Horny AMISHI enjoys Nephew Harshils COCK

Published: Mar 22, 2010
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Horny AMISHI hungrilly enjoys Nephew Harshils COCK.AMISHI Aunty sucked nephew Harshil's Cock greedily and moaned with pleasure as Harshil fucked her mouth. Harshil felt the hot lava of his cum bubbling up from his balls...

My name is Harshil. I am a 25 year old teenager , and I am studying in College in Gujarat. My story begins in 2003 when I was 18 years old.

My maternal aunt Amishi had come to spend the holiday in our house. Amishi aunty was Hot, Horny and Wild right from her college days and had numerous sexual experiences. She also used to cheat on her hubby on more than one occasion and that their relationship had been an open one.

Amishi aunty was a sexy and beautiful and hot woman even now at the age of 39.

When I was Eighteen, she introduced me to a new boyfriend of hers. Even then I was jealous of him because she was so beautiful, hot and horny and was looked always wet. Night after night I would lie in my bed and listen to their bed squeaking and her cries of excitement as they fucked each other and my cock would harden to a bolt of steel. Then as her cries grew louder, I would stroke my cock hard and imagine I was fucking her until my body convulsed as I sent gushes and gushes of my come into my sheets.

They were together for about 18 months, then one day he packed his bags and left. Amishi aunty was devastated and I would lie in my bed and listen to her crying herself to sleep at night. The months passed and her tears at night stopped and one night I heard her moaning and her bed squeaking. I knew she didn't have a new boyfriend so she had to be masturbating. My cock hardened to a bolt of steel at the thought and as I masturbated that night I knew that I had to fuck her somehow.

It was about then that she started to wear clothes around the house that left nothing to my imagination. On more than one occasion she would come out to the kitchen in the morning wearing a short and very revealing nighty with nothing else and my cock would rear up painfully hard. After I raping her with my eyes for a few minutes, I would stammer something and race off to my bedroom.

One morning our relationship changed forever. She had come in to the kitchen with her long wavy blonde hair tousled and messed from sleep. She was wearing a see through pink nighty that revealed her tits to my hungry eyes. My cock reared up harder than it had ever done before and I had groaned and stood up quickly to run off to the bedroom for a quick jerk off.

As I stood up, my cock had slipped through the hole of my shorts, causing Amishi aunty to gasp softly. I had stammered something and tried to cover my cock but she had stopped me. "No Harshil," she whispered, "You don't have to hide it." "What Amishi aunty" I croaked as she moved towards me. She stood in front of me and looked at me for a brief moment then leaned forward and kissed me. It was a hot bruising kiss and she pressed her lower body against mine, moaning softly into my mouth as she ground against me. I held her against me and she gripped my right hand and placed it on her right tit as she thrust against me, her tongue curling against mine in my mouth.

I fondled her tit and returned her kiss hungrily and God alone knows how long the kiss lasted before she broke it and sank to her knees in front of me as she reached up and curled her fingers around my cock. I gasped loudly and my body jerked.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Do you like that baby" she asked me throatily as she started to slide her hand up and down my cock. I nodded. "I like it too." She whispered. "Your cock is bigger than it was in any of my dreams, so big, so hard." "Oh god Amishi aunty," I groaned as my cock throbbed in her palm, "It feels really good."

She looked at me and kept stroking it for a little longer, then turning her eyes from my face, slid her hand all the way down my throbbing shaft and brought her mouth over it. She pushed her head forward, gagging slightly as it nudged the back of her throat and I gasped with pleasure and reached down to grip her hair as I thrust my hips gently to fuck her mouth. I saw her eyes bulge as I thrust my hips to push more of my cock into her throat and with a loud moan she moved her hand away from my cock to grip my arse with both hands and pushed her head forward, gurgling as my cock slipped into her throat.

She sucked my cock greedily and moaned with pleasure as I fucked her face and before long, I felt the hot lava of my come bubbling up from my balls. "Oh god Amishi aunty," I gasped, "I'm gonna cum." She pulled her mouth off my cock then and started stroking it rapidly with a hand. "Yes baby," she cried, "Do it, come for me. Come over my face!" I looked down at her pretty face twisted into a mask of pure lust and my body jerked.

The first thick squirt of my come blasted from my cock to splash onto her face and she let out a loud cry of animalistic lust and brought her mouth back over my cock. I stared down at her in a daze of lust and saw her slide her mouth down my cock until her nose was pressed against the hairs at the base of my belly as my cock jerked again and again to send gushes of my come into her mouth. "Oh god Amishi aunty," I gasped, "Oh god." I gripped her hair in both my hands and shuddered with pleasure as she swallowed each powerful gush of my come and I felt my cock bend in her throat. The pleasure I felt was beyond belief and even after my come had stopped flowing, she kept sucking on my cock and moaned loudly with pleasure.

She kept sucking me for a few minutes then pulled her mouth off my cock before she tore off her nighty and lay on her back as she spread her legs and pushed a hand beneath her panties. I ran my eyes over her trim body and saw that her tits were just like the tits of a 20 year old; soft and full, and topped with small perfectly shaped nipples that poked up stiffly from her soft globes. I saw her fingers moving beneath the fabric of her black panties and felt my excitement soar. "Oh god Harshil, you made me so fucking horny." She gasped as she "Do you like watching me" "I love watching you Amishi aunty." I rasped, "But I want to see your cunt." She looked at me and moved her fingers into her cunt. "Take my panties off me baby" she gasped excitedly, "Then you can see my cunt." I fell to my knees to the floor then, and gripped her panties. "Lift your arse up." I rasped as I tugged at them. Amishi aunty moaned excitedly and lifted her arse off the floor to let me drag her panties away before she dropped her arse down again. She looked at me as I nestled myself between her spread legs and arched her hips. She lifted her head off the floor to look down at me as she caressed her clit rapidly.

"Oh god, I don't believe I'm doing this." She gasped, "Do you like it Does my cunt look good" The heady scent of her arousal made my head spin as I stared down at her fingers as they ploughed through the swollen cunt lips. Her cunt was a beautiful light pink, and glistened with a filmy cream that made my mouth water. I swallowed hard and looked up at her, my eyes glazed with lust.

"It's fucking beautiful Amishi aunty." I groaned. She pulled her fingers away from her cunt and ached her hips to push her cunt towards my face, her hips twisting. "Lick it baby," she rasped, "Please, lick my cunt." I waited a moment longer and lowered my head to press my mouth against her cunt to taste her for the first time and she dropped her hands to the back of my head and arched her hips. "Oh yes!" she gasped. "Yes, yes, yes." I felt my senses reel with the taste and smell of her cunt and curled my tongue over the swollen clit, moving it up and down the creamy slit of her cunt and Amishi aunty clutched my head and twisted on the floor and humped her hips to push her cunt against my face that was already soaked with sticky cunt cream.

"Yes baby, oh god yes," she gasped, "You're so good, don't stop, don't fucking stop." I felt my cock harden to a bolt of steel and I buried my face against her cunt and chewed on her clit, sucking it, whipping it with my tongue. Her cunt cream flooded into my mouth, over my face and down my chin and Amishi aunty arched her back, snapping her head from side to side. "Yes oh fuck, oh fuck!!!" she moaned excitedly as astered my mouth hard against her, sucking her warm buttery cunt cream into my mouth as I chewed on her clit and pressed two fingers to her cunt, "Put your fingers in my cunt." I sucked and chewed on her clit and drove my fingers into her and she cried out and arched her hips up, twisted, and slammed them down, driving my fingers deeper into her cunt, her fingers clawing at my head.

"Yes, yes, yes." She cried. I nuzzled her clit and fingered her cunt and gloried in her moans. This is what I had heard from my bedroom. She was moaning loudly and it was my tongue and my fingers that were the reason for it. She humped her hips up and ground her cunt against my face "Harder Baby, do it harder! I'm coming," she cried, "Oh fuck I'm coming."

Note : This story is completely fictional!

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