Conference Capers

Author: alwaysagentleman
Published: Jan 2, 2010
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Go on clean me out she said as she reached one hand behind her and spread her cheeks. My cock was wet from the shower but this was really a dry arse fuck, I pushed my full purple head against the hole, and encouraged her to push back against me slowly and firmly I felt her arse stretch to take me, the mix of pain and pleasure was measured in Kathy cry's and gasps.

Kathy had made a mess of the booking for the conference, the main hotel was full and about 20 of us were moved a mile away to a hotel that had been closed for the season, no food and only 2 members of staff who were nonplussed to see us. To be fair Kathy was normally very efficient and did talk them into opening the bar, and then proceeded to drink its entire contents.

If her head was as sore as mine, then god help her, I woke up with a military band playing in my head and the regimental goat had shit in my mouth. Though the noise had an asian accent and was coming from the corridor. I looked outside and saw Kathy in her pyjamas being harangued by the Chinese member of staff. Kathy was holding her bed linen and looked ill and scared. I walked over and the maid was complaining about Kathy puking over the bed, she had been trying to hide the linen down a laundry chute but the hotel didn't have one and was caught. Sue, the maid wanted Kathy chucked out but I calmed her down and promised to pay for the cleaning, which wasn't enough. You must punish your daughter she is bad girl and you spank her good. This surprised me but looking at Kathy, who is 22, but looks a lot younger I could see the mistake she made. Kathy is just 5 ft tall, slim with small but round breasts maybe a 34 b. with no makeup and hair in bunches she looked very young indeed. "Yes Daddy I have been naughty maybe I deserve a spank" Now since Kathy has been working with me we have had a good laugh, never thought she would fancy me, I am twice her age and not exactly Pierce Brosnan in the looks department. We would joke about that film secretary but maybe she wasn't joking after all. I grabbed her left arm spun her round and bent her over, she squealed as the flat of my hand slapped her butt cheeks. They were firm and round and there was a satisfying crack as her pajamas bottoms rippled under the assault. I was so tempted to pull them down but didn't want to push my luck , I wasn't holding her tightly and she could have broken away, but she didn't. Another two slaps and I sent her into my room.

"You lucky Girl, in Hong Kong you would be beaten for this" Sue stomped off with no mention of an eviction. Oh I know said Kathy I could see her nipples pushing the material of her vest top and a flush in her cheeks. I followed her into the bedroom and she was already facing the corner slightly bent over with her arse asking to be hit. I walked over and pulled her leggings down around her knees, it was a better sight in the flesh, her left buttock was pink with my handprint and I planned to give her a matching one for the other buttock. She then let rip a huge fart, this doesn't worry me normally but Kathy stood up and turned round the soft down of her pubic hair matching the strawberry blonde locks and I could see her wet with the pink clit showing.

I am sorry she said, You dirty girl get into the bathroom at once you need a wash. She scampered into the bedroom leaving her leggings behind and removed the vest stepped into the shower and turned on the water. I walked in and picked up the soap, I began to soap her back lingering over her armpits and young firm breasts, her nipple hard and proud, I put my arm around her and slowly moved down to her pussy in circular movements. I slipped my fingers between her lips and squeezed her clit, moving my fingers in a figure of eight. Kathy moaned and clasped her strong thighs together riding my hand up and down I squeezed her tits hard and could hardly believe the situation I was in, this young women climaxing in my arms and pushing herself back against my hard cock. Kathy leaned forward and braced herself against the tiled wall, her bum was pushed up with a fine view of her wet pussy and arse. Go on clean me out she said as she reached one hand behind her and spread her cheeks. My cock was wet from the shower but this was really a dry arse fuck, I pushed my full purple head against the hole, and encouraged her to push back against me slowly and firmly I felt her arse stretch to take me, the mix of pain and pleasure was measured in Kathy cry's and gasps. Soon I was fully inside and I pulled her towards me until my balls bounced of her cheeks. The momentum built up slowly at first but then my manhood was moving in and out of her arse as easy as it would her pussy. One arm up against the wall she reached down and began to frig herself I hand one hand on her bottom and the other rubbing her tits and I felt her come calling my name and questioning my parenthood I relaxed and pulled out quickly so I could see my spunk cover her arse and buttocks.

She showered and came out wearing a towel, "David, I never thought you could do that to me", with a grin I'm not an arse virgin now just need to be a good girl from now on. Well you do respond well to discipline I said, but that is my towel and you need to go back to the room, I will see you later. She ran naked back to her room and I thought the minx was getting horny again, I hadn't fucked her pussy well maybe tonight and maybe Sue would like to show me and Kathy how they discipline young ladies in Hong Kong.

I ran back to the room rather gingerly my bum smarting from the shagging David had given it. He is bigger than Mike and I have to admit experience counts for a lot when it comes to shagging. I looked in the mirror and their were no marks not even a hickey, which is Mikes usual calling card though I could see the pinkness of my clit showing through my pubes and I felt full and satisfied. I still couldn't believe I had been ass fucked by my boss, let alone the spanking. David just took control and I felt powerless to resist and it just seemed natural to bend over and offer my arse which he took. Maybe its not really cheating on Mike if I don't let david fuck my pussy, but I don't know if I can resist that.

I didn't see Kathy for most of the day, at lunch she came over to give me a phone message but it wasn't until we were back at the hotel did we meet up. I went down to the pool for a swim and it was empty so I was able to do a few lengths before I settled down in the spa. I first heard Sue when she entered the water, a bit cheeky I thought but well no one was around even more of the guests had moved up to the main hotel and she was looking after us quite well.

Hello how is your daughter Sue laughed she had dark brown eyes and had brushed her black hair away from her face. I guessed she was early to mid twenties and not much older; she climbed out of the pool revealing her black bikini, two triangles covering her tiny breasts and a thong covering the groin area. My thoughts turned to how she had planned to punish Kathy and if it would have been as much fun as i had with her. She isn't my daughter I said, and Sue laughed and I am not bloody chambermaid, assistant manager and if wasn't for you I would be shagging my way around London by now instead of washing pukey sheets. I really liked her following this comment, and you banging that girl this morning didn't help my mood, I saw her run to her room. Lovely girl how did a fat old git like you manage to shag her Just lucky I guess. Sue sent me off to get some drink with the key to the bar, as she continued her swim.

I eventually got back to the hotel, it had been busy moving delegates about so only a few remained in our hotel and they were staying on for the cocktail party. I was knackered and David had seemed off all day, not speaking to me at all. Maybe he was angry at me or had simply used me and decided to walk. I got the impression that everyone knew what I had done and talking behind my back. The thought of being used like this was actually a turn on, David just wanting to shag me and brag to his mates, maybe offering to get me to lay them as well and threatening me with the sack if I didn't comply. I had this week before I decided to marry Mike or not, he wouldn't be into any of this fun expecting a good little wife, which is what I was ok about but not without experiencing a bit of life first. The taxi back was hot and I could see the driver watching me in the mirror, my skirt was short anyway and had ridden up a bit more, I opened them wide and gave him a flash of my white panties.

I brought back some wine and glasses to the pool to find Sue's bikini lying on the side, she was a strong swimmer and had tied her hair back, she climbed out of the pool and stood in front of me accepting the wine glass, She was very thin with the smallest tits I had ever seen, almost triangular but with large brown nipples contrasting with her ivory skin. My eyes lowered to the narrow strip of black pubic hair finishing just above her pussy. You like my body it sexy like your friend, oh yes i said very sexy Sue swallowed her wine turned and dived back into the pool, she was taller than Kathy but not as well proportioned or toned but hey i am being picky 2 naked 20 somethings in one day not bad.

The hotel was locked up and I had to let myself in through the leisure centre, some centre a pool and spa I heard Davids voice from the pool and looked through the window to see him and the maid drinking wine he turned and dived into the pool and I realised she was naked. Had he found someone else so quickly Flashing to the driver was a turn on for both of us I had no cash on me and he said he had no account with the hotel but would let me off for a blow job that was a bit too far and I opened the door and scampered. David answered his mobile phone and it was clearly the taxi firm complaining about me he saw me and beckoned me over.

The call was my boss wondering where I was, she wasn't pleased and said that the whole conference was going tits up, I had to agree with her but I told her I was feeling a bit ill and would follow on for the dinner. I saw Kathy and called her over, she looked petrified, am I in trouble she asked, I had no money and the taxi driver wanted a blow job she said and I don't know how to give one. She was wearing her business suit a jacket and very short skirt, pale tights and blouse and chaf type tie burberry tarten I think the blouse had 2 or 3 buttons open showing her pert breasts under a white bra. I should have reassured her but took a wild guess, what were you doing in the car I asked, were you flashing, just my panties she replied, I think my dick got instantly hard at the thought and Kathy clearly noticed it, as did Sue who had surfaced to see what the fuss was about. Well, you may have gone too far Kathy I said what should I do with you and walked over taking her arm I turned her round and bent her over, She lifted her skirt up and I gave her three cracks across her backside. She pulled away and I saw some tears in her eyes, don't cry I said you are only getting what a bad girl deserves I said she nodded acceptance and bent over again.

I was taken aback about this, David had threatened me with the sack and looking between my legs I saw a naked Sue climb out of the pool, the first naked woman I had ever seen apart from my big sister. I was ok with David but was not too keen on the audience, this got worse when I realised she was going to join in. Her wet hand touched the inside of my thigh and moved up towards my gusset, she squeezed me roughly and said I will show you how to punish this girl. She removed my jacket and pulled me over to the spa forcing to sit on the side my stocking covered feet in the water. David sat opposite watching closely as Sue tore my blouse and pulled my bra roughly over my tits exposing my erect nipples. I tried to resist but Sue was very strong and I felt helpless as her hands pinched my breasts the long nails leaving scratch marks and I winced in pain as she dug the nails into the soft flesh. She hooked one leg around my left knee and used the other to push my legs apart her free hand ripped a hole in my tights and she pushed aside my panties and forced her fingers deep into my pussy. I almost came then and there the sudden invasion of my vagina was shocking a mixture of pain and pleasure. She made me lie down and removed my sodden knickers and tights, my legs were spread and I knew David could see it in all its intimate glory. Sue pushed her small finger into my anus I hear you like an ass fuck she said and then felt her other fingers enter my pussy with her thumb rubbing my clit. I was light headed and could hear myself moaning and wincing when Sue nipped me with her nails. I had never been treated this way, exposed and being handled so roughly, sues fingers doing thing to me I hadn't known before, not even when I frigged myself off it seemed Sue knew me better than I knew myself. I came when sue went down on me kissing and licking teasing my clit with her teeth, i hadn't had my pussy eaten before and to be honest I've yet to meet anyone who could do it as well as Sue did that evening.

I stood up and removed my trunks, the sight of Kathy being fucked in this manner by Sue was incredible, Sue tongue was making Kathy scream with pleasure, her hands grabbing hold of Sue's head and burying her face into her pussy I went over and pulled Sue away as Kathy came her body shaking with the climax I lifted her up, like a doll and held her body against mine and slid her down onto my hard penis I felt sues hand guiding me towards Kathy's warm wet pussy and once inside with her legs and arms wrapped round me I felt Sue fingers as they entered her arse, she almost convulsed and came again the tight pussy gripping my dick as I moved it up and down, sSe was to our side one hand exploring Kathy's arse her mouth sucking her tit and the other hand moving between my buttocks and rubbing my anus, the hot spa water was bubbling around my balls and Kathy was covered in the warm water. Using Kathy's juice as a lubricant sue entered me squeezing my buttock she seemed to milk my dick as I came inside Kathy, Sue's fingers worked their magic again and kath came with me.

The three of us lay on the poolside I was exhausted, my body had been used by David and Sue for their pleasure, and I could still feel his dick and her fingers as though they were inside me. We were all drenched with sweat and water and as I sat up I saw David's dick still hard and glistening, I could also see David's boss and 6 other delegates looking through the plate glass window, the men clearly enjoyed the show and began to applaud us.

Lorna seemed more upset about missing out on the show rather than the fact the conference had indeed gone tits up. All our jobs on the line and you are shagging the secretary whist pretending you were ill. We had managed to get the men out of the hotel but not before Kathy had run naked out of the pool and upstairs, poor girl she would have done better staying put the guys really didn't have much of a view of her in the pool area. Sue had bent down to pick up her bikini and both Lorna and I saw her full wet pussy and I was desperate to fuck her as well but something told me I had missed my chance. Lorna and iIshared a bottle of whisky with Sue who told us that Kathy was refusing to come downstairs, Lorna is in her forties, short blonde hair lovely boobs 38 d which are round and firm just like her backside. she clearly was interested in Sue and the two went to bed together, it was the lesbian clubs Sue had intended to shag around in London and was not at all interested in playing hide the sausage with me.

I was lying in the hot bath when Sue came in to see me, she couldn't persuade me to go down stairs, I am embarrassed iIsaid, why should you be all those guys were hard as rocks looking at you each of them wanted to shag you then and there. This thought surprised me but also turned me on, being wanted by all those guys and being in a position to be shagged by them. Sue's hand was in the water and finding my crotch I parted my legs and allowed her to slowly wank me off, it was gentle and slow this time, the rhythmic movement of her fingers relaxed me and I tried to remember every movement of her hand in order to repeat it when I was alone. She liked straight girls she said as she kissed me goodbye and I'm off to try your bosses vibrators, David has got a vibrator I thought before realising she meant Lorna. I found David asleep in the corridor very drunk and I managed to put him to bed, his dick getting hard as I undressed him we slept together for the only time with me holding his penis and thinking about how exciting it was been screwed in front of those men and making them hot. I regretted panicking.

I woke up to find myself in bed I could smell kathy's scent but she had clearly left, I looked at the time it was nearly midday so I turned over and went back to sleep.

Lorna had left a message for me to go back to the hotel to close the conference and make sure everyone had left. I decided to walk which was not a good idea, it was freezing and I slipped in a puddle and laddered my only tights whilst soaking my panties. The first faces I saw were the ones from the pool last night and they had clearly been busy telling everyone what had happened, the women snubbed me and anytime I came within arms reach of a man I seemed to be groped. Some of the guys were good looking and to be honest I didn't try to get out of the way. David had been asleep this morning and the buzzing noise from Lorna's room had warned me away. I was incredibly horny still, the amount of sex I had seemed to only make me hungrier and my pussy ached to be filled again.

Walking down a corridor I saw a spare radiator and decided to dry out my knickers. I hitched up my skirt and took of the damp underwear stuffed behind the heater I let my fingers linger over my pussy and touched my clit in the way Sue had taught me, I lost track of time as I imagined Lorna, David and Sue taking turns with me and then I thought about being shagged in a gang bang, maybe if I hadn't run away last night it may have happened. I felt a strange hand on my shoulder and froze, well if it isn't little Kathleen said Mark he was with 3 other guys all from the pool we were wondering what you were up to, running off we could have had a party last night. Another hand ran up the outside of my leg lifting the skirt and exposing my nakedness, I think Kathy wants to party just now, she is dressed for the occasion, they laughed and one I recognised as a friend of Mikes said anyway you don't want your hubby to find out do you.

Any pretence at resistance from me stopped then and there, I let the men strip me and lay me on the floor, one held my arms down whilst Tony fumbled around my pussy putting in his fingers he was shocked at how wet I was. Mark lowered his trousers and produces a huge penis, maybe 9 or even 10 inches bigger than David and Mikes He knelt and pushed open my legs an entered me. He was big and despite being wet he hurt, more than the ass fuck had and after he came in 3-4 stokes I realised that size isn't everything. I was taken by all our guys one after the other various sizes and for various lengths of time, none satisfying me but the repeated entry and combined efforts were building up a climax for me, Mark came back for seconds and I raised my legs resting on his shoulder, two of the guys took a foot each and spread the legs wide, Mark took longer this time and his banging against my pussy was having the desired effect, He came again and the four stood up and dressed themselves. I opened my eyes and said well is that it, I was disappointed as good as having 4 guys shag me and fill me with come I had climaxed and wanted more. Go and get some others said Mark, the look of concern across my face seemed to please them and Tony knelt down and shoved his dick in my mouth, I saw the flash of mobile phone cameras go off, and actually found the pictures on a website some months later, Tony had a small skinny dick and despite him being rough it didn't reach my throat, I needn't have worried about giving a blow job as he came almost as soon as I ran my tongue around the small head of his dick.

I was pulled down again and saw more guys had arrived, I don't know how many but I did see Tony and Mark taking fivers of them. Come on have a go only five quid anything you know what she is gagging for it. Being sold like this increased my pleasure and I didn't even mind too much when the Taxi Driver took his turn. To be honest he didn't seem to recognise me and I didn't let on, I lost count of how many men I had that afternoon but probably a dozen, some like Mark had a couple of goes on me, I would like to say I didn't come again but I did once with the taxi driver and then at the end with an Old Guy, maybe security who pulled me on top of him and found the spot being my vulva which always sends me wild.

They left me lying on the corridor floor in pool of spunk, I knew I had to leave the job after this but the thought of being used like that again always help when Mike is puffing away on top of me.

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