Telling Hubby About My Toy-Boy

Author: Sally Hollister
Published: Aug 27, 2012
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Eventually. I stroked his dick a little before popping it into my mouth. I hadn't been sucking for more than a minute when I realised I'd made a big mistake. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face like a madman and before I could even tell him to slow down he was coming into my mouth. Great spurts of the stuff, like he hadn't shot off in months.

"Did you get some cock today" my husband asked me.

"Yes," I hissed in reply and his hand slipped between my legs, his fingers curling into my moistness. We were curled up in bed, the kids asleep, the dog snoring on the floor.

"Tell me about it," he said and I felt him stiffen against my leg. Automatically I moved against him, encouraging his passion. I knew what the night held for me and felt my pussy opening in anticipation.

"I met him at the supermarket," I whispered into his ear, "Just doing some grocery shopping. We needed the freezer filled up and cleaning stuff. Oh, and I planned to do some baking at the weekend."

"Cathy!" he insisted.

I smiled to myself, the teasing was part of the deal, at least for me. Ron knew it too and reached over to squeeze my nipple, hoping that further arousal would speed me up. I let out a little groan as he twisted my quickly hardening flesh.

"He was quite a little guy. Young, maybe eighteen. Blonde hair. Cheeky grin. That's what caught my eye."

"Did he come on to you"

"Well, I had five bags of shopping and should have used the trolley to take them to the car, but decided to carry them. I was struggling to get my keys to open the boot and he just appeared from behind me and offered to help."

"Out of nowhere"

"Well, I'd noticed him in the shop, but didn't think he was interested in me."

"But you were interested in him"

"Oh yeah, like I said, he was cute. But I see ten cute guys a day, Ron. Not all of them make a move on me."

"What did he say"

"Oh, just asked if he could hold my bags while I found my keys and then he helped put the bags into the boot. I think he spotted me looking at his crotch because then he asked if I'd need a hand to unload the bags when I got home."

"You brought him here"

"Sure, I didn't think you'd mind, the kids were at school. Anyway, I kind of pointed at my wedding ring and he said 'Well, if your husband's home he can always help you unload' and I said you weren't home and I'd greatly appreciate him helping me when I got home if he had the time to spare."

I ran my fingers through the hair on Ron's chest. "I was wearing that short denim skirt and he never took his eyes off my legs all the way home."

"Didn't try anything in the car"

"No, I don't think he was quite sure of my intentions, despite his cocky manner. Was he just a young guy helping out an older woman, or was this his lucky day."

"But you made it his lucky day."

"Oh yeah." I reached Ron's nipple and twisted his with as much vigour as he'd mauled mine. It was a thing he liked and his fingers dug deeper inside me.

"What was his name" he asked.

"Oh, Charlie. Nice kid, student. Anyway, I got him in the house with the promise of a drink of something and he seemed to lose his nerve totally. Sitting at the table, sipping his cola, his eyes never leaving me, but doing nothing about it."

"Kids," Ron grunted.

"You've got to try and understand what he was thinking honey. If he made a move and I protested he could be in a lot of trouble."

"I suppose," Ron agreed, "So what did you do"

"Oh, just the usual stuff, brushing against him, bending over so he could look up my skirt. I was wearing a little thong so he definitely got an eyeful of my ass. Certainly got his cock stirring. I could see it starting to bulge in his trousers."

My confession was working on Ron too, his cock was hardening wonderfully against my thigh and he gripped my boob tightly. "It must have been big then, for you to see it," he said.

He was being too quick for me, eager to get to the serious business, but I was having none of it. "Wait," I whispered. By way of compensation I brushed my hand over his cock and he moaned gently. He lowered his head and flicked at my nipple with his tongue.

"His cock was just showing a little, a small bulge but definitely something there. I was getting wet thinking about it. I wanted to see it, to touch it, to suck it, but he wasn't making any advances."

"You should have ripped your panties off, he'd have got the message then."

"Really, Ron, I'm a respectable married woman and I don't behave like that."

"You're a slut."

"Yes, dear, but I'm your slut."

This made him bite down on my nipple and I started. "What did you do" he asked, his finger parting the lips of my pussy.

"Well I was all done with flaunting myself at him, so I decided to try the compliments route. Telling him what a handsome young man he was, stuff like that."

"And did he get the message"

"Nope, the dope just sat there and grinned."

I could feel his cock beginning to wilt. "This isn't sounding like the wild sexual adventure I'd hoped to hear about."

I gripped his cock and squeezed it just below its bulbous head. "Wait. It gets better," I promised.

"It had better," he growled, "This kid doesn't sound like much. How he could resist you flaunting your ass at him I don't know."

"Not everybody is as lecherously horny as you are, sweetheart," I said and gave him a peck on the lips. "Do you want me to suck you instead"

"No, keep talking."

I shifted myself onto my side to face him, which made it awkward for him feeling me up front. He switched his hand round to my back and started stroking it.

"So I asked him if he had a girlfriend and when he said no, I asked him if he fancied some pussy then."

"You asked him, just like that"

"Hey, I was getting desperate, I was dripping."

"So what did he do"

"Nothing, just stared at me like I was crazy. Now you know I don't like to make the running but I said, 'My husband's working, my kids are at school, and I need some cock'. And then I walked over to him, pulled up my skirt, grabbed his head and buried it in my crotch."

That caught Ron's attention and his cock reared in my hand. "I don't believe you."

"I swear," I insisted "I'd just run out of ideas on how to get a reaction out of this kid."

Ron's finger slipped down to the crack of my ass, making me shiver. "That's my girl."

"Anyway, he got the message that I wasn't winding him up and started rubbing his face into my pussy. His nose was going up my slot and I pulled his head into me and ground my crotch against him."

Ron's finger found my asshole and he circled it gently. That always made me purr and I shoved against him, clamping his thigh between mine.

"Go on," he hissed, his voice impatient with lust.

"Well, basically, he fucked me," I said but Ron was having none of my reticence. He jabbed his finger up my butt, making me squirm. "Tell me," he ordered, "All the filth, all the disgusting things you did with this poor, young guy."

"Well, I had to drag him upstairs because the curtains were wide open and I'd already taken a chance by lifting my skirt and rubbing his face in my minge."

"You brought him up here To our bedroom"

"In this very bed. I pushed him down, unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out."

Ron's cock stiffened even more. "Big one" he asked.

"No, not really. A bit shorter than yours and a lot thinner."

"Were you disappointed"

"No, a cock's a cock when you're horny enough, and I was gagging for it."

"So you got what you wanted"

I smiled at the memory. "Eventually. I stroked his dick a little before popping it into my mouth. I hadn't been sucking for more than a minute when I realised I'd made a big mistake. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face like a madman and before I could even tell him to slow down he was coming into my mouth. Great spurts of the stuff, like he hadn't shot off in months.

The thought of a young man coming into his wife's mouth was obviously pleasing Ron. He pushed me onto my back and started massaging my clit, spreading my lips, opening me wider. "So you didn't get fucked"

"Oh, sure I did. Young guy like that was ready for another crack at it in about ten minutes and this time I told him I'd invited him home for a fuck, not a blow-job."

Ron's fingers had established that I was ready to be mounted and he levered himself on top of me, his cock automatically finding my entrance and sliding in. He gave a satisfied sigh as I raised my legs and moved very subtly in and out of me. I'd hoped for a longer build-up, with sucking and licking but his meat felt so good inside me that I wasn't complaining.

"Was he a good fuck" Ron asked into my ear.

"The usual performance you'd expect from an inexperienced young man," I replied, shifting myself to get more comfortable under my husband. "Far too eager, desperate to get inside me, but I slowed him down and got him to go down on me. He wasn't too clever at that either, thought I wanted stabbed in the pussy with his tongue."

"You usually like that."

"Yes, eventually. But first I need the lips licked open and my clitty teased, you know that."

"And did you get the guy to do what you wanted"

"Only by swinging round to give him a sixty nine."

"Dangerous, he could have come in your mouth again."

"Oh, I warned him that I wanted fucked this time and I spent a lot of time just licking his shaft rather than working on the head of his cock or chewing his balls."

Ron's rhythm was building up, his tempo increasing and the feeling of his long, thick, shaft driving in and out of me was having the desired effect. I let out a muted groan.

"Slow down, baby," Ron urged.

"I can't help it," I squeaked, my fingernails running down his back, "It's too good."

"Tell me about the guy fucking you."

"Well, after we'd done the oral thing for a while, and I realised I was never going to come with his tongue I swung round and straddled him. He had got me rather wet with his spit and he just slipped right in. Made a change from his tight, young, girlfriends I bet, a mature sloppy pussy."

"Doesn't feel sloppy to me, feels lovely."

I jerked my hips up at him for the compliment. "Only because you've got a big, fat, cock that fills me up. You've got to remember that he had a pretty skinny cock."

"You should have taken him up your ass then."

"Hey, ladies don't take it up the pooper on a first date. I did think about it, but decided he was too inexperienced for advanced techniques. And some young guys get grossed out when you suggest a bit of anal, like it's some kind of perversion. Anyway, it was nice, just bouncing on him."

"Last longer this time."

"A little. I didn't get off or anything, but I suppose that's asking too much."

"You've come with young guys before."

"Yeah, but that's down to the excitement factor. Some guys just get me so horny that it's a cakewalk getting my rocks off. This guy was just a casual fuck so I wasn't expecting much. Still, he lasted long enough for me to get under him and have him fuck me like a man."

"Good old missionary, you can't beat it."

"You certainly can't." And I dug my fingernails into my husband's ass and urged him into me. He responded with renewed vigour, his pubic bone bouncing off my engorged clit, and within seconds the first starburst of my orgasm hit me. I gave a fevered shiver as Ron continued pounding me.

"Nice," I moaned.

He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. I was wide, gaping, my pussy stretched to the limit. It wasn't really what I wanted, I'd have preferred to turn over and have him fuck me from behind, but I could sense that he wasn't in the mood for that. He wanted to hear me talk about my infidelity.

"So, tell me about Charlie boy fucking you."

"Lot of energy. Might have had a thin cock but he went at it like a rabbit. The sweat was dripping off him, splashing on my tits. He had a skinny body too and there wasn't much of him to hold on to but I'll give him his due, he gave me a good work-out."

"How was he taking all this, your young man" Ron asked suddenly. "It can't be every day he gets to screw a married woman."

"There wasn't a lot of conversation, Ron. Apart from me telling him not to spunk in my mouth again."

"But he spunked in your pussy"

"Oh yeah, another huge load. I don't where it came from after the blast he'd already given me but I suspect it's because I stuck my finger up his scrawny little ass."

"You did what"

"It was a matter of time, honey. I happened to look over at the clock and realised the kids would be home from school soon and I needed to get him off me and out of the house. So I stuck my finger up his ass to make him come. I don't think he'd ever had that before because he had the strangest look on his face when I did it."

Ron stifled a laugh. "You're supposed to be turning me on, not doing a comedy routine."

"It was pretty funny, I guess, but it worked. He came like a fire hose. Soaked the sheets and everything."

"And you got him out before the kids got back."

"Oh sure. Even had time to change the sheets and have a quick shower."

"So, it was worth it"

"I suppose, but he was just another little fling. I taught him a few things and I hope his future girlfriends will appreciate it. He might even marry one and have a horny MILF of his own some day."

And Ron exploded inside me as I came again.

This is the opening chapter of the novel I, MILF by Sally Hollister, available on Amazon.

About: The author of "Telling Hubby About My Toy-Boy" is Sally Hollister. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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