Horny Amishi Experiences a bi-sexual Business Gangbang

Published: Apr 13, 2010
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Horney and Sexually Ever hungry AMISHI enjoyed the bi-sexual gangbang at a Business Swinger party. She loved to get sexually gang banged and sexually serviced by many Dicks at the sametime. "Kuntal then positioned Horney AMISHI in a doggy style position and started fucking her hard while he pulled her hair. She was facing me and we started tongue kissing as we both were held in this doggy position getting our brains banged out..."

Horney and Sexually Ever hungry AMISHI enjoyed the bi-sexual gangbang at a Business Swinger party.It was her job to entertain clients.

Horney AMISHI and I have been working in the Travel agency in Baroda, wherein Horney AMISHI was my superior. We always been open minded with our sexual relationship. I never knew I was into both sexes until last weekend. A client friend of Horney AMISHI invited us to a private house party of which we came to find out was actually a swingers party. The weekend of the party came and we were dressed for the occasion and arrived around midnight. We had to go since it would be a boost to our Travel agency as many rich guys from Baroda would be attending the same. Horney AMISHI wore a very low skirt with red laced panties underneath and a beige top with no bra. There was plenty of alcohol so we made us some drinks and socialized with everybody within minutes of arriving. After about an hour I went to the bathroom and when I returned I found Horney AMISHI sitting down talking to two guys on the couch.

She introduced them as Kuntal and Imraan, one of our patron clients, and our Bosses friends, and they proved to be very interesting guys. They were both handsome and in very good shape. "We love it here, since it is you Al's first time were going to show you guys both a good time you'll never forget" said Kuntal. Horney AMISHI is actually in a private room right now with another couple he added. "Were both bisexual, said Imraan, we've had multiple threesomes together. If you guys are open minded I do believe we can have a blast together. "I'm up to anything" I replied, what do you guys think of Horney AMISHI She's quite a hottie huh Oh she's very sexy, said Imraan, would you mind if we took her into one of these private rooms" Sure, I said, have fun just don't forget about me. "Oh we wont, and we promise we'll make it worth your while, said Kuntal. In fact, why don't you check in on us in about 10 minutes and you can watch". I looked at Horney AMISHI who smiled and nodded so I agreed.

A few minutes later I no longer could wait so I decided to check on them and see how it was coming along. I cracked open the door and watched as the three of them stood in a dim lit room exploring each others body. Horney AMISHI was tongue kissing Imraan while Kuntal licked and sucked all over her Double 44D sized tits. Imraan then went around to her back and kissed the back of her neck and back as she held Kuntals head on her chest. Her hands then roamed down Kuntals chest to his pants and she rubbed his cock through his jeans. All the while the other guy was going down her back till he reached her ass then he began raising her skirt and kissing her ass. Her panties were dropped to the floor in one hard pull and she moaned as he ate her from behind. He bent her forward to where her head was now over Kuntals cock. I watched as she pulled his zipper down and took his cock into her mouth.

My dick was rock hard and I was rubbing it as I watched Horney AMISHI get her ass ate while she sucked a dick. Minutes later Imraan was fucking her doggy-style while she continued sucking Kuntals juicy cock. They stayed in this position for a few more minutes then Horney AMISHI asked them to both fuck her at the same time. Kuntal sat down on a small love seat and Horney AMISHI straddled him and began riding him while Imraan lubed up his cock. He then slid his cock into her and fucked her nice and smooth up her tight asshole. My aching cock throbbed as she slid her tongue in and out of Kuntals mouth while she was being filled with cock.

After a few more minutes her body was twitching and she was moaning as she climaxed over and over again. She fell to her side and looked in my direction just in time to see me rubbing myself. She signaled for me to come in and the guys said "come Join us". "I'm beat" Horney AMISHI said getting up and going to go lay on a couch that was in the room. "Looks like its just the three of us now" said Kuntal as he stroked his hard cock. "Do you want to put on a show for your wife" asked Imraan, inching himself closer to me. I looked at Horney AMISHI who nodded with a smile as she seemed just as excited to watch. Suddenly Imraan was taking off my shirt while Kuntal pulled down my pants.

Within seconds they had me down to my briefs and had their hands all over me admiring my body. Just then Imraan put his arms around my waist and clenched my ass as he pulled me close. He started kissing on my chest and neck as he squeezed my ass. Then I felt Kuntal come up from behind to close me in between them. He wrapped his arms around my lower waist and started massaging my cock through the briefs.. I loved the way his hands caressed my dick while his friend squeezed my ass so good. The hot passion increased and I was now tongue kissing Imraan and stroking his hard dick while Kuntal played with mine. Imraan pushed my head down and told me to suck it and I immediately went down to feast on his juices.

I started sucking his cock and positioned myself on all fours. His big dick tasted so good in my warm mouth and I swallowed all of his fluids. Meanwhile his partner began massaging my ass and sliding his middle finger in and out of my hole. I moaned while I jacked off Imraan's massive cock and licked it with my wild tongue. Suddenly Horney AMISHI slipped under me in a 69 position and began sucking my cock. By now we were both completely naked and I ate her pussy while Imraan slid his cock out of my mouth and into her wet hole. Then I felt the pressure of Kuntals cock sliding into my asshole as he broke my barrier and fucked me nice and smooth. Imraan took turns fucking Horney AMISHI and my mouth while I got banged from behind and Horney AMISHI deep throated my dick. After long we decided to switch positions and offer Imraan a chance to fill me up. We all maneuvered into new positions as Kuntal now lay on his back and I turned to 69 with him.

While we sucked each others juicy, delicious cocks Horney AMISHI got fucked by Imraan nice and slow. He was fucking her missionary style, tongue kissing her while she spread her legs and moaned, whispering "yes baby, fuck me nice and good, fuck me like you love my pussy". With so much hot passion, Horney AMISHI started to cum again and she moaned louder and louder. Imraan then got off of her and left her lying there and directed his attention to my ass. I felt him put his mouth on me and he started eating my ass out getting me close to cumming. He then slid his cock inside of me and fucked me hard. His balls slapped against my ass as he pounded my ass while I sucked Kuntals dick. "Ohhh yeah, fuck me good you mother fucker" I moaned as I got fucked harder and harder. "I'm about to cum, whispered Kuntal". Why don't you cum in Horney AMISHI's pussy, I suggested. He slid out from under me while Imraan kept sliding in and out of me while I held my ass cheeks open for him.

Kuntal then positioned Horney AMISHI in a doggy style position and started fucking her hard while he pulled her hair. She was facing me and we started tongue kissing as we both were held in this doggy position getting our brains banged out. Suddenly like a porn movie on cue, they were both cumming inside of us. I felt the warm, moist feeling of Imraan's sperm shooting up my asshole while Kuntal shot his load inside of Horney AMISHI. Both guys were spent but I still had not came and I was ready to shoot my load as well. Horney AMISHI then laid on her back and opened her legs while I went in to eat her pussy. Kuntals cum oozed out of her and I licked it up enImraanying the taste of his salty sperm.

This excited Kuntal so that he said "were going to give you a treat since you were so good". Both guys pulled me off the bed and had me bend over the foot of the bed. Imraan got on his knees and crouched down to suck my hard cock. At the same time Rob lubed his cock up and slid his soft cock easily into my open ass. The cum was oozing out and kept my ass lubricated as I continued to get pounded. Just then my cock was ready to explode and Imraan held my cock in his mouth. Cum shot out of my hard cock and filled his mouth to capacity that he spilled a little out but kept sucking. Horney AMISHI was suddenly down there with him sharing my cum with their tongues and I stood up and fell to the bed, spent.

Kuntals cock had gotten hard in my ass and he was ready for more so he called Horney AMISHI to the bed with us and we were all four back in bed again. I laid on my side and watch as Kuntal said "watch how I fuck your wife up that pretty ass of hers". He laid her next to me on her stomach and she turned to look at me. Then he slid his cock inside of her wet, tight ass and started fucking her good. She bit her bottom lip and moaned as he pounded her sweet anal hole. Right before cumming he pulled out and brought his dick up to our faces and squirted us. We licked his cock and swallowed the rest of his cum together. The entire night had been a night to remember, I winded up leaving shortly after, leaving Horney AMISHI to get sexually gang banged and sexually serviced all night by various guys, who might become our clients.


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