Malaysian Threesome

Author: Melbourne Girl
Published: May 23, 2009
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Australian business woman has girl on girl action and a threesome with a young asian boy and her massage therapist in a Malaysian Hotel Spa.

She had been in KL all week. Several meetings every day had rolled into business dinners each night. As usual they were all business men and while she enjoyed a night out with the boys, she was missing going home to her lover each night to relay the day's stories and release the sexual tension.

When her final meeting on the Friday afternoon was cancelled she decided to check out the hotel spa. She wasn't looking forward to the 8 hour flight home the next day and her shoulders were tight and needed massaging.

Stepping from the lift she glanced around the space. Soft spa music was playing and she could see down the light, stone lined corridor to the pool and treatment rooms. All finished in timber and with bamboo growing between each treatment room, sunlight filled the space as it was on the top floor of the hotel.

She was met by a delightful little Malaysian girl, Peggy, who lead her to the showering area and handed her a soft, white robe.

Dropping her tight, black business suit to the floor and stepping out of her heels, Steph started to feel the tension drop away. Glancing up she took in her taught, tanned body in the full length mirror and ran her manicured hand down across her breast and flat stomach. Admiring the shape of her legs she stepped out of her black, lace panties and undid her matching bra. Her large, well rounded breasts sat comfortably and her brazilian waxed touché looked neat.

She stepped into the shower and felt the pebble, paved floor on her bare feet. The warm water washed over her and her shoulder length, dark blonde hair washed back off her face and over her shoulders.

As she washed her body with the sandlewood smelling spa soup she felt how much she had missed Tom, her lover, this week. Friday nights they generally had drinks with friends before heading home with takeout for TV and sex. She wondered what Tom was doing instead and she felt a warmness in her cunt.

Towelling down with the large, soft, white towel she paid special attention to her mound and arse and then slipped on the white, towelling robe and slippers.

As she moved toward her treatment room, Peggy greeted her and asked her to sit on an armchair while she had tea. As she sank into the chair and rested her head back, Peggy took her feet and began a pedicure on them. Steph savoured the hot herbal tea and relaxed realising that she was becoming sexually aroused by the way Peggy was softly working with her feet. She had never felt aroused by a woman before but the combination of missing Tom and too much male company all week as well as the erotic way that Peggy was massaging and handling her feet made her start to feel really horny.

Finishing her tea and with soft feet and freshly painted nails, Peggy led her into the treatment room. This small dimly lit space with soft spa music playing was a relaxing space and without thinking, Steph dropped the robe to the floor and stood fully naked in the room.

"Madame, would you prefer to wear any underwear" asked Peggy quite shyly.

"Oh I forgot," said Steph,"Do you mind if I don't"

"No madame, more enjoyable to have massage without clothing," said Peggy as she took in Steph's body from top to toe, "Much more enjoyable."

Spreading herself out on the bed face down, Steph focused on being in the moment and not thinking of anything but the massage and the way she was feeling. Peggy drizzled warm oil up and down Steph's long legs and she instantly felt her arousal level increase. As Peggy started to first smear the oil along the full length of her legs, Steph gently shifted her feet apart as far as she felt she could. As Peggy's hands started working her left leg, Steph felt her warm, soft hands working their way closer each time to her arse. First a light brush of the fingers on the inside of her leg, just below her cunt. Then a definite venture along the lips of her cunt.

"How you like madame" asked the very eager to please Peggy.

"Oh I like very much," said Steph,"I won't take offence at anything Peggy so you be as...explorative as you like."

Next Peggy started to work her right leg and as she reached the top she once again ran her fingers along Steph's cunt. With no reaction from Steph, she began to work her butt cheeks and then Steph felt her run her hands from the top of her arse crack and down to her cunt. Moving her hands back up again she worked back down to her cunt and then touched very lightly on her clit before briefly running her hand up and down her slit until Steph felt her fingers start to play in her cunt. Shivering involuntariy , Steph felt the warm oil drizzle onto her shoulders and back and Peggy's firm hands working her up and across her shoulders and down her arms. As she did so she felt Peggy climb up onto the table between her legs to be able to better reach her shoulders. As she did so Steph felt Peggy's knee slide firmly up against her cunt and start to work it. She moaned slightly and Peggy worked her slightly more firmly.

Pausing for a moment she heard Peggy's dress drop to the floor and before long felt her soft face nuzzling into her arse and cunt. Licking and working her clit with her nose and mouth, Steph felt her cunt starting to vibrate and shudder.

"You like miss" asked Peggy.

"Fuck yes," breathed Steph who had never had girl on girl action before.

Working her more, there was another pause and Steph heard Peggy doing something. Next thing she knew, Peggy had a big strap on around her waist and buckled between her legs and was fucking her cunt with it. Steph was up on her knees, her cunt being worked hard by Peggy and her tits brushing against the white towel she had been laying on. She was so fucking turned on and as she thought about how Tom would react if he was watching, she imagined him, big cock in hand and hard as he had ever been watching Steph get fucked by this gorgeous Asian girl and slapping his cock off like there was no tomorrow.

She felt herself working up to huge orgasm and the spasms ran through her as she came. Peggy withdrew the big strap on and Steph rolled onto her back. Pulling Peggy toward her she kissed her and ran her hands over her breasts and stomach. Sitting up she invited Peggy back onto the massage table and now with Steph standing at the end of the bed, she ran her hands over Peggy and down to her mound which was hairless. Running both hands between her legs she worked her cunt and ass and moved her legs apart. Bending forward she kissed from her knee along her thigh until she could take in the scent of her cunt. With her thumbs she parted the lips of her cunt and licked and nuzzled her cunt. Taking the strap on and running the leather straps around her waist and between her legs she began to fuck Peggy. As she did so she heard the door open and young boy looked in . Embarassed, he quickly stepped back outside.

"Come back here," called Steph.

Stepping back inside and diverting his eyes Peggy giggled at him and spoke to him in Malaysian.

"He stay now," said Peggy.

"Ask him if he will fuck me," said Steph.

Before she knew it she had this young boy, no more than 19 fucking her arse while she fucked Peggy.

His cock was short but very thick and within minutes she had come again. She now realised she was exhausted so she lay back on the bed and Peggy continued the massage working her tits and along her stomach to her mound again. While Peggy worked, the boy was fucking Peggy who was on all fours on the bed over the top of Steph. Every now and then Peggy would lean forward and kiss Steph deaply while the boy licked Peggy out.

Turning back onto her front with her face in the hole of the massage table, Steph pulled the boy to stand in front of her and while Peggy licked out Steph's cunt, working her tongue well inside her, Steph sucked off the boy's cock.

They finished with Steph and Peggy licking and fingering each other simultaneously while the boy fucked Steph's arse and fingered Peggy's arse.

"Hi honey, I guess you are stressed and looking forward to the flight home tomorrow" asked Tom as he sat in front of the TV.

"Looking forward to the flight home but not the least bit stressed," said Steph as she lay on her bed in her room and had dessert while using her vibrator. "Definitely have some stories to tell though," as she put down the phone and remembered the massage just one more time.

About: The author of "Malaysian Threesome" is Melbourne Girl. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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