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Bye Steve

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Author: Ann
Published: 31-Mar-05 Revised/Updated 15-Jul-17
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I set out two bottles of chilled champagne alongside the table's gleaming candles and dimmed the chandelier. I changed into a red satiny dress that exposed my long legs. A cutout circle displayed the upper contours of my breasts...

* * * * * * *

When my husband, Bill, first opened his practice, he lured Steven away from a job as a business manager for another engineering firm. At first, I worked as Steve's office assistant. I learned a lot about management under him, but the boss's wife can get in the way of an office manager. So after a year, I stayed home to take care of the house, the boat, the beach condo, and all the other things we were paying others to do.

Last month, on his 32nd birthday, Steve gave his notice to leave for his home town in Wisconsin to work with his brother in a consulting venture. Bill had to be in Wichita that week. I came down to the office to help Steve finish up his last 3 days.

"I'll miss you, Steve," I told him on his last day, during lunch at a dimly lit Chinese restaurant. I'd been too busy the last few days to think about anything but the flurry of work. Steve was watching me. His square jaw and straight brown hair remind me of an intellectual John Wayne.

He replied, uncomfortably, "Not as much as I'll miss you."

I smiled. A sexual attraction had developed between us during my year as his secretary. Occasionally, when handing me a file or pencil, his hand had lingered, brushing mine. Neither of us acknowledged the subtle tension, shrugging it off as normal, a harmless office attraction between opposite sexes who work together.

Stephen didn't know that Bill had encouraged me to date a dozen different men over the past year. Sometimes, Bill watched, usually hidden from view.

Because Steve had been a good friend to Bill and me, I wanted to show our appreciation. So when he was driving back to the office, I placed my hand over his, leaned to innocently kiss his cheek, and offered, "We'll be finished up within an hour. Why don't we leave the receptionist in charge I'll go home, prepare dinner, and you can come over at seven. We can go waterskiing or, if you prefer, just watch a VCR movie."

He grinned, "A movie sounds great. I'll pick one up at the video store on the way over."

at home, I called Bill in Wichita and asked him not to phone me that evening, telling him why. Bill eagerly agreed.

I set out two bottles of chilled champagne alongside the table's gleaming candles and dimmed the chandelier. I changed into a red satiny dress that exposed my long legs. A cutout circle displayed the upper contours of my breasts.

Steve was attired in a white polo shirt and gray slacks. Over the next hour, he'd touched my hand a half dozen times. Laughing at a memory of me once dumping a handful of pens across an office drafting table, he leaned toward me with a sisterly kiss. I noticed him stealing glances at my breasts.

His second kiss was intended for my cheek as he offered "thanks" for the dinner. I turned softly, placing a hand on the back of his neck. Intoxicated by the champagne, I pressed my lips to his, lingering, then lost my nerve. Turning my head away, I was afraid of what I was feeling for Steven.

My heart fluttered. My knees were trembling as I rose from the chair and said, "The movie you brought over sounds like fun." I walked to the living room, closed the drapes, and inserted the tape into the VCR.

Steve sat a moment, then strode into the room with the second bottle of champagne and our glasses. He sat alongside me on the couch, handing me a misting glass. His arm slithered around my shoulder. I'd seen the movie before, and finally, Steve admitted he'd just realized he had also seen it.

We laughed. I punched off the remote control switch, leaving the room in dimness. The champagne bottle was empty. My senses swirling, I stared down at his bulge growing beneath his slacks. Pretending I hadn't noticed, I breathed, "Would you rather dance"

His adam's apple bobbed. He nodded affirmatively. I turned on the stereo as he reached for me, holding me closely. Halfway through the song, our eyes locked. The softness of my breasts heaved as my lips parted in surrender.

He leaned to kiss me.

I shuddered in desire, my arms encircling his neck.

He whispered, "I don't want to come between you and Bill."

My voice quaking, I muttered, "I know. This is for friendship, my good-bye gift." I don't think I believed it. I moaned as his groin grinded against mine, his lips brushing my neck.

Stumbling down the hallway, I led Steven toward our downstairs bedroom, trembling passionately as I was kicking off my red heels, fumbling at the buttons of his shirt, my dress, his belt buckle. He stared at fullness of my breasts as the dress puddled to the floor. His lips grazed the firm, reddened nipples.

At the bedroom door, I fell to my knees, pulling off his slacks. His pale white shaft swayed before my lips. I softly nibbled his member, caressing it with my tongue, my lips probing its rubbery length. I drink very little alcohol, and the swirling effect of the champagne and the feel of his lengthened manhood drove me into ecstasy.

He groaned, pressing his hands to my face as my trembling lips worshiped his hardness. "Oh, god, Ellen, I've wanted you since I first met you. More each passing year." His cock slowly pistoned into my mouth.

I rolled my eyes up at him and breathed, "I know." My lips glided up and down the glistening surface from its head to the thick, brown pubic hair.

He pulled me to my feet, caressing my breasts as he led me to the waterbed. Moonlight filtered through the window opened to the lake, a warm breeze lifting strands of my hair as Steven swept me to the bed. He hovered above me. My face burned, reddened with passion.

My voice fluttering, I moaned a word I'd never used but now seemed perfect, "Oh, honey!" I trembled in white-hot passion, my eyes wide as his hands probed the contours of my breasts and stomach. His long manhood found the vee between my quaking legs, now lubricating madly. I cried softly, fearful of what I felt for him.

His engorged cock-head grazed my vaginal folds.

I wailed in desire. My hips swirled wildly until he'd sunk its full length within my nest. I squeezed my creaming walls around it as he withdrew halfway, then thrust again and again until we were fucking in wild abandon.

I was crying, "Oh, honey, I love it, I love it!" I locked my legs around his hips. Something wonderfully different was happening! My quivering lips formed an "oh" for this adultery like no other I'd known. My eyes widened in awesome wonder, like a FIRST love, and we WERE in love at that moment as we murmured, together, "I love you." I smiled at his surprise that he had said it, but as the realization sank in, our desire multiplied, increasing our ardor in quantum leaps. His cock expanded and lengthened in the glow. My legs gripping him, I felt positively radiant with passion!

Our minds and bodies were now one, bonded by our utterances of adulterous love. The waterbed rolled madly beneath our writhing bodies, carrying us through heaven's clouds to a blazing galaxy I'd never visited with any man, not even with Bill. As we fucked, I thought how godlike we were, our bodies united by Steve's steaming cock and my glowingly lubricated cunt, reigning over a kingdom of planets that were boiling in lust. I'd once read somewhere that each adulterer has one experience that overshadowed all others. Oh GOD! I recognized at that moment that Steve's fucking would be my ultimate! As wonderful as adultery is, none could match this soul-searing intensity!

Now he groaned as the beginning of a cosmic orgasm flooded up from deep within his groin, his hips shuddering as his manhood continued to expand to enormous proportions.

I was frantically rotating my hips, my clitoris fluttering, then pounding in a mind-boggling symphony with his body. My head rolled, my hair flailing the air, my eyes bulging at the awesome, unleashed power of adulterous passion washing over us in fiery waves of pleasure. Every sense was heightened now, oh god, my cuntal walls throbbing in the heat of each thrust and withdrawal as the ultimate tool hammered deep into me. I was screaming with pleasure, sobbing as he sobbed, and, oh god, fucking this man I loved, matching his every stroke, feeling his enflamed broad cock-head searing the back of my creaming cunt. In shuddering ecstasy, I screamed, "OH, STEVE, I LOVE YOU! OH, HONEY! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" as Steve groaned, "Oh, GOD, Ellen, I love YOU!"

And then! Oh GOD! It came in mega-thunder, rolling over us, the ultimate orgasm exploding in a billion starry fragments, my vision blurred by warm tears and the stellar glow of a supernova. Flames from our planet's core erupted around us, the searing lava of his semen bursting and splattering within my supersensitive walls. Our warm creams melded, washing over his cock from head to base as the floodtides rushed through my fervid, shuddering channel. The maddened beast of lust ruled the universe! I screamed at the power of the orgasmic release, imagining my shaved mound and lubrious tunnel glowing red with pleasure.

He collapsed onto my limp body, his cock firmly within my creaming cunt, our arms entertwined in the afterglow of adultery and the intoxication of champagne. We stared at each other in celestial wonder. The rolling waterbed ebbed, fluttering earthward. Whispering my love, I cried, now crushed by the realization that this first time would be our last. My watch had scratched my wrist. Removing it, I glanced down, realizing we had been making love for an hour.

My mouth brought him again to hardness. He mounted me from behind. My knees sank into the waterbed like coconuts in wet beach sand. My cuntal walls quivered as his velvety cock slowly filled me to its base. I breathed out a hissing sound through my trembling, oval-ed lips, then squealed as he began fucking me.

Feeling his spear ramming through my lubricated softness, I cried and laughed at once. I murmured, biting my lip, "Why couldn't we have been doing this for three years, you fucker You KNEW we loved each other!"

He groaned and said simply, "Yes," and fucked me for the eternity of that glorious night.

I could have been joyously happy the rest of this lifetime fucking no others but Bill and Steven. But life isn't like that, and it wasn't to be. And although I was once happy with only one man in my life, Bill changed that by encouraging me to date others. It has now been a year and a half since my re-birth through our liberated marriage.

Having crossed the threshhold of adultery, I could never have returned to the secure island of fidelity. Other men were to share my mind and body, but I was to learn that none would be quite like Steven.

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