at a height I never thought possible and feeling dizzy. It was almost like an out-of-body experience.

Tim started fucking my mouth again and I was sucking, gagging, moaning and cumin. Jack and Willie were actually fucking me totally senseless and my orgasm kept growing more intense. As my loud crying and moaning faded to a muffled whining whimper, Bill was yelling "Use those black cocks on my wife! Fuck her damn it! Don't stop now you almost got her there! Fuck her! Fuck her good!" One by one all three started grunting and yelling, shooting their hot cum in all my holes and I was floating in an intense state of orgasm. Then the yelling voices began to fade as I was getting fucked outa my mind and I climaxed into darkness.

The next thing I remembered was Bill's voice saying, "After the black guys finished with you baby, you were still moaning, so three other guys fucked you and got their rocks off. Two other guys jacked off all over your tits and face. And even though you were covered in cum and passed out, I was still so turned-on I couldn't resist fucking you myself. I looked up and wiping cum from my eye's, I saw Bill's face with a big shit eatin grin. With a crying whimpering voice I said, Wow! Did I get fucked! Bill told me that he was never so turned-on and got off more times than he ever did in any single night. I just smiled and said, You crazy dirty bastard, I LOVE YOU.

That was my first and last gang bang! I loved it, I'm happy that it happened and thinking about it will always turn me on but it was just far to intense and way more than satisfying. On top of that, I was sore for more than a week and POOR, POOR Bill, all he could do was lick my sore little pussy the whole time. I'd tell him it was all his fault I was so sore, making him lick me often. While he licked me, I made sure to remind him of all those cocks that fucked me, shooting all that cum in my pussy, especially those great big black cocks that came so much. He'd get such a hard-on, begging me to suck his cock and I would tell him, my mouth is also sore so shut the fuck up and be sure to lick up all my cum goodn' clean. That'll teach you for getting me gang banged so damn good. I love teasing him so much! But I think he likes it to. I'm Cindy, my husbands happy little slut!

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