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Jackie and a Morning Making Love

Author: Lucky
Publish Date : May 4, 2009
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Jackie was the tenderest loving woman I had ever met. She knew how to make love not just having sex.

* * * * * * *

She was there and then she was gone.

I remember when I was driving on a lonely stretch of interstate west of Hays, Ks about 3am. When I heard a rifle shot and felt a tire go flat on my car. I merged to the right side next to the guardrail and I stopped immediately. I got the jack and spare tire out and began to jack up the car. This ford truck with a camper pulled in behind me and turned on its flashers. A female voice said, "hey there need some help dude" I stood up to say thanks for stopping, but I think I got it. I looked up right into her headlights. I moved to shade my eyes and this Dynamite woman was standing there in this short skirt and I said, "Hi Jill" she looked amazingly like Patricia Richardson, the woman that played Jill on Tool Time. She said, "I'm not Jill, people tell me that all the time and It's a pain in the ass"

"My name is Jackie" "Well it's nice to meet you Jackie, Where are you headed Jackie" I asked. I'm on my way to Denver on business" "You do know you and Jill, Patricia look a lot alike" "Yeah so I've been told, but I get so tired of it. Men come up to me and say they have in love with me since the day that show aired."

Jackie had shoulder length auburn hair, pretty blue eyes and a body that is called a "Brick Shit House" She is a foxy lady. "Jackie there is rest stop / truck up ahead in Hays. I will love to buy you steak & eggs for breakfast if you would join me Thanks for stopping" She said, "I don't normally do this, but I will join you, & your welcome, ah. "Oh I'm Lucky" "Well are you" she asked with a wink.

I finished changing the blown out tire. Jackie followed me to Hays. We went in the truck stops restaurant; there were a lot of male truckers in there. They all made crude comments about Jill (Jackie) "Jackie, I can see how that would piss you off about, well you know" "Yeah I know" she said. We sat in the public section of the dinning room away from these rude truckers. The waitress handed each a menu, we talked as I browsed the menu. The truckers moved closer to Jackie & I. They had been drinking ah while so their mouths were pretty loose. Com-on Jackie, let's go somewhere else.

One of the drivers grabbed Jackie and tried to kiss her. I pulled her away and kicked him in the nuts. The other 6 truckers jumped me, hitting & kicking me until someone called the police. I was ah bloody mess. My ribs hurt, a bloody nose & my knuckles were bleeding pretty badly. The police asked me if I wanted to get some medical attention, I refused. I could patch up myself. Jackie & I went to her pick-up truck. An ace bandage, a few band-aids and a cold pack are all I needed.

Jackie talked as she wrapped the ace bandage around my ribs and said, "Damn Lucky, you were pretty good taking on that many people. I never had a man actually fight for me, Thank you" She leaned over and kissed me deeply. She took my band-aid covered hand and slipped in under her skirt. "This is what you were fighting for and you can have it" She said. I felt this warm cotton patch covered pussy. I moved the cotton patch to the side. Jackie's completely hairless pussy was right there. She said, "Here sweetie, we'd better get inside the truck or we'll be fuckin' right here"

Jackie got under the wheel and drove around the building to a parking space in a darkened area. She said, "Lucky go thru here" She pulled the curtains apart into the camper. "I'm going to screw your dick until you have nothing left in those balls. I need to thank you properly" She said. My ribs hurt, my nose hurt but I wasn't going to pass this up.

Jackie slid in cab window open and the curtains I crawled thru she followed. She said to get comfortable. She opened 2 beers. You ever had beer at 5am She stood up and removed her thong panties, blouse and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor and revealed her glorious naked body. She was gorgeous. Her eyes twinkled, she smiled as she came up to me and kissed me and during our embrace she unzipped my jeans. She said, "I want you now!" She dropped to her knees.

She reached into my pants for my dick and lightly squeezed it. It grew immediately to its full length. Jackie smiled and swallowed me whole. She was sucked off deep real slow. Jackie said, 'I can tell you like this. I love to deep throat big dicks' She could tell I was getting close to cuming. I was fucking her back with each stroke of her mouth. '0h Jackie, I'm going to cum. She stopped and began to tease me. She pushed me down on her bunk and bent over sticking that beautiful cunt to my face. I was sitting there with my cock in my hand slowly stroking it. Jackie pointed to her pussy & smiled & giving me her approval.

Jackie took my hands, lay down and pulled me down on top of her. Jackie kissed me deep as she guided my raging tool to her slit. 'Oh Lucky make love with me' she said with so much passion on her face. I didn't hesitate. I lowered myself down inside of her sweet honey pot. . She moaned low with a gasp as I went to her depth. She started to move her hips up to meet mine. Jackie's body responded to my touch making hot passionate love. She fucked me back with speed and emotion. She was moving her hips in such ah way causing her pubic bone to ride the base of my cock with smooth and hard strokes.

Jackie your Cunt is so warm' I said, as I reached to pinch her nipples. She was so into what I was doin' she increased her speed causing me to follow. Jackie was the tenderest loving woman I had ever met. She knew how to make love not just having sex.

I was reaching my orgasm when Jackie started getting hers. She started screaming, 'Fuck me Lucky, Fuck Me Deep And Hard! I'm Cumming I'm CUMMIG. Oh GAWD! CUM IN ME LUCKY CUM DEEP IN MY PUSSY'

She was so hot with passion. I shot my wad deep in her hot little hole. I never shot so much cum. We continued our love making until I had gone soft. We stayed locked together for 1O minutes or so. She was coming down from her climax, her breathing was returning to normal. We just lay there kissing, cuddling and petting.

After we had finished our sexual encounter session we got dressed and went back into the cab. Jackie looked at me and said, "Fuck Lucky, I really enjoyed that. You really are Lucky" She winked at me, kissed me again. She said, I have to get back on the road if I except to make it to Denver by dark. You are one Lucky man"

I got out of her pick-up and she drove off. I stood there bewildered, trying to figure out what had just happened. There I was, I had just made love to the most beautiful woman with sore ribs and nose. Thinking fast I got her license plate number before she was out of sight. Jackie lived right there in Hays.

A few weeks had past and I found a business card im my shirt picket that had gone thru the wash, but I could still make it out. I am going to call her some day soon.

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