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Academic Awards

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Author: StoneyPoint
Published: 03-Mar-11
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As we kissed I moved on down. As we kissed and as I moved on down, my fingers found what they were looking for. They found the inner regions of her well developed thick muscular thighs while navigating towards her pussy.

* * * * * * *

"And here are the best scholars here in the league for cheerleading" announced the city's Director of Academics. One by one, the first five walked out to receive their award.

My eyes opened wide. Jesus, I thought. Jesus, I said to myself again. I don't know what my buddy was thinking but the first four girls, all seniors in fact and hopefully all 18 plus years of age too of course, were all dressed and wrapped up so tightly in their outfits that night that any guy looking at them could have almost developed a boner due to what they wore.

The announcer said some other things. We weren't listening. My friend and I, although not speaking to each other at the moment, watched as the awards were being passed out to both players and cheerleaders in the league. Wow yeah, I thought, those first four cheerleaders. Damn, let me tell you the stories. Let me tell you about those outfits.

He announced the first one. She started to walk out. In stilettos, 4 inches high at least, they had her calves and thighs doing things to a man's eyes no pair of shoes could do. Your eyes trailed up those calves, followed by some shapely flesh which wouldn't quit, and all of a sudden you saw her skirt. And that skirt, well that skirt was so damn tight around her thighs and hips, it seemed she was advertising herself on a runway. It seemed she was yelling at you. "Hey boys, this crotch, my pussy is soooo open for business. Wanna come meet me somewhere Wanna come and pull down my panties honey Do you because I want you to. Oh god honey I sure want you to."

And as far as the tops or blouses were concerned, well none of them had them unbuttoned too low of course. I mean, their parents were there. The daughters couldn't come out showing off any cleavage could they Mommy or daddy would say something prior to them walking out in front of 3500 to 4500 people, wouldn't they How those blouses fit around them, well they surely showed everyone they were in the best physical condition a man wanted them to be in.

Soooo hmmm where did it lead me You just have to know, right. I'm smiling while sitting here, wondering what to do about these feelings I had for one or two of them. Nah, I'm too old, I thought. Nah, no I'm not. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, as I stood up, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I turned all around. No. No I am not out of shape. I'm still a really good looking guy, I thought. At 39, these girls were that, and I emphasize much younger then me, were they Oh come on now. I'm a good looking guy. I'm a sales rep, a marketing rep for a national company. I keep my own hours. I have the ability to do it all, or so I think I do.

"Hey Jack" he said. "Hey, we're having a party this weekend. Bring someone along and join us, alright"

We are and have been friends for a long time. We talked and while we talked all I thought about was her, his daughter, and how she looked out on that floor in that outfit. God, what a pervert I'd become since getting divorced a few years back. Wow, is that all I think about Damn, am I the only one thinking about her

I don't know and wish I didn't but I was had and continued to think about her. I thought about her all the god damn time too. And now Well now here I was, pulling up to their house. All I envisioned was her in that blouse, that tight blouse and her tits. Not only did I see that, I saw the tightly wrapped skirt hugging her hips as if it were her last day on earth. It showed a finely tuned waist, slim and slim could be. I envisioned her naked breasts, again, and I finely saw her pussy in my mind. Mmmmm, smooth, real smooth, and shaved so darn close that your tongue slid on it as if it were ice and you couldn't balance yourself at all.

I smiled as I got out of the car, carrying with me a bottle of Champaign. Inside finally, I said hi to everyone who was there, and also looked around for Amber, their daughter. Oh yeah, Amber, and her whole intriguing body. All of it and I mean every last morsel of it too. Hair, eyes, lips. Neck, shoulders, and yes those succulent young breasts of hers. Yes, her swerving shapeliness as her waist slims down and then that jutting of her amazingly beautiful hips. Mmmmmm, yeah those hips, as well as her wonderful and fantastic ass, and then her legs. Ideas and fantasies began forming inside my mind. Where is Amber Where is that sweet little sexy bitch I so want to fondle and show what life is all about in the sack

I socialized and as I did, I looked around. I wanted to ask where she was. She was probably back in her room with her friends doing whatever friends do. Who knew what that was For all I knew, she could be getting naked with them, and they could be getting it on together. Maybe some lesbian or bi-sexual like thing. Who knew but I kept looking.

"Hi Jack" I heard.

It was Maggie, Amber's mom. Another woman, if not married, I'd jump on and do it with. Pretty as they come, she was not flashy, she was not showy, but she was sweet and protective of her husband and children.

"How are you" she said as we hugged.

As usual, we hugged for a long time. We always liked each other and our hugs were always friendly ones but like I said earlier, I'd easily get it on with her, if she wasn't married.

"So what have you been up to Didn't really see you at the game" she went on to add.

I told her I was there and it was neat to see Amber get that reward.

Then I asked where Amber was at. "Ohhh, probably up in her room, alone I guess," Maggie said. "She seemed upset about something. I don't know."

Hmmm, Maggie didn't know what it was and Amber wasn't discussing it at all. For whatever reason, it made me wonder. How close was I to Jack and Maggie and the rest of the family The party went on. I talked to some other people I knew and finally and behind everyone's back I escaped the trappings of the party and started looking around. Noticing that almost everyone was outside and that the weather seemed nice as well, I made my way to the stairs, but looked around once again to make sure I was in the clear.

Nope, I said to myself, everyone is outside, and so I walked upstairs, cautiously. At the top, I looked both ways of the hallway. Only one door was closed. I walked down it. I slowed then stopped at what I thought was her door. I listened. Nothing. Complete silence. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked again.

"Yes" I finally heard. It was Amber's voice. "Can I help you" she said.

Now what should I say "Amber It's uhhh Jack. Jack Tremble."

"Oh umm hi Mr. Tremble." I heard rustling as if she was moving around in her bed. "Umm, hold on, okay"

I said okay. Then her door opened up and she wore a look which said to me she was confused about something. I looked at her. God she was as attractive as they came. She wore shorts and a t-shirt and she certainly didn't look as "explosive" as she did the other night when she came out to receive her award. Still, I knew. I knew how sexy that body looked and lay beneath those clothes she had on. Yep, I knew. And still I was ready to say it anyway.

"Are you alright, Amber"

"Oh uh yeah, sure" she said.

"Your mom uh said you've been reclusive like all day. Have you" I asked outright.

She shook her head and kind of looked down. "I don't know. I just have things on my mind. That's all."

"We all get that way" I told her as I took one little step into her room. She looked up and then looked back down. "May I come in" I said.

"Sure. I guess so" she replied.

She seemed to look cuter and cuter as we stood looking at each other but I think most of it was my hormones saying something to me in the back of my head. "Wanna talk about it" I asked. At first she said no. "So what is it then that's bothering you" I asked. She was still looking down when she told me she didn't know. "Girl problems" I said.

She looked up and into my eyes. "Huh"

"You know. Girls uhhh have problems." I shrugged my shoulders but casually stared down into her eyes. "They seek outlets, answers" I told her. With that, I took another step further into her bedroom, and she let me. "I mean, okay, I'm a guy, and your not but guys even have problems. They're just different. So, what are yours" I said.

"Guys" she said softly, almost too quietly.

Looking at her I asked "What about them"

"They just don't understand us. Girls, me" she told me.

"Like what" I asked as I delicately closed the door behind me.

She didn't say a word or didn't seem to mind. "They're just, you know, jerks."

She shrugged her shoulders and went on to say things about how she'd been treated by this guy or another, and how it all bothered her. They'd talk rude about things, she'd say.

"Yeah, young guys can be that way. I agree. They really don't always understand girls" I told her. She looked at me more comfortably and kind of smiled. We talked a little more and then I said to her "However, you Amber, you're special as they come."

"What do you mean" she asked.

"I mean you're smart as a whip. You're prettier then anyone I know around here. And look at yourself" I went on to add "you have it all." She was not sure where I was going. "When I saw you down on that court the other night, receiving that award last week, I thought whoa, is that the Amber I know"

We stared at each other for a half a minute or so. I let it sink in a little and then went on to add "I mean looking at you with your three friends down there" and then I blinked a couple times "I saw four extremely very provocative looking young ladies." I stared at her and she stared at me and then I said "You're what, 18 now"

She nodded. Then I did it. I allowed myself to look over her body. She said nothing as I did. With that I said "Amber, you have one of the most incredibly awesome and also one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen in my life." She looked right at me after I said it. "If I wasn't so much older then you I'd, well I'd" and I stopped.

We stared at one another as I let everything I'd said sink in. "I sure would love to invite you over and" and I paused a moment "and I'd sure love to show you a thing or two about men and women, and I'd love to show you what women love to happen to them."

What I said kind of shocked her, freaked her out. It was all beginning to register with her now. Her eyes opened a little more, a little wider. She stared at me without doing another thing. I smiled at her as she did and I waited for some other reaction out of her.

Then out of nowhere she said "Uhhh Jack, do you mean what I think you mean"

"Well that depends, Amber" I replied. "What do you think I mean"

For a second or two she was quiet as she looked at me. Then she said "Umm, us together Uhhh you know" and she paused before saying "umm you know, us in a bed together"

I nodded and smiled right into her eyes. Yep! Mmmmm, exactly, I told myself. You, me, naked, and together in a bed and then I said "You do have one incredibly terrific figure, Amber and you have to know that, right I mean it is a figure guys dream about all the time. At least I do now. I'd be more then happy to show you exactly what is so darn fantastic about it. That is if you were at all interested."

Her smile grew as did mine. I didn't want to over play the situation, yet. With that I directed her over to her full length mirror. We looked at her, all of her.

Cupping my hands I placed them beneath her breasts and said "Here, see these" I said as I pointed to her tits. "Your breasts, these wonderful bosoms" and then I paused a moment then went on to say "well a real man, a man of respect" and then I felt I had to lie a little saying "like me, would feel like he had to make love to them all night long."

However, maybe I wasn't lying I thought. They did look juicy. They did look plumper then usual. Even sexy for that matter, I thought, even though she had on a t-shirt instead of that sexy looking blouse from the other day.

I then added "I know almost for a fact I would turn you on, forever."

We smiled and she let me touch her shoulders once I said what I did.

They felt soft and cuddly and I was ready to lift her up and take her and lay her down in bed. I was ready to pull up that t-shirt and feel them. I was ready to make her feel terrific. I was even ready to take off her bra. I was more then ready to do her tits, if she allowed me to.

"Guess what" I said quietly.

She looked at me through the mirror as we stood in front of it.

"Me, well I'd even suck on your toes you're so sexy I think. I'd kiss them and suck them and even do the same to your calves and thighs."

I think she loved hearing what I was telling her. I was getting into this a little too much I told myself but what I was saying was true and so I went on to tell her "If you let me I'd even feel you up inside your thighs softly and tenderly too Amber."

I stood behind her still tenderly holding her shoulders in my hands when I added "You would know the true power of what hormonal sexual arousal is once we were done doing all this." I looked right into her eyes as I said it and went on to say "How's that sound"

Her eyes were big. She looked astonished. And she answered with "Wow, you" and she paused a second and then went on to add "you mean that, really I mean what you said, really"

Her voice was enthusiastic. She was filled with great fascination. I could tell she felt rejuvenated and possibly an attraction to me. It was enlightening and I wanted her, badly. I nodded my head and rubbed her shoulders and her arms some more. She said she knew that couldn't happen here but wished it could, which sounded fine to me either way. I nodded and agreed with her. She smiled as she looked into the mirror and into my eyes. She turned around and hugged me, hard, as if I was her savior, and I hugged her back too. Now that felt great. She felt great. I wanted to stand there and squeeze her longer, but I knew I had to get back to the party.

Then I turned and said "Where are all your friends I mean all your girlfriends that is"

She said she thought they were coming soon but basically the party was for her parents and friends, like me. I answered with "Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing you naked either some day soon" and I smiled, walked to her, and we hugged one more time. Then I left.

I had nothing to do. The place was basically a mess. Take out boxes on the kitchen table. Empty glasses in the sink. My jacket on one of the chairs. My shoes in the corner. And I knew I hadn't even made my bed. I knew I should have cleaned up. But the day was long and it had been taxing on me. I sat there mindlessly watching the sports news and out of nowhere the doorbell rang.

In my t-shirt and open oxford, I stood and walked to the front door. Shit. Oh my freaking god. It was Amber. Wow. She looked good. I mean she looked not kind of good but she looked real good. In my unbuttoned oxford and t-shirt and slacks, I opened the door with a smile.

"Hi Amber" I said. "Uhhh, what umm brings you here"

I already knew but asked anyway.

She shrugged and looked a little insecure about why she was there and for that matter what to say as well but she ended up saying "I don't know. I umm was uhhh thinking. I was thinking about umm you know" and she stopped talking and looked up at me then said "what you said the other day."

Like I said I knew what she was talking about but said "What do you mean"

"You know. What you said a couple days ago" she told me, trying to be more confident.

"Huh" I said at first.

Oh, I knew what she meant but I played dumb, real dumb in fact, and as I played dumb I told myself how hot looking she seemed that early evening. She had on her school clothes. The skirt she had on was borderline in its appearance. The top was not tighter then the other one I saw her in however it certainly announced her breasts pretty well, the way a man likes them to be announced. Yes, her tits were full. They were succulent in size. They were well-rounded and yes, they were very inviting, I easily could have grabbed her arm and pulled her inside and ripped off that top she had on. She also wore a sleeveless vest which was part of the uniform she had on. All of it said to me she wanted me. She wanted to be made love to.

"What are you uh talking about" I asked.

"Umm may I come in" she said, in a sweet tender tone.

Still acting ignorant I said "Oh uh sure. Please, come inside" and I let her in.

I watched as the shapely, young, and don't forget beautiful almost infant like woman stepped into my abode. I could not wait. I wondered. I wondered how she looked beneath all that clothing she had on. I smiled as she stepped ahead of me. Her hips appeared to sway left to right as she walked in. "

So what's on your mind" I said.

She turned around. Shrugging she said "Oh, I don't know." She looked down for a moment. "I've been thinking." Then she looked up. "I was thinking all day, and yesterday too, about what you umm told me a couple days ago."

I asked her, as if I didn't already know, what she meant.

"Ohhh you know" and she went on to tell me as she looked away from me and then back at me "how umm, attractive I am. How umm uh" and she paused and then said "how sexy I really am." She looked up at me.

Then I let it all out. "Ohhhhhhh!" I exclaimed. "Oh yeah" I told her, nodding my head and also offering her a grand smile. I shrugged my shoulders. "But the truth is, Amber. You really are." That's when I let my eyes circle all over her body. "I mean, to me, there is not one thing about you that isn't attractive. Really, there isn't."

I paused and waited. She stared at me. There was a sign of hope in her eyes, I think. She was trying to say something to me. I smiled some more, waiting. She sort of smiled back. I knew or thought I did and I was ready whenever she was. I wanted her more then you could imagine. I wanted to take her now. Was she ready To be sexed up To be made love to in my way I wanted her. I wanted to show her my way. To kiss her all over her body and that was for sure.

And with luck I heard her say "Uhhh Jack, will you show me Will you show me what you meant"

I swallowed, hard and excitedly and subtly took her hand in mine as I smiled. "Sure I will Amber. I would absolutely love to."

With that I led her to my messy bedroom. She was still dressed. I wasn't. I mean, like I said, my shirt was unbuttoned, and I wore a t-shirt underneath and as well my slacks and socks were on but those were formalities. She on the other hand was entirely dressed.

"What would you like me to do first" I asked.

"Uhhh, umm I don't know" she said, but she did.

She knew exactly what she wanted. Her eyes looked down at her body. Then she looked up at me and then again down at herself. Yeah, she knew.

"Will you do to me what you said you'd like to do to me"

I smiled and walked to the bed. Initially she didn't follow me. I told her to come up to the bed. I looked at her, closely. Once I did, I smiled, and then reached out. Once I did that, I removed her vest, and she let it come off. Dropping it to the floor, I pulled her closer, and undid the top button of her school blouse. Amber grew nervous. Really nervous as it gradually came unbuttoned.

As it did, I saw her magnificent upper body. That solicitous and succulent cleavage appear before me. Inside, I felt like a tiger wanting my prey. I wanted to taste it all over the place. I felt slight rumblings all over. She never smiled as her blouse came completely undone but hung off her shoulders nonetheless. Still she had a terrific, to say the least, very fantastic upper body.

"Your breasts" I said "are fantastic." and she smiled, a little. "No really they are" I assured her. "But all of your body is for that matter."

She swallowed hard as she tried to believe what I'd told her. I eased one side off her shoulder and then the other, watching the school blouse float to the floor. She looked nervous as hell. I looked at all of her upper body. Everything about it was amazing to me. My eyes even had to close a moment to contain myself.

Mmmmm, wow I thought, what a body she has. What a body I repeated to myself, again. I looked up, into her eyes again, and I made sure she knew how much I loved her figure. I smiled, gently.

"Do you like my body" she asked, timidly.

I nodded and said "Very much Amber. I love your body, a lot."

She smiled again and then said "Can I take off your shirts"

I nodded. I didn't care. Why not, isn't that what we are here for, I asked myself. She took it off. In fact she took it off at the speed of light I thought. I didn't care. I wanted us to be on the same plane.

"Are you going to umm" and she looked at me and said "suck my toes and feet too"

Oh my freaking god yeah. You bet your ass I will, I thought. I told her yes I would.

She smiled asking me what that felt like.

"Truthfully, I don't know. No one's ever done it to me but for you I probably would do almost anything. I mean" and I paused then said "god Amber, you're so darn sexy all over the place and so darn hot" and I shook my head as my eyes kept looking at her body all over I went on to say "I'd do everything to make you feel sexy and hot and steamy."

What I'd said made her super-excited and she kind of jumped at me as she threw her arms around me. Immediately I felt her lips. Her precious soft lips were against mine and I loved how they felt. Wow, she was wild about kissing me and she kissed hard. She was passionate as could be as her arms pulled at me and her lips tossed mine around. I let it all just go on and on, forever. Before I knew it I was being pushed backward. Into the bed. Before I knew it, she had me on my back. Before I knew it, she was on top of my body. And she wouldn't stop kissing me either. It was excellent.

"Whoa!" I said.

I was blinking and happy as a lark. I finally, after I stopped blinking, came up for some air and said "Wow, I wasn't expecting that but whoa Amber," and I thought about the sexual intenseness of what she'd done and added "you want to do that again Come on over, anytime. Feel free to stop over like that. Oh yeah, I'll kiss you like that, anytime."

Kneeling over me with her top off and her hair hanging off her shoulders a little, she smiled. "Really, you liked kissing me like that I wasn't too umm wild was I"

"Oh no, not at all" I replied. "Here, lie down. Let me show you what I meant the other day."

With that, she watched as I undid her skirt and slipped it off. Ohhhhhhh fucking god, I thought. Look at this girl's body. Look at her waist. I mean, look at these hips too. I closed my eyes and then I opened them so I could look down at them a little more. Everything I looked at was fantastic. Her legs and thighs and suddenly it was like my mouth was watering. I wanted her everywhere.

"Wow, do you know how terrific you look" I told her.

I saw her shake her head and so I reassured her that she was. With that, I snaked down her body all the way to her feet, I began with her toes first. I kissed the tips. I swallowed them next. She loved how it felt so I kept doing some more. I kissed the bottoms of her feet and then the tops, slowly moving up them, past her ankles, over the undersides of her calves, and all the way up to her thighs.

Oh yeah those young and shapely and incredibly beautiful thighs. I hungered for them, painfully. She absolutely loved it all. I stopped and knelt upright and I looked at her.

"Enjoying this" I asked.

She was smiling big and wide. Her eyes were sparkling like diamonds too. She said yes and said she loved it very much. So with that, I stopped. I felt them first. I closed my eyes as I felt their softness. Before going any further, I went all the way back to the beginning as I kissed and sucked her toes and feet.

I stopped and said "How's that"

"Oh god, mmmmmm I love that" she said softly. "Don't ever stop." Then she said "Do you always do that with a woman"

Lying I said with a shrug of my shoulders "Yes but it will depend."

"On what" she said.

"How beautiful and extraordinary the woman I'm with is" I said with a smile as I looked her in the eyes.

"You mean" and she paused and her smile disappeared momentarily before she went on to say "like me" She was very surprised I'd said that. "I'm that beautiful to you"

I nodded and pulled her up. We sat side by side. I cuddled with her and then said "Oh yeah Amber. I'm a very lucky man tonight. I mean me with you and you want me Oh gosh" I went on to say "I'm lucky as lucky gets" and then I turned and kissed her luscious lips. We kissed, or I should say she kissed me, as if she had never been kissed before. She was awesome and I told her so too.

"Umm were you going to umm like kiss my thighs next" she asked.

I smiled. "Should I" I said. But before she answered I went and asked "Have you ever uhhh played with yourself at all"

Now that question stunned her. She was not prepared to answer that one so I said "Well, let me tell you something, okay There are days and times when I umm you know umm masturbate. Can you believe that"

She swallowed hard. But before she could answer I laid my hands on her boobs, pressing down lovingly, and I began caressing them. Her eyes closed when I squeezed them. I moved closer to her nipples and I could tell it felt great to her. Plus I loved feeling them either way. Feeling her boobs was awesome. Watching her while I did it was incredible too. They seemed huge but in truth were just well sized tits. I didn't have any trouble negotiating around them whatsoever and I loved it.

"Honey, how's that feel" I said.

"Ohhhhhhh gosh yes" I heard her say.

I continued petting and pealing away at her tits. I finally leaned in and started kissing both of them as well as licking them every so often. I'd feel those hardened grand nubs called nipples, and then nibble them every so often, which would arouse her enough to obtain growling like squeals out of her lips. Up and around I went, kissing and sucking the sides of her body. Then I'd roam around her flattened, sexy belly. Mmmmm, this girl was the girl of my dreams that late afternoon.

I was at an impasse. Should I or shouldn't I, I asked myself. I wanted it. I wanted it badly. How did she feel, I wondered With that, I said yes to myself, and I started kissing her. But she was better, much better, at that then I was. As we kissed I moved on down. As we kissed and as I moved on down, my fingers found what they were looking for. They found the inner regions of her well developed thick muscular thighs while navigating towards her pussy.

"Oh! Oh my, wow!" she cried out, once she felt my fingers toying up inside her panties.

I kept at it. Playing around with her pussy's lips, I fingered her happily and she wanted more and more too. It felt smooth in there. She felt so welcoming too. It felt warm and inviting. I knew I wanted more and that's when her legs spread apart. My fingers were in. Her body rose up. She came up off the bed. I pushed my fingers up inside her further. That warmth, that sweet thickness within her is almost impossible to describe. Ohhhhhh, what a pussy she had. What a girl she was, I thought. What a body she has I thought while fingering her cunt and also making her hornier and hornier as well as me. She was becoming wetter and wetter and I loved it and as a result, she was crying out more and more. I loved all this too.

I was close. Real, real close to making my young visitor orgasm and cum surreptitiously. Did she realize this I do not know but I kept fingering her inside that tight, swelling hole, and I loved every second of it. I knew at some point, maybe today, or maybe soon enough that I'd want to taste it but for now I was only going to finger her and make her one totally happy young woman.

She erupted. She had come what she came for. An orgasm. And it was a very good one at that too. She came and she came admirably. I could feel it. Yes, it oozed out of her, and yes it streamed down her legs. Yes, it seeped down into my hands and yes, it was beautiful as could be. It felt warm. It felt thick. And from what I could see it was as white as ever as she moaned and cried out once she had cum. She took hold of me, thanking me for making her cum, and as she did she looked deep into my eyes and smiled. She pulled herself close and thanked me again and for letting her do it in my house. I told her it was all my pleasure and smiled while saying so.

We lay side by side and I listened to her breath and relax. "Jack" she said. I answered her. "Uhhh, did you have fun too 'cause I really did. I mean I had a wonderful, wonderful time." She paused while smiling, then said "Thank you Jack. Thank you very, very much." With that she looked at me sincerely and said "Can we do that again and well other things too"

I smiled and hugged her, telling her she was welcome to come and do this sort of thing anytime she wanted. However, I also told her that her studies came first. She giggled naturally of course telling me she knew that already.

With that, I caressed her soft and warm naked body, holding it closer then expected for an hour or so. Then Amber finally got up, looked at me and smiled as she dressed. And although I didn't dress at all, I still walked her to the front door.

"I can't wait until the next time" she told me.

"Me neither" I replied as I patted her fine teenage womanly ass. She turned and smiled and bounced away out of my home.

"God, I gotta get that girl to suck me off next time" I said aloud.

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