First Week at Work

Author: simon
Published: Apr 20, 2005
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It was my first day at my new job in a betting shop and as i walked through the door i noticed a beautiful girl stood behind the counter. only to find out that she was my boss - and may i add the best looking one i have ever had!

It was my first day at my new job in a betting shop and as i walked through the door i noticed a beautiful girl stood behind the counter. only to find out that she was my boss - and may i add the best looking one i have ever had!

As i approached the counter her head popped up and smiled at me. '' hi, im simon '' i said rather nervously '' im your new seasonal worker '' she smiled at me and showed me the door to the office. wow, i thought to myself, she is gorgeous.

After i had taken my jacket off, she commented on how muscular my body was. i must of blushed at this, because she appologised for embarrasing me. after some general chit chat, stacey, my boss showed me what to do and how to serve the customer. i picked it up quickly and a couple of hours later i had mastered the technique. before long the end of my shift approached, i gathered my jacket, wished my boss good nite and left. the rest of that nite was mine and i planned to use it well. Later that nite i went out to my local pub for a couple of beers. i was hoping to meet some friends of mine but they did not show up, so i was sat there alone when a familliar voice perked up '' want some company'' it was stacey - my boss from work. she looked amazing out of her work uniform. she had her hair down, had a low cut top on and a short skirt. she looked absolutely stunning! i commented on how different she looked out of her uniform and she blushed. she even paid me a compliment and commented on cute i looked. after a couple more rounds of drinks, she told me that she has left her mobile phone at work, and would i mind walking up with her to collect it. ( the shop was only a 10 minute walk away ) i agreed and we set off. by this time we were both very merry and walking in a straight line was difficult. stacey looped her arm around mine so we could support one another as we walked and talked. as we were talking we both learned that we were both single and had loads in common. Normaly at this point i would make a move - but she was my boss and i didnt have the bottle to do so.

We finally arrived at the shop and after fumbling around trying to get the key in the lock, we were inside out of the cold nite air. i went into the back office and put the kettle on as i figured a strong coffee would go down well. '' found it '' stacey yelled and she walked in to the office brandashing her mobile in her hand. she walked towards me and gave me a hug. '' thanks for walking with me si '' and she gave me squeeze. '' no problem, it was a pleasure '' i replied and hugged her back. she then went to give me a kiss on the cheek, but as she did i moved my head slightly and our lips met. i pulled away for a second and apologised. she said nothing moved closer and kissed me again. but this time it had passion in it. our lips moulded together and our tongues met. she was a fantastic kisser. i pulled away. '' we can't '' i said '' we work together ''. '' sod it '' she replied '' now come here and finish me off '' i didnt need telling twice. and with that i moved in to kiss her. but she stopped me and told me that she didnt mean it like that '' lick my pussy si '' she dropped her skirt on the floor, took her top off and let her tits hang out. they looked considerably bigger in the flesh. i put my hand out and rubbed her nipple. she let out a moan and i knew that she liked it alot. she pulled herself onto the work top and spread her legs to reveal a well shaven pussy. it was already wet so i knew that she was turned on from the nipple action. i knelt down and started to kiss her thighs. i teased her that much that she grabbed my hair and shoved my face in to her pussy. '' lick it and make me cum '' she tasted gorgeous. i inserted my tongue deep into her pussy and she let out a loud groan. i then knew that what i was doing was going down well. i wasnt down there long before she started panting heavily and letting out louder moans '' i'm going to cum '' she screamed and boy did she cum! all i felt was this rush of warm juice filling my mouth, i tasted nice. i had a mouth full of cum and she pulled me up to kiss me. '' let me taste myself '' stacey said so i leant in and kissed her. i realeased some of the cum into her mouth. she swallowed some and kept some in so we could play with it in our mouths as we kissed. we swallowed the remaining cum in our mouths and she hopped down off the work top. '' now its your turn big boy '' she said in a sexy voice. i looked down to see that i was sporting a massive erection through my pants. she rubbed her hand on the outside of my pants before she opened them and my cock sprang out into view. '' wow! look at that its beautiful '' she said. and she knelt down and started to give me a blowjob. she looked so helpless down there sucking my cock. it looked good in her mouth. i helped her get more in by pumping slowly down her throat. at one point she got all 8 inches in her mouth and that drove me wild. she had a flawless technique. she would suck it softly then hard. stop sucking and use her hands and sometimes she would just use the tip of her tongue on the end of my cock. it wasnt long before i felt the usual sensation that let me know i was going to blow my load. i let her know this and she got faster and faster at sucking. i let out a massive groan as i blew my load down her throat. she sucked every last bit out of my cock. and as if that wasnt enough, she licked it clean too!

We took a break and had that overdue coffee. by this time we were both completly naked. i sat down on the office chair whilst i drank my warm brew and recovered from the amazing experiance that i just encountered. stacey walked over to me and perched herself on my knee. she moved closer so that we could hold each other close.

before long she began to notice that my erection had took hold again '' it would be a shame not to use it '' she said and as she did she stood over me whilst i was seated and lowered her pussy onto my stiff cock.

We commenced to shag in every possible way we knew that nite. i gave her 3 orgasms in total.

We are now going out together as boyfriend/girlfriend. but to this day noone else in the company knows of that nite that me and stacey christened the betting shop.

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