Author: The Black
Published: Feb 10, 2005
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When she entered the master bathroom her joy turned to sheer ecstasy. She squealed delightedly when she saw the sunken tub; she loved soaking in a warm bath. She climbed in and sat down, rubbing her hands slowly back and forth along the polished edge of the tub. Her actions struck him as incredibly erotic. He imagined her sitting naked in this tub with her smooth, flawless skin glistening from the soapy water. He felt his dick throb for her.

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When Curtis entered the Allstate Modular Homes office the agent he'd talked to last week was with a wide-eyed young couple, explaining to them the advantages of purchasing a modular home over a typical frame construction. It was the same speech she'd given to him last week. She saw him enter and said she'd be right with him. His appointment was for one o'clock. It was one o'clock now.

He stood and waited patiently, even though he was anxious to show Angela the model he'd seen when he came here last week. Pam was waiting out in the car. Curtis had figured he'd walk right in, grab the agent and then go next door to the model as soon as they arrived. He really wanted Anita to see this model. If she liked it, he was going to have one built for them.

Ten minutes later he was still waiting for the agent. The couple ahead of him apparently didn't give a fuck about his appointment and kept asking more questions. He didn't want to keep Pam waiting any longer. "Excuse me, I'm going out to the car to tell my fiancÚ that it's going to be a while," he told the agent. "Or we can come back later, if you're not busy." He didn't bother trying to mask the irritation in his voice.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," the agent responded. "If you want, you can go on ahead and I'll catch up with you. The key is hanging right behind you."

"Thanks," Curtis said, not feeling thankful at all. This was even better. Pam and he could look at the model in peace, without being irritated by this woman's sales pitch. He grabbed the key and went outside.

When he came out alone, Pam gave him a questioning look from the passenger seat. He held up the key and motioned for her to get out of the car.

Pam was dressed in a light blue short set that contrasted beautifully with her honey complexion. As she approached, he drank in the sight of her gorgeous bare legs. Thank God for warm weather.

"She's tied up with somebody else," he explained. "We can check it out by ourselves until she's ready."

Pam loved the house - the open foyer, the large living and dining rooms, the fireplace in the family room - and especially the kitchen. Curtis followed her around smiling at her joy as she dashed from room to room.

They went up the winding stairs to the master bedroom. It was huge, with walk-in his and her closets and a sitting area. "Oh Honey, I love this place!" Pam gushed.

Her happiness warmed his heart. This home was within his budget, but if it hadn't been, he would have worked three jobs twenty-three hours a day to buy it for her. He loved her that much.

When she entered the master bathroom her joy turned to sheer ecstasy. She squealed delightedly when she saw the sunken tub; she loved soaking in a warm bath. She climbed in and sat down, rubbing her hands slowly back and forth along the polished edge of the tub. Her actions struck him as incredibly erotic. He imagined her sitting naked in this tub with her smooth, flawless skin glistening from the soapy water. He felt his dick throb for her.

He took her hand to help her out of the tub and then pulled her to him and kissed her. Damn, she felt good.

They stood with her back pressed against the double sink counter, kissing and grinding. Her hand drifted down between his legs. She felt his erection and broke their kiss. She smiled at him. "Did you lock the front door"

He hadn't. He dashed downstairs, took a peek out the front door to make sure the agent wasn't on her way, then closed the door and turned the knob latch and the deadbolt. He went back up the steps two at a time. Back in the bathroom he grabbed Pam and took some more of her sweet kisses. She unzipped him and felt inside his jeans, struggling to get at him in his briefs. When she couldn't she whined in frustration and then said, "Honey, take it out."

He did, and they kissed some more as she squeezed and stroked him, enflaming his desire for her even more. He pushed her shorts and panties down and found her warm, moist sex with his fingers. The memory of her sweetness made his dick lurch in her hand. She trembled and moaned when he ran his middle finger up the length of her slit to her clit. She had a hair trigger and came quickly, and just a few circles with the tip of his finger around her sizzling nub had her shivering through her first orgasm.

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the cups of her bra down, anxious to get at her creamy titties. He licked and sucked on each tender nipple as he fucked her with his fingers against the bathroom counter. The empty bathroom was filled with the sounds of her moans and the liquid sounds of his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. She came again, this time more violently, her cries echoing off the ceramic tile. "Honey, fuck me," she groaned.

He sat on the closed commode. She stepped out of her shorts and panties and straddled him. Her pussy was hot and slick from her orgasms, and she sank down onto his rock hard dick in one long, sweet thrust. Damn, she felt good! He gripped her ass and sucked on her titties hungrily as she rode him.

She knew time was short, so she worked quickly, grinding him hard on the down stroke, trying to give him every ounce of pleasure she could to get him off before the agent showed up. It was so good but he wanted more. "Baby, let's go in the bedroom," he said.

Pam lay on her back on the plush new bedroom carpet and spread her legs wide. He placed her firm calves up on his shoulders and slid his dick into her and fucked her hard, making her cry out on every deep stroke. He could feel her legs tremble every time she came.

It was just starting to get really good, and he could feel that familiar tingle at the end of his dick that signaled that he was getting close to his own orgasm. Just a little more...

He heard a knock on the door downstairs.

Damn it!

Curtis got up quickly. "Baby, she's here," he said. He hurried into the bathroom and got her shorts and panties and tossed them to her, and then tried to stuff his steel hard dick into his jeans. Oh shit...

Pam giggled and said, "I'll get the door. You'd better hurry up, Honey."

While she went down to open the door, Curtis winced and grimaced and after some painful struggle, managed to fold his stiff muscle back into his underwear and jeans. He still couldn't go downstairs to join them...not with the front of his pants looking like he had a couple of pairs of socks stuffed inside. He thought about baseball, open-heart surgery, dead puppies...anything he could to get his mind off the memories of his baby's sweet pussy so his erection would die down.

He could hear Pam downstairs talking to the agent about counter tops and color schemes and other crap that men didn't give a fuck about. Finally he recovered enough to join them. He went down and finished the tour, and told the agent that they liked the house and was sure they'd be happy in a place like this.

The agent smiled at them and said, "I'm sure you two will be happy wherever you might be."

He looked at Pam. Her face was flush with embarrassment.

They were back in the car and speeding down the highway. "I think she knew what we were doing," Pam said.

"Uh-huh," he answered absently.

Honey, I really loved that house."


"Didn't you like it Honey I could see us living in a place like that, couldn't you"

"Uh-huh." Curtis was scanning the road ahead, barely hearing what she was saying.

"Honey, are you okay" Pam asked.

"No, I'm not."


"Not for long," he said. He'd spotted what he was looking for - a small motel at the next intersection. He whipped the car into the motel parking lot, said, "I'll be right back," and got out.

A few minutes later he returned, once again waving a key at her and motioning for her to get out of the car.

They could be happy wherever they were.

The End

Excerpt from my new novel, "Teacher's Pet," available online at www.authorhouse.com

A thrill of alarm shot up her spine. Something felt wrong. Some primal instinct warned her that danger was near. Janet climbed quickly off the bed. Now fully awake, she stood naked and alert in the empty room.

What did she say to me

Their clothes were still on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Would Kim leave without her clothes

Perhaps, but the sight of the girl's tee shirt, shorts, and underwear abandoned on the floor brought on a fresh wave of panic. Janet tugged on her jeans and blouse and padded out of the bedroom in anxious search of her young lover.

The hallway was dark, adding to her anxiety.

Weren't the lights on when we came up here

Gathering her courage, she eased down the hall toward the stairs, feeling her way with one hand against the wall.

Where the hell is the light switch

Her eyes gradually adjusted to the dark, and she spotted a thin ribbon of illumination at the far end of the hall. A door down there was slightly ajar, and the light came from the room beyond. Janet moved faster down the corridor toward that light.

As she passed the closed doors along the way she felt that thrill of anxiety again, as if she expected something to spring from one of the rooms and drag her down from behind. Her skin crawled and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stiffen in anticipation of a cold, clammy hand grabbing her from the darkness, but she resisted the urge to run, to give in to what she knew was irrational fear.

She reached the door of the lit room and shoved it open without hesitating. She didn't know what was on the other side but she was mad to get into the light, to escape the threatening darkness behind her.

About: The author of "Homework" is The Black. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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