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Life's Changes - Part 1

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Author: Elby Lisbil
Published: 30-Sep-12
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Shirley then walked back towards me where I was still standing somewhat dazed by what she said she reaching downward placed her hand on the crotch of the blue jean trousers I was wearing and felt my almost instantaneous arousal as the result.

* * * * * * *

I’d been working in a factory outside of Los Angeles, California for just under fourteen months when on Friday along with my paycheck I received a pink slip. I was being laid off and like the people I’d grown to know since my tenure with the company I was far from the only one, the factory had eliminated the third shift entirely and every one on the third shift who had not had at least two years tenure with the company was laid off indefinitely.

The cost of living in California what it was I could not survive on a minimum wage job for a very long were I forced to take one, so with my final paycheck in hand I went to a coffee shop that I had frequented sitting there with a cup of coffee in front of me and making some harsh but necessary decisions. I considered my options and finally came to the conclusion that under the circumstances I’d be better off were I returned to my home town of Coffeyville Kansas where I knew a great deal of people many of which were business owners and it would take too long before I could reestablish myself and get back on my feet.

I took things to the pawnshop that had any significant value, other items like dishes pots and pans sheets pillowcases and the type of necessities one needed to set up a household I sold at a yard sale. What I was unable to sell at the yard sale I ended up either giving away or throwing away, I didn’t have the entire amount necessary for a bus fare much less a plane ticket to get me back to Kansas.

I gave it some long hard thought and considered my options deciding to buy a bus ticket to Arizona work there a while in a restaurant of some sort most likely then by another bus ticket probably to somewhere in Texas and again get a job most likely in a restaurant of some sort working there until I could afford to purchase bus fare to get me back to Coffeyville Kansas where I would be back on familiar territory.

With two suitcases in hand I boarded a street bus and with two changes I soon arrived at the bus terminal, buying my ticket I had a six-hour wait before the scheduled eastbound bus would depart having kept hundred dollars in cash I was able to purchase a ticket to a small town just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was nearly twelve hours later when I had arrived at my destination in the town of Scottsdale, Arizona, serviced by a Metro bus line with effort I had soon located in an expensive hotel and before the conclusion of the day had secured employment in a small restaurant as a line cook. I would be working the two to ten shift, the menu was simple and with more years commercial cooking experience than I’d like to remember I didn’t anticipate having any major difficulties.

I got a good night sleep at the hotel though it was fairly noisy I was far too tired to be kept awake, the hotel was situated over a bar with a loud jukebox that made it sound almost as if your bed was situated in the bar. I’d allowed myself an hour for the bus ride from where the hotel was situated to the small restaurant where I’d be working, a bus ride took just over twenty minutes and I had time to relax before I clocked in. Setting in the employees break room I met several of the waitresses that worked there from both shifts and I finally met Shirley, Shirley was there prep cook she working the two to ten shift as well.

During the shift working with Shirley the prep cook I soon discovered that she was somewhat flirtatious and a bit risqué as well, rows of stainless steel shelves divided the walk-in into what was three foot wide isles. I was in the walk in getting another box of eggs when Shirley walked in. . . The aisle wasn’t actually narrow enough to warrant it and I was fairly certain that surely deliberately squeezed by me so that our bellies and are thighs would deliberately make contact as we passed.

Later slightly over four hours into this shift it to my break, shortly after I was seated at the break table and had begun eating I was soon joined by Shirley, what a coincidence. In between eating Shirley openly quizzed me asking fairly common questions and some personal questions as well, during our mutual break I discovered that Shirley was bisexual and had a common-law wife whose name was Lola Belle and that they had been paired off for what would be two years in January.

During the week that passed there wasn’t a day that I didn’t complain about the hotel where I was living, around three hours into the shift surely just happened to come into the walk-in while I was in there getting things I needed for the line, this time she made it obvious that she walked down the aisle when she squeezed by me she’d lewdly wiggled her hips three times in what could be considered a fucking motion.

Past each other now, Shirley stopped we were looking directly at each other and she said, “Dave, I feel certain that you’re not gay and I have a sneaking suspicion that you just might be wanting to get in my panties, that’s my old Chevy van out in the parking lot and I wouldn’t mind it too much I guess if you had an interest in spending our break in my van getting to know each other better on a more intimate level.”

Shirley then walked back towards me where I was still standing somewhat dazed by what she said she reaching downward placed her hand on the crotch of the blue jean trousers I was wearing and felt my almost instantaneous arousal as the result. Smiling she said, “I suspected that you’d have a big one Dave, I’m all wet and pretty hot and bothered, why don’t we clock out and take our break, shall we”

The few minutes later we were clocked out but preceding that while we were both still in the walk-in facing each other Shirley raised up her apron and the dress she was wearing beneath it exposing her panty less crotch with the intention of exciting and tempting me. In the back of her van now on a foam rubber mattress my pants unzipped her dress raised up well above her hips and her spread widely, positioned between them with a surprising anxiousness surely guided the bloated head of my penis into the tight moist fleshy tissue of her receptive vagina and within minutes it filled her and had begun to rock my hips up and down slowly at first but within minutes the van were shaking as I was galloping wildly pumping the meat to her.

Given the fact that Shirley a somewhat hefty woman I was notably surprised at how tight she actually was, she was herself somewhat surprised at the diameter and the length of my penis and though she is a self-confessed bisexual woman who is a bit overweight for her stature we did in fact each derive a substantial degree of pleasure from our bout of lovemaking given the circumstances our encounter took place.

The following night at the end of our shift it clocked out and exited the restaurant and was crossing the parking lot when suddenly a horn honked, I was tired and a bit annoyed by this I turned I was surprised to see the familiar Chevy van behind me. Shirley rolled down her window and said, “Hey stranger, not that I’m trying to pick you up, but would you like a ride”

I smiled graciously accepting her offer, we chitchatted during the trip and before I hardly realized it we were in front of dilapidated hotel where I lived, she pulled over to the curb and I began thanking her for the ride and was getting ready to say my farewells when she turned off the motor opened the driver side door and stepped out stepping onto the sidewalk when I open the passenger door she told me to lock it.

Both standing on the sidewalk now she took my hand in hers smiled and said, “Davey, baby, let’s go up to your room, I was sort of thinking that we just might crawl into your bed and once we were naked that we might just take each other’s body for an intimate ride of sorts. . . Interested”

A few minutes later we were climbing the steps of the hotel that led to the rooms above the bar, as usual the jukebox in the bar was blaring loudly almost loud enough to drowned out the noise created by the couple next door who were both drunk and having a loud verbal argument. Inside my small hotel room Shirley and I were soon anxiously undressing each other, both naked we wasted no time before getting into bed and surprisingly enough we shared oral sex first in the sixty nine position we brought to each other a great deal of pleasure Shirley suckling my penis while my tongue darting wildly as I ate out her pussy.

Laying upon her belly she spread her legs and once I was between them she guided the swollen bloated head of my engorged penis into the tight moist receptive to slit of her cock hungry pussy hole, having mounted her doggy style my penis rapidly filled the fleshy tissue of her tight moist vagina moving slowly at first within minutes any remnants of control was totally gone and I was galloping wildly pumping the meat of my fully erect engorged penis into her moist tight fleshy tissue my thighs slapping against her butt cheeks with an almost insatiable need as I fucked her with an almost wild animal passion we each deriving a substantial amount of pleasure from each other’s body as we indulged each other in our lovemaking.

The following night Shirley once again brought me home from work and once again we were soon in bed together naked to share yet another quickie, it had become a nightly ritual and Shirley was now spending time in my bed with me though it was short and sweet than going home to her wife where she’d put on her strap on and make wild passionate love the female sex partner who was her lover and wife.

It was almost a month later to the day while Shirley and I were eating our lunch and the employees break room at work that she said, “Dave I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, we have a sofa bed in the living room and if you were to be staying with us. . . Well, we could come and go to work together and I would charge you half of what they hotel does and you could save your money quicker that way. My wife goes to check on her mother every morning at ten and is gone a couple of hours or more, while she is gone and is visiting her mother we could spend some quality time in bed together getting our rocks off. . . What do you think”

I agreed and two days later I was moved in to their mobile home with them, it was working out fairly well and I was going to in fact be able to save my money quicker having to pay less rent, though I missed my privacy though I felt awkward about being there I consoled myself that it was only temporary.

The third night I was there shortly after I’d bedded down in the living room on the sofa Shirley appeared and asked me to come with her to her bedroom, she had me to take a seat in the chair beside their bed and as I sat there she pulled back the sheets on the bed then removed her strap on penis from where she kept it on the headboard of the bed fitting it to herself before raising the sexy nightgown of the woman who was her wife spreading her legs she mounted her and the bed began shaking violently as she began galloping a top of her lover thrusting her hips wildly against hers their hips were slapping together as Shirley was making wild passionate love to Lola Belle her woman, wife and lover.

I really had no idea why she’d have wanted me to witness her bout of lovemaking with her wife, what happened next both shocked and surprised me totally! Shirley getting up from bed set upon the edge, as I sat there in my pajamas their crotch emphasized by an obvious bulge Shirley looked me over smiling then said, “Dave, take off your pajamas and get undressed, go ahead and do it right now.” She said as if it was an order.

I did as she asked and within less than two minutes I was sitting there beside their bed naked with my obvious erection jolting prominently, I was then instructed to set on the edge of the bed and after I had Shirley took a seat in the chair where I had been previously seated she then instructing me to pull back the sheet and to get into bed with her wife Lola Belle to share with her some sensuous lovemaking.

Though the idea of making love to Lola Belle Shirley’s wife made me extremely nervous I was in fact quite aroused and Lola Belle appeared to be fairly aroused herself, the nipples on her small b cup breast appeared to be as hard as pencil erasers and the black curls of pubic hairs between her legs have an obvious wetness upon them in the pinkish fleshy little slit appeared to be saturated in moisture and a musky fragrant odor emanated from her loins leaving no doubt in my mind that Lola Belle in fact was extremely horny filled with wanton desire and apparently more than ready for me to mount her filling her with my engorged penis and have me pumped the meat to her as she lay there absorbing the sensations of my lovemaking.

Lola Belle guided the head of my engorged penis into the moist honeyed little slit of her vagina as she had done earlier when Shirley had mounted her with the strap on, her opening was small and tight and I penetrated her extremely slowly unlike Shirley had filling her with the strap on penis in one single thrust.

Lola Belle appeared to be emotionless after I had filled her had begun to undulate my hips and I myself did my best to contain my emotions as well not wanting to upset surely though making love to Lola Belle Shirley’s wife was a heavenly sensation of pleasure and Lola Belle herself had to bite her lower lip when all at once like a bursting dam my hot love juices shot from the head of my penis filling her with my hot sperm.

After our bout of lovemaking Shirley instructed me to set off the edge of the bed wanting me present when she questioned Lola Belle and very much wanting me to hear her answer, Shirley asked Lola Belle to tell her which one of us gave her the greater pleasure when we were making love to her.

Lola Belle told Shirley that her lovemaking was far superior, that being said Shirley instructed me to leave their bedroom now, I did as she requested and was soon in the living room on my sofa bed.

On a Wednesday it was both mine and Shirley’s day off, we were sitting around the house the three of us watching a DVD video we had rented when the telephone rang. . . It was the restaurant who was calling and they requested that Shirley come in as their relief prep cook didn’t show up, Shirley told them she’d be there in a half-hour and then hurriedly got ready for work and was soon gone.

Neither Lola Belle or I watched the movie that we’d rented deciding to wait until the three of us could watch it together, Lola Belle said she was going to take a nap and I thought I might do the same myself what was going to take a shower first. I’ve got undressed and was in the shower when suddenly the shower door burst open and to my surprise Lola Belle stepped Inside the shower to join me we were both naked as the day we were born, we watched each other’s backs and not surprisingly to either of us I’d developed an erection and much to my surprise her nipples had become erect and that musky seductive fragrance that I’d inhaled prior to our brief session of lovemaking three days earlier was as evident now as it was then.

Our lips touch and we shared a brief but passionate kiss, our kiss broke off she said, “Dave, you’re a man and I don’t doubt that you want me, that you want to make love to me, I am a woman who very much likes to be made love to myself. . . I believe that you need to make love to me, I want you to know that I want to be made love to as well and if by chance we were to take a nap together in my bed you would find me quite receptive to the idea of sharing intimacy with you where you suggest it.”

Minutes later Lola Belle and I were in bed together, minutes after that I was between her legs and our hips were slapping together at a feverish pace as I made sweet hot passionate love to her, we’d fallen asleep for about an hour after hour sensuous bout of lovemaking and after waking up it wasn’t long before Lola Belle was filled with wanton needful desire and I myself filled with insatiable lustful desire for her. Between her legs our hips slapping together I was pumping the meat of my fully erect engorged penis into her tight moist receptive pussy making love to her when the bedroom door burst open and Shirley stepped into the bedroom finding the two of us going at it hot and heavy.

Within hours Shirley had loaded all my personal possessions into the van and she was driving me back to the hotel where I had previously lived, it was about a week later when Shirley had gotten over being angry and had offered to give me a ride home to the hotel where I was once again living.

When we reached the hotel I opened the passenger side of the van and was getting ready to thank her for the ride when she said, “Lock the door, I pushed down the button on the door to lock it and a moment later was surprised when Shirley opened the door on the driver side of the van locking the door and getting out.

Hand in hand as we done before we walked the steps up to the small room above the bar, once inside my hotel room Shirley wasted no time getting undressed and as we’ve previously done in the past we spent the best part of an hour in bed together this time with me lying on my back Shirley between my legs grinding her hips rapidly as she galloped a top of me riding me sensuously until the point I’d reached my orgasm.

From that night I had a ride home from work once again, and at least three or four times a week Shirley was once again my bed partner my coworker friend and lover. Living back at the hotel once again it was going to take me some time before I’d be able to save up the money to leave here and continue my journey but in the meantime I would build fond memories with a woman who quite enjoyed sex as much as I did.

The end of part one, part two to follow.

Written and presented by: Elby Lisbil September 2012

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