Masel and the Virgin

Author: bobjj123
Published: Apr 29, 2010
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A fifty year old man who has worked the world over in a life free from women seeks a retired prostitute to teach him about women. "Soon, as they lay laughing and kissing and playing and talking about their sexual adventure, the afterglow of peace and serenity settled over them. Both knew that they'd just experienced something special. Both knew that the intimacy they were experiencing would bond them together in some manner"...

The tall, slender, very attractive fifty year old woman sat alone at the small round table for two from which the second chair had been removed for use elsewhere. In that darkened corner of the lively night club she sat watching the bar and the working girls making connections with their 'Johns' for the night. Her hand rested on the table, holding a half empty gin and tonic glass.

Masel Lundborg sat silently contemplating the action at the bar, mostly for amusement, and remembered that time just six weeks previous when she had been one of those working girls. For thirty one years 'Angel', as Mase called herself professionally, had been one of those working girls, servicing the men who came to her with money.

At first those had been exciting years as her youthful appearance brought her top dollar for her services; then gradually, her experience and pleasant nature had made her the best paid in the business. She was able to select her clients carefully and life continued good. No man ever left 'Angel' dissatisfied and she put a part of herself into every encounter so that the client felt special.

Then, with advancing age came the wrinkles and the inevitable signs of age. Her steady clients began to seek more youthful talent and she saw the end of her career in sight. It was time to retire. . .

Mase was also a good business woman and with wise investments and frugal living she had amassed more than two million dollars. The money was soundly invested in various accounts and managed by the most trusted company in the business.

Just six weeks ago, on her fiftieth birthday, she had served her last client, a rather unpleasant fellow with a very hearty sexual appetite. The man left satisfied and Mase became a very lonely woman.

Thirty years as a hard working whore had long since cost her all her family and old friends. Her social life had been with the Johns she serviced and a few of the girls in the profession who were often lesbian or bisexual and not compatible with her interests. As she sat watching the activities in the club, during those intervening weeks it was the loneliness that hurt most. . .

When one of the potential Johns occasionally came to her table to make conversation and a proposal, she replied simply, "I'm a professional and I'm not working tonight. There's lots of girls at the bar, , ," It had deterred previous attempts to date her.

When Vance Klemper enter the club, he took one step inside and let his eyes rove about the club as they adjusted to the darkness. Then, he moved towards the bar and the action. . . .

Mase had seen Vance enter and took an immediate interest in the tall, good looking, short gray haired, clean shaven man dressed casually. He had seemed different from the usual visitors to the club; then, as he moved off towards the bar, she lost interest in him.

It was a few minutes later when Mase saw a hand place a fresh G. & T. In front of her and turned to say that she hadn't ordered it. She found herself facing Vance Klemper and immediately said, "I'm a professional and I'm not working tonight. There's plenty of girls at the bar. . ."

Vance replied as he drew a chair from an adjacent table and seated himself facing Mase, "I don't want any of those girls. I want you."

"Look, I'm an old woman. You could do better with one of those. . ."

"I said, I don't want any of those. It's you I want!" Vance replied as he began peeling off $100 bills from his wad. "Would $500 interest you"

Seeing the money before her, Mase began to take an interest. This was the kind of money she had commanded for a trick in her best days. She hesitated as their eyes met.

Seeing her hesitation, he peeled off three more bills and laid them on the table and Mase's mind was made up. . .she'd go back to the profession for one more time.

As she hesitated to make up her mind, two more bills had fallen on the table and she raised her eyes to see him reaching for the ten bills and turning to depart. She grasped his hand and said simply, Do you want to go to your place or mine"

"Mine's right up the street at the Excabilur". He said.

They walked out of the club together toward the shabby, old hotel a block away. Mase knew the hotel well as she'd met many of her Johns there for their trysts and began to feel concerns. Why would a man who dropped hundred dollar bills like water live in a cheap hotel" Then, she wondered, "Where did the money come from"

Seeking answered, she engaged Vance in questioning. "Where are you from"

"Well, I was born in Kansas and got my engineering degree from Cal Tech before starting work overseas. Since then, I've lived pretty well all over the world.

"Those jobs must have paid well. Why do you stay in a cheap hotel like the Excalibur"

"It's got all I need. . a bathroom and a bed. I've lived in much worse."

"Wow! What do you do with all your money besides influence women to sleep with you"

"Would you believe, you're the first! You see, I've never been around women much."

"You mean, you've never been laid"

"Never been kissed, except by relatives, of course."

"Why are you hiring me now

"I want you to teach me how to behave around a woman. Tell me what pleases them and what doesn't, show me how to approach them; I guess I just don't want to spend the rest of my life alone."

"Hey! I'm a whore. Why don't you get some nice respectable woman"

"Could I be telling a nice respectable woman what I'm telling you"

Then, as they entered the hotel, she said, "I'll try to show you what I know but I'm just a whore."

"Oh no! You're much more than that. You're beautiful and easy to talk to and I feel I can trust you already."

"You poor, simple bastard," she said as they entered the room.

Vance seemed to take little interest in her words. He went to his dresser and produced gin & tonic water and a lime; then to his ice bucket for ice. A minute later, he turned to Mase and handed her a well made gin and tonic. "This I've had some experience at," he said with a grin.

"So, where do we start" Mace asked.

"Well, why don't you tell me all about yourself! Where you were born and raised What you like and dislike in the world Where the best food in the city can be found. . . you know!. . ."

Mace found herself at a loss for words. It'd been years since anyone had been interested in her life outside the profession. As she struggled with the questions, she found herself telling him the truth about her early years.

She told of her upper middle class parents who had raised her with a good sense of morality and religious beliefs. She had received good grades in school and excelled in the university studies. It was there, in the university that she'd matured and those morals and the religious training seemed to fade as she developed a new sense of values.

There'd been a lot of guys in college. . .some were decent types - most were scum! She knew the situation; yet, she'd stayed and gradually found easy money in selling herself. The life of an escort or call girl had seemed glamorous and she took up the profession easily.

Then, once started talking, she spoke freely and said simply, "Thirty years later and here I am."

Vance listened as his eyes adored her and soon they were discussing her. . .her hard life and the lack of friends for support. She told of the girls she'd known who whose life was ruined by drugs or alcohol or even heavy smoking. Hours passed as the subject shifted to Vance and the project he's worked on throughout the world.

It was daylight when Mase said, "You paid me handsomely for my services and we haven't even addressed that matter yet. Perhaps we should get on with that first fuck that you've paid for."

With that, their eyes met and Mase saw fear and uncertainty where she'd seen only pleasure moments before. "Second thoughts She asked.

Vance replied, "No! It's just that I'm so ignorant! Please show me the best way."

"I'll do my very best and we'll simply keep doing it till we get it right. OK"


"First, Come here and kiss me!" Vance approached her and planted a sterile peck on her lips.

"Hey! You can do better than that. Get close to me so I can feel you and plant your lips on mine gently. It'll come to you."

Vance move as instructed. A minute later, and Vance had gotten the best kiss of his life and was giving better than he got. Their lips parted and their tongues met. . . He felt his cock rise in his trousers.

Then, with his cock pointed straight up and laying between his trousers and his belly he felt Mase move in close and trap it with her belly. For a moment he was wild. . .then, he began to relax and allow the pleasure to unfold. He put his hand on the cloth over her breasts.

Mase was thoroughly enjoying the effect she was having on Vance. She had maneuvered herself to cause his excitement and she enjoyed feeling his cock trapped between them as they kissed.

As she encouraged him, Vance became proficient in his kissing; then, she suggested he feel her breasts. This Vance had done immediately.

As he played, Mase was busy planning the next step. She had not dressed for a seduction . . . nor had she anticipated getting undressed under those conditions. Her clothing would present a problem. . . "We'd better get undressed," she said!

With that, Vance's clothing began to fly from his body to the floor. Mase's dress, which had presented the most problem, dropped to the floor and she turned to Vance and struck as pose..

Vance, in his boxer shorts, halted what he was doing and looked at Mase. It's probable that most any woman would have held his adoring gaze but Mase was no ordinary fifty year old woman and he looked on her with something more that an adoring gaze. Suddenly, he wanted her more than he'd ever wanted anything. Even in her bra and half slip, she was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen!

She moved towards him. . . moving in her most enticing manner. With her still a step away, he reached and grasped her firmly to him. He pressed his lips to her in a crude and violent manner as he responded to his erotic nature. Mase resisted. . .

Then, even as she resisted, she chastised herself for her move. . . normally, she'd have had him in her, his load safely into the condom and she'd be on her way in ten minutes. She was very good at what she did.

This time, she stiffened her body and drew back. "Whoa there buster! We've got lots of time so let's just have a little fun for a while," she said.

"The name's Vance and all I need is a little advice from time to time," he said as he grinned.

So, they played and Vance learned about women and self control and the art of love making, strangely enough, from a prostitute who was professionally taught to avoid making love.

After while, the couple were actually making love. . .real love, heart, mind, soul and body. Vance's mouth played freely over her breasts as he suckled and caressed her nipples. Then his fingers found her labia and with her expert coaching he was gently massaging her clit and her inner labia.

As Vance's fingers worked erotic sensations, Mase advised him of the best moves to bring passion to a woman. She was engrossed in her task. . .so engrossed that she failed to feel the approach of an orgasm. . . her first from fingers other than her own! It struck suddenly and powerfully as Mase reveled in the pleasure.

It was at this point that Mase realized that this was no longer just a trick; rather, she had allowed herself to become emotionally involved. She panicked and her lusty feelings were dampened! Then, she looked into Vance's eyes and saw something she'd never seen in a man's eyes before. . . She was no longer a prostitute and he was no longer a 'John'. They were lovers. . . Mase realized that her passions had risen beyond all her previous experience.

With the realization, Mase found herself no longer in control but into some sort of cooperative adventure with Vance where each sought to advance the pleasure of the other. It was entirely new to her.

When Vance moved over her, she assisted him and guided his cock into her ready and willing pussy. For the first time in her life, she was going 'bareback' and had no fear; her baby making days had passed and she was sure that neither of them had any disease; she wanted to enjoy this like no other. Again, her passions were risen to new heights.

This time, as Vance's cock sank into her, the sensations were all there; not dampened by the condom that separated fresh from flesh. This time the cock moved slowly into her as Vance explored his new feelings as well. This time, Mase was excited!

When she felt the thundering approach of her second orgasm, it was not unanticipated and she rode it out for maximum pleasure. Meanwhile Vance, inexperienced as he was, felt himself firing his spurts into the center of Mase's second event!

Soon, as they lay laughing and kissing and playing and talking about their sexual adventure, the afterglow of peace and serenity settled over them. Both knew that they'd just experienced something special. Both knew that the intimacy they were experiencing would bond them together in some manner. . .

For Vance, the future could be simple. They would be significant other's until they eventually married and moved off into the sunset together.

For Mase, it was more difficult! She had been thirty years a prostitute and society had ruled her unfit for polite society. Wherever the went, there'd always be some reminder of her past and the gossip would start! Vance was a nice guy, untainted, and deserved better than she could ever give him.

They talked! For several days, they grew closer and more familiar; then, Mase prevailed and simple left Vance's room with much regret.

Weeks passed and Mase was back at her old table in the club. She no longer nursed the g & t's that she drank but usually left the club pie-eyed! She allowed her personal appearance to deteriorate.

When Vance entered the club that night a few weeks later, he went directly to Mase's table and began to unroll hundred dollar bills from his wad. When their eyes met, he saw only a blank stare of a drunken woman.

Seeing her like that, he put the wad back in his pocket and took her by the hand as she resisted. "Now. Don't give me any guff! It's time we had an understanding."

"I thought we did."

"Well, you thought wrong!"

"Where are we going"

"Well, first we're going to your place and pack some clothes. You won't be going back there to live,"

"Tell me where you're kidnapping me to"

"Just sit back and relax. You'll know soon enough!"

"I won't go. . ."

"Like hell you won't! I'm fully prepared to use whatever force is necessary."

Twenty hours later, the big seaplane circled a small island in the West Indies and landed to disembark Mase and Vance and their belongings.

An hour later, the two were safely inside a nice tropical home that was completely modern and safely sheltering them from the tropical thunderstorm that raged outside. "Would you like to see our house" Vance asked.

"What do you mean Our house."

"Why! Yours and mine! of course. Come, let me show you around."

We are in the living room, there's the dining room. I think you'll find the kitchen adequate he said as they moved about the house. . .

Then, as they approached the sleeping areas he said, "There are three bedrooms, one is for you if you chose to sleep there. The other is fully convertible to an activity room and then, there's the master bedroom. I sleep there in that big, king sized bed, either alone or with you. The choice of where you sleep is entirely yours."

It was then that their eyes met and in an instant the decision was made. Mase felt her nipples grow sensitive and her labia moist in an instant as she saw Vance's trousers move in the groin area as his cock rise to the occasion.

Nothing was said. . .nothing needed to be said! They moved quickly to the big bed and as they arrived next to it, they embraced - the way Mase had taught him! They kissed the way that only their own experience had shown them!

When their tongues met, it was to confirm the passions raging in their bodies and they tongue danced with gusto. Their clothing began to fall. . .sometimes undressing each other and sometimes themselves. Then, their hands moved to caress each other's bared flesh!

Vance had quickly lost his power of restraint as his lusty passions took control and he was completely wild. Meanwhile, Mase was experiencing passion at a level she'd never known; nothing in her past had ever prepared her for this!

Then, with a thunder and lightning still raging outside, Vance picked Mace up and positioned her on the bed where he climbed over her and positioned himself for sex. . .he was beyond reason and had Mace resisted he would have raped her!

But, she did not resist; instead she offered every assistance and it was her fingers that guided his cock into her willing pussy, Their eyes met briefly as Vance's big cock slide into her, confirming their needs. They kissed as Mace felt his man-meat against her cervix.

Only then did Mace speak, "I needed this. I needed you in me. . . Fuck me hard!"

Vance responded immediately with a series of long, deep strokes of his cock, each moving more rapidly than the previous. Each was met by Mace's counter-stroke as they performed at a fever pitch!

A minute, not more than two, Mace cried out, "I'm gonna cum!"

A split second later, Vance felt the juices build in his balls and buried his cock as deep as it could go into her as it exploded in a series of spurts into her belly. He did not cry out. . .some things are best experienced silently!

Then, they lay together in their lovers embrace, still joined by Vance's now flaccid cock, and enjoyed the incredible intimacy they had created.

Vance spoke first, "I never dreamed it could be that good."

"It was the best ever for me too," Mace replied truthfully.

"Wanta' live here with me where nobody knows us except for the people in the village over there on the other side of the island"

"What if I don't"

"Then, I'll be terribly disappointed as I put you back on the airplane and bid you goodbye forever."

"What if I do"

"Then, I'll be a very happy man as we move you down here and leave no trace back in the city. We can lead a new life together here where strangers seldom trod and life is easy. Of course, we can travel from time to time as well!"

"I guess I'll have to stay."

It was then that Vance felt the stirring in his awakening cock. He kissed Mace tenderly and applied some light caresses to her bare flesh to renew their tryst. Of course, Mace had felt it too and prepared for another encounter.

It was rapidly approaching twilight when Vance deposited his second load into Mace and they dressed to go watch the sunset. Their first of many.

Masel and the Virgin by Bobjj123

About: The author of "Masel and the Virgin" is bobjj123. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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