My Husband Lets Me

Author: Sally Hollister
Published: Aug 26, 2012
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Why does my husband let me sleep with other men Because he can't give me orgasms and other men can, It's that simple. Don't get me wrong, I've tried really hard with Len, but he just can't get me off. Not with fucking anyway. He's good with his tongue, when he can be bothered, but a girl needs to have her pussy filled up sometimes.

Why does my husband let me sleep with other men Because he can't give me orgasms and other men can, It's that simple. Don't get me wrong, I've tried really hard with Len, but he just can't get me off. Not with fucking anyway. He's good with his tongue, when he can be bothered, but a girl needs to have her pussy filled up sometimes.

Of course I knew he wasn't a great lover when I married him, but I thought he'd improve with age. No luck, he still comes far too quickly for me, but he says it's because I get him too excited, so it's my fault. It doesn't help that he's got a fairly small cock. I wasn't hugely experienced and Len had been my only lover, but I just knew that there was more to sex than what my husband was giving me.

How did I talk him into it Well, there's a story there, if you're interested.

I didn't want to just go flat out and cheat on him. He was my husband, I did love him, and I didn't want to hurt him, but we both knew that our sex life was the pits and needed improving. And it wasn't that Len was under-sexed or anything, he was as ready to get laid as the next man, just that he wasn't very good at controlling himself. So, I decided to use his lustiness for my own benefit by suggesting we get involved in the swinging lifestyle by swapping with other couples. Of course Len jumped at the chance of nailing other men's wives and if it was devious manipulation on my part, so what My priority was to experience good sex without destroying my marriage.

Luckily we were best friends with a really hot couple, Cheryl and Henry, so they were the obvious first port of call when it came to stretching our sexual horizons. Len was in a state because he didn't know how to approach the issue with our friends and was worried that either we would appal them or they would reject us. I told him to relax, I'd invite them over for dinner and after a few wines we'd start fooling around. If they joined in, fine, and if not we'd move on to another couple. I'd already begun compiling a list.

Of course, I wasn't walking in totally blind with Cheryl. She and I had been friends since high school, so I knew she was no shrinking violet and we had talked about swinging in the past, though never admitting that we were tempted by it. More to the point Cheryl was a little blonde doll and I knew Len had always fancied the idea of doing her. More to the point, as far as I was concerned was that Henry was a damned good looking guy and Cheryl had praised his bedroom skills many times. If things worked out as I planned, Cheryl would be the only loser in this arrangement as she'd have to put up with Len's lousy love-making. This didn't worry me as I reckoned I'd make it up to her some way. My real problem lay with Len. If he got too excited at the prospect of fucking Cheryl he'd probably pop off while I was fooling around with him to set the stage. Cheryl wouldn't be too keen on letting me have her husband if all she was getting was a crap fuck. The only way I could think of to ensure that he didn't spunk off in my hands was to drain him immediately beforehand so on the appointed evening I had to prepare salmon en croûte while letting hubby fuck me from behind. It would have made a strange sight if anybody had walked in, me stirring a white wine sauce with my skirt up at my waist, my panties at my knees and Len poking at my ass. He'd wondered why I was so keen to fuck when we were hopefully just a short while away from experiencing new lovers but he could never resist my pouted, "I'm horny, honey."

Anyway, anybody that knows anything about cooking knows that a white wine sauce doesn't take long, but Len still managed to finish before it was ready. I'd asked Len not to spunk in me as I didn't want to give Henry sloppy seconds by way of an introduction, but he still came all over my ass which required a dash to the toilet to wipe his mess off while I left him stirring.

The meal went off without incident and then we all retired to the lounge with our drinks and put some music on the CD player. I soon got Len up dancing and encouraged Cheryl and Henry to join us. I was wearing a short flared skirt and made sure I did plenty of twirls to reveal my thighs to Henry. There I knew I had Cheryl beat, at least in the length of my legs. Once a slower track came on I pulled Len towards me and started kissing him. I had to be careful here and made sure that there wasn't too much body contact. Cheryl and Henry went into a clinch too as I'd hoped and I moved Len over till I had my back up against Cheryl's back. If she was surprised, she didn't flinch, even when I started rubbing my butt up against her. Instead she dropped a hand from Henry's shoulder and ran it up my thigh. She was definitely getting the message and I just hoped that Henry was tuned in too. Of course her hand encountered Len's because he was trying to grope me as well and soon they were holding hands, with my hand over there's as a sort of blessing.

I finally decided that we had gone as far as it was possible to go with unspoken signals and turned to Cheryl. "Can I kiss your husband, honey" I asked her.

She smiled lazily and said, "Sure, if I can kiss yours."

We switched positions and I attacked Henry's mouth with my hungry tongue.

"Wow," he said, breaking away from me and watching my husband kissing his wife, "I've been dreaming about this for a long while and now it's a reality."

With that confirmed I didn't waste any more time but started stroking the front of his pants which were already bulging. Even though the material I could tell that he was bigger than Len and if Cheryl's reviews were anything to go by I was in for an evening of serious fucking.

"I've wanted you for so long, Rita," Henry whispered into my ear, his hands stealing round behind me to cup my butt cheeks and pull me towards him.

"And I've wanted you, Henry," I replied, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock. It was at least half the size again in length as Len's, but not much thicker and it felt marvellous having it in my hand and stroking it, feeling it rise and revelling in its potency. I stole a glance over at my husband and Cheryl. He had her on her back on the couch with her legs spread and was already busy muffing her. At least there he couldn't be faulted and I didn't feel as guilty about giving my friend the short end of the stick.

"You enjoying that, Cheryl" I asked.

"Ooh yeah, your husband has a very well educated tongue."

Happy that things were going well at their end I dropped to my knees and ran my own tongue up Henry's shaft. He let out a soft moan and placed his hands on my head to encourage me. "You have a good cock, Henry," I complimented him before taking the head into my wet, warm, mouth. A little hot sucking of his glans and he gripped my head tightly and started ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. I wasn't used to having such a big piece of meat in my mouth, or maybe I was just greedy, but he hit the back of my throat and made me gag. He was immediately apologetic and lifted me to my feet before taking me over to the couch and joining Len in performing cunnilingus. Cheryl and I were side by side, grinning at each other like monkeys as our husbands kissed and licked out our slutty vaginas. I had a Brazilian down below but Cheryl hadn't trimmed her pubes back, which was fair enough as she only had a little faint blonde down there anyway. The variety of pussy adornment on show seemed to tantalise our husbands and they went at their work with enthusiasm. Soon we two 'ladies' were hooting and grunting with budding orgasms and we had our hands clamped round each other's husbands heads, keeping them in position as we furiously rotated our hips against their mouths. Cheryl especially was much more vocal than me and I could tell that her performance was turning Len on. He'd unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and it looked much bigger than I'd ever seen it.

Now, I like getting my pussy licked and Henry was almost as good as Len, but I'd set this all up so I could get fucked, not licked into ecstasy. Luckily Henry had the same need for fucking as I did. He stood up, his long cock swaying in front of him and lifted me to my feet.

"I'm gonna fuck your wife now, man," he said but Len was so into eating Cheryl's pussy that he barely glanced up.

I walked over to the armchair and bent over with my hands resting on the back of the chair. I wanted Henry that way because Len had just had me from behind and I really wanted to feel the difference of a larger cock,

I have quite a curvy ass so the sight of me shaking it had the desired effect on Henry. He came over, slapped my rump and put the tip of his cock up against my pussy entrance. Without further ado he rammed it into me and I squealed. Luckily, I was excited and my juices were flowing, adding to the spit Henry had lavished on my hole, otherwise I genuinely think that big thing wouldn't have struggled to go in. But it did, and wonderfully so. Henry clutched my hips and started fucking me rhythmically. I glanced over and Cheryl and Len had switched positions. He was now on the couch and Cheryl was on her knees, sucking on his cock and licking his balls. It was a strange sight for me, because I could see Len's face properly, which you normally can't when you're down there giving pleasure. His look was one of unalloyed pleasure but there was also a hint of trepidation. The poor dear was desperate not to cum in Cheryl's mouth, but have her properly. Her ministrations must have been having the desired effect because he sprang up suddenly, lifted Cheryl from the floor and had her on her back on the couch. Her little legs spread, he thrust into her and was soon fucking her violently. Her legs came up for more penetration and she soon had them up on his shoulders. For my part I was just enjoying the non-stop pounding from Henry. He didn't have much variety in stroke, but he made up for that with sheer vigour.

"Can I cream your wife" Len shouted shortly.

"Go ahead, she's safe," Henry replied and the thought of another man shooting into his wife must have excited him, because he flipped me over and started fucking me in the missionary position on the armchair.

I heard Len's familiar groans as he had his orgasm and even Cheryl seemed to be excited at the prospect of another man ejaculating inside her as she let out a little shriek.

"Oh, my God, Len, that was wonderful," she said and I marvelled at how polite she was. Complimenting my husband when the best she could have experienced was a brief surge of passion.

Henry, on the other hand, was attacking my poor little pussy like a maniac. His hands were squeezing my full tits, a novelty for him as Cheryl didn't have much up there, as his hips slammed his cock in and out of me. My juice was coating his cock and a sheen of sweat was forming on his forehead.

"Give it to me, baby," I encouraged, "Do it. Fuck me. Screw me. Hammer me with that big fucking cock."

Admittedly my script was coming from every porn movie I'd ever seen but the words felt appropriate so I used them. Henry seemed to be tireless and his fucking was amazing after the short measure I'd been getting from Len.

"Like that pussy" I asked my lover.

"Oh yeah, you fuck real good."

Cheryl took Len by the hand and led him over so that they could lie on other side of me. They both set to work on my boobs with their fingers and mouths. This was the kind of action I'd been hoping for and my pussy twitched with the first glimmer of an orgasm. Finally, I was going to cum with a cock inside me.

"You crazy bitch," Cheryl said, "I knew you were going to pull a stunt like this some day. You could have warned me."

The sight of us all together was all too much for Henry and I could feel him moving towards his climax.

"Can I cum in your mouth" he asked, his sweat now dripping onto my belly.

"No way, Cheryl got Len's cum in her pussy and that's where I want yours. This isn't a porn movie so we don't need a money shot. Just you shoot that hot stuff right inside me."

"Your call," he said and just in time because he gave a powerful heave and spurted up me. There must have been pints of the stuff because it seeped out round the sides of his cock. Miraculously he didn't stop fucking me but kept pumping away. That got me my reward and I finally felt my climax roar up on me and leave me shaking like a leaf.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" I roared.

Cheryl was scooping her husband's cum off my thighs with her fingers and licking them clean. "Yeah baby," she shouted as he kept fucking me, "Give her both barrels!"

Henry's amazing efforts were having a positive effect on Len too, his cock was struggling up again and he slipped round behind Henry and leapt on Cheryl again. She was on her side, facing me, and he slid into her from behind. I was surprised as he was rarely ready for another crack at me for quite a few hours. It seemed the most natural thing in the world then to deeply kiss my best friend as my husband fucked her.

"Your hubby's amazing," I whispered to her, "How does he manage that, keeping fucking after he's cum"

"He can only do it when he's really turned on and he's wanted you for ages," she giggled. "He can be a really bad boy when he wants to be."

"You lucky bitch, you get this every night"

"Oh no, you're definitely getting one of his specials."

She ran her fingertips down from my nipple, over my belly and onto my clit where she began to gently rub.

I came again, really powerfully and my hips bucked up at Henry, almost throwing him off his stride. He kept battering at me manfully and I knew it wasn't going to be long till he came. I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him on till finally he spent his seed in me again.

Len had been poking Cheryl gently, stroking both her tiny tits and mine. Now, with Henry collapsing on top of me he began rogering her more vigorously, gripping her slim little butt and whacking his hips into her. Soon he too was feeding his juice into her and my friend and I shared a grateful, post-coital, kiss.

We fucked with Cheryl and Henry for a few months after that and I enjoyed Henry's cock many times, but eventually they decided they wanted to start a family and had to give up on swinging. We searched for other compatible couples for a while with no success and then I met a guy who really turned me on. I asked Len if I could sleep with him, saying he could have another girl if he wanted to by way of repayment. Essentially I was proposing an open marriage with both of us allowed to have other partners. He agreed, but to be honest, though I've had several lovers, I've no idea if Len's ever made it with another gal. We keep that side of our lives private from each other and it works for us, so who's complaining

This story is from the collection Erotic Tails by Sally Hollister, available from Amazon.

About: The author of "My Husband Lets Me" is Sally Hollister. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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