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Author: bobjj123
Published: 16-Feb-10 Revised/Updated 18-Feb-10
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A shy high school kid is smitten with a beautiful classmate but never even gets close to her. They go their separate ways after graduation only to meet again 2 years later and the shy high school kid has become a confident man."Her breathing had become rapid and shallow as my lips moved to her soft inner thighs and she realized my ultimate goal"...

* * * * * * *

I had just retired from the navy and returned to my old home town to live when I chanced to encounter a familiar face. The weathered skin and wrinkles were new but the eyes and smile were the same. I'd adored her when I was in high school but she was far too popular for a shy type like myself. Her name I remembered her person well but her name

Then, I remembered. . .Carie! It was Carie! There she was, standing at the gas pumps and taking customers money and seeing to the large, self-service station. I called out to her, "Hi Carie. Do you remember me"

She looked at me closely and was slow to respond. "You look kind' familiar. . . Should I know you"

"You probably don't remember Tom Dutton from high school, Do you"

Again, she hesitated, "Were you in my class"

I replied, "I was in your school grade. . .never was in your class I'm afraid!"

"Well, Where have you been these past twenty five years"

"I've just retired from the navy - Master Chief Petty Officer! So, What have you been doing these past years"

"I went to New York to be an actress. Never amounted to much though so six years ago I came back."

"Are you married"

"Tried it once and it didn't work out. How about you"

"Never married - except to the Navy, of course."

"So, What brings you back here"

"Why, I came looking for you," I lied

"You're a damn liar but I like it. So, What're you going to do with me now that you've found me"

"I'm going to seduce you. . . Have my way with you! . . .make you the happiest woman in the world! Then, I'm going to get serious.

"Well, forget it buddy! Nobody's going to seduce me. . . I've been that route with the best of them and I'm too old to go through the hassle again."

"OK, How about dinner then I could use some company."

"What time and where should I meet you"

"Let's say six at the "Taste of Italy".

"Burned down years ago. How about "Luigi's"

So it was that I met Carie at "Luigi's" Italian Restaurant. The food was excellent and the wine outstanding but the service at our table seemed to be lacking. Other tables received excellent service as we received only the minimum. When I remarked to Carie about the service she said simply, "It's probably me." and moved on. "Well, my tip will certainly reflect the service we received," I said and Carie again seemed unconcerned, "Leave her a nice tip. . . it isn't her fault."

Then, on leaving the restaurant, I suggested we walk and Carie agreed. It was when I suggested that we stop at a pub for a drink that she grew tense and said simply, "No."

When I grew insistent, she spoke firmly, "You might as well know. I'm the town hump and half the guys in there will say they've been with me. A few of them will speak the truth. Now, take me back to my car." She began walking swiftly whence she came.

"Whoa! Not so fast! We need to talk!"

"Nothing to talk about."

"Will you listen to me or are you going to be pig headed and stubborn"

Carie turned and I saw anger blazing in her eyes as she moved closer now. "You bastard! You're never going to get into my pants so just give up."

I wasn't ready to give up. . .Caries was the only person in the town that I remembered who had so much as spoken to me and offered the only possibility for friendship that I'd seen since arriving in town. I spoke again. . ."Do you think I give a hoot what people think or that I'm only after your body. . .although, hey!, it's the kind of body any man would be after!"

This time she turned and her eyes were filled with tears. "Please don't hurt me any more. I don't think I could stand it."

"What say we start over again and see if we can get it right this time. You, me and friendship, I mean."

"I'd like that!" Carie replied.

Five minutes later, I directed her to my big BMW and opened the door for the lady to get in. Then, as I went to the drivers position she remarked, "Some car you drive. You must be pretty well off." "It's my greatest vice," I replied. Carie sat quietly for a minute before asking, "Where are we going"

I replied that since she had an aversion to the pubs and clubs in our old home town, I was going to drive as far away as she felt comfortable going into a club and having a drink together. For the first time, I saw her laugh! "There's a brew pub in the next town," she said, "I've never been there."

Five minutes later, we entered the small brew pub and took a seat in the quiet area. Carie was somewhat more relaxed as we chatted about superficial things. Then, over our beers, we began to get more personal.

I talked about my Navy duties and the loneliness the duty entailed and she talked about her life seeking to be an actress in New York - of living hand to mouth and frequent hunger and of bit parts that paid less than a living wage. Then, she spoke of the men in her life - no specifics!

It was over the fourth beer that Carie spoke of her marriage - the price she paid for a bit part in a broadway play! It had been a disaster! Finally, after nearly 20 years she'd had enough! She'd returned to her old home and took the job at the service station to earn her living. Over another beer, she explained how lonely it had been living back home and how she'd taken up with some of the local trash.

Then, with the pub's closing time approaching, Carrie and I got up to leave. I'd forgotten just how much kick that the 12% beer had and found myself quite drunk as we approached my car. When Carrie offered to drive, I felt obliged to let her.

This time it was her helping me into the passenger seat and her driving. She drove slowly from the brew pub driveway and on to the highway; thence, a quarter mile to a small motel where she drove in and parked. A few minutes later, she came out with a motel key and a statement that we were in no condition to drive.

With that, she assisted me into the Spartan room with two double beds where she said, "You take that one." and I pulled off my shoes, trousers and shirt and fell into a deep sleep. I remembered nothing. . .

Next morning, it was well after sunup when I felt movement beside me in the bed. I turned to find a clothed Carie under my covers. . .she smiled as she said, "It's cold over there." All seemed so peaceful that I was soon asleep.

Much later in the morning, I awoke to find Carie asleep and feeling rested, I arose and went to the bathroom to clean up and prepare for the day. Using the razor and toothbrush provided, I did a tolerable job. Then, I showered . . the antiperspirant was fowl and the mouthwash sickening!

As I left the bathroom, Carie was waiting to go in. . . Then 45-minutes later, she came out looking considerably refreshed and really quite beautiful without any makeup. I told her so.

It was nearly noon when we left the motel to seek brunch. At the truck stop we ate heartily! Carie was now totally relaxed and comfortable as we ate and laughed and kidded. Then, we drove back to our town and I dropped Carie off at her doorstep.

At precisely 1800 hours, I was back at that door and Carie came to meet me. She'd obviously been attending to her personal look as her hair was perfectly coiffed, her nails trimmed and painted and her makeup properly adjusted. She was really quite beautiful now. . .reminded me of may years ago!

"Take me anywhere out of this town," she said as I opened the car door for her. A half hour later, we were in a rather posh Italian restaurant, seated in an inconspicuous corner. Carie had become playful and coquettish and I responded with admiration and adoration. She was no longer a product of her past but that high school girl that I had known those many years ago.

It was a fun evening with good food and good company and a pleasant atmosphere. The bottle of Chianti added a warm glow!

Then, suddenly Carie grew serious, "Please don't hurt me. I don't know if I can take much more."

"My God woman! That's the farthest thing from my mind! What makes you say that"

"Look, we both know where this is headed and I want it. I've been down this path before and I inevitably get hurt. Please go easy with me. . . ."

"You have my word on it. . . what ever happens, I'll try never to hurt you."

Then, as quickly as she'd grown serious, she was her happy, playful self. The giant dessert that she and I had agreed to split remained on the table as we took turns sampling the chocolate.

At 2200 hundred hours, the restaurant closed and Carrie and I were directed out the door. We left laughing and in high spirits and dashed through the rain to the car where we quickly entered and looked into each other's eyes. "Where to" I asked.

"Our eyes met in a common understanding and I drove off. Half an hour later, we were at Carie's door and this time, she asked me in. I entered the narrow vestibule and climbed the stairs to the second floor where her studio apartment lay. It was a single big room, with a bathroom door opening next to a walk-in closet and a small kitchen. A dining table and two chairs sat in the kitchen area. A queen sized bed graced the opposite side of the room with a chest and a bureau. It was old and poorly maintained but neat and clean. It spoke well of Carie's housekeeping! As I surveyed the tiny apartment, Carie said, "Welcome to my place. It's not much but it's cheap."

Our eyes met in agreement and I moved to embrace her. She accepted the embrace and we kissed. Our first kiss and my first in perhaps eight years. . . It was a warm greeting between friends!

Then, after toast and coffee and a little covert caressing and groping on her sofa, I went to my hotel room. I slept soundly until late morning; then, spent a leisurely morning tending to my personal care before a lunch in the hotel restaurant. It was late afternoon when I picked up Carie from work and took her home. Then, as she showered and dressed and prepared for the evening, we discussed diner and it was agreed that we'd dine in at her place.

I went to the grocery and purchased two fine steaks, baking potatoes, BBQ beans and salad makings along with some Kaiser rolls for bread. On my return, Carie was prepared and we commenced making dinner. It was a fun time as we worked together and covertly touched and caressed and groped each other in the confines of the small kitchen.

Dinner was delicious! The bottle of Amaretto that Carie produced for dessert was the crowning touch. After clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen, we moved to her sofa with another snifter of Amaretto.

We sat idly talking as I felt something I hadn't felt in years. My body was becoming more alert as my penis filled with blood and my breathing grew short and labored. I was reacting to Carie like a high school kid and I wanted and needed and desired and sought her like a female form to be possessed heart, body and soul Strangely, I welcomed the feeling. . .

Of course, these covert feelings were mine which I supposed were well hidden in my inner being. This, of course, was not true and Carie read my feelings like a book. She said nothing as we sat together on the sofa; my big cock readily discernible under my trousers. As we sat, I had no intention of causing Carie any pain and until I was sure of her feelings for me I chose to control my passions. Instead, We sat close and talked intimately as I kissed her lightly on the lips several times.

Shortly after 2200 hours, I returned to my hotel room, still feeling the effects of my passions. That night, I did not sleep soundly; rather, I tossed and turned and thought of Carie.

It was shortly after 0400 hours that the knock came lightly on my door. I got out of bed and opened the door to Carie.

"I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was you."

"Me neither, I've just tossed and turned all night."

"Take me to bed and do me so I can get some rest."

"It'd be my greatest pleasure. Are you sure"

"No, I'm not sure. Please don't hurt me."

"Come to bed. Let's see what develops. . ."

In perhaps a minute, Carie had shed all her clothing and lay under the covers even as I was returning to bed. Then, once there she seemed shy, even reticent! "I'm afraid!" she said.

"It's all right. We don't have to do this. . . "

"But, I want to do it. I'm just scared. I don't want to be hurt again."

"Kiss me," I said, "Again. . . Now, let me pull back the covers and look at you."

Then, as I adored her trembling body with my eyes, I felt fully erect and up for sex. Her body was perfection. . .even at her age! I spoke, "Beautiful! It's perfection and I want to enjoy it. . . ." I wanted her not only as an animal seeks another but as a person with a heart and soul.

Then our eyes met and for the first time I could read the message in them clearly. She was ready. She was mine. . . my responsibility to give pleasure to and to bring out strong feelings without hurting her. We kissed and our tongues danced a dance of passion. I touched and felt and fondled and caressed every inch of her bare body. . .

My were not far behind my fingers as I attended to her breasts and nipples. Her breathing had become rapid and shallow as my lips moved to her soft inner thighs and she realized my ultimate goal. Then, as my thumbs separated her labia, I kissed the soft inner flesh of her vestibule. What had started quickly soon slowed to a relaxed pace as I performed cunnilingus in a relaxed manner.

As I worked I was rewarded by Carie's responses. . . she was hot and her passions were slowly rising. Time passed and I continued to play at her honey pot. It was some time before I felt the flow of liquids from her vagina. . . and then it was time to insert my fingers into her. . . to further excite her!

Time was of no consequence as we played. . .only actions and reactions and pleasure and passions counted! I don't know when the first time she had cried out for me to fuck her but it was far too soon. Then, her cries became more frequent and more demanding.

Finally, with lubrication gushing from her and her passions at fever pitch it was time. I moved over her and settled between her splayed knees as I positioned my cock for it's entry into her depths. "Now" I asked

"Now!" she responded as my man-meat slid easily into her vagina.

Then, with the tip of my cock against her cervix, I rested. I sought her eyes with mine and saw her raw passion there. Then, it was Carie that moved first, encouraging me to begin the thrusting that was a part of good coitus.

In fact, it was Carie that took the lead in all our actions as I willingly acceded to her wishes. She moved rapidly, seeking more immediate relief and was soon rewarded by her first orgasm. Again, we communicated through our eyes and it was then that I saw pure joy as she lived out her peak.

We moved together now, in a perfectly orchestrated rhythm as our eyes passed continuous messages between us. It had been many years but I was sure that this was sex at it's best! As we continued, Carie's messages became more demanding! . . .more urgent! I tried to meet her demands. . . and only with maximum effort could I keep up - Her passions ran high as mine did too in my efforts to address them!

It was sudden. I felt it rising in my balls and started to cry out but too late! Then, came the release and beneath me Carie peaked in response to my discharge as well. But, it wasn't over. . .

We lay united by my now flaccid cock, still locked in a lovers embrace as the afterglow descended on us. "You were very good.." Carie said.

"You were pretty hot yourself," I replied.

Then, we lay cuddled in our intimate circumstances and slept.

So, our affair began. It was a fun time and we seemed to compliment each other in our living style. At the end of the week, I moved from the hotel to her apartment where we shared everything. In a month we had settled into a routine not unlike a married couple. Carie quit her job and we lived on my pension.

It was not too much later that I sensed all was not as it seemed. Carie had developed a penchant for going to the pub again and she seemed to have lost interest in us. Another month passed; then two and we continued to grow apart.

It was when she arrived home at 0630 hours after having been away all night that I knew it was over. She came in half drunk, smelling of sex and in a surly mood as I watched her in silence that morning. I said nothing as she climbed into bed, still unwashed and dirty, and slept.

It was late that afternoon when I drove my big BMW into a roadside motel some 200 miles from my old home town and registered. I've never gone back.

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