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Making a Baby on a Sunday Afternoon

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Author: Alex Carr
Published: 06-Jun-13
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With my mobile in in one hand I grasped his erection in the other and proceeded to give him a slow massage, and he was soon in his own little world again, enjoying my attention.

* * * * * * *

Of all the times for Mo to call I was thinking, being at the time deeply involved withy Gregg. But it was Sunday afternoon and she probably thought, being a nice day, I was out in the garden or something. I loved gardening but loved what hubby and I were doing much more. How was she to know Gregg (my husband) fancied a quickie- but it was turning out to be much more than that, Gregg's excuse (as if he needed one) was to make a baby, that is what we both wanted but it was hard going getting pregnant.

Gregg has a notion that maybe doing it in the week was too tiring and would not do the trick, so doing it on a Sunday afternoon, when we were both relaxed and toned down a bit after the stress of the work week, it may just happen.

I liked the idea of course but he could have warned me then I'd have turned off my mobile.

Anyway it needed answering because there was nothing worse than being interrupted in mid oral as it were.

"Fucking hell, throw it out of the window" Gregg grunted, not liking at all to be left cold.

"It'll be Mo, I tried her to phone about the Avon order, she wouldn't have known I'd be in bed would she"

Gregg moaned and took his erection in his hand, sulking like he was a little boy.

"Don't worry darling, I can still do something while I talk"

"Not what you were doing" he replied and still I felt the warmth and taste of him lurking in my mouth.

"Look I shall do more afterwards, darling, but it's really no problem, I can still do something."

With my mobile in in one hand I grasped his erection in the other and proceeded to give him a slow massage, and he was soon in his own little world again, enjoying my attention.

"You've called at an inopportune time, Mo"

"How do you mean Pauline"

"I am in congress" I replied quietly.

"What's that, some sort of meeting"

"Well you could call it that" I giggled, "but I am in bed with Gregg, need I say more, Mo"

"Wow some have all the luck, we can catch up later. I don't care. I guess you would like to get on with the good work and leave the Avon order 'till later huh"

"That'll be fine" I replied. Gregg was grunting so I needed for her to go.

"Okay, will do," Mo said. "But leave the phone on huh"

"I can't do that! And whispering very quietly I continued: "Gregg wouldn't go for that!"

"He needn't know, just do it for me huh. We have always been good mates and more of late, he wouldn't like to know about that would he"

"That is wicked Mo, and you know it"

"It was certainly that wasn't it Pauline, very wicked but very scrumptious. Well I know you enjoyed it as much as I. But don't worry. Just let me have some fun listening - that would be beautiful, I will make it up to your on Tuesday after Gym workout."

She knew how to get through to me. We had only discovered our new leaning, both of us and it was a beautiful thing to behold. It was my first time with another woman, a time when I dissevered I was bisexual. But I didn't want it to be the last, so I aimed to please Mo.

"Okay" I said signing off and placing the phone on the locker beside us.

"What was wicked, Baby Gregg asked.

"Nothing" I replied going down to him. " It was just Mo being Mo" and he seemed happy with that reply, or maybe because he knew I would not be able to talk awhile I was already busy carrying on where I left off when I was so rudely interrupted. I felt the strength of his long erection and teased his p-hole which he loved to do. He held his breath as I licked it and wrapped my tongue around it.

"That is simply wonderful, baby and so are you. I love the way you just help yourself. Mm! don't stop, don't stop!"

I didn't and sucked it strong, feeling the circumference puff out my cheek on one side, it felt so good, so pungent and earthy with a slight saltiness. It was the taste of cock and more than that, it was the taste of Gregg's cock

I wanted for Mo to know expectedly what I was doing so verbally told Gregg how I loved to suck cock like this. And then making sure she heard those deep sucking sounds that would make her hot.

I enjoyed oral, I could never get enough. It was so very intimate and satisfying, to feel that throb tantalizing my tongue and the exclusive taste that was Gregg in full gear, that beautiful appendage throbbing in my hand as I really went for it.

Coming up for air I gave him something else he liked very much. They felt so firm and nice cupped in my hand; just a gentle squeeze and he was a goner again, in his own little ecstatic world, but his gentle fingers were giving me a wonderful sensation and Mo must have heard the sounds of desire.

"I love the way you tease my balls baby, suck me at the same time eh"

I thought of Mo at the other end of the phone and thought I'd give her some more excitement, of how it is to be with a guy, she'd never had that fortune, being a lesbian, but she didn't mind me liking both, and she obviously liked to be turned on listening.

I had to make it nice for her and made for some appropriate dirty talk, which Gregg liked occasionally.

I suckled him some more and Mo would have heard the sounds derived from that. It felt good and as Gregg went down to suckle me in perfect liaison, I cried out for his fuck and yelled out all those things guys love to hear when they are in heat.

Gregg was certainly that and how! It was like I didn't want it to end with the resulting hard fuck, it was too nice and relaxing and soothing and good, the feel, the taste of hot cock in my mouth soon to change places with something else that was very wet and hungry and I would purr with his thrusting fuck, but my tongue would still be busy sucking his tongue as we fucked, tasting the residue of our oral foreplay. What better

"You are very vocal today" Gregg remarked.

If only he knew.

"It is your fault, I said wanting his fuck urgently, the oral was done, he'd delivered his seed but I said that we'd better save some for Mary (the name we called my pussy) if we aimed to make that baby.

"You are beautiful baby and I love you very much, baby just sit on me awhile, you know I adore that and then I will be ready to fuck you through and through"

"I am your humble servant* I replied, It was always nice and sensual to do that, and he always made a pig of himself, but it was special between us, I recalled how we first did that, I was wearing a floral skirt and sensual red panties and he had a wonderful time underneath - it was so different and lovely. It was those very intimate things we shared which made our bedtimes so very enjoyable and it was definitely sheet changing afterwards.

Gregg always came several times and it was lovely to think I could make him want to do that, just as much as he liked to feel me cum, his head perched between me down under, and the way he often cum into my face. Something once I would never have wanted, but with Gregg, he worked me up so much I lamented in everything he did, even the occasional anal which he liked to experiment with, sometimes putting a vibrator in me at the same time.

Then the handcuffs. Wow! Those handcuffs, the times he has had me handcuffed to the bed rail on all fours, to endure first the slapping and sheer adoration of my rear, he had a ball but I did too immediately afterwards; doing the same to him, his turn for the handcuffs, the slapping, he liking a whip too, the glowing of those gorgeous ass cheeks I could not resist, then the wonderful, lovely wanting of something inside him, like when we went to Ann Summers and found an anal vibrator.. Again something I would never imagined doing to anyone until I met Gregg - and since finding a new relationship with Mo with her also.

She enjoyed anal nearly as much as she liked it the front way and it was a new delight to share something very special with her.

Gregg was lovely of course, but Mo was different, there is something between two women that is exclusive to the sex but that doesn't mean I don't like having it with Gregg too.

But above all, handcuffs gave you the feeling of dominance, which as always seems to go hand in hand with out lovemaking genre. We have so much fun with the various size anal vibrators, it is so very lovely and appealing, having Gregg all as for me to enjoy and have fun, plastering him in lots of lube and hearing it squelch as I masterfully don my strap- on stereotype and give him the fuck he likes to give me. It looks so real and feel like a cock too, the new Japanese jobs are state of the art. And after I have fucked Gregg he takes me with the same strap-on, deep up inside my back passage.

It is Sunday afternoon and we have all the time in the world. And we do all those wonderful things.

I guess I shall hear all about it on Tuesday when I visit Mo for the Avon party, well that is the cover but half the truth.

We shall be doing a lot more discovering afterwards, learning how good it can be between two women.

I have a feeling she will have some fresh ideas having listened to Gregg and I.

I am really looking forward to that.

I wonder if I shall be pregnant soon. The way Gregg has been going at it hammer and tonge one would imagine so.

It is almost like I am walking bandy of late.

Nice though!

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