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A Satisfying Visit to Dr. Laura's office

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Author: MichaelB
Published: 02-Jan-10 Revised/Updated 03-Feb-10
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"Okay, alright, you can suck the head only, but no tongue, and no making happy cooing sounds of appreciative pleasure. Because, well, you know, that would be wrong." These last four words were simultaneously spoken, or rather mumbled, by the petite blonde, as she already had the entire massive head of Jack's now fully grown cock in her saliva-filled mouth...

* * * * * * *

The lovely Dr. Laura Weston, who many thought looked like a young Meg Ryan, came into the examination room and found the man completely undressed and sporting a large, but flaccid penis. Even in this soft state, she estimated it at over seven inches.

She gasped a bit but it was barely noticeable, as she was, after all, a doctor, and had seen penises before, even large ones. Granted, none as large, or potentially as gigantic, as this one before her now, but she had only been in practice a short while. It was certainly true that her husband carried so such weaponry.

"What, uh, seems to be the problem here, Mr., uh, Offley."

"Well, if you get a little closer, Doctor, you can see that my testicles are grossly swollen, and it is causing me quite a bit of discomfort."

Dr. Weston moved closer and bent forward, peering at the man's large round sac, the approximate size of a medium honeydew melon.

"Yes, yes, I see. Well... I suppose I have to first ask the question, how long has it been since you had a, uh, discharge"

"It's been about a week, since my wife went overseas for her job. She usually drained it -- that was her way of saying it -- every other day like clockwork. She's been doing that since we were in high school together"

"Don't you ever, uh, you know, give yourself some release"

"No ma'am, I mean Doctor, I was brought up that such activity was strictly forbidden, and would be wrong, very wrong."

"I see," the Doctor said, her voice more of a throaty whisper, as she bent in closer to assess the problem. Now on one knee, she reached out her small hand and asked Mr. Offley if she could inspect it through touching.

"I suppose, if you must, but just that. No licking or tonguing it, because that would be wrong, so very wrong."

Taken aback by this comment, but also somewhat aroused by it, the blonde doctor moved even closer and cupped the pendulous bag in her over matched palm, jiggling it slowly.

"My goodness, you must have 10 pounds of fluid in there."

"I reckon, but I never have weighed the thing."

Laura found her professional demeanor wilting now, as she took in the manly musk emanating from the region she was diagnosing. Moving her mouth to within an inch of the slowly growing anaconda jutting from the man's groin, she breathed warmly on his penis, a slight bit of drool now falling from her open lips.

"Alright, I see where this is headed, Doctor. I suppose you can lick it a bit, but absolutely no sucking it into your mouth. That would be wrong, very wrong, me being a married man and all."

Without a thought to the contrary, Laura dropped to a full kneeling position and began to run her magically adept tongue around the plum-sized head of Jack's quickly growing cock, moving then to the long (and getting longer by the moment), thickly-veined shaft.

Jack groaned his arousal and put his large, calloused hands on the doctor's shoulders, atop her cascading blonde hair.

"Okay, alright, you can suck the head only, but no tongue, and no making happy cooing sounds of appreciative pleasure. Because, well, you know, that would be wrong." These last four words were simultaneously spoken, or rather mumbled, by the petite blonde, as she already had the entire massive head of Jack's now fully grown cock in her saliva-filled mouth.

"My, you do that so well. It would be cruel of me to withhold from you the enjoyment of your little feast, so, yes, you may use your tongue, and make any sounds you wish, but you're to suckle only the head, and perhaps an inch or two of the shaft, as reward for your expert medical attention and, if I do say so, exquisite lips."

He continued speaking, albeit somewhat breathlessly, as the kneeling doctor slurped wetly at his vermillion colored penis. "But you can't reach your hand into your panties, which from the aroma I'm smelling is suffused with your girl juice, and spread apart those quivering petals and rub your wet clit. No, no, that would be wrong and so terribly dirty, and we shouldn't even mention such things."

Laura made a little whining sound, shrill and begging, which she then repeated over and over. The vibration of this resonated on Jack's mighty member, right into those overloaded balls.

"Alright, then, if you must, you must. Reach in there and do what you want to your little honeypot."

Laura's sounds soon took on a loud urgency, as her fingers did their deed, and she took her O-stretched mouth off the cock for a second to scream out her orgasmic joy.

"Well then, you probably needed that, and what I need now is a proper sucking, young lady. Do anything and everything you can. I must unload this burden from my balls!"

Within seconds she was giving him an extremely expert blow job, probably the best in his life. Jack had his hands on her head and was rocking her back on forth at a regular pace, not too fast, which allowed her to wiggle her tongue along the underside as she worked. When she was back up to only having the head in her mouth, he would give her a few seconds to suckle it, her titillating moans filling his ears.

Jack then released her head from his grip, placing his hands on the counter behind him. Doctor Laura continued to move her head at the same rhythmic pace, back and forth, back and forth, slobbering and drooling as she went. She delighted at the taste of him, and fell under the ancient spell of fellatio, the ritual subservience of a true woman for a real man.

The large head of his raging cock pushed repeatedly against her throat opening and dangling tonsil, but it was apparently too engorged to fit through the aperture. He continued to saw back and forth in this manner for a few more moments until, catching him a bit by surprise, the lithe blonde reached both her hands up to his firm butt cheeks and pulled him forcefully forward.

The gargantuan cock plunged it's way two or three inches into her relatively small throat. Laura pushed it back out several inches, then wasted no time in pulling him forward again, this time swanning her neck and head down at the same time. She received a full four inches into her throat, the entire head and an inch or so of the shaft.

Letting out a mewling sound, half from increased excitement and half from self-congratulation, the young doctor began to seriously suck her rugged patient's fully burgeoned manhood. Jack thrust his pelvis forward in time with her rhythm, punching it into her throat with abandon. Laura gagged a few times but gamely continued, at this point just a wanton slave to her fully incited passion.

Meanwhile, from across the room, Dr. Weston's assistant, who had been peering through the door, now entered and approached the couple. This was Sheila, Laura's beautiful nineteen-year old stepdaughter, who was spending the summer "helping out" in the office. Dr. Laura always used air quotes when she referred to the bratty and daydreamy Shiela's stint at her office.

Laura felt hands on her shoulders, unsure of who they belonged to. Could it be one of the other doctors But she didn't care, such was her fever to get the job done. Come hell or high water, she was determined to fill her belly with her richly deserved cum-drink. And, of course, to relieve her patient of his medical problem, his testicular majorible extendicus.

Then she heard Sheila's softly encouraging voice, husky with her own excitement at the scene taking place in front of her. "You go, Mom, you suck that big cock."

"Wow," thought Laura, "that's the first time she ever called me Mom."

At that moment, Laura's friskily working tongue felt a telltale spasm and she knew she was soon to have a creamy load to swallow. "M-m-m-mmm", she hummed, extra loud, begging for it. The spirited attitude and added vibration were exactly what Jack needed to push him over the brink into ecstasy.

ack's first squirt was only a pre-cum prelude, but came out as a hot jolt on Laura's wiggling tongue. It was unusually tart but with a sweet aftertaste, and the horny doctor devoured it with a carnal grunt.

The first real spurt of Jack's orgasm filled her mouth with at least a quarter pint of hot, salty man-juice. Doctor Laura moaned in bliss and ravenously swallowed his delicious eruption. She again reached both hands up to his flexed ass, digging her nails in as she pulled his exploding lance far into her thirsty throat.

Like a compression hose on high, shooting out a cream so thick it was gel-like, Jack filled her throat with successive bursts, each fusillade helping push down the previous one. As the muscular man shot out wad after wad, he bellowed thunderously. Laura worked her little tongue along the under-shaft just above his emptying balls, the roundness of which she now cupped and caressed as they unleashed several ounces into her welcoming maw.

The young blonde gulped and guzzled, gulped and guzzled, her throat muscles working to capacity to handle the saved-up jizz of Jack Offley. Their eyes met and locked and stayed that way for the duration, which lasted well over a minute.

Laura suddenly seized up herself, another orgasm ripping through her like an earthquake, shaking her to her very core. This happened without her hands on herself, but she quickly reached down and remedied that, nursing her soaked pussy through its happy pulsings.

Finally, the molten bursts slowed, and the creamy discharge became a trickle. Laura pulled off his cock with a pop, leaving her mouth open to receive the last dribblings on her outstreched tongue. Fully satisfied, her tummy quite full, and quite warm, she gave the fat tip a grateful kiss. Laura let out a little burp, rife with the strong scent of his cum, and giggled like the naughty young woman she had just proven herself to be.

Jack stood leaning back against the counter, his eyes closed, breathing in slow gasps. Laura went to her side on the floor, and rolled onto her back. Sheila aggressively took her place on her knees, her stepmother looking over in momentary shock and disbelief.

Looking down, Offley saw the delicate strawberry blonde who was panting hotly just inches from his half-hard cock, still coated with white drippings mixed with the saliva of the talented mother.

Jack thought Sheila resembled a smaller and sluttierr version of Taylor Swift, but with less buck teeth (and, in all likelihood, a better singing voice).

Sheila had broken up with her boyfriend Axl a few weeks prior, and she sorely missed his 10-inch cock. She was determined to not let this one get away without it servicing all three of her needy holes.

"I told Mrs. Summersby to come back tomorrow, so we don't have any patients until after lunch at 2, almost 3 hours. So it looks like we'll be eating in today, Mother dear."

Doctor Laura sat up and burped again, causing her and Sheila to giggle together. It felt so good to be doing something with her usually hostile stepdaughter, and Laura had a new found sense of appreciation for the sassy young lady.

Sheila murmured happily and began licking the gooey strands left over on Jack's big cock, now throbbing and growing anew. "Okay, young lady. You may lick it if you like, but just that. Anything else would be very wrong."

Glancing up at him, the voracious teen said, "Okay, big guy, I know the drill. Yada yada, skip ahead, skip ahead, lick, suck, stuff it down my throat." And with that she took the entire nine inches of half-hard man meat into her mouth and pulled it to the hilt. Sticking her tongue out to lick the top of the happily impressed Jack's balls, she moved her head slightly from side to side, humming contentedly.

The dick grew in her mouth and throat, reaching its steel-rod fullness in a matter of seconds. The sexy teen pulled her head back slowly, but suddenly stopped, stymied by the size of the bulbous head not easily fitting back through her throat opening. She looked up at Jack with beseeching blue eyes and he, seeing the problem, took hold of her head with both hands and roughly yanked it free.

Sheila extricated herself the rest of the way off his again-mighty cock, took a deep breath, and put her pink-painted lips to work on the spongy mushroom cap, purring softly as her good fortune. Jack chest heaved with renewed vigor as he watched her tiny tongue darting out to capture some still-oozing cream.

Soon Sheila was feasting on the full thirteen inches, deep-throating him repeatedly and squeezing his still robust scrotum just as her stepmother had done. Laura gave Sheila a little pat on her back, stood up, and began to peel off her clothes, starting with her sweat-stained, drool-covered blouse. Listening to the sweet suctioning sounds filling the room, young Doctor Laura smiled and locked the door.

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