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Busy best friend gives me a day to remember!

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Author: Robbie (thestoryguy30@gmail.com)
Published: 31-May-13 Revised/Updated 02-Jun-13
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I unhooked Christinas bra and placed my hand on her left boob it was so soft to hold onto and her nipples were pink in color...

* * * * * * *

I unhooked Christinas bra and placed my hand on her left boob it was so soft to hold onto and her nipples were pink in color

Back in the summer of 2010, I had just completed my graduation. While I'm a freelancer and usually work from home, my best friend Christina got a job in a media firm and started spending long hours at work and away from me. With those 8-10 hours that we were accustomed to spending together during the three years of college, I was finding it pretty difficult and hard to cope up with the fact that we could now meet just once a week, and that too for a couple of hours. Christina sure lived two bungalows away, but long working hours didn't let us be together, and even though she said that she missed me a lot too, there was nothing much that we both could do about it.

We lived in the small town called Arena County, on the banks of the river Euphys. The town was on the road to development and multination corporations had started setting up their offices in one part of the town. Christina had got a job in one of the largest media firms that had just set up a branch office in our town. And since the employees were few, there was a lot of work pressure on them. She would sometimes call me up from work and asked whether I could lend a helping hand with some PowerPoint presentations and I'd happily oblige. As long as I'd get talk to her, I would be happy.

I clearly remember the date as the 28th of November, 2010. It had been almost two weeks since I had seen Christina. We barely spoke. Most of my text messages wouldn't get replied to, nor were there any calls throughout the day. Except once or twice, we barely spoke those two weeks prior to 28th. I was getting frustrated on being unable to see Christina, and she couldn't help it as well. She had a major presentation coming up. They were pitching in for taking up the advertising of Delton Constructions, the biggest constructors in the country! Being a Sunday, Christina was getting a half day as opposed to the working Sundays she had got used to since the past 2 weeks. And since my parents were leaving for out of town that afternoon, and I'd be alone in the 2 leveled bungalow, called her over so as to spend some time in each other's company.

Christina was glad and said that she'd be over after lunch. Christina came home at 15:30, and was just in time to catch up with my parents before they were leaving. My mom asked Christina where on earth was she, since my mom hadn't seen her in over a month in spite of her living two homes away. They joked around for a while, and then my mom and dad left to catch a train from the next town. Christina and I went up to my room, where she made herself comfortable. She was used to coming to my home since childhood, and it was only natural that she jumped on my bed the moment we entered the room. She knew it inside out and with her being around, there was absolutely no scope for any sort of formality.

I couldn't get my eyes off her. I was seeing the 5'7" beauty after weeks, and some of her waist length hairs were falling on her face. I used my fingers to move them behind her ears so as to get a proper view of the pretty face. Her dark brown eyes were really deep, and spoke a lot. Her eyes always drew me to her. I loved them, and often stared at her photos for long when she wasn't around. Christina started talking about her work, and said that I wasn't only the one complaining about lack of time. Even her parents were unhappy that she wasn't able to spend much time home. I understood her point of view, and wanted to hug her that moment. How could a company make such an adorable girl work so much Probably they didn't see her the way I did, but still! Only if I had a settled business, I'd have got Christina on it, and we'd have happily worked together. I was mentally making a note of starting something soon!

Christina, as if she had read my mind, came ahead to hug me. She shed a tear and said that she missed me every single day at work, and that the only thoughts that came to her mind were those of college. She used to reminiscence college days while at work, and it made her sadder. I told Christina to relax, and enjoy this Sunday, as I probably didn't know which day of the week she'd get to relax again. Considering her busy work schedule, only the next Sunday seemed likely! Christina hugged me again and said that I understand her best, and that's why I've been her best friend since childhood. Strangely, in spite of being the closest childhood friends, we had never thought about being a guy and a girl. Probably the fact that I was the only guy in her life, and she was the only girl in my life made us an unofficial couple. We went out together, hugged, and would touch each other without inhibitions of any kind! We shared a rapport that couples did; but we weren't physical yet. At least, not until the 29th of November!

We had dinner at my place that night. A new fast food joint had opened at the corner of our lane, and we called him up to deliver one of his specialties. After having dinner, Christina hugged me for a good time and went home. I could see that she was a little upset. Probably because she had to go to work again the next day. Next morning, I got up early. It was Christina's presentation, and I wanted to wish her luck. I waited outside her door, and she came out at 8:30 am. She saw me outside her home and a bright smile lit up her entire face. I hugged Christina and wished her good luck. I was ready with my motorbike, and told her that I'd drop her to office.

We left for Christina's office and mid-way, she received a text that the client had cancelled the presentation and it would be after 3 days. Christina became upset because she wanted the presentation done as soon as possible. Once the presentation was done, she'd be free. Now with the delay, it meant that she had to work for a couple of days more. When Christina told me about the delay, I immediately told her to skip office that day. Christina said that it wasn't possible; there'd be a lot of pending work in office. I said, please tell them that you are sick, and were coming only because of the presentation. Christina tried to explain that it was important. I asked her, 'And me' Christina didn't speak anything for a minute. I had to break the silence by telling her, 'Christina, Fuck work please!' By best friend replied, 'Okay, let's go to your place!' I took a U-turn, and we headed to my place!

I was overjoyed at the prospect of spending a day with my best friend whom I loved so dearly. The moment we entered home, I was expecting Christina to jump up on the sofa in the drawing room as she did usually. Instead, she said 'You think I don't give you enough time right I'll give you enough time to remember!' and she grabbed my face. Before I could realize what was happening, she moved her lips on mine, and started kissing my entire face. First she kissed my cheeks, then proceeded to my forehead, and eventually gave me a kiss on my nose. I was stunned for a moment, but welcomed what was happening. Christina just moved her eyelids asking me how was it It was my most beautiful moment with her yet. The breath of hers as she stood barely a centimeter away from me was so invigorating. I was enjoying every breath of hers. It smelled nice and it was making me ecstatic!

Christina loosened her white formal shirt and came ahead again to kiss me. This time, we shared a deep passionate kiss that might have lasted at least 3-4 minutes. We were wagging our tongues against each other, and exchanging each other's saliva. I broke the kiss, held Christina's head with both my hands and proceeded to kiss again. Without breaking the kiss, we walked up a floor and entered my room. I put her down on the bed, and started loosening her shirt buttons. Within a few seconds, her t-shirt was lying on the floor. Her black pants were matching with the black lacy bra that she had worn. I moved my hands on her bra and continued kissing her. Christina, working her hand up my t-shirt, removed it and started moving her hands on my chest while I was kissing her entire face. Her cute and pretty face made me want to kiss her all over, and I did just that. She closed her eyes, and I kissed both her eyelids. I went ahead, and gave her small kisses on the cheeks, nose, and again her lips. I held Christina, and admired her body for a while. She was fair, and had curves at the right places. Though she didn't have a perfectly chiseled body, she had a curvy waist, and the love handles were perfect to hold on to. Her bosoms were not too large, not too small. Just the perfect size I'd have wanted! She looked stunning hot, and before this day, I had had several fantasies about Christina, though I never imagined even in a fantasy about her having such a sexy figure.

I unhooked Christina's bra, and placed my hand on her left boob. It was so soft to hold onto! Her nipples were pink in color, and I instantly swayed my tongue over her right nipple. The feeling was mesmerizing, totally out of this world. Even as I write this, I can recall that special feeling. Christina's hands started moving a bit, as she tried to hold onto both my ears. I continued this act, and after a while, started licking her left boob while caressing her right one with my palms. The nipples were erect, inviting me to lick them as much as I wanted to. Christina and me, though didn't talk about penetrative sex, knew that it wasn't the right time to do it.

I slowly unhooked her pant's button to reveal striped panties. I pulled down her panties a bit, and noticed some hair around the pussy. What luck I thought! I had always fantasized about licking a hairy pussy, and my best friend had what I wanted! I started kissing Christina's pubic hair and slowly rolled my tongue over her pussy lips. She moaned and held the back of my head with both her hands. I could see her reciprocating to my actions, so I continued. I kept on rolling my tongue over her pussy lips, biting them gently, as I had seen porn stars do in films! She didn't like the biting part, so I told her I'd be gentle! I continued licking her pussy, running my fingers around the area in between. After a while, I inserted my tongue inside her pussy lips, and she let out a strong moan. All the while that I licked her, she kept on moaning till I could finally see a sense of pulsation in her pelvic region! I had made her orgasm!

Christina lay down in bed, and I went and lied down next to her. I moved her face towards mine, gave her a small kiss on the lips... and said, "I love you Christina, I don't know what we haven't expressed it yet"

"Of course, I love you too sweetie pie. So adorable you are!" said Christina.

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