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Author: Kevin Blake
Published: 18-May-05 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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My wife left work at the usual time and walked to her car. Little did she know that a few minutes earlier someone was tampering with one of her tyres

* * * * * * *

My wife left work at the usual time and walked to her car. Little did she know that a few minutes earlier someone was tampering with one of her tyres

Jasmine got in her car and it started to rain. She started the engine and drove out of her office car park onto the usual road home. She had not gone far when her steering wheel felt unsafe. She worked in a small town and lift in a village. The roads were often muddy and Jasmine first thought it was something on the road.

It was fairly rural and the light was poor but Jasmine pulled her car over and got out to inspect the wheels. As she did a white van pulled along side and a man shouted out the window ‘you’ve got a puncture miss’ and he parked his van and offered to help.

The man who was in his early forties offered to change the wheel over. ‘While I’m changing the wheel why don’t you sit in my cab and have a drink of some coffee’. He helped Jasmine into his van and she sat in the passenger side of the van and thought as it was wet and cold outside she might as well accept his offer.

The man, Jim, poured out some coffee from his flask and said he had drank enough coffee today and was glad to offer Jasmine his coffee.

What Jasmine did’nt know was this man had been watching Jasmine for the past week or so leave her office and drive home. He knew her movements and it was by no chance that he was just passing.in your car

Jasmine didn’t understand why she didn’t have a spare.

Jim locked the car up and offered to drive Jasmine home or to garage.

Jasmine said home would be best and then she could get her husband to sort it out.

Jim drove up the hill and then said he remembered he had to pick a friend up and said it would be a slight detour but would still get Jasmine home.

Jasmine thought she would ring her husband but realised she had left her bag and mobile in the car. Jim said his battery was flat in his mobile but they said she would soon be home and offered Jasmine some more coffee.

When the van stopped to pick up Jim’s mate Jasmine started to feel a bit woozy so she had some more coffee.

Jim’s mate Tom got in the back of the van with another man and they started to giggle.

Jim drove off and went down a country lane. By this time Jasmine’s eyes felt very heavy and Jim said are you still with us sexy.

Jasmine felt a change of tone in his voice and said she felt that she had been drugged. Jim laughed and said that’s right sexy you have. It was in the coffee I gave you.

Jasmine could not move very well but seemed to know what was going on although it was hazy and in slow motion.

Jim stopped the van and the lads in the back opened up a curtain between the front and the back of the van and pulled Jasmine’s chair back. It was purpose made and was on special runners that enabled the chair to slide and turn so that Jasmine fell out of the chair onto a mattress on the floor in the back of the van.

There were no windows in the back of the van and Jim switched a light on and Jasmine saw a camera pointing at her.

One of the men started to undo Jasmine’s dress and she could see them doing it but could not feel them doing it or stop them.

Jasmine was soon naked and one of the men was sucking her tits and one was finger fucking her.

Jim took off his overalls and said he was going to be first. Jasmine saw him lower himself upon her and enter her with ease. While Jim fucked her one of the other men used the camera.

Jim finished using her body and each of the others took it in turn to fuck her.

Jasmine woke the next morning and thought it had all been a dream but her body told her it had been real.

Her husband John had not come home the night before and she realised this when she played back the answer phone messages ‘sorry Jas I am stuck in Birmingham tonight as we have to get the deal finished – I should be home tomorrow night luv ya’.

At that moment Jasmine noticed a package come through the front door. She picked the brown envelope up and opened it to find a videotape. Jasmine thought the worst and put it in the video machine and watched it.

She couldn’t believe her eyes – she saw herself posing and being fucked by three men she didn’t know and it looked like she was enjoying it.

The scenes she saw were interrupted by a printed message that said 500 copies were going to be printed and circulated around porn shops if she didn’t ring this number.

What could she do. She had to phone.

When number rang and a voice said hi sexy we thought you would ring.

‘What do you want from me’ Jasmine said.

‘I think that’s rather obvious sexy don’t you’

‘But you have already raped me – you could get in serious trouble and go to prison’.

‘I wonder what your husband would think if we showed him the tape and told him you offered yourself to us because you felt he wasn’t up to much in bed’

‘What do want’

‘OK this is the deal, we have a boss who is going to sack us if we don’t get him a lady who will accompany him to a posh diner and we want you to do it. Do you agree

If I go to the diner is that it will you destroy the video

Yes we will.

We will call round at 3pm and bring you a dress to wear as we know he likes red.

Jasmine thought this a little strange but what could she do

At 3pm Jim knocked at the door and Jasmine reluctantly let him in. Jim gave her a bundle of clothes and said you have to wear these.

Jasmine went to her bedroom and started to dress. The clothes were a bit kinky and comprised of fishnet stockings, crotch less pants, a dress that had a slit all the way up one side and was very low cut.

When she was dressed she came down stairs and Jim said I didn’t give you a bra, take it off.

Jasmine made to indication that she was going to take it off and Jim just put his hands up the back of the dress and un did it and ripped it off her. Jasmine complained and Jim said you will do what I say. No I wont said jasmine.

At that point Jim pushed all the things off the table and threw Jasmine on it. He pulled her skirt up and fucked her there and then.

Jasmine was quiet after that and walked slowly to the van and didn’t speak again until the van stopped.

Ok I want you to stand by that lamp post and a black car will come round the corner in a minute and you will get in it.

True enough a black car came round the corner and the door opened and Jasmine got in it.

When they arrived at a country manor house Jasmine could hear a lot of music and thought if she could get through tonight it would be all over.

When she entered the room she was handed a welcome drink and pushed towards a room that when she entered a smiling face said drink up my dear the champagne has just arrived and she downed her first drink and sipped her champagne.

Jasmine looked around and saw a lot of people sat down chatting. She was then ushered into another room and a guide said you must accept a drink from the host or he will be offended. Jasmine’s empty glass was taken and she was presented with another.

After several rooms and several drinks jasmine’s head started spinning.

A voice said and now for the entertainment.

Everyone gathered round and Jasmine was ushered onto a platform.

What is the entertainment Jasmine enquired

Why its you of course and all these nice young men are waiting for you to strip.

At that point Jasmine looked around and realised there were no women in the crowd.

Music started and the all male audience started to chant take it off off off.

Jasmine didn’t know what to do and was pushed from one side of the platform to the other. A man said if she didn’t striptease they would rip her clothes off.

Jasmine started to take her stockings off and the crowd pleaded she through her clothes into the air. She through both stockings into the audience and the man at the end of the platform said you will have to go all the way love or they won’t like it. He offered her a drink which she took and then she slowly took off her dress.

The audience shouted ‘move about a bit’.

Jasmine started to move her hips covering her hits and then one of the men joined her on the platform.

Jasmine tried to push him away but he was too strong and someone in the audience shouted ‘give her one’

The man then removed his jeans and danced about the platform simulating having sex.

The lights went dim and two men joined her and pushed her onto the floor where each took it in turn to fuck her.

When she thought it was over she turned herself over and then felt someone else get on top of her and say ‘so you want it up the ass do you’ He then fucked her up the ass and turned her back over while another man rammed his cock in her face.

This process went on for what seemed hours. She heard a voice say there was thirty four men to go and then she passed out.

The next thing she knew she was woken up by her husband and he said he was just off to work.

Did it happen was it all a dream. Yes it did happen as she had scars to prove it and get them hidden from her husband for weeks.

Fortunately she never ever saw those men again and moved house to another part of the country due to her husband’s job.

She was passing a video shop one day and couldn’t help notice a picture of her on a front cover of a video titled ‘van girl’ She hoped no-one ever recognised her. She had since changed her hair style and wore glasses. She just hoped her husband wasn’t into porn videos.

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