Horny Lady Boss AMISHI is an Employees Delight

Published: Feb 22, 2010
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Horny AMISHI, the lady boss, with her 40D Sized boobs and hairy pussy is any Employee's Delight. "I jumped out of the shower and was putting my clothes on as I noticed car lights shine on the blinds in her office. I told her we had company and looked out the window to see her husbands car pulling into the parking lot. I ran for the shop and crawled under a truck acting like I was working on it as he walked in the door. He asked where his wife was and I said I think she was still in the office or that she was the last time I saw her..."

This all started on a Friday afternoon when I had come into the office after being on call for most of the day. I walked into the office, turning my paperwork in for the week and was having a conversation with our Sales team, when Horny AMISHI, the lady boss walked in. My boss lady, AMISHI, a sight for the eyes. She Stands about 5'2, black thin hair and blue eyes with a body to die for. She has fairly big boobs, but small nipples, but a nice handful as I found out later on.

I had finished my paperwork and went to hand it to her as I noticed she had unzipped her tight fitting shirt, she was wearing to reveal her nice lacy bra that was barely covering her nipples. She was bent over her desk reaching out for my papers as I caught a glimpse of her breasts and I got a hard on instantly. As she reached for the papers she looked up and smiled at me with her big blue eyes and I almost lost it. She is married but all of us at work have our own sexual thoughts and fantasies about her and I think she knows because she will do things to turn us on all the time.

I was about to leave for the day and had noticed everyone else had already gone and I was the last there except her. I heard her yell from her office for me to come there for a minute, so I turned and walked back into her office. As I entered AMISHI said "close the door please", As I closed the door I noticed she had all the blinds closed on the windows in her office. I turned around and asked her what this was about and she looked at me and said that I should know what its about. I looked at her puzzled as she sat on the edge of her desk and I had a perfect view of her nice silky panties under her short skirt.

She said I noticed earlier that you got a hard on when seeing my 40D sized Boobs, and thought we need to talk about that. My heart was pounding and didn't know how to react but before I could do anything she had come over and put her arms around me. I looked at her and asked if we should be doing this and all she could say was "why not" As our lips met she slid her tongue into my mouth and by now my cock was rock hard. She ran her hand down my arm to my waist and around to my hard cock and started rubbing it through my jeans and said my cock was larger than she had dreamed of. I found out Horny AMISHI had been dreaming of this day for the 3 years I had worked there. We made our way to a couch she keeps in her office for all of us to sit on when she meets with us and I started pulling her shirt off and undone her bra to let those tits lose. as her bra fell to the ground I cupped those big juicy boobs of hers and as I said they were about a handful and that's it. As I cupped and twirled my finger around her nipples she was moaning out of control. It was like a NFO, Nipples freak Out. AMISHI desperately wanted my cock in her Hot, Wet and Hairy Pussy and she wanted it right now. With that I unzipped her skirt and pulled it and her panties off revealing her nice wet, hairy pussy. I got down on my knees in front of her and took my fingers and spread her cunt open to reveal her nice pink hole. I ran my fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed her clit till she began to shake with orgasm. I licked all her cum off my finger and went down and licked the rest off her pussy, before long she was creaming in my face all her juices flooding my mouth and running off my chin. It was all she could take and she begged for me to stick my cock in her pussy.

I stood up and slid my pants to the ground, pulling my shirt off as I was getting back between her legs to stick my cock in her wet wanting pussy. I took my cock and slid it over her pussy a couple of times to get the head wet with her juices, as I did this she was moaning louder and louder begging for my cock. I took the head and started inserting it into her pussy witch is tighter than I expected it to be, so I eased it in a little and pulled back until my cock got good and wet from her juices. I started getting faster and deeper when she yelled she was about to cum. She said fuck my pussy harder as I plowed the whole length of my cock into her pussy. I continued pounding her for about twenty minutes or so when I felt my cock start to throb and knew I was about to blow my load. As I got faster and faster she said she was cumming again, as I yelled I was cumming. I started to pull out and she wrapped her legs around me and wanted me to fill her pussy full with my cum. I kept pumping my cock into her tight pussy as my cock exploded with rope after rope of my cum into her pussy.

I had filled her up with my love juice and I could feel it running out around my cock as my cock slid out of her pussy. We laid there on the couch for a few minutes to calm down and for me to realize what had just happened. I leaned up to kiss her on the lips and said this had been a dream of mine for a long time too. We kissed for a while and she put a finger in her pussy and got some of my cum on it then put it into her mouth and said me too. We continued laying there for a few minutes and fell asleep in each others arms when the phone started ringing and we both jumped.

It was her husband calling to see if she was gonna be late getting home, she looked at her watch and said it would be a while yet. After hanging up the phone she come and sat on the couch next to me as she gathered up her cloths from the floor. She said we gonna have to do this more often and found out she and her husband hadn't had sex for almost 2 years. That explains how tight her pussy was, I have a rather large cock about 8 inches long and really thick but her pussy was tight as a virgin.

As she got up off the couch to run into her personal bathroom to take a shower before going home, she asked me to join her and I couldn't resist. We got in the shower and she soaped up her body and reached out for my cock running her hand down the shaft of it slowly started stroking it till it was hard in her hand. She washed the soap off and knelt down in the shower and started sucking my cock with her hot mouth. She was driving me crazy stroking my cock as she sucked it down her throat all the way down to my balls. She reached between my legs and started rubbing my ass hole with her finger. I started tensing up because I had never had anyone play with my ass before but she said it would feel good and make me cum faster, so I said what the hell. She inserted her finger into my ass and started fingering my ass hole with one finger then she put a second finger into my ass, by then I was about to blow my load down her throat.

As she kept sucking my cock and fingering my ass hole, I told her I was about to cum. She got faster and faster deep throating my cock all the way down to my balls. As she went down for the last time I shot my load down her throat filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed every last drop of it as my cock fell out of her mouth with a big smile on her face. We had been in such the heat of the moment, neither of us had realized the hot water had ran out and we were getting a cold shower now.

I jumped out of the shower and was putting my clothes on as I noticed car lights shine on the blinds in her office. I told her we had company and looked out the window to see her husbands car pulling into the parking lot. I ran for the shop and crawled under a truck acting like I was working on it as he walked in the door. He asked where his wife was and I said I think she was still in the office or that she was the last time I saw her. As he opened the door to her office I seen she was zipping up her top as he entered the office. That was a close call but it was well worth it, as they walked out of the office talking, she looked down at me under the truck and said lock up when your done and have a good weekend.

We done this several times over the next year and I was promoted to supervisor over all the trucks and the shop, so I got to spend alot of time in the office with her. We carried on with our relationship for another year and found out her husband was cheating on her too. She filed for divorce 3 months later and we got married the next year. Five year now and we still have sex like we did the first time in her office.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. References made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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