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The Point of No Return

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Author: Lexi Sylver
Published: 07-Nov-09
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Tucker's job at The Point, a tattoo and body piercing shop in Daytona Beach, exposes him to a wide array of customers. While Samara's boyfriend gets a tattoo done, Tucker helps Samara pick out a new bikini...

* * * * * * *

"How does it feel" Tucker asked the eighteen year-old blonde girl in the chair, whose head was bent to stare down at the new silver barbell he'd just pierced through her nipple. He'd had to endure a long diatribe from her as she complained to her accompanying friend about how unfair her parents were about not paying for her to go to Europe for Spring Break.

"Great!" she enthused, smiling, running her finger over the barbell, jumping slightly at the tenderness of her skin.

"It looks awesome, Ashley," the girl's friend told her, gawking at her.

"Thanks, Tucker," the girl said. "My parents will so freak if they find out!" she exclaimed. Tucker tried to hide his smirk. Girls like her were a dime a dozen, coming into the shop, looking for ways, besides silicone, to capture male attention by acting like bad girls and disobeying their parents.

"No problem," he replied, turning to clean up quickly. He hoped she'd leave, partially because he was afraid that their collectively low IQs would permanently stunt his intellectual development, but mostly so he could talk to Chris.

Tucker had come down to Daytona Beach six months ago, seeking a change of pace from the mundane routine. His friend Chris, a tattoo artist, had opened up a body piercing and tattoo shop called The Point, perfectly located in one of the more vibrant and youthful areas of the boardwalk. He'd invited Tucker to come down and visit, and he hadn't left since. Tucker found his haven in that place, letting himself break out of his shell and comfort zone.

In the first place, they mostly dealt with tourists, looking for a quick piercing or tattoo to shock people with upon returning home. Tucker had immediately discovered that the girls were all too eager to copulate with the man who'd just pierced them. It helped that he was attractive-- tall, broad-shouldered, with dark features and a smile women deemed "mysterious"-- but for the most part, the women who walked into the body shop seemed to be already aroused with the idea of having a needle probed into their skin. He was constantly surrounded by half-clad women who were more than willing to tip him extra.

They were no strangers to sexcapades at The Point. After all, they were a tattoo and piercing shop that also sold accessories and beach wear. Within the first few weeks, they had developed a man code, a way for them to easily communicate with each other if they were going to be "occupied" with a customer or "needed to take a break". Since they all did amazing work, Chris indulged them, particularly encouraging Tucker, whose sexuality had evolved rapidly into rampant overdrive.

The girls left Tucker's piercing booth, giggling hysterically. Finally, he thought as they paid and exited the place. It was three o'clock in the afternoon, and both tattoo artists were occupied with customers in their creative offices, inking loudly. Chris was looking over some invoices at one of the piercing accessories counters.

"Where do you want to go tonight" Chris asked as Tucker approached him.

"There's a bonfire at Adam's place," Tucker replied, and Chris smirked. Any party commissioned by Adam meant the ratio of invited girls to guys was close to 3:1, meaning everyone stumbled home later with a big, lopsided smile on their faces, if they made it back at all by morning. Time for them in Daytona Beach didn't quite run the same way as it did for most people.

"We'll do a quick barbecue first, then pass by Luke's for a few drinks before we head over to Adam's. Cool"

"Yeah, that's perfect."

"Hey, check out the moron behind you with his trophy girlfriend," Chris said, stifling a laugh. Tucker didn't turn right away, and Chris added, "By the pissed-off look on her face, I bet the he's here to get a tattoo and is dragging her with him."

Tucker turned to see the couple in question, and his attention was piqued. The moron had a bunch of tattoos already, covering both of his arms almost to his wrists, most of them tribal symbols, with one giant lion head covering part of his shoulder and the back of his arm. The guy walked with a cocky swagger, trying to hold his girlfriend close to him territorially, but she kept pushing him off. Chris met Tucker's eye again.

"I want to get another tattoo," the guy said.

Tucker glanced at the girlfriend, a blue-eyed beauty with long, straight black hair that fell freely to the middle of her back. Her skin was sun-kissed but still creamy, her plump lips a beautiful hue of natural pink. She wore open-toe platform sandals to show off a perfect French pedicure, a short denim skirt and a fitted black tank top that emphasized her small but tantalizing breasts. Her body was athletic but curvy nonetheless, her muscles toned and firm. He wondered what this ripe-looking woman was doing with this loser. Even her bored expression reflected the same thought process.

"Do you know what you want" Chris asked him. Tucker could tell his friend was suppressing his sarcasm.

"Yeah, I want you to do a tiger on my other arm, with his mouth wide open like he's about to attack or something."

"Okay, I can sketch that for you," Chris offered, knowing the tattoo would be pretty expensive and worth his while.

The girl met Tucker's eyes with her glacial-blue ones and she tilted her head slightly to the side as though pondering something. Chris noted the exchange in his peripheral vision. "You'll have to step into my office, though," Chris said, gesturing to the door a few feet off to the side.

"Fine, whatever," the guy said, turning to the girl. "You gonna come stay with me while he inks me up good, sweet cheeks"

She shook her head. "I'm going to check out the bikinis," she said brusquely to the guy, making her agitation clear to everyone but him.

"Again" he blurted.

She rolled her eyes and stepped away from the group. The three men watched her leave, her rounded ass outlined beautifully by her skirt. Chris turned to the guy and gestured for him to step into his office, where he'd draw up the tattoo. Since Tucker usually helped customers on the floor when there weren't many other people around, he walked towards her, admiring her shape as she browsed the racks.

"I can help if you want," Tucker told her. She looked up at him, her eyebrow arched, her blue eyes warming slightly from glacial blue to a softer aquamarine. She paused and looked him up and down briefly, the hint of a smile forming at the corners of her lips.

"Sure," she said. "Where do I try these on"

"I'll show you," he responded, smiling. "Come with me." Tucker led her to the changing rooms, which were on the opposite side of the store from the tattoo offices, and coincidentally right next to his piercing room.

"I'm Samara, but you can call me Sam," she told him.

"I'm Tucker, and you can call me whatever you want," he joked, making her laugh.

"He's an asshole, isn't he" she said, more a statement than a question.

"You'd know better than me," he answered honestly, pushing open the white curtain of the changing room and stepping aside for her. Tucker felt her brush against him slowly as she sequestered herself with the bikinis.

"I know too well," she replied. "If he wasn't damn good in bed, I'd be through with him by now."

"You can have great sex without being treated like shit," Tucker pointed out, searching through a nearby rack for a bikini he thought would look perfect on her.

"I mostly ignore him anyway," she justified. "But you're right. Either way, he's leaving next week to go back to California, so he'll be history."

Tucker processed this information and watched her silhouette in the curtain, which was slightly transparent. He could see the swell of her breasts as she tried to fit them into the ungenerous triangles of the bikini top.

"Why wait the week" he commented. Suddenly the curtain opened and Sam emerged from the room, now barefoot and almost naked in the multicolored string bikini. She looked fantastic, but Tucker had a particular fondness for the black, white and silver set he held out to her wordlessly, knowing how the silver would accent the blue of her eyes.

"What's wrong with this one" she asked.

"Nothing. It's hot. Just try it anyway. You may be surprised."

Sam slipped back into the changing room, closing the curtain behind her, but leaving a small space open. Tucker respectfully leaned against the wall, watching her slip on the new set, but not peeking in.

"So do you help all the women try stuff on" she asked coyly.

"No, since I'm usually piercing people," he explained.

"How many piercings do you have" she queried.

"Seventeen, including both of my nipples and my tongue, other than those you can see."

Tucker thought he heard her purr appreciatively, and watched her tie up the strings behind her neck, her breasts lifting up as she did so, her hair falling over one shoulder.

"Are you going to show it to me" he questioned.

"Why don't you come in here instead" she retorted.

Why not, indeed! Tucker had no doubts that Chris was keeping Sam's boyfriend busy until Tucker gave him the signal. He probably had a good twenty or thirty minutes with her. Knowing this, he didn't hesitate before pulling the curtain back.

Sam smiled at him, leaning back against the side of the changing room, her jet black hair pushed to the side to reveal all of her glory in the set Tucker had chosen for her.

"So..." Tucker began, pulling the curtain behind him to shroud the two of them in pseudo-secrecy. "You look stunning. But I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the bikini." He was specifically engrossed in the beautiful purity of her body-- she had not a single tattoo or piercing on her body except for two in each ear, immediately setting herself apart from the women he usually saw naked.

Sam slowly draped her arms around Tucker's neck, pushing herself up against him. She gazed up at him from underneath her lashes, her blue eyes slightly darker now. He watched as she licked her full lips slowly, teasingly.

"You know what I think" she murmured huskily, her breath hot on his mouth.

He smiled slowly, running his hands over her sides, the arch of her back.

"That it would look better on the floor of my piercing room" Tucker whispered back.

Sam laughed. "What's wrong with right here" she asked, running one of her hands on the front of his jeans. He groaned as she squeezed his erection, her firm grip making him twitch.

She pressed her lips against his, surprising him with their plumpness. He felt her tongue slip up against his tongue ring, heard her moan when she realized it, and she gripped his cock tighter. Her skin felt soft under his fingertips, which traveled behind her to unfasten her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Sam's breasts fell free from the fabric, and Tucker cupped them, pinching her tiny pink nipples, parting her legs and pressed himself against her. She gasped against his mouth, ever probing his tongue ring, no doubt wondering if she could unveil the talents it held in store.

Sam became aggressive, pushing him back against the other wall, lifting up his shirt and scraping her nails almost violently down his back. A shiver ran up his spine and he groaned, loving the feeling of her talons scraping into his back. She quickly and expertly unzipped and dragged his pants down his thighs, smiled up at him and, without further ado, dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him. Her blue eyes were tainted with mischief as she gazed from his cock back up to his face, clenching him in her hand, trailing the head of him over her smooth breasts, squeezing them around him.

Tucker groaned at the feel of her silky flesh on his sensitive head, the unbelievable view of this gorgeous woman, naked on her knees in front of him. She quickly loosened the strings on each side of her bikini bottoms and pulled the fabric away. She slowly, sensuously inserted her two forefingers into her mouth, dragging her tongue along them as she pulled them out and trailed them down her breasts to the hot space between her thighs. Her other hand still clenched him, stroking him, and she lowered her mouth to his throbbing length, her irresistible lips rubbing along his shaft, covering his head, moistening him with her tongue.

He fought the urge to push himself deeply into her mouth, waited for her to tease the hell out of him, pulling his package, digging her nails into his inner thighs, his ass. Sam's lustrous lips encircled his cock, sucking him in slowly, the sight of his erection disappearing into her mouth making his balls clench involuntarily.

Sam moved her splayed fingers down her chest again, grabbing and squeezing each of her breasts in turn before burying her fingers inside herself. She moaned on his cock and pulled him in deeper, his head pushing into the hollow of her throat. Each sensation was making him almost hallucinate-- the feel of her supple tongue traveling over his flesh, the ridges of the top of her mouth, her skilled fingers massaging his balls. His knees almost wanted to give out under the power of her expertise. All while she watched him with the patience of a cat stalking her prey, as though his pleasure fortified and empowered her.

Tucker knew they didn't have the luxury of time. A vision of Sam spread out on his leather piercing chair fought through the cloudy haze in his mind. Although he was more than willing to let her have her way with him, he wanted to ravage her and feel her pussy envelop and squeeze him from the inside.

She slid her mouth slowly off of his cock, leaving trails of her saliva, strings of it pulling from her lips and tongue as she smiled up at him.

"I know what you want," she told him huskily, stroking his moist shaft in her palm. Tucker pulled her up by her hair, watching her eyes turn a lighter shade of blue.

"Grab your clothes," he instructed harshly, covering her lips with his briefly, "and come with me."

With a coy smile, Sam gathered her belongings. Tucker peeked out of the curtain and saw their way was clear. Luckily for him, he had a secret back door to his piercing room, the entrance to which just happened to be along the hallway right behind the dressing rooms. They quietly slipped into the narrow corridor, and Tucker inserted a key into the door, swinging it open. Sam followed him inside and he locked them in, the shades already drawn from his previous client. She looked around the room, not entirely spacious but for the pièce de résistance-- his imposing leather piercing chair with a wide seat and arms.

Tucker slipped his arms around her from behind, her perfectly rounded ass pushing up against his naked dick. She moved against him, wriggling around to let him feel her skin. His hands moved to cup her breasts, sliding down her belly, between her thighs, his fingertips probing open the slick folds of her pussy and pushing into her. Sam gasped and tilted her head back, clasping her hair over one shoulder. Tucker's mouth covered her neck, biting into it.

"Get on the chair," he said, pushing her forward lightly.

Sam stared back at him, sliding her knees sensuously over the leather, her ass raised up in the air, her platform shoes still on. "Like this" she asked, spreading her legs far apart, grasping onto the back of the chair and arching her back, sliding her hand over her ass and spanking herself, making her supple flesh tremble slightly.

Tucker's cock twitched as he eyed her ass, her pussy, dewy and ready for the taking. He smoothed his hands over her back, down her ass, grabbing her, one hand slipping in front of her to pinch her clit between his forefingers, his other hand burying in the mess of her long black hair. Sam moaned, her legs spreading a bit wider apart. He quickly pulled off his t-shirt and straddled the bottom part of the chair, at eye level with her nether lips, and slipped his tongue over them. She gasped as he licked her clit, skimming the rounded stud of his tongue ring over the sensitive flesh.

Sam's body tensed as she emitted a long moan, the sound of it reverberating throughout the small room. His fingers pumped into her gently, and he watched her grip onto the edge of the seat until her knuckles turned white. He knew what he was doing with his tongue, holding onto her hips as they swayed back inadvertently to meet his mouth. She tasted sweeter than he'd imagined, and her body was all too responsive to his touch. Unable to resist, he delivered a firm smack to her upraised ass, hearing her cry out and smiling inwardly at the result.

He sped up his pace, his tongue ring flicking against her clit, her entire body vibrating with the echoes of her moans. He felt her tense up completely, closing around his fingers, her clit throbbing against his tongue, and he intensified his pressure, securing her hips close to him with his free hand. Sam's guttural groans filled the room as she came hard, dripping her nectar onto his tongue, contracting around his fingers with force, then almost slumping in the chair as she tried to control her breathing.

Tucker teased out the last of her convulsions, then withdrew his mouth and sat up on the chair, grinning wickedly. Sam turned her head around to look at him, but he wanted her to stay spread out as she was. She straightened herself out on the seat, her blue eyes glazed over, waiting for him, jiggling her ass playfully.

"Are you sure you're ready" Tucker asked her, gripping on her hips as he teased her opening with the pulsating head of his dick, now wet with her juices.

"Give me your best shot," Sam dared, her blue eyes darkening with lust.

Always loving a challenge, Tucker plunged himself into her from behind, pushing her forward against the leather chair, making her cry out. He groaned, completely enveloped by the warm velvety glove of her snatch, closing tightly around the girth of his cock. He reached in front of her, using his fingertips to pinch and rub her clit, his other hand planted firmly on her lush ass, watching it jiggle with each thrust.

Sam turned around and met his eyes, biting into her own arm to prevent herself from being too loud. Tucker ran his hand up and down the curve of her back to the nape of her neck, grabbing her hair from the roots, pumping into her harder now, faster. His entire body was boiling up, the sound of Sam's moans increasing the tension in his balls.

"I need to ride you, Tucker," she groaned loudly, pulling on his nipple rings slightly, making him both wince and moan from the delight of it. She ran her hands over what was visible of his tattoo, which extended over his left bicep and along his shoulder.

He thrust into her a few more times then released her, slipping out of her quickly, covered in her juices. She slid off of the chair and onto the floor in front of him, licking herself off of him. The act itself was as erotic as watching those piercing blue eyes staring up at him mischievously.

"Sit," Sam told him, waiting as he settled back before straddling him, at first just sliding herself along his shaft, making him feel her juices. Then she slipped inside, pressing her body closer to his, her small breasts in his face, giving him a chance to suck each one in turn. Her head fell backward, her long hair grazing the tops of his thighs, tickling him. Tucker gripped onto her luscious thighs, her ass, her back, as she ground her hips into him, rocking her body slowly at first, taking him in deeply.

They moaned together, his face pressed into her breasts, then turned up to watch the clouded expression in her eyes, now almost gray. His fingers moved faster on her clit to meet the rhythm of her pelvis, riding him hard. She reached behind her and grabbed onto his package firmly, the heat of her fingers magnifying his pleasure. Tucker dove upwards to meet her hips with an almost ferocious passion, the heat of her pussy and its increasing tightness driving him to the verge of explosion.

Sam clutched him harder, sinking her teeth hard into his shoulder, making him gasp with the slight pain. Then she came, a savage and guttural groan escaping from her depths, panting, and Tucker felt her pussy squeezing him over and over again. The pressure in his balls intensified, spreading up the base of his shaft, his breathing uneven. Clenching Sam's hips more steadily, he lost control, the heat spreading throughout his body from the core, growling now. She slipped down the length of his body and closed her mouth around him again, watching him from below just as his release bubbled up the length of his cock and finally spurting over her opened lips, her cheek, her awaiting tongue. She jerked his cock, cum dripping down the sides of her fingers.

Tucker tried to regain his breathing, his body feeling glued to the leather chair, in a state of temporary paralysis. He watched helplessly as Sam brought her fingers to her mouth, slowly licking the cum off each one.

"That... was... very... satis... fying..." she said between fingers. Tucker felt himself stiffen slightly again but winced at the tenderness, knowing he needed a few minutes to regain his bearings. He slowly peeled himself off the chair, fighting the hazy rush of blood back to his brain as he stood, taking Sam into his arms.

"I told you, you can have great sex and get treated like a real woman," Tucker said, making her laugh.

"Well, I'm definitely getting that bikini now," Sam asserted, moving away from him to put on her normal clothes. "You're quite convincing," she added with a wink.

"I think you convinced yourself," he said, pulling on his jeans and t-shirt. Both of them dressed fully, laughing at each other and the fun of the situation before ducking through the back door and out into the open store.

"I'm going to head out now," Sam said.

"What about..." Tucker pointed to Chris's closed tattoo booth.

Sam smiled and shrugged. "Who cares" she affirmed. "Want to get together tonight" she proposed.

Tucker grinned broadly. "There's this great beach bonfire party happening... you can even wear your new bikini."

Copyrighted August 26, 2009 by Lexi Sylver

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