Horny AMISHIs 40D Breasts Seduces a Cab Driver

Published: Feb 17, 2010
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Horny AMISHI,wearing a white t-shirt, which showed her 40D breasts better than some of the younger woman, and a reasonably tight pair of jeans can seduce any guy even a Cabbie. "As I watched her disappear into the bedroom, I noticed there was a mirror on the wall that looked directly into her bedroom. She left the door open and the vision I saw, nearly caused me to blow my load..."

Confessions of a Cab Driver, the one who AMISHI SEDUCES each time her hubby is out of town on a business trip.

This really happened to me when I was about 20 years old, living on my own. I was driving taxis in South Mumbai for about 10 years and work normally Tuesday to Saturday nights. Anyway, one late afternoon I picked up a fare, she was about 39 years of age. She was a very pleasant woman with shoulder length black thin hair, nice face and body, and wearing a white t-shirt, which showed her 40D breasts better than some of the younger woman, and a reasonably tight pair of jeans.

During our conversation we started talking about how lonely she was. I said to her, "If you ever need someone to talk to I would be happy to." As we got to her place she said that her name was Amishi and I gave her mine. I gave her my phone numbers and said, "If you want to, call me anytime." As she walked up her drive I thought if only I could. My cock started to grow but and I thought I would not hear from her again. Then about one month later I was out working and the radio operator called me and asked if I could call into the depot as he had a private message for me (he was not allowed to pass private messages over the 2 way radio). Later that night I called into the depot to pick up the message. He said, "Someone by the name of Amishi called and said for you to give her a call," and handed me her phone number.

The next day I called her about 10am. I do remember it was a Wednesday. We talked for about 30 mins when she said, "How would you like to meet me of a coffee" I said, "I have a better idea, how would you like to come to my place for that coffee" To which she agreed, but she said she would have trouble getting there, as she did not have car. I said "Don't worry I will get a cab to pick you up and I will pay for it." As it turns out, it was the owner of the cab that I drive for. He told her, "As it was for me don't worry about the fare." It was about 11am ... there was a knock at the door. It was Amishi and I invited her in and made coffee. We talked about anything and everything but nothing happened sexually that day. At that time she told me that she did not go out that much and that she pissed her husband off about 3 years ago and had not been involved with another man since. Time flew by and it was time to leave for work. I then called a cab and took her home. She said that she enjoyed my company.

I said, "So did I." I asked her, "Would you be interested in going out for dinner" She said she would like that. We made arrangements for Sunday. I said, "I will pick you up at 5pm." I did talk to her on the phone Friday and she said that she was looking forward to our outing on Sunday. I said, "You pick the restaurant, and then after we could leave the rest of the night to go where ever you want or we could go back to my place." At first I thought she would ask why back to your place but I think she knew what would be in store for her she said, "That sounds great." So it was settled.

I arrived at Amishi's place around 5pm and she greeted me with a warm hello and a kiss on the cheek. She was still in her short pink silk robe and said, "Come in. I'm still getting ready. I won't be long. Would you like a coffee while you wait"

"Yes. I would love one." And while we were in the kitchen she said, "Instead of going to a restaurant, what if we went to the club instead There is a band there tonight and they are real good." I said "if that is what you want". As you have not been out for a while, I thought you could be the one to decide what we do tonight. It's your night." She thanked me as she handed me the coffee and went back to finish getting ready.

As I watched her disappear into the bedroom, I noticed there was a mirror on the wall that looked directly into her bedroom. She left the door open and the vision I saw, nearly caused me to blow my load. She took her robe off. She had on a white lacy strapless bra, which covered just under her nipples and very sheer white panties. She sprayed some perfume behind her ears, between the top of her panties, her navel and her boobs. I thought for a 39 year-old woman her body was magnificent. She had all the right curves in all the right places and just a hint of tummy fat. I would say from having her children. Then I saw her putting on a light strapless cotton floral dress that tied up around her neck. She came out to the kitchen holding the ties up over the head and said, "Can you tie this up for me" As I tied them up she asked, "Will I do" I said, "Will you do is an understatement. You look absolutely gorgeous. You look and smell that good I could eat you." When I said that she put her arms around me, kissed and pressed her body into mine and her 40D tits hard against my chest. This caused an immediate reaction. I grew and I knew that she could feel my erection pressing into her. Reaching down she rubbed the now raging hard on saying, "You naughty boy!" as I pressed even harder against her. With her other hand giving me a slap on the arse, I said, "Now look who's talking You're the naughty one." And I gave her a slap on the bum in return.

As I stood back to admire her beauty again I noticed that the front of her dress was wet with her juices. I thought her panties must be saturated as you could even see the front of her dress wet and I knew I could not leave her in this way. Looking into her eyes, I kissed her and my mouth followed the contours of her neck. My hand ran over her covered tits until it traced her left nipple. My hand enjoyed the sensation of the hardened nipple and the softness of her tits. Undoing the thin straps from around her neck, I pulled the top of her dress down and there looking straight at me just above her bra were pink nipples just waiting to be popped into my mouth. As soon as my lips touched her, the hardened bud she responded with a moaning sound. I moved my hands around her back to undo her bra and dropped it to the floor, while she grabbed the back of my head pulling me down onto her hard aching nipple. I sucked on it, devouring one nipple then the other.

I grasped both sides of her panties. She moved her legs slightly apart, allowing me to slide them down as she spreads her thighs, showing me her neatly trimmed and waxed pussy for the first time. I could feel her getting weak at the knees as she started to buckle under and I moved her to the lounge. She said, "Now that you have seen me in all my glory I want to see you." I was out of my clothes in less than 30 seconds and as soon as she saw my cock she moved closer to reach out and, stroked my cock with her hand, and with her tongue slowly licked her way up my shaft to the top as if it was a lollipop and then pulling back the foreskin of my 7" uncut manhood. She covered just the tip with her mouth flicking her tongue across the top and then with one swift movement dropped her mouth down hard onto it taking me all the way down to my balls. I gasped in sheer delight every time she went down. I could feel her lips pressing tightly against my cock and as she withdrew. I could feel her teeth lightly up against the glands of my rock hard shaft. She gagged as I hit it against the back of her throat. Reluctantly I pulled out of her mouth not wanting to cum.

As I eased her down onto the floor, she spread her legs wide and I kissed her lips. I moved down to her big tits sucking hard on a ridged nipple, and with my fingers squeezing the other, kissing her all the way down to her glory hole. I found her love stick. I gently nipped at it, which causes spontaneous shivers of delight to travel to all her nerves. She said, "That's it. Lick it take it in that's what I need." She raised her hips up allowing me to reach under and I lifted her butt off the floor inserting a finger into her rear hole. Once again it caused her to cry out loud, "Oooohhhh Fuck! That feels good." My finger pushed in hard adding to her excitement. "Mmmmm," she said.

With my mouth still lapping at her wetness and I could smell the perfumed fragrance between her legs that she had sprayed earlier and I admired the silky softness of her pussy. She jumped when she felt my tongue as it plunged deep inside her. I felt the velvet texture of her wet cavity. The wetness and smell of the perfumed fragrance. My tongue deep inside her. All sent both of us wild. I craved to have her mouth around my rock hard cock once more while I licked her sweet hole. We moved round into a 69 position. She was flat on her back and I hovered over her wet pussy so my tongue could work on her engorged clit while she once again did her magic on my steel rod. As I fucked her mouth my tongue hit the spot that made her shudder violently, crying out in sheer ecstasy. This forced her to push her hips up hard against my tongue as it buried deep into her wet tight hole and in a few minutes she started thrashing about pushing up even harder onto my tongue. I had difficulty keeping it in, working on the prize as her body began to shake wildly and uncontrollably as wave after wave of orgasmic spasms tore hard through her sweat soaked body.

The inner muscles of her jaws locked down hard onto my now aching cock, wanting to feel its release. Devouring me like a vacuum she sucked harder and faster then she had done earlier. This time with a lot more force, as I felt my cock pulsating in her mouth I injected load after load of hot goo straight in to her waiting mouth. Shot after shot flew into her mouth. Not wanting to miss single drop she took it all, gagging as it went down her throat. My cock was still hard I moved and sat on the lounge. She straddled me with her feet on either side of my thighs and lowered herself down just so the tip of my cock was at the entrance of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed it and started to slowly rub my cock head around her opening. Then she slowly moved up and down on the head of my cock. With each downward movement it went in a little further at a time and when it was buried deep down inside her, her hips moved faster and faster and heavier with long and deep strokes. With a wicked grin, she smiled at me as I leant forward and began to suck on her nipples, intermittently biting them, keeping her on that fine line between gratification and pain, as she impaled herself hard down on my cock. Faster and faster she rode, her body powerless as the muscles contracted round my shaft sending me close to stupor, but I longed to fuck her doggie.

When I finally got her into the doggy position, I held her hips, as my cock explored between her legs. She was so wet and breathing heavily. My cock, lightly and teasingly rubbing against her clit. I leaned her forward and cupped her tits in each hand and pinched the nipples. As my cock ripped into the satin folds of her inner lips, she squirmed as I drove it in deep hard she said, "Oh Goddddd damn, this is soooo good. Mmmmmm I wanted this to last ... damn. Oh fuck now, now. Oh fuck me hard now!" She screamed out my name. She added, "Fuck me harder, harder." She really begged for it. It took only minutes and her whole body stiffened as she started to let go of a huge orgasm. With my cock still inside her, I could feel her juices running out. She said, "Give me a second." As she moved forward allowing my cock to drop out, and with one more thrust my cock found her back door and she jumped in sheer pain and agony. I stopped moving and left it there. As her pain is began to subside, she really started to enjoy my cock in her rectum as I slowly pushed in further into her virgin arse a little at a time. My cock pushed in once more. I was in right to my balls and slapping against her pussy. She couldn't believe how good it felt and as my cock drilled her back hole. I felt my balls tighten. My legs felt like jelly but I had to go in deeper and harder. I felt another load coming up from my balls I was going to blow this hot load right into her rear can

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