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Author: Bobjj123
Published: 26-Apr-09 Revised/Updated 28-Apr-09

When Gerry turned to face me in bed, she said simply, "Why don't we make a little whoopee tonight" and again, I could not reject the challenge. We two unmarried school teachers in this small town might never get another chance to covertly offend the morals of the community and we had the storm to thank for it.

* * * * * * *

It was a cold, gray dawn; the kind that makes one want to sink down under the warm bed covers and curl up against our bed mate; perhaps generate a little body heat with some gentle fooling around. Even in this modern house with triple pane windows and the best weather seal, the cold seemed to penetrate through them so that one side of the room was uncomfortably cold while the other was too warm. Fifteen feet away, the bathroom was too cool and the prospect of a shower didn't appeal to me.

Again, the obvious answer was to roll over and spoon my sweetie but there was a problem. The other side of the bed was empty - had been for many months after my wife had died suddenly. Actually, the intervening months had been kind to me as family and friends had endured my grief with me and helped me face the world again. . .

Suddenly though, there in my reverie, I missed her! It was a pleasant memory and not a recurrence of the pain that I'd known before as I snuggled down under the big down comforter and enjoyed recalling that memory of she and I together under the covers.

There would be no school today. . .the effects of the storm would be with us for at least another day or two and I could look forward to a quiet day at home, grading some papers and sipping hot chocolate after the ranch chores were completed and the animals fed..

It now seemed that, for the first time since my wife's death, I was totally free of the pain of her passing and life under the covers was simply pleasant and relaxing. I contemplated spending most of the day there. . .

Much as I might have wanted to, years of routine had conditioned me to start my day at five-thirty and it was nearly seven when I couldn't remain confined to bed any longer. I arose, endured the cold bathroom as I showered and shaved and dressed before doing the morning chores on my small ranch and starting breakfast. Now, my initial reluctance to get out of bed was replaced with the need to get on with the day. I moved swiftly.

It was nearly noon when I'd made my bed, cleaned the kitchen from breakfast and settled in with my hot chocolate to grade papers. All was well with the world as I realized that the blizzard had continued with renewed fury!

Perhaps an hour later, the doorbell rang and I wondered. I lived in a rural area, a mile from the village with no close neighbors and callers were infrequent. I went to the door and opened it.

With the blast of arctic wind, I saw, slumped at the door, a human being dressed in heavy winter clothing. Who ever it was seemed to be unconscious as I dragged their limp body into the house and pushed the door shut. Then, having laid the limp form on the sofa, I began to unwrap the winter clothing to reveal the person underneath. It was only as I pulled the winter anorak off their face that I saw the blond hair, blue eyes and fresh face of Mrs. Pacton, our English teacher from the local high school where I taught math..

As I looked into her face, she seemed to have become more alert and conscious and was able to respond to my questions. She reported that she had decided to weather the storm and go snowmobiling; then, last night, somewhere miles from civilization, the machine had stopped, stranding her far from shelter. That was yesterday and she had fought her way, by chance, to my door.

Her anorak and sturdy clothing had apparently protected her from frostbite even as she developed hypothermia and the effects of dehydration and after a quick analysis I made a big pot of hot chocolate and started the hot shower. Then, I assisted her in removing her wet clothing and getting into the shower. [Modesty prohibited me from helping with the clothing after she was bared to her winter silks.]

Later, in my robe, fresh from the hot shower, the woman lay on my sofa wrapped in the big comforter from my bed. Only then did we talk. When I referred to her as Mrs. Pacton, she corrected me! It's Geraldine and my friends call me Gerry! . . .and I'm not "Mrs". any more but "Ms" since my divorce. Then, we talked of my ex-wife's untimely death and of our needs and wants as we both skirted any real talk of life and how we met it.

As we talked, I continued to fill Gerry with hot liquids and warm her but her chills seemed to grow and in intensity in spite of all I could do. Finally, I remembered an old trick of the far north.

I stripped to my silks and crawled under the comforter where I gathered her and spooned her to me so that my body heat would warm her. As we lay close, I eventually began to feel her tremors begin to subside. An hour passed; then two! Suddenly, I felt Gerry's tremors stop and her body relax by me as she was fast asleep.

It was early evening when I went out into the blizzard to tend the animals and do the chores. With the temperature hovering at about -25 degrees and the wind blowing a gale, I worked quickly and returned to the warmth of my house where I prepared a big dinner for two. Gerry slept soundly as I set the dinner on hold to await her awakening.

It was just eight o'clock when She finally awoke and went to the bathroom to freshen up as I returned the covers to my bed and went on to finish dinner. Then, when Gerry came to dinner, she looked quite beautiful in my old bathrobe. Strange I should notice this now after having known her for years at school, I thought. She's had never looked special before. . . Oh well!

The dinner was consumed with relish as Gerry ate everything on her plate and I filled it with seconds; then the cherry pie and ice cream followed and I wondered how such a slight frame could hold so much food. The answer, of course, was that she hadn't eaten a meal in a day.

Then with the dinner consumed and the dishes cleared, it was near bedtime and I was considering what to do. The heavy comforter would keep one of us warm but there were insufficient covers for two beds in these winter conditions. I went for my sleeping bag which would be ample for warmth but a bit uncomfortable. Gerry followed my moves with interest until she saw me making the bed in the guest room when she spoke. "Hey! We slept together all afternoon under one cover. . . we'll be perfectly comfortable that way again tonight. . . or are you afraid of me"

Hearing her proposal, I was prepared to reject it - until I heard the challenge! I could never pass up a challenge! "Yeh! I suppose those winter underwear will keep our privates covered," I said defensively only to find myself excited at the prospect of our bodies being so close.

Then, with the fury of the storm unabated and the outside temperature still at -25 below, We banked the fire in the fireplace and prepared for bed in he chilly room. As we sought warmth under the covers, our bodies touched and that was the beginning.

It was what I most sought and most feared as a violent tremor of lust slammed me from head to toe. I fought it even as I felt my cock grow erect. To make matters worse, Gerry seemed to enjoy those touches and spooned against me where there could be no doubt that she felt my man-meat. I backed away. . .

When Gerry turned to face me in bed, she said simply, "Why don't we make a little whoopee tonight" and again, I could not reject the challenge. We two unmarried school teachers in this small town might never get another chance to covertly offend the morals of the community and we had the storm to thank for it.

In seconds, the winter silks were off and we lay bared against each other as our hands explored every part of our bodies and we familiarized ourselves with each other with kisses. The first kiss was simply a light touching of our lips with little sensation but a promise of so much. Then, the second began to develop pleasant sensations that raised our passions and stirred our lust. Soon, our lips had parted and our tongues danced together and our passions grew stronger.

Meanwhile, my hands had been enticing her breasts with feather-light touches and light caresses before pinching her nipples lightly. She cried out as my lips began to lave and suckle her breasts and my hands moved south.

We moved swiftly now as our sense of urgency grew more pronounced. It was soon apparent that Gerry was indeed a hot woman and when my fingers found her vestibule, they found it sopping with lubrication. After only a few seconds of play with my fingers on her clit, she cried out, "Fuck me quick!"

I, of course, continued to play until, suddenly, she grabbed my cock and pulled me over on to my back where she mounted me cowgirl style and slid her hot pussy down on to my rod.

Our eyes met as she descended to drive that vertical rod of man-meat deep into her belly. There was a mischievous look in her those big eyes even as she commenced riding me . . . she was good. . .she was damn good! It was over in a minute, three at most when I felt my fluids surge up, out of my cock and into her belly.

Then, still joined by my flaccid penis, she lay on top of me, body's touching from head to toe and feeling the closest intimacy. Outside the sounds of the wind howling and the trees rubbing together reminded us of the world outside our little nest and the comfort we enjoyed in the peace and serenity of each other's arms. It was our own private world. . .

Finally, Gerry spoke,"Before this goes any further, There's nothing between us. . .just two strangers met for a casual fuck." It was not the kind of talk that I had usually encountered in the afterglow and I was momentarily confused. As I tried to understand, she continued to speak. She talked of several long term college affairs and how each had failed and of her ex-husband and her failed marriage. She wanted a man for the sex - she found, after her divorce, and swearing off men, that she simply couldn't live without it.

I said nothing! There really was nothing to say! Instead, we continued to make love throughout the night and I had her twice more before the storm had abated. She was an accomplished lover. . .the best I'd ever known, other than my wife, of course. I sought to match all her skills and the lovemaking was certainly wild and physical. . .Our minds cooperated and I gave my heart and mind 100 percent to our acts.

It was nearly noon when the plow opened the road and I could take Gerry to her home.

Next day, at school, All classes were held as usual and I taught my math classes with hardly a thought towards Gerry, the English teacher, who seemed aloof towards me anyway.

Spring came and with it a new world full of new life and new loves. Gerry was gone with the end of the school year - I have no idea where!

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