A Great Lunch and Dessert was even Better

Author: Mother & Daughter
Published: May 2, 2009
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I was nearing a huge orgasm as my insides tightened when Walt bit down on my clitoris that sent me over the edge. I was riding his face. Gawd what a feeling as I started to cum! Haley moved up behind me and sat on Walt's cock.

Our son-in-law, Harley's job was transferring him a new location. Recently my 24-year-old daughter & husband were here for a visit on their way to his new job. Haley and I had a lot of catching up to do. We went window-shopping and a nice lunch the third day with us. That gave me opportunity to talk woman to woman with my daughter about her and Harley. He was physically and emotionally abusive to her during the first few years together. I had always been worried for her safety.

Haley and I drove to a mass transit sub station and headed down town on the tram. We got off at the 16th St. mall in Denver. We were just casually chatting and walking along the street shops. We came up to a sidewalk restaurant, "Haley. Sweetie, If you are ready for some lunch we can eat here" "Yeah Mom why don't we"

We walked in and the waiter came up to us and said, "Good morning ladies. Walt is my name. Would you like a table here or on our side walk dinning We are still serving breakfast or do you wish to have some lunch" He asked. Haley told him that we would be having lunch out side. Walt was very polite as he handed each of us a lunch menu. I looked at Haley and said, we haven't had much time to talk since you arrived, I asked her how things had been going" She hung her head down looking at her lap and answered me. "I'm doing ok mom," I could tell by her gestures that she wasn't being honest with me. "No, no Sweetie I know better than that! Please tell me"

"Mother, it's bad! Harley doesn't want sex any more. I have asked him why numerous times. He just says he too busy. I'm so horny I could fuck anyone right here. It has been almost 6 mouths since we made love! I have kept up with my body by working out a few times a week. I keep my public hair trimmed short. I just donno why. He has stopped the abuse. I just don't know"

"I knew it was something Haley, you can't fool your mother. Have you talked to anyone about this Could it be another woman" I asked. Before she could answer me, Walt brought our meal. "Here ya go ladies. Is there something else I can get you" he asked. With out even thinking Haley said, "Well yes there is something else I need. I need ah good hard cock up my pussy! Oops. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that" Walt looked at her & I as he smiled back. "I think can help you with that too" he said. I kind of blushed and Haley smiled back at him. Walt said, "I have my break in about an hour, that will give you time to finish your lunch. We can talk about this then. Ok" "Sure" she said.

Walt continued to wait on us though out our meal. He could tell we were done. I went up to pay our check. The hostess said that your check has already been taken care of. It's on Walt. I walked back to the table. Walt was just sitting down. I said, "Look Walt you paid our bill. Thanks for that. Our meal & your service was great, but I don't think we can take you up on your other offer" Walt smiled, "Before you give me your final answer you need to see something" he said, I took off work for the day. Just follow me. My condo is close by.

"Well, whatdoya think Mom" "I don't know, it's really not ah good idea Haley, but I if you want to I guess we could" Walt stepped between us and took our arms over his as we walked to his condo. I was concerned, but Haley was all smiles. Walt unlocked his door and we went in. I asked him what he had to show us. He looked at me then Haley & said, "Miss Haley, I heard you tell your mother that you haven't had sex in a while and that you needed a hard dick! That correct" Walt took off his apron. Damn there was the biggest pile of cock behind his zipper.

I've never cheated on Haley's father. The only cock I'd seen other than him was back when I was a little girl. The boy next door & I was playing, (if you show me yours, I'll show you mine kind of game)

I had never seen a dick that large, I know Haley hadn't either. I was being temped. All of a sudden Walt dropped his pants and this pile I spoke of fell out. (Holy Crap) it must have been 5 to 6 inches long and it was soft. Damn! Walt said, "Is this what you're in need of Haley" He stroked it a few times and it began to grow before our very eyes. It looked like a swimming pool diving board sticking out there. I was temped again.

The look on Haley's face was enough to know what I was going to do. I walked over to Walt and took a hold of this horse cock. I couldn't even get my fingers around it. "How long is this dick I asked him. Here measure it. I placed the end of his measuring tape at the base. I pulled it out and out 7, 8, 9, 9 3/4! "Damn Walt your mommy & daddy did you a favor. My husband is not even close to this. He is ah little over 7" I LQQKED over at Haley she was standing there with her mouth open in astonishment. She asked, "How many women have been able to take that thing" He didn't answer.

I dropped to my knees and started to rub his balls and gently stroke him. Haley seemed upset, She said, "Mom, Mother. I found this! this is mine" "Believe me sweetie, there is enough for both of us" She stripped naked. Her small 34b titties were standing up and her nipples were as hard as Walt was. She was correct. There was very little public hair covering her pussy. I could see her moisture gathering. That turned me on to see my daughter in such a breeding mode. "Haley, you take over a little while. I stood up and removed my clothes. Taking my clothes in front of this stranger and my daughter I felt like a slut, but my loins felt incredible.

"Have you ever had two horny women at once Walt" he took us to his bedroom. Haley and I took of the rest his clothes. His body was immaculate. Walt had a perfect six-pack mid-section, Sandy red hair, and blue eyes. Haley sat him down on his bed as she took his dick in her hands and began slowly beating him off. I pushed his upper body back to the mattress and climbed above his head. I lowered my muff over his thick mustache and he took over. I was already pretty wet and his tongue found its way to my slit. I reached down to pull apart my cunt lips to give him better access to my honey pot. It didn't take long and he had me feeling an orgasm force that I had never felt before with husband.

I could hear Haley making slurping sounds on Walt's love tool with every stroke. She was trying to get as much of that monster dick down her throat. I was nearing a huge orgasm as my insides tightened when Walt bit down on my clitoris that sent me over the edge. I was riding his face. Gawd what a feeling as I started to cum! Haley moved up behind me and sat on Walt's cock. He was too big for her small hairless cunt to take it all at one time. Haley managed to bury about 7" She commented that she was feeling full. Walt began to move up as Haley was coming down. They soon were in rhythm as he continued to eat my pussy.

We fucked like that for 10 minutes. Walt moved out from under us and I was still on my knees. Walt told me to move back to the edge of the bed. He told Haley to get above me facing the same way. He started to pound my cunt a few times and entered Haley's cunt. Back and forth like this from my pussy to hers. We were in a state unknown to Haley and I. Walt was getting close to spilling his guts by the way he was breathing and moaning. It hit me right then that I was cheating on my husband and Haley was too, but it was to late. I had one goal in mind and that was to get Walt to cum in my depth.

As we fucked Walt started to moan loud and forcing his huge dick into Haley & I. I started to back up against him when he was in me. Haley was doing the same. His cock had grown a little more as he began to ejaculate in her & I. He splattered in Haley's pussy and then mine. Only managed to miss twice. That wad landed on my ass cheeks. We stayed in the position until after Walt had emptied his balls in our cunts. We made our way back to the bed. The biggest cock of our lives had just finished with Haley and I.

The three of us were in a blissful state of sexual satisfaction, but Walt wasn't finished yet. His balls were still filled and he wanted more. He started to fuck Haley harder than he was before, I was afraid he would hurt Haley's little cunt with his dick. She was enjoying his treatment. She said, "Mamma, I am going to cum again. Screaming as her excitement multiplied I could see her pussy swallowing his dick as deep as possible. He reached under her and grabbed her nipples and pinched them real hard. She screamed, "Oh Gawd, fuck my pussy deep. Help me cum Walt. Fuck me hard" He increased his speed as he unloaded his last bit of his manhood in her young little snatch.

I was lying on my back watching them and masturbating trying to get off one more time. Walt had seen what I was doing and he slapped my hand away from my coochie and he mounted me for one last ride. I threw my legs in the air as he plunged his dick down to my cervix. I screamed a bit, but the pain didn't last long, pleasure took its place. I was thrusting my ass up to meet him fast and hard. Walt started pounding my love connection with punishment because I hadn't been able to take all of his cock down to my womb.

All three of us lay there in a ball of sweat and cum. We showered together and got dressed. Walt said if we needed a good hard dick to come & look him up. Haley and I went back to my car & didn't say a word to each other until we were almost home. It was about 7pm. I told Haley that we lost track of the time. That's all we say. I felt bad about cheating on my husband. I had always fantasized about being ravaged by a Big Cock. Now that this happened. It's over.

A month later Haley found out that Harley's lack interest in sex with her was because he was actually bi. He had a few male lovers.

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