Horny AMISHI Seduces Co-Employee

Published: Apr 1, 2010
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Kuntal could see AMISHI's braless DDs bounce in her tank top and her tight round ass in her jeans as she walked towards him. Kuntal just glared at her cleavage and got an instant hard on. "I surrendered as she pulled my pants down and went to her knees. She pulled her top off and her huge tits rubbed my legs as she began to suck my cock like a pornstar..."

In our Travel Agency office in Baroda, We have a manager friend, Achal who has a tendency to lie and cheat on his girlfriends and the women in office. And I, his friend and Asst. Manager, Kuntal am always put in the middle of his lies to save his ass. His latest fuck puppet, the one and only Horny, Sexy, and Hot AMISHI was in in her early thirties, a whitish tanned skin, big tits and an absolutely amazing ass and smoking body. And from what he said she was a great fuck.

I never would have done this to my friend but,he took it too far one day. He didn't tell me his lie ahead of time and I went to his house to meet him. I arrived early and she was inside. We greeted each other and she asked were he was. He said he was downtown about 50 minutes away. And the dummy told her he was in the mall up the street. So, she immediately knew his ex lived downtown and he had cheated.

She began crying and I tried to cover for him but, she didn't buy it. I calmed her down and she got up to get a drink. I saw her braless DDs bounce in her tank top and her tight round ass in her jeans as she walked to the kitchen. She peeked out and asked if I wanted anything. I glared at her cleavage. QUICKLY, I said, a No Thanks.

AMISHI said, " Ya know I should give him a dose of his own medicine." I kept quiet as she sat my drink down and went over and bent down to turn the TV. I got an immediate HARD ON. She asked, "don't you think" I told her that I would leave the relationship. She sat next to me on the couch and looked at me and said,"No i want to get him good!"

I asked her what she was gonna do as she looked me in the eye and grabbed my cock through my sweats. I said, "No,I cant, Amishi." She said, " You'r mine motherfucker as she kissed me and slid her hand down my pants and grabbed my erect Cock. She said, "mmmm... Its a big fucking cock too huh"

I surrendered as she pulled my pants down and went to her knees. She pulled her top off and her huge tits rubbed my legs as she began to suck my cock like a porn-star. I laid back and let out a moan as she swallowed almost all 9 inches of my member. She spit on my cock and grabbed her tits and wrapped my cock in them and began titty fucking my cock. I wanted her so bad now that i stuck my fingers in her mouth and she sucked them and looked up at me me and said in a sexy tone,"fuck my hot, wet, hungry and tight pussy, right now!"

I asked her if she had a condom. She said, "I'm a clean babe. I wanna feel you stretch me out." I switched positions with her and she laid on the couch. I gave her tight, hairy and hot pussy a quick rub and spread her lips as she guided my now massive cock into her. I pressed against her until my thick cock popped into her. She moaned, "Oh my fucking god!" I pushed inward as she clawed the couch and arched her back until I began to pump her slowly. I asked her, "you like that big cock in you baby" She grabbed my thighs and thrusted into my thrust and screamed, Fuck, I am loving it!, Make my pussy unrecognizable!" I said," OK, you hot baby, as I took her legs over my shoulders.

I then began to mercilessly pound deep inside of her, pubiling her insides until I saw AMISHI begin to tear up and her moans became silence because of pain and ecstasy. Use of the pain she was in. I slowed down and pulled my cock out and turned her on her hands and knees. as I inserted my cock, she begged for me to be gentle and slow.

I slowly slid into her now gaped cunt. She said, "give it to me slow and deep.

I pumped her slowly from my cocks head all the way until my balls rested on her pussy. She moaned and then screamed I am Cumming! She soaked the couch in her juices. I began to slam her again as she pleaded, "No, Please< No." I relentlessly pounded her vervix until I shot my load inside her hairy, fatigued cunt. She let out a sigh of relief as I collapsed on top of her and my cock pumped my semen into her fertile pussy.

We cleaned up and I left. She later left him and she was last seen with our Sr. Manager, Mr Hamid Mahamood.


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