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Susan Shows Me How to Live Again

Author: Alex Carr
Publish Date : Mar 10, 2013
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Just to touch her pussy lips with my tongue was a pleasure to nourish, and then wiggle it around inside nice and firm which she adored, moving and swaying her bum side to side to feel my probes in different ways.

* * * * * * *

I was just an aging an old man wanting a girl before I die I wanted for her to comfort and delight me A young girl sprightly and keen and wanting.

Out there, there is always someone to tick your box and little Susan did it for me, all through a message on the internet you see. Susan was just twenty and beautifully designed!

She told me she prefers older men, it was the father image but a lot more too, and when she came and knocked on my door, she asked what I would like for her to do.

I told her well first things first. I'd like to get to know her more and she returned that is what she likes about older men, they were old fashioned and genteel.

Susan was a delight to behold, the color of her hair like gold. The stance of her figure so slim and curvy, enough to make an old guy's heart go topsy-turvy, she just standing there pronouncing her delightful curves, and all a beautiful young girl can offer, reminded me of way back when, when I took a young girl down a lane and I felt my first taste of girl, when she set my heart in a right old whirl, and now it was happening again, with this girl, Susan.

When we'd shared some conversation over coffee and ginger nut biscuits, that's what she told me she liked, I started to think and I was lost for words, thinking was I right to invite this girl in my house, for carnal intentions

But I resolved that surely a man like me, who lost his wife way back it seems an eternity, should have no shame at all -if the girl is condescending, so there would be no mind bending, Susan was straight and open and frank, she speaks like it is asking if I'd like a wank.

"I'd like for you to do some more things first" I said now that she had broken the ice - and spurred the sex that was still apparent in my loins.

"Would you like me to be all submissive Pete and be your obedient young girl, would you like for me to do a swirl"

And she did. That figure, those feminine curves, expressed lie that with sexual jolts and suggestive movements, the twisting and turning to display the best in her so tight brush jeans, that so beautifully a pronounced bum pouted just for me, now I was all at sea and in a deep frenzy, wanting to do everything at once, catching up for lost time - and there at last there it was, on offer and with delight.

"Tell me how you would like me to be, don't be shy Pete - I aim to please you see and I am your naughty mischievous girl waiting for your instruction."

I gulped and was lost for words.

"Come on Pete just tell me how it is and what you have in mind"

This was going to be now or never, not like with my late wife who needed for me to woo her for the things I wanted her to do.

"Just bend it for me Susan, nice and steep and then wiggle a bit okay"

"Don't ask, tell me Pete - I am your obedient young girl remember2 and then she did just what I'd asked and the way she bent over and moved her delicious curves was heaven on earth.

"That's perfect" I said as I sat and pulled up a chair. "No bend over my lap, I want to see you there" and she did as she was told, she was so bold, her long stands of golden hair hanging down, her fingers tips touching the floor as she bent over my lap steep and pronounced, it was a girls bottom I had craved for days and weeks past.

"Enjoy" she whispered provocatively; "I will!"

For a while I delighted myself just to touch and stroke her there wondering how it would look like bare.

That was t come but for now, the stroking became nudging and kneading and I heard her sigh. The feel of her even through her tight jeans was heavenly, so warm and supple and inviting. The way she parted her thighs for me so I could feel and tough the inside of these firm young thighs, so beautiful. I was in my element, to have a girl like Susan all to myself in the privacy of my own home.

And that lovely smile came like a bright sheen of sunlight - so open and sweet, that so sexy gap between her thighs that was definitely a sight for sore eyes. I put my finger there to see how she'd respond, just gently pressing her there between, it felt so nice and good like I knew it would. She wriggles a little more and arranged herself so that I had better access between her and I gently started to scratch a little, up and down and round and round, She whimpered and made delightful sweet girly sounds as I teased and tantalized and succumbed to my temptation to slap her bum, watching it bounce in a delightful motion.

Beneath I was getting there, like a jack in the box awakening after years of imprisonment, free to discover once more.

Susan must have felt it in her crotch as I slapped her, because soon she fixed it that her hand was there, and she was delightfully squeezing and making those whimpering sounds again.

"Ah! Now we have lift off, Pete, now you would like a nice girly stiff wank, yes"

How dutiful was that! and I was there for her, now she was between my legs, her hands everywhere, everywhere I wanted them to be, she'd even pulled my trousers down and my underwear too, and furthermore, she was loving every minute of it and soon, what was a dangling member in the mode of my initial nervousness, after all it had been a long time.

But I needn't have worried, Susan was a natural sure enough and she was enjoying doing all the stuff. The feel of her small hands encompassing me - her blue wide eyes looking up at me, I guess looking for my reaction as she plied different things, the feel of her finger tips cupping my old balls, making me feel young again, the tease of her tongue licking my p-hole, the squeeze of her hand around my girth, working me in a nice slow wank. Now she was certainly enjoying herself, she told me how she loved the feel of mature men like me - that she loved to concentrate and take time and suck me in, smell and taste me, that it was all so wonderfully beautiful and I felt her take me to the full climax. All the time - those wonderful girly sounds of joy came through as she watched me squirt into the crevice of her ripe firm breasts and I was hers for the taking.

And she was for mine, removing her tight jeans so provocatively and showing me just how good a young girl can look in a delightful red tie-on thong.

"What would you like me to do now sir" she said with a mischievous smile.. Now ordinarily, with my late wife, I would have been done having climaxed so strong. But with Susan- no way, because already I was on a new mission. For a long time I had harbored some girly latex gear and told Susan it would look great on her.

Without hesitation she asked me for it and it was a sheer pleasure to watch her don the gear. Soon she was all girly in latex for me and I had her doing different position, bending and stretching and parting her legs and once more I was enjoying her hind, the palming, the nudging and everything and the feeling between .

We had both a wonderful time and when that game was done she said for me to strip and she did too. I also had with the latex gear, some red elasticated strapping which I had fantasized with, imaging just how perfect it would be to harness a girl around the waist and around the thighs, to pronounce her bum in the most delightfully attractive ready for fucking way.

She wanted to try it, and she looked divine. She said she wanted to be all mine, and this way she could be all ass for me and it looked divine, as she positioned herself on all fours upon my bed. This was going to be all so wonderful and endearing, to have girl all to myself to do as I will and for her to want that. I can tell you there was an awful lot of sniffing and licking going on and she told me never to stop. Just to feel and smell and taste her ,propped up and bound like that was such a turn on and I was so well hard again.

But because I'd already cum once I could now take it slow and simply enjoy the moment before I would give her the mother of fucks. She whispered that is what she liked about mature men, that they didn't just do it and then done with, without the full joy of exploring and delightfully sexual foreplay.

I slapped her some more, just gently, I loved the way her bum flushed and treated it to a lovely slow massage with lots of coconut oil which she loved, she wished for me to massage her breasts too which was also a delight and then I simply placed my head between those warm fresh spanked buttocks and wend for a deliciously exotic slow teasing, ,rimming and sucking, tasting her all, relishing the taste of woman again after so long having been starved of it.

Just to touch her pussy lips with my tongue was a pleasure to nourish, and then wiggle it around inside nice and firm which she adored, moving and swaying her bum side to side to feel my probes in different ways.

I just can't say how wonderful it was with sweet, sweet Susan who did so much for this old man, and promises to cum again and again.- just like I did with her.

Her fuck was the best in the world and to fuck her bound up like that was a real delight, I just lost myself go and felt my balls whacking her backside each time I thrust deeply inside her and felt her gasp and scream for more and more and more.

When afterwards she dressed again after giving me a final glimpse of her gorgeous bum, stretching it open for me to see everything - I knew than just how right it all was. Susan did wonderful things for me and is a sheer delight.

And then, seeing her off in those wonderfully tight fitting jeans, there was me thinking; that is all amine to have and to hold and, yes - everything!

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