My boyfriend and I

Author: Mystery Woman
Published: Jan 14, 2005
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I don't have a foot fetish like my boyfriend does, but we make sure that we work hard at giving each other the kind of sex that we each need. After all, compromise is the key to any sucessful relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for a year now. We have an intense relationship with emotional highs and lows. Our sex life has always been impulsive. His passion for pretty feet sometimes gets to me, but we work together to make our sex life as exciting as possible.

Recently, I started working as a sales associate at a posh department store. I get really exhausted, and my feet tend to get all swollen if I have too long a shift. Last week, I came home in a particularly irritable mood. I saw a familiar horny look on my boyfriend’s face, and I was not impressed.

I decided to ignore him and instead went to the living room. I was lying on the couch when he came from the bedroom and timidly sat on the carpet at my feet.

“I am not in the mood,” I said bluntly. He cautiously said it was okay because he just wanted to massage my poor feet.

“Yeah right,” I said with a disbelieving look on my face.

“Just let me take care of you,” he said, carefully taking my feet in his hands and beginning to rub them. He was staring at my well-manicured dark cherry red toenails, hoping that I would take pity on him. I started warming up to the idea of having some therapeutic sex. I snatched my feet away from his hands, and thrust him with all my might onto the floor.

He was startled by my sudden change in mood. I am really small compared to my boyfriend – barely 5 2” to his nearly 6 feet. It is amazing how strong I can be when I want to be. Of course, the element of surprise also helps. In the next instant, I was standing over him with one of my feet rubbing into his face. He loves it when I do that.

“Is this what you wanted big boy” I teased him mercilessly. My foot stroked his face with just enough mocking pressure to make him gasp for more. He opened his mouth to protest, and I shoved my foot into it. He began to nibble and suckle on my toes.

When I got tired of only one foot getting all the attention, I replaced that foot with my other one. I was getting so horny with anticipation that I felt warm, wet moisture collecting in my panties. I wanted him inside me – now! I moved away from him, and began stripping off all my clothes. He followed my example and stripped all of his own. The sight of his fit naked body with its massive erection made get me so turned on that I could hardly wait to have him penetrate me.

I eagerly lay on the couch in all my naked glory as he knelt, equally unclothed, next to me. Instead of letting me have what I was desperate for, he carefully placed his rigid penis on the edge of the couch and made me apply the pressure of one foot onto it.

“How does that feel” he asked me huskily.

“Hot, rock-hard, and silky-smooth at the same time,” I said, getting really frustrated with his teasing.

“Press as hard as you can,” he demanded, and I responded by pressing the heel of my foot so hard on his penis that I was sure it must have hurt. How dare he torture me like this!

He took my other foot back into his mouth and reached between my thighs with his hand to stroke my throbbing wet pussy lips. I became totally absorbed by his sensual stroking of my over-sensitized flesh. I thought I would come any moment. I reached over to scrape his nipples with my long painted fingernails.

Coming like this was fine, but I suddenly just wanted to feel his huge dick inside me. I pulled my foot out of his mouth, and opened my legs to invite him in. He reached over to grip both the globes of my buttocks into his hands. Then he thrust as deeply and as far as he could go into my tight, warm, wet and aching vagina. My inner muscles gripped at his manhood each time he pushed into me. He was grunting in pleasure, while I was biting at his shoulder to stop myself from screaming out loud. It took a lot of will-power to stop myself from coming. I wanted the blissful sensations of his enormous erection stroking my inner walls to go on and on.

He continued his strong thrusting rhythm with my hips moving in tune with his. When I could not hold myself back anymore, I came violently. He immediately let go of his own control and came too, pumping load after load of his seed into my love box. We both literally collapsed in exhaustion.

How’s that for great sex I have other stories to tell, but I will save them for another day. Writing this story is getting me into the mood again…

About: The author of "My boyfriend and I" is Mystery Woman. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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