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If He Only Knew

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Author: Princess
Published: 24-Aug-09 Revised/Updated 24-Sep-09
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Tammy placed her hand on the small of Natasha's back, which caused her to jump a little because she was taken by surprise, but it was also one of her spots. Natasha felt her pussy tingle as Tammys hand slid down her back and went over the curve onto her ass...

* * * * * * *

Natasha was an 18 year old girl from New York. She had naturally dark brown hair which she had dyed black and dark brown eyes. Many had mistaken her for being Hispanic or mixed, but she was 100% Italian - it could be because she had an olive skin tone. She was short, about 5'1'', and very thick. Her breasts were a full 38DD, her measurements around her hips to her ass were 50 inches around, with thick thighs and a slim waist. Her boyfriend Jacob was 12 years older than her, but they both didn't care and her mother didn't mind, and Natasha looked much older than 18. Natasha knew she could do better than Jacob, but she stayed with him simply because it turned her on knowing that he was much older and more experienced than the males in her age group. They didn't have sex very often because Jacob respected Natasha and didn't want her to do anything she didn't want to, because the girl she came off to be didn't seem that way - but only if he knew the kind of girl she was deep down inside. Natasha loved rough sex, handcuffs, pain - all the things that most guys dreamed of having with a girl and their sex life. Jacob and Natasha shared most of the same friends, being that they have been together for about 7 or 8 months, and they were always together since he lived in the same apartment building. Although they had many friends - they were more like acquaintances. They had a true friend of theirs that they were always with. Tammy was a year older than Natasha, but the very opposite. Tammy was bisexual, so she came off to be more masculine than feminine. She dressed like a male, never wore her hair down or wore make-up or jewelry. Although she was masculine, she still had a little feminine side to her that showed that she wasn't fully a lesbian - and you could guess this is what attracted Natasha to her. Natasha fully denied the idea of herself being bisexual or lesbian, not that sexuality was a topic they'd ever discussed before, but when she thought of Tammy, she always thought twice. She considered herself "bi-curious" but never let it show, or told anyone about it, and nobody would ever think it.

It was a Friday night in August, and Jacob was working late, but the plan after work was the trio hanging out. With this being the plan, Tammy stayed at Natasha's until Jacob was out. The two girls played video games and spoke about various things, trying to make time go by as they were waiting for Jacob. They decided to go on the computer to look through people's My Spaces, just talking about every page they passed through and looking through people's photos. Tammy's ex-girlfriend's page was one of the pages they looked at, but they didn't just pass on through. Tammy clicked into her pictures and introduced Natasha to Jen, her ex-girlfriend. Natasha, without even noticing, looked at Jen's photos and began comparing herself to Jen and started to criticize her. "She's really pale...omg, what's with her eyes in that picture" Natasha cut herself off, noticing that she was talking trash about this girl she'd never met before...but why Tammy laughed and said, "I know, she's not the best looking girl in the world." She sighed, and she mumbled something under her breath, but Natasha heard what she had said clearly. *You're more attractive than her*. Natasha replayed it in her head, but played it off as if she didn't hear her. "What" she asked. "Nothing..." Tammy said, breaking off, hesitating. Natasha turned her head towards Tammy, who was sitting on her right side. Tammy looked into Natasha's face, and Natasha felt herself get red and her face got hot, so she turned away quickly. "You're blushing!" Tammy exclaimed. "Did you hear what I said before" she asked, with a crooked smile on her face. Natasha made a hesitant face, deciding on whether or not to tell Tammy that she in fact did hear her, and she liked that she said that about her. It made her feel good. But of course, Natasha being in denial, answered quickly, "What What are you talking about" Tammys crooked smile disappeared and her face turned into a state of disappointment and her eyes fell to her lap as she replied, "Nothing - never mind" Natasha quickly replied "Okay" and faced the computer screen and glanced in the bottom right corner to check the time. It was only 9pm, they had 3 hours to go until Jacob was released. "You can go on if you want, I'm going to watch some TV" Natasha stated as she rose from the chair and stepped over to her bed which was right behind it. As she did so, Tammy watched her ass in her black pants that looked like they were painted on her perfectly plump, round ass. Her eyes followed Natasha until she turned around and she went to lay on her bed. Natasha had her hand against the side of her head, holding her head up as she stared into the television screen. Tammy stared at Natasha, thinking to herself how good she looked and how Natasha didn't have a clue that she was attracted to her. Tammy came out of her trance and got up and walked over to Natasha and asked "Do you mind if I join", although she was already sitting up next to Natasha. Tammy looked at Natasha from the corner of her eye, and saw that Natasha was still staring at the TV, as if she didn't notice Tammy had moved next to her - but Natasha knew very well. She just didn't know how to react. The big pink room was dimmed, only lit by the light coming from the TV screen and the computer, but soon a black screen saver took over the computer screen, dimming the room even more. Tammy nonchalantly placed her hand on the bed, in between herself and Natasha. Natasha didn't budge. That's a good sign, Tammy thought to herself. Natasha rolled over on her stomach, and playfully said "Wake me up when 11 rolls around" Natasha knew damn well she wasn't going to take a nap, she just wanted to show herself off while Tammy was sitting not even an inch away from her. Tammy turned her head to Natasha, looking at her shape from her backside. She was curvy and beautiful. Tammy's eyes traced Natasha's body from her shiny black, tinted-blue hair to her back down to her ass and her thick thighs.

Tammy placed her hand on the small of Natasha's back, which caused her to jump a little because she was taken by surprise, but it was also one of her spots. Natasha felt her pussy tingle as Tammy's hand slid down her back and went over the curve onto her ass. Tammy paused with her hand there for a little, to see if Natasha would have reacted in a way to make her stop, but Natasha didn't move a muscle, only her pussy - but Tammy wasn't aware of this - so Tammy's hand followed the crack of Natasha's ass and slid it between her thick thighs, and felt that between her thighs was hot and a little damp. Tammy took this as a good sign and proceeded to explore Natasha's hot body. Her hand slid further down towards Natasha's clit, with feeling this, Natasha spread her legs a couple of inches to give Tammy more room to explore. Tammy was shocked and very pleased with this move. She started rubbing Natasha's now very damp and throbbing pussy through her pants. Natasha began to move, so Tammy quickly removed her hand. Natasha rolled over onto her back and looked into Tammy's eyes. Tammy smiled that same crooked smile that Natasha loved, and got on her knees on the bed and began to pull down Natasha's pants. Natasha lifted her ass off of the bed, allowing Tammy easier access to pulling her pants down over her ass, revealing her pink g-string, then past her olive-toned thighs and the rest of her legs, down to her ankles and off her feet. Tammy then returned to Natasha's impatient pussy. Tammy rubbed her pussy through the pink g-string, then slipped her hand in from the top. Natasha bent her legs so that her feet were flat on the bed, and her legs were open wider. Tammy went over Natasha's right leg so that she was in between her juicy thighs. Tammy laid flat on her stomach so she was face-to-pussy with Natasha. Tammy moved Natasha's g-string to the side, revealing a tan but pink, shaved, smooth, soft and glossy pussy. Tammy inhaled deeply as Natasha's sweet aroma escaped. Tammy's left hand held the g-string aside, and her right hand explored this sweet pussy. She began rubbing Natasha's clit, slowly, causing Natasha to let a light moan slip from her lips. Tammy then took her hand down to Natasha's very-wet hole and slipped a finger inside. Natasha moaned very quickly and jerked a little. Tammy was helping Natasha explore her curiosity and she was loving every minute of it. Natasha felt Tammy's wet tongue touch her clit, which was throbbing on her tongue. Tammy began to flick and lick and finger Natasha's soaking wet pussy at the same time. Natasha began to grind her pussy onto Tammy's mouth while moaning and groaning and grunting and panting. Natasha then grabbed Tammy's head and pushed it into her pussy and began bucking her hips and moaning loudly, then pushing her ass down very hard into the bed, and lifting her legs, still holding Tammy's head, but now slightly tugging on her hair, breathing heavier and moaning louder. Suddenly Natasha's legs were shaking and she felt this power of pleasure take over her body. "Oh...oh my god...Tam...I'm...I'm going to cum...ahhh...yes...yes yes!..im cummiii---FUCKKK OH MY GOD...IM CUMMMING IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!" Natasha quickly released Tammy's hair from her grip and cupped her mouth and held her own head and let out a long inhuman moan and with that Natasha's sweet juices flowed onto Tammy's tongue and down her face, but she kept going. Natasha began to wiggle since her orgasm had passed and her pussy was very sensitive and she couldn't take anymore. Tammy got the hint and stopped, and lifted her head, looking over Natasha's stomach and large breasts up to her face. Natasha was red and broke a little sweat. Natasha looked down to Tammy and giggled "What" Tammy asked Natasha, with that sexy crooked smile. "You're chin is all glossy" Natasha said, looking at Tammy's chin which was shining with help of the dim light from the TV screen that was still flickering. "That's all your fault" Tammy replied playfully. "Sorry...but, that was really great, Tam." Natasha said, blushing a little. "There's nothing to be sorry about. You look better and taste better than any other girl I've been with. Just as I suspected" Natasha smiled bashfully and sighed with delight. "Thank you, Tam" Tammy raised an eyebrow. "You're thanking me for telling you that you look better and taste better..." Natasha giggled again. "No - well yes, Jacob tells me that, too. But I'm thanking you for allowing myself to explore with the same sex. I always questioned if I liked girls, but I never really thought upon it that much...but, gosh, Tam! That was absolutely amazing...and I'm happy you're the one I got to have my first experience with...and, um, speaking of Jacob...let's keep this between me and you. Okay" Tammy smiled. "Sure, Nat. Between me and you."

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