Anal Only

Author: Sally Hollister
Published: Aug 30, 2012
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George doesn't mind me cheating but he does lay down one condition, that I only allow my lovers to take me anally. That would be fine, as I really enjoy getting a cock up my ass, which is also one of my best features, but it's hard to explain to guys that they can't get pussy and some just flat-out won't stick it up my pooper.

George doesn't mind me cheating but he does lay down one condition, that I only allow my lovers to take me anally. That would be fine, as I really enjoy getting a cock up my ass, which is also one of my best features, but it's hard to explain to guys that they can't get pussy and some just flat-out won't stick it up my pooper.

For instance it took me some persuasion to get my last lover, Alex, to fuck me up the ass because he thought if I was willing to cheat on my husband then withholding my pussy was just stupid.

"You're cheating on him, Carol, betraying him. So if you can lie to him about sleeping with other men, why can't you lie to him about letting me fuck your pussy."

We were lying in his bed in his apartment and I stroked his face to soothe him. "Because I'm not really cheating on him, Alex, is why. I don't lie to him and he knows what I do. He's given me permission to have affairs, and I appreciate that. So, I have to show some respect by abiding to the one restriction he places on me. Don't you like my ass"

"I love it. It is a thing of beauty, but I don't fuck asses, I fuck pussies."

"It's tighter than my pussy, more fun," I promised.

"I don't care."

"Some guys are crazy for ass fucking."

"Not me."

I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. "Do you want me to suck you"

"No. I want to fuck. Why will your crazy husband not let me fuck your pussy I promise I won't get you pregnant."

"It's not that, I don't think. I'm on the pill anyway. I just think that he wants that part of me for himself. But the rest is available, my mouth, my butt."

"Do you actually like getting it up there"

"I love it. I come every time."

"And it don't hurt"

"It used to be uncomfortable, when I first started doing it, but it's not a problem now my pooper's been well stretched."

"Does George fuck you up there"


"So it's just me that gets shit city"

"Is that what's bothering you Let me assure you, Alex, that I know how to clean out my ass before getting buggered. I'm not exactly new to this."

"Hell, I'm not bothered about a little bit of shit. It's this crazy arrangement you have with your husband that has me confused."

His cock was stiffening nicely, a good sign, promising that I might get what I wanted.

"There's nothing complicated about it," I explained, "George allows me to have affairs because he has a lower sex drive than I do. He's happy getting it once a week but I need it a bit more than that."

"But only up your ass."

"It gets me off, which is what I want."

"You prefer it to pussy fucking"

"No, maybe, I don't know. Have you ever fucked a girl up the butt, Alex"


"Oh, my little anal virgin. You really need to meet more bad girls. Let Carol's ass break you in. You'll like it, I promise."

He put his hand between my legs.

"You can rub it all you want, honey, but you can't fuck it."

"But you're wet, you want it."

"Yes, I want it."

"In the pussy."

"Yes, I want it in the pussy, dammit, but I can't have it. Listen, I carry a big enough guilt trip sleeping with other men already, don't try and make it worse. Now either fuck my ass or I'll get dressed and go home."

My ultimatum put him on the spot. We worked together and he'd been pursuing me for weeks until I'd finally relented and gone for a drink with him. Which, almost inevitably had led me into his bed.

"All my fantasies about you, Carol, I was always fucking your pussy," he wailed.

I reached between his legs and got my hands on his balls. "This isn't fantasy, this is reality. Now I know you don't hate my ass, the way you were groping it in that bar, how about you follow through with that promise and nail it."

His hands finally tracked behind me and gripped my cheeks. My ass was full but shapely, a woman' butt, and his fingers dug into my soft flesh. He suddenly seemed to realise that he wasn't going to get what he wanted and it was my ass or nothing.

"Do you want me to lick it first, get you wet"

"That would be nice. But you can spank it, if you prefer."

"Spank it You are a kinky bitch."

"I like it and it helps me open up. Wanna do it"

"I'd like to do both, lick you and spank you. Which do you want first"

"Oh, spank first, then you can kiss it better."

"You'll need to tell me what to do, I'm really new to this."

I wasn't surprised, he was a good ten years younger than me, his body hard and strong, the way I liked my men. I was loath to let go of his cock but would have to if I wanted my ass smacked. I rolled onto my belly and stuck my ass up a bit. "Come get it."

Alex pulled the sheets down and spent a long time just gazing at my butt. Enjoying being spanked had come as a surprise to me as I didn't really get off on pain, but my ass enjoyed attention, anything from a caress to a kiss or a squeeze, right up to a smack as I'd discovered when I was introduced to it by a previous lover. Not only was it enjoyable it did encourage my sphincter to relax and loosen up enough to take a man. The introduction of a thick cock up there was both the most uncomfortable and one of the most thrilling parts of being buggered. I loved the feeling of being opened and stretched as a man entered my butt.

I felt my lovers hand now, moving over the firm hemispheres of my ass, enjoying the texture of my smooth skin.

"It is a lovely ass," he whispered.

"Thank you."

His fingertips traced the crease from the base of my spine right down to where my buttocks flared open. It was ticklish, but nice ticklish and I felt the muscles of my butt relax. He inserted his fingers, spread my cheeks and a fingertip poked gently at my butt hole.

"It's hard to believe such a tiny hole can take my cock."

"It's very adaptable, believe me. Spank me now, honey."

Like most spanking newbies he had no idea of how much pain a woman could take and his first efforts were feeble, light slaps that barely evoked any response.

"Harder!" I urged him and slowly he understood that I could take much more punishment than he was inflicting. His blows increased in power and I imagined the reddening of my skin back there as the heat of his strikes seared through me.

I moaned with pleasure which Alex took for distress.

"No, don't stop, spank me some more!"

As he resumed I slipped a hand between my legs and a fingertip onto my clit.

"Oh yeah, that's good," I groaned, lifting my ass to meet his slaps.

"Hey, you really get off on this."

"I told you. One day I intend coming off just with being spanked, but for the moment it's just good foreplay. If you spread my cheeks now you'll see my ass hole is starting to gape."

He did as I asked and let out a low whistle. "Wow, you're right, you really are one weird piece of ass."

I grabbed his cock and gave it a hard squeeze. "If that was meant to be a compliment, it wasn't very good. Try telling me how beautiful I am, and how much you want to make love to me."

"You don't need me to tell you that, you know it already. But you're also one of the strangest women I've ever met and I think that's worthy of comment."

"I don't think I'm strange, different maybe."

His hands smoothed over my ass cheeks again, soothing my burning flesh. "Do you want me to kiss your ass now"

"You don't have to, I'm ready to be fucked. How about you just spit up my asshole a bit to lube me up."

He spread my cheeks and rather than spitting, dribbled his saliva into my open hole, before smearing it round the orifice and working it a good way in.

"You ready"

"Do you want me to suck you some"

"No, I'm plenty hard enough. And now you've got me intrigued with telling me how good ass fucking is."

"Okay, bugger me then, Alex, I want my ass fucked."

I put my hands on my butt cheeks and pulled them apart.

"You don't want to get on your hands and knees or nothing"

"No, I like to be flat out so you can pound me into the mattress."

"Okay, here goes."

He raised himself above me and I felt his cock head searching for my anus. The head slotted neatly into the opened orifice and he held it there, teasing me and making me push upwards towards him.

"Stick it in. Please!" I begged.

He dropped his weight onto me and his cock shot straight up my ass, making me let out a loud groan of pleasure. "Oh God, yes! Fill that ass!"

Flat out on top of me his mouth was by my ear. "Is that what you wanted"

"Yes. Do you like it"

"Mm, feels good. I can't believe how easy it went in."

"Practice, honey, that's not the first cock I've accommodated up there."

"Bigger than mine"

Why was that such an obsession with guys As far as I was concerned the size of a man's dick concerned me not at all, what mattered was what it could do for me. I decided to play it for laughs.

"Oh, much bigger. Horse cocks. Sometimes I've taken two at the same time, I'm so determined to lose control of my sphincter and shit my panties as I walk down the street."

I heard him hold his breath. "Can that happen"

I grinned. "I've heard of gay men who take too many, too big, and lost control of their ass muscle, but never a girl. We might like it, but we know about moderation. Don't worry yourself about it, just fuck me now."

"Slow or fast"

"Slow to start, then you can build up. I'll let you know when I want a real pounding."

He lifted his hips off me and started sliding his dick in and out of my pooper. Almost instantly I felt the warmth building inside me as I responded to the gentle fucking he was giving me. It would grow and by the time he was hammering me with all his force I'd be tearing at his sheets and biting at his pillows. I'd shredded many a poor man's bed with my antics as I came with an ass fuck.

I let him bugger me like that for a while and then asked if I could turn over.

"Can you do that"

"Sure. You can fuck pussy from behind, so there's no reason you can't fuck my ass when I'm facing you."

He pulled his cock out of my ass and I flipped over so I could hook my ankles up on his shoulders. I lifted my ass off the bed and he slipped into me again.

"Don't come this way," I warned, "I like it from the back for a climax."

"Hey, I can't guarantee anything, here. This is all new to me remember, so I might shoot any minute."

"Just give me a little notice so I can get on my face again."

"I'll try."

"Okay, fuck me now and you don't even need to think about being in my ass instead of my pussy."

He was a powerful lover and very soon his thrusts had me screaming.

"Oh yes, yes, baby, that's so good! Give it to me! Give it to me hard! Give it to me deep!"

His hands mauled my breasts and I returned the favour by squeezing on his nipples. I would really have liked to hold him, but the position we were in, with my legs up on his shoulders, precluded that. My ass and hips I got into rhythm with him so that his jabbing into me was met by my upward shoves. I was getting close to coming when he stopped suddenly and pushed my legs off from his neck.

"Over! Over!" he ordered and, realising he was almost at his crisis, I flipped over and presented him once again with my butt. He was in me quickly and started screwing me vigorously. I felt his cock swell and knew he was going to come soon. I knew that the more I moved, the faster I would make him come, but I was also aware that I had to move, to contribute to the action, to get myself off. It was all a matter of balancing our needs and if I had the time and opportunity I would train him to be a superb lover for me. But on this first occasion there was nothing but hope that we'd match up.

I felt his semen pumping into me and thought I was going to miss out, but he kept fucking me, the sweetheart, and allowed me the time to reach a howling climax.

"Oh, fuck, yes, that is so damn good!"

And it had been. For the first time in a woman's ass Alex had performed admirably.

My affair with him didn't last for long however and it was wholly to do with my inability to give him pussy. He was very demanding and wanted to see me almost every night. That would have been fine if I was giving him pussy, but there was no way I could take getting buggered every night, my asshole wouldn't be able to take it. He begged, he pleaded, asked me for pussy over and over so he could have me more often, but I was adamant. Once or twice a week was all I could manage. Inevitably we drifted apart. A tragedy, just when I was bringing him up to scratch as an accomplished bugger.

If only he'd been like my first ever guy, Leon, who accepted the strictures I placed on him without question. He was quite happy to meet up with me once a week and absolutely adored fucking my ass. He was, admittedly, very good at it, spending an inordinate amount of time kissing and licking my butt to get me ready to be penetrated. This was my introduction to my career as an adulterous wife and before I'd come across the spanking trick, so I really did need a lot of foreplay to allow a man to take me up there.

He had a long, thin, cock, almost designed to be stuck up a pooper and I loved it. We'd spend ages in the 69 position with me sucking on his member and fondling his balls while he licked and probed at my back passage. He said I had the sweetest asshole he'd ever tasted and, unlike Alex, he had buggered a load of women before he ended up with me.

How I came upon this wonder is a story in itself. He was recommended to me by my husband, George, when I'd complained about the restriction he'd placed on me.

"What am I supposed to do, place a sign round my neck, saying I can only take it up the ass"

"No," he replied calmly which was his way, "You meet men as you normally do and as things develop you let them know that you can only permit them to have sex with you anally. If they really desire you they'll accept."

"That's easy for you to say," I complained, "but if I get hot for a guy it's going to be difficult for me too."

"I have faith in you, Carol. I know you won't let me down."

Which meant he'd thrown the onus back on me, but as time passed I discovered it wasn't as easy as he'd thought. Lots of men wanted me, sure, but some had an aversion to fooling around with married women and some ran a mile when I told them they could only have my butt.

"It's not working, honey, I can't get a guy," I told George.

"How about Leon" he asked.

Leon had been a friend of us both for years and was recently divorced.

"What makes you suggest him"

"Because he told me he was somewhat addicted to anal sex and had it regularly with his ex, Jolene."

"Jolene Cairns took it up that tiny ass"

"Seemingly. But now Leon's having a problem finding a girlfriend who's willing to give him it. He complains about it every time I see him."

"So Leon wants ass and I can only take it in the ass. Seems we were made for each other."

"Shall I arrange a date for you"

"God no, I don't want you playing the pimp. I'll phone him myself," I said confidently, a confidence which promptly vanished when it came to making the call. What would I say to him

Eventually I summoned up all my courage, grabbed the bull by the horns by deciding to be blunt and dialled his number.

"Hi, Leon, it's Carol. I understand you have a problem."

"Yeah, what's that"

"You're looking for some ass."

"George has been talking to you. Do you know somebody"



"Unless you're not attracted to me, of course."

"Dear God, woman, I've wanted you since I first met you. But, George .."

"It's okay, he knows, and he doesn't mind. Just one condition, ass is all you get, strictly no pussy."

There was a silence at the other end of the line. "What's that about"

"George's condition for letting me fool with other guys."

"I assume he's never buggered you."

"No, he hasn't actually, but I've done it before, with a couple of guys before I met him."

"He's punishing you, for cheating on him. He thinks it'll hurt you."

"There's no need to over-analyse it, Leon. Do you want it or not"

"Where and when" he asked eagerly.

"Right now, " I said impulsively, "If I can come over to your place."

"This isn't some kind of gag, is it Because if it is, I'll kill George."

"No gag, Leon."

"Oh God, this is like a dream come true. How soon can you get here"

"You'll need to give me at least an hour. Have to take a shower, get a certain area particularly clean, if you know what I mean."

"That's fine, it'll give me time to make the apartment presentable."

"Forget the apartment, Leon, just wash your cock, I like a nice clean cock."

"You're giving me an erection, Carol," he hissed.

"That was the general idea. Keep it hard for me, I won't be long."

As it was, I wasn't, but he was, long and thin, as I've said already. I discovered that after an awkward introduction, almost as if we were strangers to each other.

"Can I kiss you" he asked, ushering me into his living room.

"Of course," I replied, holding my arms open to him.

He came into my arms and kissed me. "I'm sorry, I don't know the protocol for these situations."

"Well, let me put it this way, I'm not gonna turn up, drop my panties, bend over and let you bugger me. No, we behave normally, with all the niceties. Just when you come to enter me, there's only one door open."

"That seems civilised," he said, leading me by the hand to his couch. "Now, can I get you a drink"

"I'm not here for booze, Leon."

"Impatient, I like that."

It had been a long time since I'd had any sex and as I'd already made my tramp play there didn't seem any point in acting innocent any further. I reached over and unzipped Leon's fly. He moved closer to me and I reached into his pants to pull out his cock. It was already semi-erect, no doubt in anticipation, and I licked the head for a moment before popping it into my mouth. Leon let out a soft moan. "Oh, Carol, that is just so wonderful."

It was good for me too as his cock swiftly firmed up and he grabbed my head so he could fuck my face, driving the big, bulbous, head of his cock deep down my throat, just the way I liked it.

As he continued thrusting into my mouth I stripped to the waist, removing my jacket and blouse and peeling off my bra. Having done that I pulled my head back so I could lick the head of his cock again. Worryingly, a bead or pre-cum was already seeping from him.

"Leon" I asked, turning my eyes up to him.

"I'm sorry. I haven't had sex for a long time, so I am rather overflowing."

"You can come in my mouth for an intro if you can recover quickly."

"Is that allowed"

"I don't know, George never mentioned blow jobs. I think we can be a bit naughty if you can get hard again fast."

"I don't think that will be a problem," he said, grabbing my head forcefully again and stabbing his cock into my mouth till he quickly shot a load of thick, creamy, cum down my throat.

"Oh God! Oh God!" he croaked as I swallowed his semen.

I wiped my lips on his shirt tail before removing it along with his pants and shorts. He was a tall, thin, man but with quite well defined muscles. I pressed against him and kissed him so he could taste his own cum, something lots of men wouldn't do. Now, as he kissed me back, his hands went down to my butt and squeezed my buns.

"You want some of that" I grinned.

"Yes please."

I removed my slacks and panties and Leon pushed me back on the couch and went down on me. He was good with his tongue, licking my clit expertly which brought me to a couple of small, muted, climaxes. While he was suckling on my little nub his finger was seeking out my asshole and poking at it, gradually spreading it as his saliva and my pussy juice leaked down there and lubricated my tight orifice.

"You say you've had it up the ass before"

"Couple of times. I liked it."

"Good, that helps."

When I felt he'd spread me enough and having confirmed that his erection was strong again I pushed him away and rolled onto my front. Leon immediately buried his face between my ass cheeks, his tongue stabbing into my butt hole and making me wriggle in delight.

"Ooh, you naughty man, what are you doing" I squeaked, which seemed to turn him on as he leapt up and had the head of his cock up against my pooper hole in seconds.

"Want it" he asked.

"Fuck that ass, Leon," I ordered.

He slid into me without the slightest difficulty and the length caused me no discomfort at all.

"Oh yeah, just seeing my cock all the way up your ass is wonderful."

"Unfortunately I can't join you in the visual feast from down here, but it certainly feels good."

He then showed his expertise by giving me a solid hour of furious ass fucking which brought me to half a dozen screaming orgasms, each more intense than the previous one.

That was the beginning of our affair which, in the end, ran for over six months. Ultimately though Leon was looking for another wife, not just a lover, so I knew I'd lose him to another woman eventually. Her name was Clarice, a petite little thing, who didn't take it up the ass, Leon told me. So even while he was courting her I was still his piece of ass on the side, a role I was happy to fill. Eventually though he must have talked her into it because I was discarded as my ass was no longer required. I didn't let it worry me though. It only meant that I'd have to look for my next anal affair.

This story is taken from the book, Anal Affairs by Sally Hollister and available on Amazon.

About: The author of "Anal Only" is Sally Hollister. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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