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Mexican Delicacy in Singapore

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Author: Anon
Published: 17-Aug-13 Revised/Updated 18-Aug-13
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This is the story of a person who has had tremendous amount of sexual success though he never seemed like someone who was after sex

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This is the story of a person I know very well. Someone who has had tremendous amount of sexual success, though he never seemed like someone who was after sex, and he never seemed to be the person who could become someone like this. He was rather overweight as a child and adolescent. Bad in sports. But very good in studies, board games that needed brains, such as in chess, and was an excellent writer and speaker. He could sing well, he danced well for his weight, and he was surprisingly good in leading groups and teams when it came to anything academic. He was smart and also had a good sense of dressing and was a superb artist, specially good at sketching people. But even at the age of 14, he was just 5 foot 5 inches and weighed about 170 pounds. So, he was smart, but he never had any success with girls. I mean, girls were friends with him, but treated him more as a "nice guy" and someone who was there to help with studies, give advice and help mend their problems with other boys. This person who I will call X, would often get very jealous, of other boys in his class and seniors from high school and the way they got to go on dates with the girls in his class as well. Reading tons of Archie comics did not help much either, as it made teenage romance and dating seem like such a fun life that he never got a taste of. He enjoyed reading the sex scenes in Mills and Boones books the female friends in his class would read and enjoyed soft porn and love scenes and bikini clad women. He loved Baywatch to say the least! His deep inner hunger for sex continued to grow.

Strangely, by the time he hit 16, his body began to change. At the time that most of the guys in his class and his seniors had reached their full heights of between 5 foot 8 and 6f eet, he began to grow taller and leaner and by the time he got into university at 18, he was also about 6 feet tall, just 150 pounds, lean and athletic too. He worked out at he gym and also started getting into karate classes. So now he had all the talents and the looks as well, and he even got a chance to star in school plays, and a few modelling assignments as well. But by that time, his charachter had become shy and conservative and even when girls showed their attraction towards him, he would withdraw and decline as he did not know how to act as he did not have the experience. Sometimes, he found himself getting interested in girls, but lacking the skill of flirting and wooing, he ended up sometimes appearing too serious or over expressive and he messed up his chances every time. And the few times he found himself getting closer to some girls, they always ended up somehow falling into the seductive snare of someone older and more skilled at such games. He would often wonder, how such guys who were less good looking, shorter and weaker than himself could still manage to take away so many girls. Basically sex and romance were feilds he continued to remain a big zero at, despite having become quite a smart handsome tall young man.

Interestingly, his body continued to grow, and by the time he was 24, he became almost 6 foot 5 in height and became a lean broad shouldered muscular man. But still he was finding his friends being able to steal away every girl he liked. And sometimes he liked someone but did not make a move as she was in a relationship, to respect that relationship, and then he would find that some other guy landed in the scene and ended up stealing her away. X was always frustrated, why was he not that guy

And then suddenly, things changed. He just realised that it was not just about looks, or skills, or talent. Because he had tons of all of that. The trick was in the attitude. A weird kind of confidence which is what drew the women in. But he could not suddenly start practicing this in front of all the friends and people he knew. He needed a different surrounding. And he started practicing that art in online chat rooms. Soon, he discovered that he was remarakably talented at arousing sexual interests in women he spoke to for a few days. And using ICQ, MSN Messenger and the other more primitive forms of chats, he began to venture out and create a strong desire in women for him. He found himself drawn particularly to women who were between 25 to 45, and mostly women who were in relationships, or engaged or married. I guess he derived some form of ego satisfaction knowing that he also could steal away women from their commitments, and that he was hot enough for a woman to break the rules of society and take risks for. He enjoyed being the "other guy", the entertainment that women seek in their lives. But he was always polite, courteous, and very well behaved, discrete and he also became agood friend of the women he had affairs with. Starting from there, at the age of 24, till now that he is almost 40, in the last 15 years or so, X has truly been a sexual hero, who has had sex with almost 250 different women, and they have ranged from a single sexual encounter to some women with whom he has been having regular sex at least once a month, sometimes as many as 2 or 3 times a month, for the last 7 or 8 years. There are some women who he has had sex with when he was 27, and again 10 years afterwards. At least a 160 to 170 of these 250 women have all been either engaged or married.

And I will be sharing with you all, various episodes from X's life...

Episode: Hot adventure in singapore

This happened in the end of the end of the 90s, when X was about 27, and already had started becoming quite an expert at seducing without appearing to be doing so. His work required him to go to Singapore and share an apartment with an Indian colleague for about 4 months. During this time, he got to know his colleague's brother who was staying in Singapore as well. The brother was called Venkat and was quite smart and a software engineer. X's colleague would often need to go out of Singapore for several days at a stretch, and X was starting to find ways to entertain himself during those days at home. During one such trip, in fact the 2nd one in his first month of stay, the colleague told X that he could allow Venkat to come and stay over the weekend if venkat would want to. So, X did not object, when one evening, Venkat arrived, but not alone, but with a lovely Mexican girlfriend.

Awesome combination. Honey complexioned skin, hazel eyes, boobs which were the size of childen's footballs. About 5-5, lovely narrow waist, thick brown hair, bubble butt. very sharp features. her name was Katalina and she looked like one of the hosts on the recent travel show called Get Out, whose name is Katie Cleary. X was startled by her wild sexual appeal. Her eyes were large and seemed to say " come and try your luck on me " and it had a naughty sparkle. She had a cunning mischiveous smile. She had allowed her hand to linger in X's when they had shook hands and that was enough to tell X that she was interested in him. And though he felt his cock cry out for her, he held himself in check. She came wearing tight lycra pants, a short tight sleeveless maroon sweater with a deep neck line and X could see the sexy black solid bra she wore beneath and his cock hardened seeing her bra straps peeping out from under the shoulder straps of her sweater digging down into her soft honey brown skin. She commented "oh wow... you are so tall"...as she withdrew her hand from X's grip, which was a clear sign she was attracted to him too. But X could not know if the attraction was strong enough for anything to happen. He just told her that she reminded him of Salma Hayek which she did to some extent as well, as naturally Katie cleary was not known to X at that time.

Through the evening, they took dinner, which was home delivered pizza and watched a couple of movies back to back... laughed and joked. In thelast few years, all of Xs success at sex had come from online chatting on MSN messenger and ICQ which were the chatting tools of the time. He could write and flirt wonderfully and did manage to get almost a dozen very unlikely targets into bed by that time through online efforts. But here, he would need to try his online personality in reality. And that seemed scary. When one is online, one can be bolder as the risk of embarrassment is much lesser even if the person is unresponsive, but when that happens in reality, it may get too much to digest. Even then, X began to try his online personality... just being bluntly bold...X's eyes were almost always on her lovely breasts which were ballooning out of the sweater. And even when they talked, he continued to let his eyes travel all over her body and focus on her titties. Initially he felt Katalina was being conscious, but then she started becoming more receptive after a few drinks. He was cautious to not Venkat feel him lavishing her breasts with so much attention. Finally, after 2 movies, and at least 4 or 5 glasses of various drinks mixed up, Katalin went off to bed at 1am, and soon after the Venkat followed. And X had a great boner all evening. at night he fantasized about Kat as he masturbated in bed.

8Am the following morning, X was up, getting ready for work, when Venkat came and joined him for breakfast. X asked about Kat, and Venkat said she is in the shower, and will be out soon. He said they would leave and lock the apartment. With that X left by 8-30am. He had almost reached his workplace at 9, when he realised he left a computer disk at home and needed to bring that. So he headed back. He reached at 9-40am due to traffic. He unlocked the door, and walked in, and was walking towards his room when suddenly his colleague's door opened and Katalina stepped out, wearing that sensational hot bra and an extremely tiny pair of denim shorts which looked almost like a bikini bottom. She had a T-shirt in her hand. Suddenly both X and Katalina got startled seeing each other and they both gasped, and X turned his head away like a true gentleman while Kat had pulled the T-shirt to cover her breasts and there were loud gasps on both end. " I am so sorry...I did not know you were here" said X, slowly turning back towards her a little..wearing a smirk on his face. That was the difference. Previously he would have turned around fully making her conscious. Now he was showing her that he can be gentlemanly but that he was very eager to see her that way. And after a few awkward seconds, Kat responded "its ok... I was not supposed to be here and you did not know..." but after that what happened was what was very surprising for X... Kat lowered her hand holding the T-shirt and with a very matter of fact smile just said in that sexy Hispanic accent ...."its ok.. I have to iron my shirt...I don't mind if you see me this way...we are afterall all adults here"..

And with that, she lowered her shirt on the pressing table and began to press it...leaning forward a bit which gave her lovely breasts some extra oscillations as she ironed vigorously.

"I just came back to get a disk I had left behind" said X as he went in to his room and got the disk.

"You look tired, looks like u walked very fast" purred Katalina sexily.."do u want me to make u some lemonade"

X got into the mood immediately. He nodded with that smirk. And now he began his game.."wow...if this had been somewhere in South America or Spain, in this heat, you could have actually not worn ur shirt" he said in a semi joking tone. Kat laughed too. "you like me like this, huh" she asked in a nice soft voice as she finished her ironing and set the shirt down on a chair...

"all men would" said X as if to dilute the blame, and then in an effort to change the direction of the conversation a bit, he said "you should have been a print model for swim wear...are you sure you don't do any modeling already"

She looked a little sad as she said that she did a little earlier when she lived in Mexico, but not in the last 2 years she moved to Singapore where she works in a hotel as an assistant chef. X started to take an interest in her work, as she brought him his lemonade, still in her bra. She bent forward lowering the glass to the table giving a sumptuous view of her lovely breasts almost falling out of her bra. X looked directly at them...blatantly staring at them...and then just let out an exclamation..."god u are so beautiful". She blushed a little and thanked him. He started quickening the pace. He asked if she would mind if he took some pictures of her. She smiled and said she did not, but it would be awkward for him to print the pictures in a lab. That's when he introduced her to the digital camera he had. She was impressed with the technology. It was still uncommon back in 1999. And he took several shots of her. At fist she just sat naturally, but then she got into the mood and began to pose as well. She let her hair down from her pony tail , began to sexily crawl towards him on the table like a tigress and he kept clicking. At one point he lowered the camera and stared blankly at her...she asked what happened and he just gulped and said that he was not being able to control himself from desiring her wildly...and then he apologized..she smiled and told him he did not need to excuse himself and that she actually felt good to be admired like that. And then after a moment of awkward silence, she crawled forward a bit more and x moved forward too and they kissed..."I just wish I could have known u before venkat" he said in a mocking tone...and she responded in a sarcastic way.."we just met some weeks ago, nothing serious...I am not marrying him...and who is going to tell him...not you I hope"...and they both giggled..and that was it... starting from there....for the next 1.5 hours...x and katalina had wild sex all over the house..

X had pulled her off the table onto his lap like a doll for he was extremely strong. In a moment he had her sitting with her legs around his waist and he buried his face between her breasts and began to lick and suck the soft juicy flesh bulging out over the bra. She was grinding her crotch into his abs. She quickly began to unbutton his shirt and remove his tie and opened his belt and unzipped his pants while he bit on the upper edge of the bra and tugged gently seeking approval. "yes hun" said Katalyn...and with a yank he had the bra down and the lovely breasts sprang out of their confinement and pressed into his face. He sucked like a starved prisoner getting to drink the last sips from a flask...and katalyn loved the passion she felt in him...she licked around his nipples and bit them softly making his dick spring to its full size exceeding 8 inches and it swelled up in girth till it was like a 1 year old's leg...and Katelyn licked the full lengh of the giant cock from below, above, relished the soft fleshy cone with oozing juices....rolled his balls in her mouth like grapes...had him spurt little quantities all over his tits and her face....and finally she rode him cow girl style, lowering herself on to his cock and then rising and falling on it, with her breasts flying about wildly...X held her breasts in his large hands and marveled at how they were large enough to be bulging out from inbetween h his fingers... he shot cum up inside her so hard in an explosive orgasm that Katalyn joked that it may just come out of her mouth....she felt the jet hit her so hard inside.... She loved it...and then she got on all fours in the sofa and had X grind her from behind...he cupped her large boobs while he pounded her to prevent the breasts from swinging wildly and hurting afterwards ....they completely lost track of time as they continued to enjoy wild sex...and carried on till mid day...when after several orgasms and at least 4 to 5 loads getting shot inside her, or over her...X also collapsed on the sofa panting....katalyn curled up in his arms and they laughed at how much fun they just had and she declared she couldn't remember when she had so much fun last. She confessed that it was as good as the time a few years ago when she had fucked her exboyfriend and a friend of his together....

Hearing this X got even more excited and asked her if she enjoyed 3-somes, to which she said she loved them. But then X wondered where he would be able to find some other guy who he was comfortable with to get naked in front of and share a woman with. To X's relief, Katalyn told him that she loved being with 1 guy with another woman too and that she would love to try it out with X with another friend of hers, if he was up for it....and knowing X's special fascination for attached women, katalyn told him that the friend she would bring was a full 40 year old Norwegian milf with teenage kids and a jackass of a husband. X's cock hardened and stiffened up just hearing about it and Katalyn being thrilled at the reaction her news produced, sucked him off again and they set a date for the next afternoon....

Well that is a different story, but you would find it amusing to know that through Katelyn, X got to know 5 or 6 more expat women in Singapore, whose husbands were working there and who were being bored like hell ...and throughout the remaining 15 weeks or so, X got to fuck each one of them individually a few times and also did various group combinations with them, with the most being 4 women and him alone on a boat...

That was a thrilling time in Singapore and it heralded X into a new era of sexual pleasure...

The sweetest thing about the story is that he even met up with and fucked these women sometimes when he visited Singapore later too...and a couple of them he even met in other countries and fucked them there too....

The icing on the cake is that a few years ago he was again in Singapore where he met his old flat mate who he had had no contact with in many years, having switched jobs and then the flat mate invited him to dinner at home and there he met Venkat and Katelyn ( the 2 had gotten married for 7 years, and they even had 2 kids), and at one point, Katelyn and X were alone when she reminded him of the wild times and furtively hinted that she would love to see what new tricks X learnt and if he would fuck her harder now that she was married and a mother, which were 2 things X desired most in a woman. X was thrilled beyond belief, and he and Katelyn did meet up again at his hotel and like an awesome reunion, they fucked for 4 hours straight....and since then they even met up in Thailand once and once in Malaysia ( nearby places to which Katelyn would travel down to on various pretexts), and there they would fuck for entire weekends like crazy...

Now that is called a sexiliciously lucky life....

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