Bree's Last Patient

Author: bobjj123
Published: Aug 16, 2010
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Some people mature socially later than others. Bree was a successful physician and business woman who had spent her life fully engrossed in attaining her success; then, having done so, she sought a full life.

Briana Holtzman was brilliant. She was a physician, board certified in internal medicine and a successful business woman. With her long, black hair, blue eyes and pale complection, she could only be described as beautiful and she turned men's heads wherever she went.

In spite of all of this, Briana had a problem. At the age of twenty eight, she had worked hard her entire life to enjoy the kind of life she had attained. There had been no time for a social life or for the usual experiences that prepared her for adult life. She had developed no friends or support group. She was a virgin.

Having otherwise attained her success in life, with idle time on her hands for the first time in her life, she felt the need of those friends and support. For the first time in her life she felt frustration as she found she could no longer control her sexual needs and desires. Her mind was sometimes consumed with her needs. Masturbation, while offering temporary relief, only seemed to exacerbate those needs.

So it was that she sat in her office, eating her noon sandwich and grapes, after a busy morning seeing patients. Suddenly, that all controlling urge came upon her and with an intensity she hadn't known before. She needed a man. She craved a man to come and take her virginity and satisfy her needs! In response to tose needs, her hand went beneath her skirt and under her panties to her little nubin at the top of her vestibule.

There, her fingers applied a feather touch to her labia and inflamed those passions she was already experiencing. Gradually those fingers found their way into her vagina and massaged to inflame those passions even further. Quickly now, passions were taking control of her powers of reason. . . she needed relief! She needed a man !

Finally, as Bree was losing control, she felt it. . . the welcome rush of fluids from her vagina and the sensation of relief that signaled her orgasm. She began to relax and seek a tissue to clean herself. Then, it was back to work. . . Twelve more patients to see before she could finish her day of recording and office administration.

It was near 5:30 PM when a young man, a walkin without an appointment, was seated in an examining room as she walked in for her last appointment of the day. . . The young man was clearly distressed as Bree picked up his file and saw the note, "This young man has threatened to kill himself and insists that he see a doctor. Wouldn't say what his problem was."

"Well, What can I do for you Young man!" She asked and the young fellow showed a look of horror as he saw her.

He gasped, "My God! You're a woman. I didn't know.." Bree felt a tremor of humor as she replied, "Yes! I'm a woman. What can I do for you

"I can't talk to a woman"

"Then, Why are you here"

"I thought you were a man. I didn't realize . . ."

"Well, I am a doctor and trained to handle all sorts of problems," Bree said to relax the young man and get to the bottom of his problem.

"I'll bet not mine."

"Well, Why don't you tell me a little about that problem and let's see."

Suddenly the young man showed a surge of confidence as he said, "It's a sex problem."

Then, as she was preparing to question further her nurse opened the door to the treatment room and asked, "Do you need me any more It's past my quitting time." Bree replied that she had no further need of her nurse and then the office was vacant except for Bree and the young man.

So, what's the nature of your problem She asked.

"I'm horny. . . Seems like I'm hard all the time. I can't think clearly as my hormones are driving me."

"Have you tried masturbation"

"Probably ten times a day but it doesn't bring relief. I can't go on living like this."

It was as he spoke that Bree realized his problem was very much the same as hers. She began to feel something stirring in her bowels. "Damn!" she thought, "I'm gonna' be as bad off as him in a minute. Suddenly, an idea developed.

She mulled it over briefly as she made her decision to take this man's virginity. The decision was made over the strong inner voices of dissent that usually controilled her actions.

"Have you had sex recently She asked the young man innocently.

"No, I'm single and a pastor of a small church. I've sworn to remain chaste until marriage and I've never had sex."

It was time to set her plan in motion. Bree's resolve stronger than ever, the voices of dissent were abating.

"Never had sex. Well, that's your problem. Perhaps we can remedy that if you really want to."

"I want to."

"Will you do exactly as I say without question Can you keep what transpires here a secret"

As she spoke, the young man smiled as he realized the implications of what she was saying. "Yes maam! I can keep a secret . . . except from God, of course!

"Don't worry about him and his righteousness right now. I'm sure he understands your situation even better than you. Now, take off your clothes and get into this hospital gown" Bree said as she stepped into the adjacent examining room and quickly removed her own clothing save for a hospital surgical suit. She felt her excitement growing and her passions mounting as she anticipated what she was going to do..

When Bree returned to the young man she found her breathing shallow and her flesh flushed with passion. The voices of dissent had faded. She went to the examining table and lowered the upper section flat before placing a blanket over the leather table and asking the young man to lie down on the blanket and get comfortable. She then threw the second blanket over him to cover his modesty as she said, "Now, reach under the blanket and remove your gown." she said. Standard procedure for an examining room, she thought!

As she turned the blanket down to expose him to the waist, her hand gently brushed his breasts and nipple. The effect on the young man was obvious! He grew even more flushed and his breathing came in shallow gasps. Then, she bent as if to observe him more closely and spoke into his ear, "Are you comfortable" she whispered.


"Do you like my fingers touching your bare skin" she asked.

"Yes! Please do it some more"

With that she increased the tempo of her caresses and her hands covered every bit of his upper torso and the young man's body was beginning to shiver with passion. Of course, the actions were having their effect on Bree too and she felt herself quicken with a growing passion with each of her caresses.

Having massaged his upper torso, Bree pulled the blanket up and exposed his legs to the upper thighs. There she continued to caress and massage as the man began to emit low animal sounds as she reached his more sensitive areas. As she worked, she bent over so that the top of her hospital uniform hung loosely away from her body and exposed her small, well shaped tits to the young man's gaze through the loose neck..

By the time her hand reached under the blanket to grip the young man's extremely hard cock he was wild with passion and this was reflected into Bree who found herself now also extremely excited. . .

Then, suddenly, with a surge of confidence, the young man threw off the blanket, rose up. Grabbed Bree in an embrace, kissed her passionately and put her back on the table where he quickly removed her hospital uniform. There he proceeded to suck on her nipples and caress her groin. The power had shifted from doctor to patient as he took control.

As suddenly as he'd come off the table, he returned over the top of Bree and between her splayed knees. As they came face to face he kissed her violently and she returned the kiss in kind.

As she lay beneath him, Bree knew that her fate was sealed! He was going to fuck her and it was what she wanted. She spoke, "Please go easy, I've never done it before." With that, she steeled herself and prepared for the pain involved in the rupture of her hymen.

Above him, the man fumbled with his cock as he prepared for his first time with a woman also. He fumbled again and again as he sought to put the crown of his tool into her vagina. Then, after several misses, it found it's mark and settled into place.

With only a quick glance into Bree's eyes, he moved and his cock slid effortlessly in to it's fullest penetration. Bree had experienced none of the pain of losing her maidenhood, probably since the hymen had been destroyed by her previous masturbation. The lay together.

Then, after a time, the young man began to experiment; to thrust and withdraw; to move sidewise; and to move his ass in little circles. As he experimented, he noted that each new move seemed to add to their pleasure.

Perhaps a minute or two later, Bree felt the young man stiffen and freeze. "I'm gonna cum!" he said; then it was over.

Then came the afterglow as they lay together. It had been unanticipated as they lay locked together enjoying the peace and tranquility which had been denied them for so long. It might have lasted longer but the young man soon found his penis filled with life and ready for another round. . . or perhaps just a continuation of the first!

This time, Bree felt the need to assume control. . .she was, after all, the attending physician! Or perhaps she was just a powerful woman or . . .

As she moved over the young man and assumed the position on top on the uncomfortable examining table she felt something she'd never really felt before. . . there was an attraction to this man; a kind of warm, cosy desire to be closer to him and to really know his heart and mind. She looked into his eyes and sought communication there.

Then, as she moved to insert the young man's rather large penis into her, she leaned forward and kissed him. . . a long, meaningful kiss! It was a kiss that addressed the very heart and soul - another first for her!

Moving steadily along, she impaled herself slowly on to his cock and began to ride him cowgirl fashion. Like the young man she was awkward at first and began experimenting to develop new avenues of pleasure as she enhanced the old.

They worked together as Bree's eyes openly adored her lover and was rewarded with a similar response from him. It was good! The two worked slowly to develop their passions as they made love with their eyes and minds. . .

Minutes passed and Bree felt her passions quickly elevated beyond all previous comprehension as they fucked together. As they worked together, she began to feel her body quicken even more; to reach out for some distant emotional peak. In response, she rode the young man harder and put her very heart and soul into what they were doing.

As the feeling increased she felt the demons of sex within her take control and her reason fade. Nothing mattered except that distant peak which was approaching faster now. The demons pressed her harder.

Soon, with her passions beyond her control, she felt the beginning of her release. . . a crescendo of conflicting feelings and emotions too powerful to resist or alter. Her demons were in total control, responding only to her needs and desires. . .

Then, even as she lived out her peak, she felt the young man's cock jerk and spew forth it's contents into her belly.

It was her first! Her first real orgasm and she reveled in it as she lay belly to belly and kissed and caressed his neck and shoulders while the afterglow overtook them. Then as the passion of their act faded and the peace and serenity that followed enveloped them, they continued to lay together.

Whe the young man's flaccid cock slipped from her, Bree felt a loss. . . something was gone and the spell of the afterglow was being broken by reality. At first, she'd tried to maintain it but the press of the real world was too great.

Finally, she moved off the young man and after a few awkward moves removed herself from the examining table and handed her lover a hospital go0wn, "Here, take this and go down to the bathroom and cleasn yourself; then put on this clean gown."

As the man departed, Bree hurried to her own quarters and cleaned herself before redressing and donning her white doctor's coat; then returning to the man in the examining room.

There, she handed the young man a stack of forms, "Here are the forms to fill out if you want to be a patient of mine," she said, "I assume you do wish to be a patient of mine." The man needed no urging as he busied himself with the forms.

Then, as he handed her the completed forms she said simply, "Next week, Same time. Don't be late." and ushered him out the door.

She noted on the form that the young man's name was John Dingham.

A few minutes later, she sat charting her notes on the visit. . . She would have to be very careful how she worded her report if his health insurance were to pay for this office visit!

About: The author of "Bree's Last Patient" is bobjj123. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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