AMISHI's BlowJobs at Work

Published: Feb 26, 2010
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Horny AMISHI always craved and looked forward to unconventional sex at work and enjoyed giving BLOWJOBS the most at the work place. AMISHI always wanted her co-employees to unleash their brutal strength and wanted them to go on a rampage on her ever hungry, hairy, wet and hot Pussy. I actually lost consciousness and when I came to, he was banging me again, but this time he was fucking me in my virgin ass!...

Horny AMISHI always craved and looked forward to unconventional sex at work and enjoyed giving BLOWJOBS the most.

Horny AMISHI always wanted her co-employees to unleash their brutal strength and wanted them to go on a rampage on her ever hungry, hairy, wet and hot PUSSY.

Well after my first blowjob I gave Achhal at least two or three blowjobs a day and he finally had intercourse with me and it was like intercourse! I tried to relax and let it happen the way you are supposed to the first time but he acted like I have been having sex for a long time! He had me deep throat him and then he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get on all fours! He grabbed my hips firmly with both of his big strong hands and put that big head of his cock at the entrance of my vagina and shoved it in all the way on the first insertion and it hurt! He was talking dirty to me and banging me so hard I felt it up in my belly.

I was not enjoying it but he was, so I let him bang the shit out of me! He was pushing into me so hard that I had my eyes closed and had to brace myself up against the onslaught of his frenzied fucking! He really started pumping in and out as fast as he could and then all at once he stopped while he was as deep as anyone could be in me and screamed "I'm cumming bitch!" and he did! I felt warm hot spurts of his cum shooting deep in my pussy and it was building up so fast I felt it running down my leg! He pushed it all in me and then fell forward onto me pushing me so fast forward that I could not hold myself up and my head crashed into the wooden headboard!

I actually lost consciousness and when I came to, he was banging me again, but this time he was fucking me in my virgin ass! He was not talking dirty to me, he was grunting like an ape and this time he was actually going a little slower and his cock felt like it was stretching out my anus. I was laying flat so I couldn't see, so I just laid there and after he started to shoot his load into my butthole I felt his hands pulling my hair and it hurt!

After he collapsed on me again and laid there catching his breath, I opened my eyes and saw two of his buddies, Imraan and Karan standing there with their cocks out jerking them as they watched us having sex! He told me that if I really wanted to make him happy, I would have to suck and fuck his buddies, Imaraan and Karan! I was weak from being banged hard and my head was still spinning, I think I probably had a concussion, but I could not deny my man, Achhal, so I reached up and started stroking Imaraan and Karan's cocks at once!

Karan was fair and had a small fat cock that was as thick as a beer can and when I went to put my mouth on Karan's cock, I felt Achhal's hands pushing my face forward and Karan thrust his hips forward causing his dick to hit the back of my throat and as I realized I had four hands holding my head in place, his other buddy, Imraan, had an even bigger dick then Achhal and Karan and quickly got behind me and shoved his huge cock into my already stretched out ass!

All the three were having a ball. I could feel Achhal sucking one of nipples and he told me that he loved me, while Karan and Imraan, continued fucking me, one in my ass and the other deep in my mouth! It seemed like Karan, was about to blow so he jammed his fat cock deep in my neck and started shooting hot stuff onto my tongue and down my throat! I looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see Achhal was coaxing me to swallow it all and just as one guy finished pumping a huge load into my mouth and I thought I might take a break, the other bigger black cock was pushed so far down my neck it lodged against my tonsils! He came with such intensity that I thought the back of my head would blow off! Achhal said that my skills of handling 3 dicks were getting developed in a weird way, and I was proud of myself for handling all that sex and cum and I felt like I had reached Destination Paradise.

Achhal was hugging me and kissing me and telling me how much he loved me and I told him if that's what he wants me to do for him then I will do it! Well, Love is blind. I knew that in that one year working as a trainee in the International Counter for Ticketing & Booking for an Travel Agency in Baroda, I went from being a virgin to being a slut but as long as Achhal wanted me, I would do anything for him. I always craved and looked forward to Achhal unleash his brutal strength on bed and wanted him to go on a rampage on my ever hungry, hairy, hot & wet Pussy.

I became pretty popular with all the male employees and customers, especially Hamid, our immediate manager. This guy had the biggest cock I ever saw and he was over 7' Tall! Hamid came over to my cabin on a Saturday, when many of the guys had left for the day. I was waiting for Achhal, and told me that Achhal said it was Okay for me to service him, so I did!

He stood there in the doorway and I knelt down in front of him and looked up at him and he was tall! I had to stand up to pull his shorts down and when I did I saw his super huge cock, and it hung down his leg like an Anaconda! I tried to pump it with both hands but it flopped around like a lose fire hose! He used it to slap me in the face, witch seemed to make it stiffen and stick out away from his torso, I swear it was at least 12-14" long!

I had no idea how to suck this thing, I had to lean way back to get my face at the end of it and I had to kinda stand and bend because it was so far off the ground! I figured that if Achhal wanted me to suck this guy's cock, I better do it right so Achhal will be happy with me! I took both my hands and stroked it using a kind of up and down "ratchet action" and Hamid liked that! He just stood there with his hands on his hips admiring my 40D sized tits and rocking his dick back and forth in my soft grasping hands. Occasionally he would lower his huge hands to my tits and grab them and tweak my nipples hard!

As his cock stiffened in my hands, I felt like I better start sucking it, so I opened my full lips and stretched my jaws as far as I could and slid it into my mouth! I went as deep as I could go and it was only halfway so I told Hamid to help me get deeper by using his large hands to push it down my throat! His big hands fit around my head like he was holding a volleyball and it worked! He started pushing my head down and down on that long dick until I felt it slide past my tonsils and down my esophagus and into the deepest part of my neck!

He moaned deeply as my face rested against his pubic hair that was so thick the hairs were tickling the inside of my nostrils almost causing me to sneeze! I could not breath so I was hoping he would come fast but he did not. He would pull his big long black veiny cock out of my throat just long enough for me to grab a breath and then all the way back down to the base! He did this slowly at first and then he picked up speed and was holding my hair like the reins of a wild stallion and just as he started to lose his balance I felt the first of his spurts shooting so far down my throat I was not even swallowing them!

He started falling forward and there was no way I was going to hold up this guy! He was like a giant redwood falling in the forest, slow and shooting hot come into my throat the whole way down, me holding on for dear life! He put his long arms out and caught himself with me hanging onto his waist with his cock still deep in my mouth swallowing and gulping what didn't shoot past my tonsils! I was still 2' off the floor clinging to his belly like a baby chimp to its mother, but I still had 14 inches of black man meat all the to the base, Achhal would be proud!

It was quite a sight, he was in the "up" position of a push up with me wrapped around, and when he was finished coming I let go and with him in the same position I landed on all fours with my ass sticking up just below his still dripping but still hard pole! He went from from fucking my face to fucking my ass in 2 seconds flat! He never lost a beat and pushed his incredible penis into my ass so far it broke my sphinchter in half! This guy was pulling almost all the way out and all the way in faster then an oil drill and just as big! We were sweating and gasping and moaning and fucking like crazy when the door opened and in walked Achhal!

We did not see Achhal standing there and Hamid said he was about to blow again so he pulled his cock from deep in my ass and plunged it all the way down my aching stretched out throat! As I positioned myself for another huge load, I noticed Achhal and started to say hey but Hamid had his back to Achhal and grabbed the back of my head pushing me against his pubes and held it there until all the come had been drained from his main vein one last time!

When Hamid was done with me he just pushed me off his shrinking dick and as he turned around he saw Achhal standing there and the two of them looked at each other, and then "high fived"! As Hamid walked out the door he looked back at me all wasted and melted on the floor like a used fuck doll and said "Way to hang baby!" Achhal was happy with me!

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