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Melanie's Lingerie

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Author: Jax772
Published: 24-May-09 Revised/Updated 08-Oct-09
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All Melanie wanted was to spice up her sex life and instead she was insulted. Now Melanie has a plan of her own. A plan to get the sex her husband wouldn't give her..."Fuck yeah. Melly, fuck yeah. Oh, I needed this." His breathing was getting deeper so I knew he was almost done. A few more minutes of him roughly slamming his cock into my pussy he let out a loud grunt and started to slow. Michael rolled over and used my now ripped stockings to wipe the cum from his spent dick.

* * * * * * *

My husband and I have been married for almost six years. A few years ago our sex life started to decline. We tried toys, movies and role playing, but none of that worked. Michael had been working alot and was gone almost every night so I was often alone. I had been horny for a couple of days and every time I tried coming on to Michaelhe said he was too tired or didn't really feel like it. I decided to go and buy some lingerie to sweeten the deal.

I drove an hour to the nearest sex shop where I figured they would have what I was looking for. I went in and luckily no one greeted me or even offered to help. Whoever was behind the counter stayed on their cell phone and let me shop privately. I found a rack of sheer, leather and lacey garments. I grabbed a few of the items in my size and ran into the dressing room testing the lock twice to make sure it was locked. I tried them all one and was quite pleased with what they did for me. Michael would never be able to turn me down wearing this. I was practically giddy. I quickly took them off and dressed in my clothes. I purchased them and again the clerk barely made eye contact. That was a relief.

I drove home with the windows down and the radio blaring. I felt pretty good about myself. I pulled into the driveway and ran into the house. This was Michael's early night so he shouldn't be home too late. I went straight up to the bathroom and undressed. I had just enough time to take a bath and shave. I filled the tub full of hot water and lilac scented bath beads. The bathroom smelled like the inside of a spa. I slipped into the water, shaved and washed very thoroughly. I still had some time so I laid my head back on the towel I had placed behind me.

I was so turned on at the thought of wearing my new goodies for Michael. I closed my eyes and started rubbing my hands all over my wet breasts. My nipples became erect almost instantly. I kept my left hand cupped under my breast and ran my right hand down between my legs. I knew the water was getting cooler, but the mound under my hand held an intense amount of heat. I parted my legs just slightly and started rubbing my hand up and down my pussy lips just grazing over my clit. I ran my hand down until my fingers found my hole and I slipped in two of them. I was so wet inside. I rubbed my fingers along the walls of my pussy and let my thumb tease my clit. I raised my left breast to my mouth and gently took my nipple into my mouth, licking it with my tongue.

I just let a tiny moan escape my mouth when I heard Michael slam his car door. He was home. This was almost as thrilling as playing with myself. I jumped out of the tub and dried off. I let my hair down and rubbed some vanilla lotion all over me. It was his favorite and was sure to drive him wild.

"Mel,you home I'm going to go take a shower, honey." Michael yelled as he was walking up the stairs. He must have thought I was downstairs or outside. I heard the shower start from the bedroom. I had one more piece of my newly accquired lingerie to put on and I went to lay on the bed. I had turned the lights off and lit some candles on top of the dresser. The shower shut off.

Michael brushed his teeth and I heard him shut off the light in the bathroom as he opened the door leading into our room.

"Honey" He looked around and I thought I saw him squint a little. Then he gasped.

"Mel Wow! You look good." He smiled and came over to the bed.

"Do you really like it" I breathed in his ear as he nuzzled my neck.

"Yeah. Stand up and let me look at you." He took my hand and led me off the bed.

He laid back on the bed as he watched my pose for him. I watched as his eyes ran all over my body. Michael started at the slut red leather choker that led down to a bustier of the same color that had half moon cups so my tits almost fell over the top. The choker led even farther down across my belly button and wrapped around my hips. He sighed as he caught sight of the bright red crotchless panties and the red fishnet stockings that connected to the choker by garter straps.

Michael took his finger and twirled it wanting me to turn for him. I did and he moaned. It was the very first time I had ever worn a thong. My ass cheeks fell nicely from the thin fabric of the thong and rounded plump at the bottom.

I heard the bed creak and I turned just in time to catch Michael leaning in for a kiss. Michael grabbed my face in both of his hands and pulled my face roughly into his. At first it hurt then it got erotic. He had his hands everywhere. He had led both of his hands down to my ass and spread my cheeks apart. He stuck in one finger and let it tease my hole. I moaned. Then he pulled my breasts out of the bustier and started sucking hungrily at them. I tired pulling him away and asking him to slow down.

"Michael, why don't we go a little slower I wanted to dance around for you." I asked.

"I want you now. I want to fuck the shit out of you." He slurred around my nipple.

I was going to push him away again, but he swept me up and threw me on the bed. I thought he was trying to be more romantic like I asked then he ripped my stockings off and garter that wrapped around my waist. I couldn't believe he was being so rough. He leaned in and started kissing me again this time was too hard and I felt his teeth rub against my lips. Next thing I knew he was between my legs holding my left leg in the air and spitting into his hand. I was shocked and upset.

"What are you doing" I barely said the words loud enough.

"Fucking you. You dressed like that to be my whore didn't you Now act like it."

With that he rubbed his spit all over my pussy and shoved three spit soaked fingers into my cunt. I screamed. I had never had more than two fingers in at a time and having three in there hurt. He didn't care. He slammed his fingers in and out of me and I realized he was making sure he got me wet enough. He lifted my other leg and rammed his cock into me. It was so forceful. He pulled back slower and rammed into my pussy again.

"Fuck yeah. Melly, fuck yeah. Oh, I needed this." His breathing was getting deeper so I knew he was almost done. A few more minutes of him roughly slamming his cock into my pussy he let out a loud grunt and started to slow. Michael rolled over and used my now ripped stockings to wipe the cum from his spent dick.

"That was good, Mel. Night." Within minutes he was asleep.

I laid there still not able to believe how he treated me. Like I was some rag-doll whore he had picked up. My own husband didn't even think once to try to please me. I was still horny so I reached into my nightstand and pulled out my vibrator. I turned it on and rubbed it hard on my clit. It felt so good. I used my right hand to rub my clit as I fucked myself with the long, flesh colored vibrator. I was trying to keep my moaning down, but realized Michael was too out of it to even notice. I felt my face get hot and I was gushing juices all over my hands. My fingers started rubbing more vigorously over my clit and I felt it harden. My pussy walls started clamping around the hard object that was forcing it's way in and out of me. Suddenly, more fiercely than ever, I came with a series of convulsions. I even screamed once, yet Michael was still asleep. I laid there. Spent.

As I laid there, ready to fall alseep, I realized why I had came so hard. Why my orgasm had left my pussy soaked and still dripping wet. The whole time I was playing with myself I was imagining Michael's manager from work. He was on top of me and pounding me with his hard, dick. Caressing me and kissing me softly. That night I fell asleep with a devios little plan in mind. If my husband wasn't going to give me what I needed then I would find someone who would.

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