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Topless Harley Ride

Author: Ron & Becka
Publish Date : Oct 2, 2009
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He increased speed, he groaned as he started pumping his cum down my neck. This cop was full of cum. I swear he lasted 30 seconds with big gobs of his hot goop...

* * * * * * *

Ron, my husband, & and I ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I have sportster; Ron had a full dress hog. We take weekend ride W/ other Harley owners, mostly couples. The single riders had to work often and couldn't attend very often. This particular weekend Ron & I were taking a week off for our vacation on our bikes. We weren't going anywhere, just riding. We headed out early on Friday morning and rode about four hours; by 930 it was getting hot. Were getting close to a lonely stretch of road where the traffic is far between and seldom passing another vehicle I pull over to the side of the road, Ron pulled in behind me.

"Something wrong Becka, I'm taking off my leathers" I took off my light leather pants & my top. The sweat had had saturated my clothes. I took a short sponge bath. We stayed there for 20 minutes or so; I had dried off enough to start off again. It was still hot so I removed my shirt & bra. That was so much better. I put on sunscreen on my upper body, heavy sunscreen on Ron's titties. Ron loves my 36C's tits & my large nipples. "Becka, Are you going to ride topless That is so erotic. Babe, Don't get those tits sun burned.

Ron led off & we headed off again. We were going 70 mph when we were approached by the highway patrol. He fell in behind me with red lights on. I pulled over; Ron didn't see the cop so he kept going. "Excuse me mam, but you can't ride topless on my road. I will have to write you a ticket. I knew I desired one, but i used my female wit to get out of a ticket. "Officer, I was riding in my leathers, it is so hot in them. I know I'm wrong. Please give me a warning Ok Pretty Please"

Put your shirt on lady! He said. I opened the saddlebags for my shirt; I spotted my dildo & grabbed it too. "Oops, you didn't see that did you See what mam. Just put your shirt on, he said. "My bra too. I asked. "No that's not necessary mam, just the shirt to cover up" I slowly put the shirt on, taking to button up. All the time, he was stealing an eye full of looks. Mam do you always ride topless" It's so hot, with that Harley between my legs I give off a lot of heat.

I decided to play it for all it was worth. I dropped my cut-off shorts to show him that my pussy was indeed wet. I noticed there was rise in his pants. Just him looking at my pussy I felt more moisture gathering. He watched the glesening appear. He adjusted his pants. I took his hand to cover my wetness. "Mam, I can't do this" I pushed his fingers in my cunt. "Mam, I can't do this" His fingers took over his mind.

He began to move them in deep & out. I gasped, "Oh Yeah, Officer. A little faster"

I heard my husband's bike in the distance. The cop unzipped his pant's I reached in & found no underwear. His dick was in my hand when Ron pulled up. The cop backed up, but i had his cock in my hand and began licking and sucking his 8" dick. Ron walked up to us and said; "Got ah problem officer" Ron placed his hand on my head. His hand followed me bobbing back & forth on the cop's dick.

The cop said, "It is against the law to ride motorcycle naked" I finished speaking, I swallowed his: dick. He started fucking my throat. He said, "Lets get off the highway o i can finish" He put his dick back in his pants and said. "Follow me" He drove to a desert park and stopped near a weather watch building. The cop came up to Ron, he said. "Your wife started this I am going finish it" He took my hand and led me to this building & He opened the door to a locked door. I unzipped his pants again, his dick was still hard. Ron winked at me. I slid his cock down my neck. He again started slowly screwed my neck. He increased speed, he groaned as he started pumping down my neck. This cop was full of cum. I swear he lasted 30 seconds with big gobs of his orgasm.

Ron winked at me again & said, Com-on Becka let's go. On the way to our bikes, he said. "That was quick thinking to do that. I do have a question, How many other times have you had to do that" "Twice" I said. Ron & I headed down the highway knowing I had just gotten away with an indecent exposure ticket. We were several miles when the cop passed us with his lights and siren on. He passed us with his hand out the window showing a thumb's up sign. He turned off the lights and siren as he went around us, thanking me for hi blowjob.

Ron said, he was pretty excited over my encounter with and cop. We stopped in another roadside park. Ron held my hand as we walked around. I stopped; "Ron that brief encounter with the cop made me so horny, my pussy is still wet let's fuck somewhere" We looked around and found that cop parked under a huge cactus. The car doors were open; we spoke to him, "Officer, You ok He was embarrassed, he was jacking off. He got out & said, I don't normally do this, but your blowjob was so fantastic my dick was still hard. I got our blanket out of Ron's saddlebags & laid it out. I stripped down and lay naked spreading my legs wide, "Here, constable take me " He didn't have to be told twice. He lay on top of me & slid his cock in my wet pussy. "Oh Damn" That feels so good" He pumped that 8'' dick in me hard, I could feel his balls slapping my ass on each thrust.

Ron standing there beats his meat watching us. "Baby" I said I. why don't you join us The cop, said, "Sir, you just as well get some also after all this is your wife" He slipped out & Ron took his place in line. Ron said, "Here Becka, Take this. He pushed hard going in all the way. He fingered my clit as he pumped his cock in me. He slipped out and rolled over on his back. "Becka ride me" I love fucking this way. I sat on his dick, leaning over o kiss my husband. The cop was stroking his dick. He came in close rubbing my butt. He got into position and took my ass. He pushed ah little & plop he was in my butt. He slowly made his way to his balls we had to get in ah rhythmus to get every one satisfied. We did, however Ron was getting close to coming by the gowns he was making. The cop was going strong with every thrust. Ron started increasing speed & depth. Ron was growing, "I'm gonna cum Becka, I'M CUMMING. His first gob hit my womb. Ron held deep in at my cervix & emptied his balls. The cop yelled, "Lady, Fuck my cock, take me.

I felt another orgasm approaching. "Guys, CUM WITH ME" all of us started fucking like rabbits. The cop 's cock was filling my pussy void with his goop. My orgasm being DP was so intense. "Ron this cop is cumming in my ass"OH MY GAWD. Ron was still hard and riding against my g-spot. Ron thrust ah few more times & I started another orgasm. I squirted all over the cop, Ron & myself. We fell in a heap of sex-covered bodies. Breathing heavily, slowing to normal. We separated our mating process and sat there totally satisfied. The patrol car's radio came on "Patrolman Stanley Please report" He said, I gotta go. "Ok but I want you to know, I have never had casual sex with anybody better or with a larger dick. Thanks officer" I haven't made a traffic stop with this kind of etiquette. Thanks, mam you to Ron" He was gone shortly after that.

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