Whatever turns us on

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Published: Jan 21, 2005
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Being 'horny' is a constant preoccupation for me, but having my girlfriend fill in every fantasy that I have ever had is a dream come true for me. I wish every one could experience such sexual bliss...

I am back. This story begins with one of my usual horny spells.

I was surfing the internet for more pictures to post on my website. I came across a lot of the usual foot fetish stuff. Then suddenly, there was a posted picture that captured my interest. A woman looking particularly cruel torturing the balls of her lover, while having him strapped up like a dog. The poor guy had a leather leash around his neck and seemed to be suffering a lot of pain; while his naked mistress tortured his sore, purplish-red testicles with her high-heeled, scarlet-red sandals the color of her sandals precisely matched her toe varnish. This is a very sensual fantasy for a female-feet lover like me.

As I sat there staring at this photo on the computer screen, my girlfriend walked into the room wearing nothing but her short, black dressing gown moist and fresh from her recent shower. Being extremely aroused, my next plan of action was to pounce on her straight away. The next thing she felt was the bed against her back as I pinned her to it.

"Not now," she protested, "I want to go out."

"Please," I begged her, taking her delicate hands and making her clasp my huge arousal through my shorts. Not giving her any more chances to refuse, I began stripping off all my clothes.

"How can a lady say no when she is wanted that much," she said gazing at my monstrous dick. I gave her a wolfish grin, and she knew that she was in trouble.

"Take this off," I indicated her dressing gown. She was more than willing to oblige. At the sight of her freshly shaved pussy, my first impulse was to shove my manhood into her without wasting any time. However, I wanted to prolong both our pleasure by taking it slow. I pulled apart her silky, white thighs, and proceeded to tenderly suckle and nibble at her soft and wet feminine core. Soon, she was moaning and groaning in intense pleasure-pain. Both her hands were ruthlessly tugging at my hair, as she manipulated my head to exactly where she wanted my tongue and teeth to be. I moved away from her steaming hot pussy, and soothingly licked and bit my way down to first one foot, then the other. She looked like she was in sensual bliss.

After a while, I left her alone on the bed and returned with her knee-high, stiletto-heeled, glossy black leather boots. I slipped them on her feet and pleaded with her to stand on my chest with me lying on the smooth, carpeted bedroom floor.

"These heels can actually hurt you," she pointed out, so I suggested that she step on my chest only one foot at a time. She set about to do just that. It hurt a little, but also increased the size of my manhood to incredible proportions. I felt as though I would ejaculate any second.

"You better punish my dick if you don't want me to come, right now," I warned her. Really getting into my fantasy, she stood with her legs between my spread-eagled ones and pressed forward to crush my bursting penis with the front part of one of her boots.

My usually calm and composed girlfriend actually looked as though she wanted to hurt me. She came across as though she was truly furious with me. I found her incredibly sexy wearing nothing but her leather boots, tempting me with her full, perfect breasts and luscious pussy. Her body is really fabulous.

"Press harder," I urged my mistress. And she did just that. In next to no time, I wanted her to stop because she was hurting me, but the sinful side of my personality was enjoying being handled so viciously. I bit back several cries of pain. As expected, my erection was nearly gone now. My girlfriend stopped her forceful squeezing as soon as she realized this fact.

"Don't worry, I will be ready for you soon," I assured her.

She removed her boots and knelt between my legs. "You look so sore," she whispered, as she took my sagging penis into her warm mouth and began to lick at it tenderly with her tongue. The sensation was awesome, and I quickly felt the blood rushing back to my loins.

"Now let me make you feel good," I told her after I felt myself recover. We changed our positions with her sitting on the edge of the bed and me kneeling on the floor between her legs. I took one of her breasts in my hand and bent my head to nibble and suckle at her swollen nipple and areole. I gave the same attention to her other breast, before raising my mouth to lock with hers. Our tongues dueled for a while as our excitement reached feverish proportions.

Only then did I make her lean backwards, grab her bottom with both hands and plunge my rock-hard cock into her waiting tight vagina. We came in unison after just a few forceful thrusts of my rigid member into her core. We were both exhausted afterwards.

This was one of the most satisfying sexual encounters that I have ever had.

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