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Friends Marwari Mom Became My Whore

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Author: Anon
Published: 11-Oct-09
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Though I am only 25, I look a bit older than my age which according to me has given me a lot of opportunity to bed young as well as mature women.

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Hi friends I am Sujoy , Bengali man of 25 years from Kolkata (Dum Dum). Though I am only 25, I look a bit older than my age which according to me has given me a lot of opportunity to bed young as well as mature women. The mature look of a man always attracts the right kind of women towards him, so I have no complain about it so far.

Now I should start telling you the story of me and my friend's mom and how she became my whore. I am a guy of computers, so when one of my friends introduced me to a 18 year old marwari boy who was in need of some computer related help and I helped him with his problem we soon became friends despite our age gap. I visited his place one day to meet him and ooh boy! Guess who answered the door, his mom Lata, about 45, absolutely stunning, told me to come in and sit in their drawing room. She was wearing jeans and kurta, I gave her compliments about her looks and she thanked me and asked me if I want to have some snacks or cookies to eat. I said yes, though I was interested in her own cookies! Soon my friend came and took me to his room where we chatted for about an hour and left his place with him. Two days later I again showed up on his door and asked his mom about my friend if he was present in his home or not. She told me to come in and said my friend called his mom and asked me to wait for him. That day after having some snacks when I was going to toilet to wash my hand I non deliberately hit his mom's breast as she was coming out of toilet and didn't notice her. I apologized to her and said I was not aware she was in; she gave me a smile and said ok. When she was leaving she slipped her legs because of wet foot and I grabbed her but it became so fast that I grabbed her by her breast, again unknowingly. She stood for a minute like that me holding her tits, we started breathing faster and hotter, and then she told me to press her tits as I have already done it twice. I started pressing her tits and after that I removed her clothes. I kissed her everywhere, I then started licking her pussy, she was still standing and I was kneeling, then she took me to her room and I continued licking her pussy, she became more and more wet. When she couldn't take it no more she told me to fuck her. I soon undid my pants and started to fuck her, I was so much in pleasure within her pussy I cummed in about five minutes. After that we get dressed quickly and moved to their drawing room. She told me if I can keep it a secret between her and me I would be getting a lot from her. She asked me to come next day afternoon when nobody would be home. Just as we finished we heard the door bell ringing and my friend. Both of us played really cool in front of him.

Next afternoon as soon as I ranged the doorbell Lata opened the door in her sleeping gown. After closing the door we started kissing passionately, I took her in my arms and went to their bedroom. I noticed on the previous day that she is submissive so I then took the charge and removed her gown and told her to stand nude in front of me in middle of the room. I told her if she wants this to happen regularly she would have to obey my rules. She asked me about the rules. I said the rules: 1. She has to greet me with a welcoming blowjob every time I pay a visit. 2. She is not allowed to wear any panties in my presence. 3. She should not waste any drop of my precious cum, she needs to swallow it all. 4. I am going to use her for my pleasure and I wouldn't allow her disobedience in any manner. 5. I am her only priority, nothing should come before me (except family matters).

She protested with not swallowing my cum. I then told her to stand in front of me and asked her to countdown from 100 and I inserted my finger in her pussy, started finger fucking her. At first she was counting right but as soon as I started rubbing her clit fast she started missing counting. She was in the verge of coming as I stopped, she looked at me in disbelief, she wanted to cum very badly. I asked her why she missed counting why she couldn't be a good girl I said I needed to punish her, again disbelief in her eyes. She couldn't think why and what was happening. She pleaded me to continue but I said she needed to be spanked 5 times on each butt chicks. She protested but I made her bend over and gave some light spanking to her. Again I started to rub her pussy , told her to start counting , this time I teased her more ,taunt her more than last time and when she was about to come I stopped. I told her she has to earn the right to cum, she shouldn't take it as granted, as I was not her husband who lets her do the things she wants. I then told her it was her time to pay respect to my cock. I made her kneel down and told her to take my cock out. Which she did, what could you expect more from a bitch in heat, who was not allowed to cum twice. She started sucking my cock like a lollypop, I told her to take as much as she can of my cock. Soon she was doing it eagerly. As I had no intention to cum in her mouth this time I told her to stop. I put a condom on my cock and told her to mount on my cock. I was enjoying the warmth of her already soaking wet pussy. After some time I told her to lie on her back as I was going to fuck her in missionary position. I started fucking her in a slow but steady motion, I started to ask her personal questions like when's her period or things like that. I told her to tell me that she is my whore and she wanted to fucked like a true whore, initially she denied to speak such filthy words, but I took my cock out and started rubbing it on her clit. I told her if she wasn't going to tell what I want to hear, I am not going to put my cock in her, when she couldn't take it no more she told me "JANU I am your whore, fuck me like a whore" . After this I again inserted my cock into her pussy. I made her come twice. The feeling of me fucking my friend's mom's 45 year old married pussy made me excited to the max. Nothing tastes better than a mature pussy. Doing taboo things are always a turn on. So that's how my friend's marwari mom become my whore. We now enjoy every chance we get. For the last six months things are going great, I never let my friend know what is going on with his mom and me. We act very casual in front of others.

Meanwhile any mature ladies, widows, spinsters of kolkata who interested in having onetime stand or affair in kolkata can mail me on sujoy.love.aunty@gmail.com Satisfaction guaranteed and secrecy maintained.

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