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A Mother's Plan

Author: bobjj123
Publish Date : Apr 8, 2010
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A good mother usually has the experience and the maturity to know what's best for her daughter and stands ready to assist that daughter through the trial and tribulations of growing into adulthood. Such was the case of Sheila Roman and her daughter Alex. Then Hank came along...

* * * * * * *

Hank Brown had been courting Alexis Roman for several months now. Every guy in his Senior class had their eye on Aexis in hopes that they might sample her many charms but to date she had never bestowed those favors on any guy. . .including Hank! Rather, she remained chaste and pure even as her natural charm and pleasing disposition added to her beauty and attraction.

Hank, however, was persistent. He had patiently escorted her to movies, dances, concerts, plays and various entertainment as they grew closer. It was on their fourth date that he had been allowed to kiss her goodnight. Several dates later, she had allowed a covert kiss while at a school dance and months later he had caressed her covered breasts for the first time. Now, with spring in the air, he began to see the fruition of his long endeavor.

Alex had finally begun to lust after him and her passions were beginning to run high. With each succeeding date, Hank was granted more liberties and his hands and lips were moving freely over her breasts.

So it was on a May Saturday when Hank arrived at Alex's home to pick her up and Alex mother answered the door. She invited him in as usual and then suggested he sit for a while. "Where's Alex" Hank asked and the mother replied that she had been sent on an errand and would return in an hour. Then she stood before Hank!

Hank had known that Alex's mother was a beautiful woman and well preserved for her 38 years but as she stood before him this time she was more than beautiful; her eyes seemed to suggest something and her body language brought Hank's body to full alert - his cock sprang to attention in his boxers.

As she faced him, she said, "I've been watching you and Alex for some time and it appears that you're getting very close. Have you done it to her yet"

"No maam. She's still a virgin!"

"Good! I want to keep her that way for now"

"What are you trying to say"

"What I'm saying is that I'm considered by many to be quite beautiful myself and experienced in ways that could please you that she never could.. If you'll keep her a virgin until you leave for college in the fall I'm prepared to satisfy your needs in her place. I'll make you a very happy man!"

"You mean. . .!"

"Exactly! You name the time and the place and I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked by those high school girls."

"I don't know. . ."

"If you chose to pursue my daughter instead, I'll make it extremely difficult for you. I might even be forced to have you arrested."

"OK, Your daughter's going to cheerleader camp on Saturday. She'll be gone all day."

"Come here a little after eight o'clock in the morning and you shall reap your reward."

So it was that Hank went to see Alex off to cheerleader school; then, made a quick journey to her house where her mother might be waiting! He wondered! Perhaps, he'd imagined it! Perhaps she'd changed her mind! Perhaps he'd just better forget the whole thing!

With those thoughts rambling through his mind, Hank went to Alex's house. As he approached, he felt the tensions of not knowing and his mouth tasted of bitter bile! He trembled. Shear determination drove him on. . . He had to know.

Then, as the door to the Roman house opened and he saw Ms. Roman standing there in her shear blue negligee he felt his fears subside. Her black hair and blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she bade him enter. "I was afraid you might have changed your mind," the older woman said.

As Hank entered the house, he observed Ms. Roman's body through the sheer fabric of the negligee as only the groin and breasts were blocked from his view by matching panties and bra under the sheer fabric. As his eyes feasted on her, he felt the impression that the woman was actually posing for him and his body quicken as a surge of lust pass through him. Her eyes met his and his passions rose.

Meanwhile, Ms Roman was observing the young man she was about seducing. He was certainly young and he was eager; the bulge in his trousers would attest to that. It had been years since Sheila Roman had been with a man and she looked forward to thoroughly enjoying her bargain with Hank. She needed a man to fuck her and who could be safer than Hank Brown.. . ' Young, free of disease and held to silence lest her daughter find out and be lost to him forever.

"Do you drink" Sheila asked.

"No maam."

"Would you like something to eat. . .you know! . . .a little something before we do it. . .

"I'd like that. We could kinda' get acquainted."

So they moved to the kitchen and Hank sat at the table as they ate their Danish and coffee and talked. Ms Brown suggested that Hank call her Sheila since they were going to be close. She asked if Hank was a virgin and he responded, No, I did it a couple of times last year with a girl that's getting married now."

As they talked, Sheila was flirting with Hank. Her eyes frequently met his with a lusty look and her body language was designed to entice. Sheila Roman had been quite good at enticing back in the years before she married; then, her efforts had seemed to be wasted on her ex-husband and she'd had no more opportunity to practice her skills until Hank came along.

As the sat talking, Sheila was soon confident that she hadn't lost her skill in the art of flirting as she observed Hanks growing passion. Indeed, she seemed to have retained it fully and she was proud. She was steadily working to get Hank in the mood for their assignation and she intended to fulfill her bargain in full measure. "Take off your shoes and socks," she said, "and there's a robe here on the back of the sofa. You might like to get comfortable and take off your shirt and trousers."

Hank moved quickly to comply with her suggestion; then, neatly folded his clothing and placed them in a pile with his shoes as he thought how orderly this whole thing was. It was as though Ms Rom. . Sheila had it planned that way!

"Dance with me." Sheila said and Hank was suddenly aware of the slow music in the background. With his robe tied around him, he moved to embrace Ms Ro. . Sheila and they danced.

Sheila was a good dancer and Hank prided himself on his own ability. They moved well together, enticing each other with their moves. Together, they slowly became familiar as their bodies touched through their clothing and the heat they felt brought new enticements.

Sheila was tall; taller than any girl he'd danced with before, and when she moved close he looked into her eyes as he pressed closer to kiss her. She returned the kiss and responded with a passion that sent a shiver of lust through his entire body. As they kissed again, their lips parted and their tongues met.

It'd been years since Sheila had felt real passion. . .years that had dulled her senses and left her in a kind of funk. Now, she was feeling alive again and reveling in the pleasure those kisses were providing. She felt free! . . . as free as her negligee which now gaped open on the front and her mostly naked body pressed against Hank as they danced.

Then, as Hank's robe fell open he made no attempt to close it and their bodies danced flesh to flesh. It was as Hanks hand went to caress Sheila's breast that she drew back and took him by the hand. As the hand drew him upstairs to the master bedroom, Hank climbed with his face only a few inches from Sheila's fabulous ass and his eyes followed every movement of her well toned butt cheeks through the shear fabric.

Still shaking from the view as they climbed the stairs, Hank entered her master bedroom where the covers had been removed and clean sheets awaited their occupancy. He saw the negligee fall from her shoulders as Sheila mounted the bed and allowed his robe to fall likewise as he joined her. They moved together and embraced as Sheila's bra fell open to expose her breasts to Hank.

Hank, on seeing her exposed breasts, moved on to them like a fly to flypaper. His busy hands paving the way for his lips, suckling and laving with a full measure of youthful energy. As he moved, Sheila lay on her back, quietly enjoying the exquisite pleasures that were emanating from her breasts. She decided Hank was a natural when it came to pleasing a woman. . .

For Hank, this was the most violently passionate experience of his life. Sheila was working with him to bring more nuances into their actions unlike the girl he had fucked before who lay quietly and let him take her. His mind was on overload and his emotions were totally in control.

Finally, the sensations and the passions were simply too much as Hank moved on top of Sheila and proceeded to put his cock into her unprepared vagina. Filled with a raging need he could no longer control, he had to have her then and there and ten men couldn't have pulled him off her. She spoke, "Not yet Hank! I'm not ready yet! Pleasseee. . . ."

His cock was sliding into her vagina which was still lacking in adequate lubrication and she grimaced as the pain of the intrusion showed on her face. Then, she felt it come to rest on her cervix and the friction cease.

It was then that Hank saw the look of pain on Sheila's face and realized what he had done. He remained motionless, feeling a sense of shame at having taken her so roughly. "I'm sorry," he said, "I've hurt you!"

Sheila smiled and said, "Don't move. In a minute, it'll get smooth and we can begin. She offered a weak smile as they moved to kiss. "You're big," she said and Hank was proud.

In a minute, Hank moved his cock ever so slightly and found it to move smoothly and effortlessly in he vaginal channel. She smiled as he moved again and in a few moments he made a long reciprocating motion with his cock to begin the coital rhythm. Sheila moved to meet his thrusts. . .

Then, Hank being young and short fused, felt his semen rising in his balls. He cried out and Sheila screamed, "Oh! Not yet!" but again, the youth had no control and he filled her with his spunk.

It had been a peak even if it hadn't been particularly exotic and Sheila rejoiced with Hank on his release. They kissed and toyed and became intimate as they lay together and when he tried to back away from her, Sheila held him and his mostly deflated cock to her. "Not yet! She said.

Five minutes later, Hank felt his cock begin to rise. A minute later and he was fully recovered.

As they prepared for a second coitus, Sheila drew them over so that they rolled Hank on to his back so she sat squarely over his cock that still penetrated her. She leaned forward to get full penetration and allow her clit to meet with Hanks mound. Then, came the incredible rhythm of love and in only a minute of two, Sheila cried out her peak. It had been her first orgasm with a man in many years and she reveled in the sensations.

Beneath her Hank continued to meet her downward surges with his upwards ones and even as she went through the throes of orgasm, he kept the steady rhythm. . . Soon, she had returned from her peak to join him in their coital movement. They kissed briefly and their eyes met. . .

In only two or three minutes, Sheila cried out again, "I'm gonna' cum!" and again she road the crest of her peak as Hank maintained the steady pace. Then, she had recovered from her second peak and rejoined Hanks steady rhythm. "Twice," she said with pleasure.

It was some minutes later when Hank began to feel his own peak approaching. When he felt the semen begin to rise into his balls he cried out, "I'm gonna' do it." and he did. Each jerk of his cock as it fired a load of semen into her brought sensations like he'd never known. Then, he realized it wasn't over as Sheila rode hard over him in the midst of her own third orgasm.

It was past noon when the two had enjoyed their afterglow, playing and caressing and kissing and more intimate than they'd ever been, followed by a shower together. They moved from the shower to the kitchen, still sans clothing, and prepared lunch as they continued to kiss and fondle and feel and laugh.

It was past two o'clock when Hank had recovered his stamina and was ready for a third session of love making. This time, they approached the big bed as experienced lovers and only a few preliminaries were needed to prepare for the coitus. This time, passions were subdued as they came together for fun. They tried different positions and decided they didn't like the doggie style while the position with the woman sitting in his lap seemed to offer promise.

An hour later, with Sheila lying on the bed with her legs over the side, feet on the floor, and her knees widely splayed to allow access to Hank between them in a kneeling position on the floor. He was fucking her with long, deep strokes and, with each penetration, his mound collided with her clit. Sheila lay with her teeth clenched in passion as Hank plowed her violently with his cock.

Then, it was over as Hanks felt the semen rise up and spew forth as Sheila had anticipated and had peaked herself.

As the lovers showered again and primped and dressed in anticipation of Alex arrival, Sheila was deep in thought. She had undertaken this day as a way of saving her daughters virginity but it had turned into something much more. The sex that day had been among the best, if not the very best she'd ever known. She'd felt feelings that she thought she'd lost forever.

So, Hank continued to date Alex and engage in an active social life. While he continued to pet and to fondle and play with her, he no longer pressed for sex and they seemed happy.

Of course, Hank and Shelia continued their trysts at every opportunity.

Then, with summer vacation routines changed and students were working and preparing for college. Alex seemed to be drifting away from Alex. . . she seemed to be taking an interest in other men!

Sheila, was quick to observe this and to piece together what was happening. Her daughter had been preparing for sex for months with Hank and Hank hadn't delivered. Now, she was casting an eye for a potential lover.

Sheila was quick to realize her mistake. Hank was everything her daughter needed and desired in a lover. He treated her well and always like a lady. It was her maneuvering that had stopped Hank from taking her months ago.

Next afternoon, while Alex was out with her friends shopping, Hank was making love to Sheila [Ms Roman and Alex's mother], she told him her thoughts and suggested he go to her and take her virginity before someone undesirable did.

Alex needed no urging to seduce Alex and he made his arrangements to go to a secluded cabin on the lake that belonged to his family but was seldom used during that time of the year. As he told Alex of his plan, he explained that it was to be a small party and there'd be dinner there.

Saturday morning, he went to the lake and opened the cabin where he changed the bed linens and cleaned and scrubbed. Then, he acquired a catered dinner which required only a minimum of preparation, a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful ladies watch wrapped as a present. Shortly after noon, the cabin was gayly decorated and all in readiness.

Then, shortly after 1700 hours, Hank arrived at the door to pick up Alex and was greeted warmly. Where are you going" the concerned mother asked

"To a party out at our cabin on the lake." Hank said.

"It's OK Mom. . .It's a party. I'll be safe with Hank." Alex Said

"Those road are treacherous at night. If it gets late you guys just wait till morning to come back when you can see." Ms Roman said.

"We'll remember your advice" Hank said, "Those roads can be pretty bad at night." and he glimpsed a wink from the mother.

So, Hank and Alex set off towards the lake. As Alex moved over in the seat next to Hank at the beginning of the drive, she also was entertaining thoughts. She wondered who else might be at the party . . . or if there was anyone else for that matter! Perhaps he was going to seduce her after all this time of waiting! Perhaps it was time to do a little enticing on her own - to seduce him! She could easily hold him all night with the bad roads and all! She rode in silence with her thoughts!

Then, as they entered the cabin, Alex was assured. . . he had brought her there to be alone with her; there'd be no others! It was perfect and she was ready. There in the warmth of the cabin, she turned to Hank and kissed him on the lips. "Where are the other," she asked even as she was sure of his answer.

"There won't be any others," he said, "They couldn't come."

"So it's just you and me then"

"I wanted to be alone with you."

"Sounds like it might be fun."

"Let's make it our own fun," Hank said as he kissed her again with a passion that sent shivers of lust down Alex's spine. "How about dinner" he continued.

Together, they made dinner. Alex, being the far more accomplished chef, took charge and Hank was her able assistant as they touched and caressed and bumped together frequently. They worked well together, flirting and seducing each other as their eyes communicated their needs and desires.

The dinner was delicious and the two ate with gusto. The small bottle of wine was perfect with the meal and dessert simply topped it off well. Then, having finished washing the dishes, the two walked, hand-in-hand by the lake in the moonlight. They stopped frequently to kiss and when Alex felt his hand on her breasts, over her clothes she wanted more. "Let's go back to the cabin" she said.

Back inside the cabin, they moved together towards the bed together as though ordained by some unseen force. Then, as they moved their bodies on to the bed Alex felt a knot of fear in her stomach. . . she was approaching that threshold beyond which she had never been. Her mouth grew dry. . .

Suddenly her blouse was open. . .all the buttons disengaged simultaneously and for no apparent reason. At the same moment, the hooks on her bra opened to release her breasts. Had she been fully cognizant of the things going on around her she'd have realized it was Hank's nimble fingers that had exposed her but her only thought was to cover herself. . . or was it Slowly, she dropped her hands from covering her breasts and left them exposed to Hank's adoring gaze.

As she remained the focus of Hank's adoration, she began to feel proud. . .proud of her body and her breasts. She sat upright on the bed in order to completely shed her blouse and bra; then, as an afterthought, she released the button and zipper that held her denim skirt and seconds later she lay completely bare on the bed.

Hank's eyes were absorbing every bit of the beautiful body before him. Beautiful like her mother's but new and fresh and virginal; waiting to be taken. As he continued to adore her with his eyes, he moved on the bed and his hands reached to touch her tender flesh.

Then, as his hands caressed her flesh, where no one had ever touched before, he felt a responsibility - a need to make it good for her. His hands went to her breasts and tio her now rigid nipples. . .

Alex lay quietly, trying to absorb and handle all the new sensations and nuances that were emanating from Hanks actions. She trusted Hank - he wouldn't hurt her! She enjoyed the simple pleasure. When she felt his lips exploring her breasts, it was good.

The expertise in his lovemaking, Hank owed to Sheila's expert training and her daughter was getting the full benefit for her first time.

After a time, Alex's breasts were covered with saliva and thoroughly laved and suckled and caressed as his hands moved across her belly with feather light caresses and touches. Soon they were over her fuzz covered pubes and applying light caresses. Then his lips followed, leaving a damp trail across her belly.

As his lips moved over her fuzzy area and his thumbs parted her labia to expose the soft inner flesh she suddenly realized what was about to happen. This had been unanticipated and she worried that she might not be totally clean. She attempted to resist. . . but, before she could put up more than a token effort, Hanks tongue was in between her labia and licking the soft flesh of her vestibule. Her animal cry was one of pure passion. . .

Seconds later, his lips were on her clit and she was bucking and heaving in involuntary motions driven by pure passion. "Do it to me now!" Alex cried out.

For Hank, her cry was a trigger and it fired his passions to new heights. . . beyond all reason. His body was no longer his own but that of a mindless animal, driven by lust alone, bent on planting his seed in her belly. He would not be stopped.

He moved over her, between her thighs and into the coital position where he glanced quickly into Alex's eyes for reassurance and proceeded to drive his hard cock into her virgin vagina. She was tight. . .Hank wondered if he'd be able to get it in her!

Then, the head of his cock was aligned with the opening and all the demons in hell united to drive it into her. When his tool faced her hymen, he was working at a fever pitch to fuck and in no mood for delays. The demons did not delay as he pushed forward to destroy her hymen and plunge to it's full depth through the tightest passed he'd ever encountered. Then, in a crescendo of sensations, emotions and uncertainty all seemed to settle into a calm and Alex smiled up at Hank, "You did it! You've made me a woman!" she said . . .

"Does it hurt" Hank asked.

"Not much any more."

"Do you want to continue or would yo. . ."

"I want to go on and finish this. I want to make it good for you!" she interrupted.

Hank moved his tool back just slightly and reinserted it fully as Alex said, "Mmmm! That feels so good!" Then, he experimented a little more and continued to get favorable responses. Soon, he sought a gentle coital rhythm and Alex had joined him in the move.

All too soon, Hank felt the end. . . it was the curse of his youth that he lacked staying power. As he felt the semen rise up in his testicles, he said, "I'm gonna cum!" Then, at the last minute he jerked his cock free of her vagina and discharged his load on to her belly. Frustrating as it had been, there could be no babies after this!

As Hank moved over her to kiss her, he apologized for the sudden move. . .for leaving her frustrated and she responded that there'd be another time soon. They lay together, enjoying the incredible intimacy that comes after intercourse for perhaps an hour before cramped muscles and the need to move prompted them to get up and shower.

It was just past ten o'clock when Alex called her mother on Hank's cell phone and reported that the roads were bad and they'd decided to stay over. On the other end of the call, Sheila [Alex's mother] heard he words and smiled to herself. She felt reasonably assured that her daughter had just passed from a maiden to a woman under Hanks tutelage and that all was well again.


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