Summer of 1967 - The Summer of Love

Author: William Arthur
Published: Oct 27, 2009
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We were going to stay over night so we could drink all evening and not worry about the fifty mile drive home. It would also give us a night to be naughty and wicket and to fuck as long as we wanted. That would be until we headed back home the next afternoon.

Forty-five days after the birth of our first child and one week after we had resumed our making love, my bride and I decided to visit the big city for the weekend. Her parents would baby sit and with milk pumped from her lovely breasts, our daughter would never know we were away.

We were going to stay over night so we could drink all evening and not worry about the fifty mile drive home. It would also give us a night to be naughty and wicket and to fuck as long as we wanted. That would be until we headed back home the next afternoon.

We were a conservative couple in out hometown, but had always a wild side when we were away. This was long before aids and all of the safe sex that came with it. It was the time of braless women and see thru dresses. Girls were not filling their breasts with silicone and guys didn't need Viagra. Pleasure was king, the line "if it feels good, do it" had been written for the era. Music was great, oldies were the current hits and pot was everywhere. It was a great time and tonight was going to be a great night.

The club we were going to was a popular one with us, as they never checked id's and always allowed us in. This was rather important as we were only nineteen. The club had other advantages for the pleasure that we desired that night. Late in the evening, the customers included older guys, guys on business trips from out of town. Guys who loved to either check out the young girls and go back to their room and jack off as they fantasized of their tight asses and firm young titties and guys who tried to pick up these girls, sometimes taking them away from their dates, and other times, participating in threesomes with the girls and the guys. It was the sixties after all!

This club had a raised dance floor, and with the short dresses and skirts, those sitting next to the dance floor usually had great panty shots, or since some girls did wear any underwear, great pussy shots.

She was drinking a drink called a fuzzy screw, also known as a fuzzy fuck. It was a screwdriver with a shot of peach schnapps and although it was quite sweet, backed a bit of a punch. The alcohol did not hit her too hard as with the dancing, she burned it off on the dance floor.

We had been there for about three hours and the crowd had thinned a little. Several of the tables near the dance floor were now occupied with guys old enough to be our father. Since her breasts had begun to fill back up with her milk, her usual 34 B jugs were now a ultra full 38 D. She was only about 5'7" and somewhat petite. Her waist was about 24" and her hips were about 34". She had always had her dark brown hair long, long enough that sometimes at home before the birth of our daughter and her bigger tits, she would not wear a top. Instead let her hair cover her, even sometime when I had friends over - they loved her teasing them, but rarely could see anything.

This night she was wearing a short jean skirt that buttoned all the way up the front. The skirt was only 17" in length and had a total of seven buttons holding it on. The bottom two were never buttoned. The lacy bra she was wearing, witch matched the lacy string bikini panties, was barely hidden by the sleeveless tee she wore.

After a couple dances, I noticed two guys in particular who really enjoyed her charms. We were both rather loose by this time, and I knew this was a turn on to her.

During the next few songs, we intentionally danced close to their area. It was over in a darkened corner of the room and seemed to offer the opportunity to be a little playful. One of the songs was "Twist and Shout" by the Bealtles and it allowed her to squat down, Doing so, she was facing their table and offered them a direct shot of her tasty little panties. And with the light from the floor, clearly being able to see her bush through the thin material.

Back at our table we noticed a couple shots of vodka. Our waitress told us they were a "gift" from the two guys.

An hour and a number of dances later, our two new friends noticed something a little different. Just as we began to dance once again to the song, "Twist and Shout", our waitress placed two drinks from us on their table along with a little gift - her panties. She had removed them in the restroom and old me she was going to give those guys a thrill. As we got closer to their table, their eyes were glued to her body. She did not disappoint them. She got down, no only enough for them to see her shrub, but to be able to see the lips of her teenage pussy.

We spent the next hour at their table, continuing to become more and more wasted. Often I would return from the restroom to see a hand on her thigh or higher. We ended up going to their room for a visit and a couple more drinks.

End of part one

About: The author of "Summer of 1967 - The Summer of Love" is William Arthur. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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