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Sex and the Golden Fox

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Author: Bobjj123
Published: 19-May-10 Revised/Updated 27-May-10
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A quick fuck, a one-night stand, what more to tell "Having taken the last drop of my man juices into her mouth and swallowed, she looked up at me and smiled - her only smile of the evening. "Don't worry, we're not done yet," she said. Then, she rose up and kissed me as she commenced undressing me"...

* * * * * * *

When I walked into the Golden Fox it was early yet. I'd just had time to shower, shave and dress for the evening after work a days at the site before getting to the bar and grill. The place came highly recommended by the members of another pile driving crew who had recently worked close by and I was there to give it a try. They'd said that there was a surplus of willing women who regularly hung out at the Fox and I was there to check this rumor out.

I'm 26 and never been married. Went to work with a pile driving crew right out of high school and traveled almost continually with my crew. The work was heavy, hard and demanding as well as dangerous and paid very well. After four years of apprenticeship and three years a journeyman, I was promoted to foreman which I am today.

Unlike some in my profession, I kept my personal appearance clean and pleasing to the eye. I dressed well and I tried to behave like a gentleman. So it was when I was seated at a table near the back of the Fox and a rather harried young woman took my dinner order. I surveyed the women in the room with a practiced eye and found several unescorted women - none of which appealed to me!

As the room began to fill to capacity, my dinner came and I ate slowly, observing the unescorted women and rejecting each one for my evening's entertainment for whatever reason. Then, quite unexpectedly, at the table next to me, the man stood and pulled his companion up to a standing position as he was shouting something about her being a fucking whore and struck her with his fist.

The woman fell to the floor and he delivered a kick to her ribs as I grabbed his arms and pulled him away from the woman with the admonition, "Whoa there man. Cool off a bit. . ." The man turned suddenly, wrenched free, and swung his fist at me which I deflected and caught him in the solar plexis with my own right jab. He doubled over in pain and I again gripped him firmly to restrain him.

As I held him firmly, his temper cooled and the woman's tormentor became more reasonable as the woman rose up from the floor to stand before him. I pointed out that the police would be there any minute and my captive either had to leave immediately or face arrest. He agreed to go.

"What about the lady" I asked.

"Fuck the lady. I don't want anything to do with her." he said.

Carefully, I released the man and he was gone.

I returned to finish my meal and the last of the crowd that had gathered to watch the action dispersed. Then, the police walked in. . .

The woman who had been the object of the beating seated herself at my table and spoke. "I wanted to say Thank you for saving me there a few minus ago. I'd like to repay you."

"Forget it. It's over!"

"That man's my husband. . . or he was my husband until he hit me. Let me make it up to you"

"Lady, I came here tonight to get laid. I'm horny and I need a woman and your taking up time that I might better use to pursue my own ends." I said.

With that the woman gave me a hurt look and said, "What the hell do you think I am, chopped liver Most men find me quite attractive.."

"Lady, You're married! I don't do married ladies"

"Not after tonight I'm not"

Then, I took my first real good look at her. . . she was hot! She was drop dead gorgeous! Long auburn hair surrounding a creamy complexion, effeminate features, blue eyes and a long, slender body to die for. Had I been thinking clearly, I'd have driven her off but my hormones simply altered everything.

As we talked, I placed my hand under the table and on to her clothed thigh where I felt her hand clasp my own and direct it over more to the soft inner thigh where she moved it in a light massaging motion. I looked her in the eye and asked, "Your place or mine"

"Yours," she responded and a few minutes later my Mercedes convertible pulled into my hotel parking garage and I set off with my un-named companion towards my room 206. As we walked, I suggested that my name was Hank and I hadn't heard hers to which she replied, "I'm Liz. . .enough said!"

I opened the door to room 206 and stood back to admit Liz ahead of me; then, I stepped in behind her and set the night latch before turning to her. I don't have any booze here. Should I order something sent up" I said.

"Don't bother! I don't intend to be here that long!" She responded as she moved into me and kissed me on the lips; then, as our lips parted our tongues met and we were stroking each other's passions. I felt her move as she kicked off her shoes.

Liz was certainly putting all her energy into the action between us and her passions seemed already stoked to a high degree. She was engaging me like a woman on a mission. . . to fuck me hard and long! There was no emotion and no commitment in her actions.

I, on the other hand, welcomed her speed and lack of personal commitment. It would be strictly recreational sex and she'd be gone in the morning. Particularly the part about gone in the morning appealed because I had entertained thoughts of an enraged husband coming at me with murderous intent.

Just as I was chastising myself for having gotten involved with a married woman, I felt my trousers drop and Liz in front of me with her lips on my cock. Then, with the sensations I was feeling, all thoughts of her being a married woman were forgotten. She was exceptionally good at sucking cock and I was totally engrossed in the sensations coming from her actions. To encourage her, I spoke, "That's good! . . .Damn, you're good! . . . I like that! . . .Keep doing it!"

The more I encouraged her, the harder she worked and I was all too soon on the way to ejaculation. Sensing this, I told her of my pending eruption and that I wanted to do it into her pussy but she only increased her sucking frenzy. When I felt my eruption and the semen spurting into her mouth I accepted my failure. . . Some nights are like that and I would have preferred to fuck her and come in her vagina but . . .

For Liz, the evening was just beginning. . . .

Having taken the last drop of my man juices into her mouth and swallowed, she looked up at me and smiled - her only smile of the evening. "Don't worry, we're not done yet," she said. Then, she rose up and kissed me on the mouth as she commenced undressing me.

We were quickly undressed and lying on the bed beside each other when I turned to by do a bit of cunnilingus on her. I moved to the end of the bed and back up between her legs where my lips could engage her genitalia as she spread her legs to accept my ministrations. There, looking into her hairy groin, I placed my thumbs on her labia and spread the pubic hair and those lips for my lips and tongue. She smelled pleasantly strong!. . .

I moved closer until my lips kissed those soft inner labia. Then, having gotten a reaction from Liz I began to used my tongue on her vestibule for the desired response. She began to cry out, "You do that so good! . . . OHhhh YYessss! . . . . . Yeh! Use your tongue! . . ."

I felt her juices begin to flow as I moved my ministrations up to her clit where she was extremely sensitive. . . Now her body was responding as she pressed her pussy to me in a series of undulating motions and her voice grew silent. Her vestibule was saturated and leaking fluid down on tho the bed.

She was prepared! I was ready! As I moved into position, I asked, "Are you sure about this and she responded, "I'm sure." I took a condom from my dresser drawer and began putting it on as she said, "Take it a little easy. In spite of what you may have heard from my husband earlier, I haven't been fucked in a very long time and I'm a little rusty."

Then, I positioned my cock and drove it into her in a slow, steady impalement that brought much pleasure to me. Her vagina was tight; tighter than any I could remember before and I remembered her admonition about not having fucked in a very long time.

As my man-meat entered her, she remained quiet. . . apparently savoring the erotic sensations emanating from her vagina walls. Her eyes were blank. . . Then, as she felt my cock against her cervix, she cried out , "Now! Fuck me hard! Do it like you mean it!" she said.

Not wishing to disappoint her, I began a brisk thrusting motion and rammed my tool into her hard with each thrust before withdrawing and repeating the thrust. As I delivered my thrust, her pussy rose up to meet it and our groins collided with some force. This woman was no petite lady in bed; rather she was the hottest woman I'd ever known.

After having discharged my first load into her mouth I was able to fuck Liz for a long time. . . perhaps a half and hour or perhaps an hour and a half. . . time has no meaning when engaged in coitus. When I began to tire from the strenuous rhythm it began to appear I was incapable of satisfying her - Liz was like a tiger!

Then, she moved and I was on my back and she was on top, riding me cowgirl style. My pride was saved! There on my back I was able to regain my strength as she rode me with renewed vigor. Occasionally our eyes met and communicated our lusty needs and desires to each other. Liz seemed insatiable as I saw her passions rising - her eyes wild with excitement!

It was a wild ride! Then, in a frenzy of lust and passion, she seemed to explode in a burst of physical events; her eyes glossed over; her body shook; her voice cried out in a strange animal cry; the muscles in her vagina clamped on to my cock. Her orgasm passed through her with the power of a freight train and then she lay on my stomach, still!

Some time passed and she rose off me and began to ride me again but with no measure of enthusiasm. She was exhausted! Again, we rolled and I was on top as, having rested while she pounded out her wild ride to orgasm, was able to fuck with renewed vigor.

Now it was me slamming into her tired body and she responding weakly. "Oh man! You're good! " she said as I drove myself on to her, "Do it to me good!" Tired and having experienced her own peak, she was still game. . .

Then, I lowered myself on to her belly and rested. . . We lay in silence and when I tried to play with her breasts, she objected. It was as we were discussing her objection that I felt it. I rose up and slammed my cock into it's maximum penetration as the first spurt of semen blasted into the condom.

Half an hour later, Liz was up and gone! There were no lengthy goodbyes or arrangements to meet again. She was gone! I smiled to myself as I recalled the hot sex I'd just experienced.

I'd definitely go back to the Fox tomorrow night. There might be more women like Liz and I didn't want to miss a single one.

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