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Country Style Fucking

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 08-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Woman's eyes tell all. Neighbor is clinical psych therapist. Tells older woman he can "help" her, surprises her, but does "help" her. And in the end, she gets what she desires all along. Husband comes home...has all out, all day sex with his wife.

* * * * * * *

"Ohhh god yes, god yes Roy...fuck me, fuck me as hard as...as...as human...humanly possible. Yes Roy yes. Oh yeah ohhh wow...oh man Roy" she cried out. Yes, do me... yes...fuck me...fuck me harder!"

And she was the one on top too as her sizable tits bounced and danced and flopped wildly. The woman's head was adrift in lust while begging and pleading to him for more. She wanted so much from him. All she desired was to be fucked harder and harder.

"Oh Roy...Roy...Roy" she wailed, "this...ohhh god this...this feels so superb baby! Yes, ohhh yes...ahhh...eeehh...ohhhhhhh" she kept yelling again and again. "Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me baby! Yes that's it honey...oh wow...wow Roy...ahhhhhhhhhh...you're soooo damn good" she said in a squeal.

And as she did, her head shook and her hair flailed around, and he watched it all including the demonstration by her tits bobbling in every direction. Filling herself full of his country bred cock, she kept reminding herself how long it had been since she'd felt this way. It had been a long, long time, but it was superb and so was he.

"Yeah, you like it" he shouted. "I like it too Ginny Sue" he came back. He told his neighbor from up the road, "You do it right, Ginny Sue, and...and wow, I love how your boobs dance on command almost. I love how...how big they are too...and ohhh man...ohhh crap Ginny Sue, I wanna...ohhhhhhh I wanna blow my load inside ya. I wanna blow it now! Ya ready to cum too baby Huh, ya ready Ya wanna do it now Oh god...oh yeah" he shouted as he shoved it vigorously up inside her. "Ya ready... Huh, ya ready to explode, to cum Huh are ya...are ya"

"Noooo Roy nooooo, don't Roy" she called out. "I wanna...oh eeehh, oh ahhh, oh ohhh ohhhhhhh...man you gotta hell of wallop in there Roy. It's...you...it's so big and...and so, soooo fat. You're soooo strong and...and it fills me up just...oh yes oh yes...ouch, ooooohh...ohhhhhhh god Roy yes...yes" she cried out even louder.

So they continued fucking, continued getting hornier, and continued enjoying the others company...for a while at least.

He was out on the tractor, earplugs in his ears, and he was singing along with the music mindlessly as he worked the land, but back at his house his wife had an unsuspecting, but known visitor. That visitor was young and strapping Roy who at the age of 26 was more then happy to fulfill this lonely country woman's needs. Despite appearances, she was a cheerful and loving woman, but he knew and he saw the hidden signs. He'd seen them before, clinically and had learned those signs in assisting psych professors class sessions after hours. With help of therapy techniques he had studied closely, he came to learn what certain responses and expressions held in the most inner secrets. He was a good student in the area of psych evaluations, plus he was a great therapist in the techniques as well. And when he came home to visit over a period including July fourth, he immediately picked up on the hidden signs.

She loved everyone. They loved her too. But her eyes said something only a couple people might have picked up on. Roy was one of them. They said to Roy, the up and coming psychologist- Roy, I am lonely. I need someone to love me. I need a man to come to me and make me a "happy" woman, again. Roy are you that person, her eyes said.

July Fourth and they were all there. Brothers, sisters, parents, and cousins and friends as well were there. And Roy was in town so he stopped on by. He saw her. He saw lots of people, but those eyes said it all. And with an expression, a look like that, he knew exactly what "jolly old" Mrs. Peterson needed.

He wandered into the kitchen. Everyone was settled in outside. Everyone was drinking and everyone was occupied in conversation. "Hi Mrs. Peterson, how's it going" She replied in her usual jovial sounding voice it was going great. He walked closer. "Not from what I've seen" he told her. She stopped and turned towards him as if what would you know. She said life was great. "Nah, it really isn't, is it" He smiled and held her stare. What she doesn't think I know. The smile faded, slightly. How could he know He kept looking at her, throwing out different topics of conversation, but bent on getting to the bottom of why he came inside. "I'm willing to help you out with your problems" he told her.

"But I told you, Roy, there are no problems. What I mean to say is everything in life is fine. I'm fine, everything is fine." He sidled up near her. He smelled her country buffet she considered a bodily fragrance. She smelled terrific. He told her. "Why Roy, thank you, but that isn't some attempt at flirting with me is it"

"Yes it is. You need a man in your life who wants you to feel fulfilled, gratified, and you Mrs. Peterson do not have that right now."

"Roy! Roy...where in god's green earth, would you ever...get...such...and idea"

He turned and looked into her eyes. He stared into them. He always considered her an attractive woman with her long thick luxurious housewife's hair, with her soft womanly shoulders, and her already blossomed breasts. But there was more to this woman then her matured age of 39. There were her almost middle-aged solid hips. There was that slight, soft paunch of a belly she did sit-ups to rid herself of it but it never went away, and there were her well rounded ass and sumptuous thighs and legs. All of it, all brought together in one woman's body and seen through the eyes of Roy made this woman crave his body more then she'd ever know. Because deep inside her loins, she burned for him after he told Ginny Sue what he was about to tell her.

"Listen... May I call you Ginny Sue instead of by your last name" She said yes. "Well Ginny Sue, I've always admired you like everyone else here has, but I think...no I know I have one special thing I can offer you which not another living soul would ever offer you."

"And what is that my dear Roy"

"My body" he said. "You've seen me without a shirt on. You've seen what I have to offer. You know I'm pretty much all man...and I am...so let me do the honor, let me have the pleasure of giving you what your soul and this" and he laid a hand south of her navel against her, "and let me pleasure you up and down until the cows come home. Think about that Ginny Sue. I'm home for 4 months and I'll sex you up for 3 of them. I will make sure you're as happy as you've ever wanted to feel...inside...and out" he told her. Then he leaned in. He kissed her on her lips, powerfully.

She was floored, but excited and almost daffy afterward. He filled her mind with ideas only writers could imagine. He filled her head with thoughts only the porn industry should consider. But she carried every potentially exciting second of his body inside hers. She carried visions of him and her doing revolting but wondrous acts of sex all through the day and all through the night. She thought about it for three days. But by the third day, Jeff, her husband was out and about and not coming back for a few hours.

So it got the best of her and it was time.

"Roy... Hi... I guess I am ready" she said, texting him anxiously. "I'm alone now."

That's all she put. She looked at herself in the mirror ten or eleven times. She paced the floors. She looked out her back windows. He was gone. He was way back on the back 100 acres. He wasn't anywhere to be seen now.

She felt it. She felt strongly about doing this with her neighbor's son. He was grown. He was mature. He was a country stud muffin in waiting. And he walked right in. He didn't knock, he walked up to her, took her hand in his, and he wrapped her inside his arms. They hugged. He kissed her passionately. Overwhelmed by his charismatic style, she kissed him back just as fervently as he had. And they kissed and kissed, until he took her hand again, and he began leading her upstairs...to her bedroom.

He unbuttoned his top. He told her to remove the dress she had on. She was hesitant, but then how was he going to make love to her How was he going to fuck her She figured she could pull up her dress and do it that way, but it wasn't the same. He had said to take it off, so she did, but with reservations. It wasn't the grandest of bodies, but he paid no mind. Yes, hers was soft in certain ways, but it was pretty, like her. It was hearty too, but in ways he probably couldn't understand. She wasn't sure. She wasn't plump in any aspect nor was she actually slender. But she has grace and she has endless enthusiasm and she has country bred strength embedded throughout her. And the way he saw it was let her body unfold. Let him enjoy and put away all those discouraging foes in her mind. Let him decide for himself.

Voluptuous was an underestimation. Her bosoms seemed to naturally percolate beneath her lace cotton bra and as for her shoulders they were not demure. They appeared to be. But "beneath" were her tits and they were nourishing hearty ones, the size of in season melons. And as he looked her over, his smile grew into an appreciative one. Her waist was fine, but those hips displayed the womanly power she deserved to be credited for. And her ass, well her ass was womanly and feminine as were her legs and all of her nervously awaited his therapeutic approach.

"Mmmmmm, I didn't know what to expect, but let me say this" he began before pausing. He looked her over, slowly, surely, and as he did his smile grew more and more appreciative. "You must be the sexiest married woman I know. You have to be the most exciting woman alive" and he put up his hands to express his sincerity. "And I mean that. I...you...wow Ginny Sue...you turn me on just stand...standing here looking at you."

She blushed. She grinned. She looked away momentarily.

He told her what he'd like to do. No intercourse she thought None whatsoever, she asked herself. Why not I mean...I mean, that's what's expected, isn't it That's what you told me would happen, she thought as she stood practically naked.

Other then her bra and underwear that remained, she was standing virtually naked as the two faced one another and she was being scrutinized by her grown 26 year old neighbor who came to town to visit. But she was also being complimented by him through his accepting looks. So she was resigned to doing whatever it was he wished to do.

They lay on her bed and he proceeded after removing all his clothes except for his underwear and slowly he eased his way around her. Beginning by kissing her body passionately, he induced mind to bring herself to orgasmic levels. She wasn't able to believe it, but he had the woman cooing and ahhing and murmuring and wanting more and more and hopefully exploding into thunderous orgasms. Her body would turn and twist excitedly as he kissed her. Starting at her neck and then her demure like shoulders, her body began to ache and arc as he moved around her. He passed by her bosoms never touching them at all. But she kept saying to herself, suck them, swallow them, take them in your hands...take me in your hands, Roy. And Roy was sliding side to side across her as he eased his lips into soft cuddly and mighty country flesh crevices all over her.

He felt their presence as he careened back and forth, reigniting a forgotten and almost lost flame which was smoldering deep inside her. She forced her legs apart as if willing him to go down on her, but he hadn't, he wouldn't, and he will in due time.

And when he was done she lay motionless. She lay full of expression, full of hope, and full of dreams. And he surprised her. Smiling he mounted her. Surprisingly, he was suddenly naked. Surprisingly, his cock was hard and fat and it was nice and long. Her eyes widened. She couldn't believe it. And he shuffled, on his knees, and approached her like he was expecting something she'd never done before.

"What...what are you doing" she asked timidly. "You're... I'm...you don't want...you don't want me to give a...a blow job...do you" she was shaking her head at this point. "I have never given anyone...I mean my husband a blow job ever" she exclaimed.

"Then maybe you will soon enough, but all I want to do now is" and he looked at her impishly and added "titty fuck you Ginny Sue."

"Uhhhh titty fuck me" she asked. Her husband had never done that. She felt awkward.

"Yes...and you will love it. You will love it a lot too" he told her with his mischevious grin. "Ohhh and there's a lot of other things were gonna do soon and but not here either."

And as he held his erection, he looked at them. They were unbelievably large, but not too big to be ugly. She held them competently. She held them with great excitement. And the desire and the lust built up in her eyes and face. He knew he had filled the woman with great hope and even greater wonder in her soul.

He came and he came, but nothing really happened for her. She swelled and she oozed, but she never climaxed the way she wished. "That's it...nothing else" she asked coyly. He said that was it for the day. "Maybe tonight...could we do this again...tonight" she asked, wishing they could go out in the woods later that evening and do it all out.

"Hmmm, that is an intriguing thought, but we'll have more fun tomorrow once he's gone" said Roy. She asked what fun they'd have. "Ooooohh I'm not spoiling your fun. Just wait and see" he told her.

But she did feel good, she did feel stupendous, and she did feel somewhat fulfilled. She couldn't wait for tomorrow. Each day was a little better. Each day they did something different and each day, he made her think it was her husband who was doing all this with her, to her, and she envisioned it although it was Roy's body, Roy's face, Roy's voice, and Roy's cock delivering all that she hungered for. Then she realized something. She did love him. She did love her husband, but for now...Roy was her one and only lover. And she could bank on that so she enjoyed her time with him. She filled herself with respect and desire and fulfilling lust as he filled her with what she'd needed for ages.

Each day he came. Each day he he'd cum on her too. Each day, he drew out from within her, slowly but surely, the medicines of self indulging gratification. Each day she expected less and at the same time wanted more. Each time he came, something different occurred. But each time he left, he left her smiling and almost too exhausted to move somehow.

He went through her drawers. Nothing too fancy he discovered. Just underwear and bras and a variation of colors, but no real lingerie of any kind, but that was alright. Either way she was sexy and he began to tell her more often as they came to appreciate and lust for their time together. This was no longer clinical for him. He was into her. He desired her. He craved her presence. He longed for her body. He yearned for her tits. He wanted, out of necessity, all she had to offer him.

He had played her over, but with great intention. And the last day, after a month together, he told her it was time. It was time What was it time for Oh...you mean it's time for intercourse...sex...making love with one another

He had nodded. She had smiled. She could not wait. But he didn't come. He had to leave. He had to leave unexpectedly. No! No! No, she had told herself. Not now...not today! She wanted this. She'd wanted it for weeks and weeks and now...now he had to leave unexpectedly All day long all she did was see his face, see his body, and see that hard erection pointing out and up as if pointing at her like she was next. And she was next. She missed him. She missed him a lot. She had no idea what to do, so she did the second best thing...not the next best thing, but the second best thing. She masturbated. And she masturbated some more. And she did it a third time envisioning him each time she did it that day. And she was exhausted and sweating and carried a look about her that said she look like a worn out hobo with surly hair who had just finished running.

Two days later he came back. He felt he had to come back. There was unfinished business. He watched and he waited and her husband had left on the tractor again. He drove and parked in front of their house. He knocked. Curious, she had no idea he was back in town. But when she saw his face in the doorway, she grabbed him, pulled him into the house. She dragged him down the hallway...and she fucked his brains out.

Ginny Sue was so full of lust and desire that she gave it all she had. "Ohhh god...yes...yes...god yes fuck me! Oh god, oh god...yes, yes...fuck...me... harder!" And as they fucked he watched them flop and dance. "Oh Roy...Roy...Roy" she wailed, "this...ohhh this...this feels so superb baby! Yes, ohhh ahhh eeehh" she kept saying again and again, "fuck me, fuck yes...oh wow, wow Roy...ahhhhhhhhhh...you are soooo...damn...good" she called out. Her body sizzled all over. It jiggled and turned him on. And her sexiness along with those country fed tits turned him on mightily.

He wanted her horribly. But he heard it. He heard something coming. She didn't. She didn't even care. They fucked and she wailed and they screwed and he told her how great and fun she's been and both came and he finally confirmed what he thought he had heard.

Her husband drove up to the barn out back. He was back. He was probably coming up to the house. He came and he came and he came. But she came and came too. She was oozing all over the place. It dripped and flowed like a river. She looked like she'd just got done working out. She was out of breath, but with a perpetual smile on her face. Both were breathing heavily. She wanted to do it again with him. He did too.

"But he's heading this way...I have to go, now!"

She wished he didn't but she heard her husband coming closer too. She kissed Roy on his lips. She waited until he was dressed. She kissed him again, on his lips, and she ran back and through on her bra and undies. She looked exhausted. She looked beat. She looked as if...well as if she'd just got done having nonstop sex with someone. But out here...who There ain't nobody for miles and miles. And Roy drove off, honking once and vanishing as if he was never there...except for his tighty whiteys by the spare bedroom, which no one's used in ages.

Timothy walked in. He forgot to take some stuff he'd bought the day before. He got water looked up and at her. He blinked. She stood in her bra, in her undies with an expressionless look on her face.

"Ummm wow...you uhhhh kinda look...hot" he said. He clarified himself. "I mean ya look sexy hot...real sexy honey...ummm enough so that maybe it's gonna rain and we can't do any...you know" and he eyed his wife up and down.

He didn't see it, but the underside of her panties were wet. Cum was oozing down the insides of her thighs. The look though with her hair tangled like it was along with her cute little pouch on her tummy and her tits in the position they were in because of her bra turned Timothy on...big time.

"Care to make love" he asked.

She smiled. He winked. She nodded. He walked up. He kissed her, he squeezed her nice shapely ass, and the two went upstairs. They made love all day long. Timothy was almost as good as Roy, but it was great sex either way...finally.

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