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Saturday morning in

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Author: Melbourne Girl
Published: 27-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 15-Sep-09
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Tina gets more than she bargains for when the local builder hands her the Saturday morning papers....Tina loved Saturday mornings. No alarm clock, no rush to get ready for work and no long commute on the train.

* * * * * * *

Tina loved Saturday mornings. No alarm clock, no rush to get ready for work and no long commute on the train.

As the morning light washed over her she rolled onto back and opened her eyes. Her bed was soft and large and she pulled the covers up around her tanned, shoulders as she thought about what the weekend held in store for her. Glancing at the bedside clock she noted it was only 7am. Still plenty of time to read the paper in bed before she ventured out for the day.

Grabbing her robe off the bedside stool she felt its silkiness brush over her smooth skin as she wrapped it around her body and started to pull the tie around her waist. Running her hands through her long hair, she turned the key in the front door that opened onto the city lane. Still fumbling with the tie on her robe she stepped barefoot onto the footpath and glanced around for the Saturday papers. She noticed them on the other side of the street and was just contemplating her bare feet with their fresh manicure and considering going back in for some slippers when one of the builders working in the street stepped forward and picked the papers up.

"Oh thank you so much," said Tina, slightly embarrassed with her hair tumbling around her shoulders and her bare legs on show.

"Anytime," said the tradesman with a cheeky grin as he walked across the road to hand Tina the papers. "I couldn't think of a better way to start a Saturday," he said as he took in the way Tina's silk robe was clinging to her in all the right places.

"I am sure it's no fun working Saturdays, "smiled Tina as she tried to hide how shy she was feeling in front of this well built young man. "I just love to spend Saturday mornings in bed with the paper," she muttered as she realised that his eyes were completely fixed on her pert bust and hard nipples.

"Well my first preference wouldn't be with the papers but it would certainly be in bed," he smirked as he held the papers up for her to take, "and I haven't had coffee yet this morning so I could easily slip back into bed for a while."

"I was just going to make some coffee myself. Would you like to join me " she asked before she had even realised what she was saying.

"I would never say no to an offer of coffee," he replied.

As she turned and moved back into the apartment, he took in the way the silk robe rested on her arse. Oh she was the real deal alright. Long shapely legs and a tight little butt that moved deliciously under the silk. Her long her tumbled down her back in soft waves and her waist was tiny.

As she moved up the stairs she glanced back and wondered what she was doing bringing this guy into her house. He had taken his sunglasses and hard hat off and she took in his hard, square jaw and muscular shoulders and arms with only a cotton t shirt stretched tight over them and his well formed chest.

She moved up the stairs higher and he measured up her shapely ankles and legs and as she reached the top of the stairs he glimpsed her naked muff under the short robe. He felt his cock harden and moved up the stairs toward her.

"What's your name" she asked as she put the freshly ground beans into the coffee machine and pressed the button.

"Clinton," he said as he leant against the island bench and watched as the silk robe loosened as she worked.

"I'm Tina," she giggled as she took in the bulge in his denim jeans, " and you look as though you don't need the added stimulation of coffee."

He smiled as he moved toward her and took the coffee. Leaning forward he kissed her softly on her mouth. Stepping back he could see that the robe was falling open and her full, firm breasts were becoming visible. Taking a chance, he looked her straight in the eyes as he gave the tie to her robe one, firm, pull. She smiled. He stepped forward and slowly opened her robe, taking in her body as he did.

Her long, brown legs finished at a bare, hairless muff. Her taught, flat stomach ran to a tight little waste and her round, brown , breasts had large, pink nipples. He smiled and kissed her softly again. She wriggled her shoulders and dropped the robe onto the floor boards.

She let him take in the full view of her body and then she stepped toward him. Running her long nails over his chest and down his washboard tight stomach she pulled his t shirt out of his jeans and up over his head. She took in his powerful, hairless chest and muscular arms. Undoing the buckle of his belt she kissed him softly on the mouth as she undid his fly. Stepping out of his elastic sided work boots and jeans he gave her time to take in his strong, brown legs. Running her fingers under the elastic of his Calvins and then her hands over his arse she was impressed by how rock hard and muscular his butt was. Peeling away his Calvins, she smiled up at him as his impressive cock tumbled out.

He was so hard already and they had only just begun. Holding her head in both hands he kissed her. She could feel the circumcised head of his cock against her stomach. His hands ran down her neck and across her shoulders.

She started to lick and kiss his neck, his shoulders, his chest. As she moved across his six pack stomach she pushed him back slightly and he eased onto the island bench. Taking his hard dick gently in her hand she started to work him, sensing what he liked as she went. She bent forward and softly licked the head of his cock, working around the head and then gradually down the shaft while she worked his balls with her hand, gently fondling them. He concentrated on the cold granite of the benchtop as he wanted to come and it stopped him from going to early.

She lifted her head and ran both hands over his chest as he leant back slightly to rest the palms of his hands behind him on the benchtop. Stepping onto the shelf she pulled herself up onto the bechtop and placed one knee either side of him.

He kissed her hard, then she moved forward so that he could take her breast in his mouth. He licked and sucked her nipples and pushed his face into her breasts, feeling their softness on his rough shaven jaw. Dropping her head back she moaned softly and started to touch his dick on her cunt. Brushing lightly over the erect cock she looked directly into his eyes as she aroused herself.

Lowering herself slowly, only as far as the base of the head of his cock, she gradually lowered up and down, teasing him and exciting her. Her tits jiggled beautifully just in front of his face and he was doing all he could to hang on.

Seeing that he was ready to come and wanting to keep him going, she climbed off of him.

"Time for that bedroom action that you were so keen on," she purred as she took him by the hand to lead him down the stairs.

As she turned and he took in her well toned back and her naked butt for the first time he knew he wouldn't make it to the bedroom. Mid way down the stairs he pulled her back. She turned and looked up at him. With both hands around her waist he lifted her and placing her face down on the higher part of the stairs he pulled her onto all fours. He took in the shape of her arse and the way her cunt sat so neat and smooth between those impeccable legs. Using both hands he gently pulled her arse cheeks apart and then the lips of her cunt. He licked from her clit to her arse hole and then started working her hard with his chin, tongue and nose. She moaned as he inserted his tongue hard into her slit and he sucked and nibbled her clit.

"Oh Clinton just fuck me," she groaned but he continued to work her with his mouth and then ran his thumb up and down over her arse hole as he started to work her cunt with his fingers. At the same time she was working her tits with one hand and as he watched her he knew it was time. He lifted her hips higher and dipped his dick into her. Just partially at first and slowly, teasing her. Then deep and hard and fast. As he pumped she moved between moaning and screaming out his name.

"Fuck me harder now Clinton," she called out as she moved her cunt faster and harder to meet him. He could tell she was ready to go and so he worked her deep as he felt himself go too.

"Oh fuck," they both called out in unison as he filled her full of spunk and felt her cunt shiver with orgasm.

He eased her over onto her back and kissed her closed eyelids and then her lips. Picking her up he carried her down the stairs and into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he took in the full length of her body and smiled again at the waxed little cunt that sat so neatly between her legs.

She looked up at him and smiled back.

"What are you smiling about" he asked as he grinned at her.

"I was just thinking that there is bound to be nothing worth reading in the paper but I would love to spend some more time in bed this morning."

He climbed onto the bed and straddling her hips leant forward and kissed her. She reached up, ran both hands over his shoulders and back until they cupped his butt. Sliding down in the bed she aligned her mouth with his cock which was coming up for it's second run. Taking it in her mouth she pulled his arse toward her and he rocked his hips in and out to fuck her face and get himself hard.

Lifting up he pulled her up in the bed and nibbled on her ear, bit her neck and massaged her tits with his hands and then without any warning he was inside her again and her legs were over his shoulders. She could feel him deep in her and she dropped her hand and started working her arse with her fingers. As he noticed he withdrew and flipped her onto her stomach. Lifting her hips he started licking her arse and working her juices up into her arsehole.

"Are you ok with this" he asked, already knowing that she would be.

"Fuck yes," she panted as he stuck his tongue deep into her arsehole and then started to work her cunt and her arse with with his fingers. Taking his cock in his hand he got a rhythm going and then started rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit and arse. He spread her juices along his cock and then he was in her arse and she was screaming. He worked her slowly at first and then he started to move in deep and long and hard. He knew it wouldn't last long as her tight arse gave him more friction than he had ever had. With one hand on her breasts and the other working her clit he pumped 4, 5 times and then he shot his cum deep into her arse but she wasn't finished.

"Top drawer," she moaned and as he opened the drawer he saw a monster of a vibrator. Grabbing it he switched it on and while he nibbled and sucked her nipples he worked her cunt with the vibrator.

"Holy fuck," she called as she orgasms with her back arched and her eyes closed.

They both lay back on the bed and after a few minutes he glanced over to see her asleep with a fantastic smile on her face.

"Another happy customer," he smiled as he buckled his belt and slipped on his steel cap boots.

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